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4 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect

For week 3, you were officially considered pregnant. But now that you are 4 weeks pregnant, you may just now be finding this joyous news out. This is around the time that your period has been a no-show, prompting you to take a test. You’ll have enough of that hCG in your body for a pregnancy test to say YOU’RE PREGNANT!

It’s hard to imagine simply because your baby is even smaller than one of the poppy seeds on your everything bagel. That’s tiny! You can start picking names or start calling little baby a blastocyst, which is a tiny little ball of cells that is now nestling into your uterus.

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Symptoms to Watch Out For:

It is totally and completely normal to be in week 4 of your pregnancy and have no symptoms at all. That’s why so many women may not realize at this point that they’re pregnant. But if you’ve been trying for a baby and have a keen eye out, you should see some of the symptoms start to arise.

Buckle up, because you’re likely going to wind up with nausea and vomiting. Some women throw up all the time while others simply feel woozy intermittently. There’s really no telling until you hop onto this pregnancy roller coaster. And if you have more kids in the future, your experience could be completely different then too! What a ride!

Other fun stuff to look forward to:

– Bloating thanks to progesterone, the pregnancy hormone

– A little bit of cramping when the baby implants in your uterus (if those cramps become severe though, call the doctor)

– Spotting lightly from implantation (but LOTS of blood requires a call to the doctor)

– Moodiness from those fun, fun hormones

– Fatigue because your body is growing a tiny human and that is exhausting!

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What’s Happening in Your Belly?

At 4 weeks pregnant, you most likely won’t look pregnant yet. But you will start feeling like it. It’s important to rest when you can. This stuff is hard work on your body.

Once you confirm your official pregnancy with your doctor, they will likely tell you to start taking a good prenatal vitamin so you can get all those crucial vitamins and minerals baby needs to thrive. Folic acid is so incredibly important for growth and development so ask your doctor for a good recommendation.

As for your baby, it is still a ball of cells that is now splitting into an embryo and the placenta. The neural tube that is the basis for the spine, brain, and backbone has already developed. Your amniotic sac is filling up with fluid to cushion your baby.

If you get an ultrasound now, it just looks like a little dot. You’re about to be amazed how big that dot can grow. And how hard it will kick you when it’s bigger!

So What Now?

Your baby is an official embryo now and you’re likely starting to feel a bit pregnant even if you don’t look the part. Don’t worry though…you’ll soon be struggling to button your jeans and will need to go shopping for maternity clothes in the coming weeks!

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