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Mar 21

Provide Consistent, Loving Care – LIVE Online Session

March 21 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm EDT

How do you ensure your children feel cared for when you and your partner both work? What if you’re separated?

Babies and young children have an intense need for the physical presence of consistent, loving, responsive caregivers. Daily care and playful, loving interactions build strong bonds. By providing consistent, loving care from early infancy, parents strengthen their relationship with their child and build a healthy attachment.

Join our discussion this week about:

• How stress affects the developing brain

• The research on childcare

• Working and alternate caregivers

• Separations due to co-parenting

• How to support attachment when using childcare

We hope you’ll join us!

**Once you register we will email you a link to the Zoom class. Please note the link may not be emailed until the day of the session!

Program Overview:

The Attached at the Heart Parenting Education Program curriculum training provides parents, child advocates and professionals much needed insight into childrearing with specific tools to help parents learn more about child development, neuroscience, and positive discipline, to trust the intuitive knowledge of their child, ultimately building a foundation that will strengthen healthy child attachment.

Meet the Instructor!

Samantha Gray is the coordinator for Appalachian Promise Alliance Education Network and Parenting Sweet, and she has been a parenting educator for more than 24 years. She is passionate about helping parents and children flourish with community support and evidenced-informed understanding and practices.

Samantha is certified in many different programs and has created parenting programs. She has led parenting support groups and classes for more than 20 years, covering topics on pregnancy, birth, attachment, feeding, sleep, discipline, balance, childcare, babywearing, teens, life skills, and education. She writes a weekly column On Parenting for the Bristol Herald Courier.