2 weeks pregnant

2 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect

Now that you are 2 weeks pregnant, even more changes will be happening in your body. If you’ve just read about the first week of pregnancy, the second week is just as tricky to nail down. Why? Your OB will count your pregnancy starting from the first day of your last period. This makes estimating your due date easier for your doctor, though we can see why this is completely perplexing to you.

Likely, you’re in the second week of your cycle and in full-on baby-making mode. You’ve got this!

At 2 weeks pregnant, your period should be over and you’ll probably be ovulating in the next couple of days. Just like week 1, you’re still not actually pregnant in week 2 either, but you could be oh-so-close. Your best bet here is to watch for the signs of ovulation and of course, get busy between the sheets to make sure one of those sperms make contact with your egg.

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Symptoms to Watch Out For:

Right now, you want to watch for those ovulation symptoms so you have your best chance at getting pregnant. For a regular 28-day cycle, you will most likely ovulate on the 15th day of that cycle, though if your cycle isn’t like this, you can do some detective work.

One of the things you must look for is cervical mucus. Likely, you’ve noticed all your vaginal discharge and barely thought more about it than, “Ugh, that’s gross.” But here is your clue! When you’re ovulating, it will have the consistency of raw egg whites (and it will look like it too).

Your sense of smell will be stronger, a primitive instinct that helped your ancestors sniff out pheromones from eligible males.

And while your boobs might be a little sore, that’s par for the course during ovulation. It’s a good clue you body is ready for baby-making!

Your pelvis may ache with the release of an egg from your ovary. Some women get a twinge of pain on one side of their abdomen. And that may come with just a hint of red or brown spotting. It’s totally normal though if something heavier comes out, you’d better mention it to your OB.

You’re not imagining it that your libido is raging like a teenager in lust. That’s your body sending the message that you should make a baby NOW.

And if you still can’t tell, hey, that’s what they have those OTC ovulation kits for so go pick one up and remove some of the guesswork.

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What’s Happening in Your Belly:

Should you nail it at 2 weeks, you won’t see pregnancy symptoms right away. There’s not enough pregnancy hormones in your system for a pregnancy test to detect just yet either (that’s about week 4).

Women that have been pregnant before often notice the subtle signs, though it’s no guarantee you’ll notice them. Spotting can happen 5 to 10 days after you conceive along with the frequent urge to pee ALL the time. Your breasts may be sore and your areolas may darken. You could feel fatigued, start in with morning sickness or even bloat.

Some more unusual signs are nosebleeds, feeling dizzy, acne breakouts, or having metallic tastes come into your mouth when you have most assuredly not licked a metal pole. All of these could be telling you that you’re on your way to becoming a mama!

So What Now?

Technically, you’re still not actually pregnant yet though this is the time you should be actively trying if you’re planning a family. Your best bet for success is to get busy and have lots of sex to see if those sperm and your egg fall into the right place at the right time.

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