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3 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect

So, weeks 1 and 2 you weren’t really pregnant. But being 3 weeks pregnant is a whole new ballgame, girl! And very likely, while you might be technically pregnant now, you probably have no idea since it’s probably been only a matter of days.

You haven’t even approached your next period yet to send off the alarm bells that you’re late from your last menstrual period.

However, some women do get early pregnancy symptoms and it’s important to keep watch for them, especially if you’ve been trying to get pregnant.

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Symptoms to Watch Out For:

Again, at 3 weeks pregnant you are considered at the point of conception. But you, like the vast majority of new moms-to-be, will likely not notice anything different. Symptoms of pregnancy come on from pregnancy hormones and yours are only just starting to brew under the surface.

But you can keep an eye out for implantation bleeding which is when that fertilized egg lands in the right spot in your uterus and starts to flourish. It looks just like spotting so keep an eye out!

You may also have bouts of nausea from the pregnancy hormone hCG. Fair warning – morning sickness can happen at ANY time of the day. Some women experience it allllll day. Don’t worry – there’s help for that (ginger is a great and natural way to quell nausea). I personally loved ginger chews anytime I started feeling nauseous.

Watch your boobs too. With early symptoms you may feel soreness and you could see your nipples turning darker.

And of course, the biggest clue that you are with child is that missed period. If you have a cycle that’s shorter than 28 days, you may be able to find out through a pregnancy test the ultimate truth.

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Pregnancy tests are best taken after you’ve noticed your period is late. There are a few brands that swear they can detect pregnancy hormones in your urine sooner though it all depends on how much hCG is in your body. And if there’s not quite enough of it yet, it may read as negative.

A better way? Have your doctor run a blood test. Those things can pick up a tiny amount of hCG and give you the results you’ve been hoping to hear!

What’s Happening in Your Belly:

At 3 weeks pregnant, you won’t be able to tell by staring at your belly. You might feel bloated, but that could easily be like eating too much pizza while watching Netflix.

Inside though, that fertilized egg is heading from one of your fallopian tubes and dividing as it goes to your uterus. It’s called a morula at this point and is so small, a grain of salt is bigger!

So What Now?

Now you are officially considered pregnant. You’ve got a long road ahead so it’s time to find out what to expect in the coming weeks as you really kick off that first trimester! Read next on what week 4 will have in store for you.

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