What is really necessary in childproofing?

  • What is really necessary in childproofing?

    Posted by lorenrobeck on March 22, 2022 at 4:45 am

    Hi parents. My husband and I have been debating about whether to buy foam tiles for our 8mo old’s room. Our whole house is tile, including her room. We have a wool rug on top of a 3/8″ thick wool rug pad which covers 90% of the room. There’s a bare border about a foot wide around the room. Should we worry about her getting really injured?

    I have a couple hang ups about play room floor tiles like these:

    1) The materials. If I could find natural rubber play tiles (ie made from Hevea rubber trees) or cork tiles (made from bark from cork trees which regrows), I’d buy them for her room. But they don’t exist (or the cork would probably be $1000 for a 11×13′ room). All the other materials touted as non-toxic I don’t really jive with – EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) is a petroleum derived plastic which does not biodegrade. Sure, they’d get the job done and they’re inexpensive. We could also get a bigger rug, but the rug we have is 100% wool and it would be pricey to find something bigger that was made of a natural material like wool or (ideally organic) cotton.

    2) The philosophy. Do we really need to soften the floor when the rest of our house is tile? We know she will fall and get bonks no matter what, and as long as we don’t make it easy for big furniture to fall on her… she’ll be just fine, most likely. We want to find the spot that is comfortable for us between the two extremes of being over-anxious about every risk and being negligent parents.

    Would love to hear how parents make decisions around what to childproof. What did you decide to not worry about? Other examples include: did you remove all electronic devices from everywhere, because right now our kid just wants to yank, fling and chew every cord and plug she can get her tiny mitts on. Did you attach all furniture to walls? Did you make your kids room entirely safe – how did you do that, what can I use to put drinks, phones, wipes, and other things next to the rocking chair that won’t tip over?!

    Bonus points if you have a different risk tolerance (or other needs) than your coparent and have stories or suggestions for navigating that as well!

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    March 22, 2022 at 8:01 pm

    We luckily had carpet for the living room and wood floors in the bedroom so we didn’t have to worry about falls on those as much. I think the rugs you have would be fine and probably just on the main play areas of the house. Corners were always our biggest issue (coffee table, kitchen table, and some other lower furniture pieces with edges) and we had some pretty nasty bumps from those before we got them protected. We got the corner protectors for the furniture that was most played around. Doors are also another one and we got the stoppers that you put higher on the doors to keep those from closing on little fingers. We did bolt dressers and bookshelves to walls around the house. I don’t enjoy baby locked cabinets so we put most of the dangerous things in upper cabinets or shelves when possible and only had 1-2 cabinets with locks.

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