5 weeks pregnant

5 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect

Around the 5th week of pregnancy, this is when most moms-to-be have that realization that they’ve missed their period. If you didn’t think about it before, now you’re checking your calendar and likely running to the drugstore for a pregnancy test. And with good reason since it’s at this point, you’re probably feeling the symptoms of being 5 weeks pregnant quite well. They’ll soon be hard to ignore.

At this stage of the game, your baby is about the same size as a seed from an apple, a mere 0.13 inches in length. That length will almost double in size after this week!

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Symptoms to Watch Out For:

For most mamas, this is the roughest part, the first trimester. You’ll definitely feel soreness in your breasts and you may even notice they look and feel larger too. Expect more fun in the form of morning sickness at any time of the day too.

Pro tip: take a whiff of rubbing alcohol from a disinfecting wipe and it can help.

Acupressure wristbands like the kind you can buy for a cruise are also pretty helpful if you’re looking for something safe and natural. And boy will you be tired. Some women hit this point and fall asleep in the middle of things they normally wouldn’t sleep through, clueing them in that something is amiss.

Others will realize that something is going on with that constant need to pee. This is happening because your kidneys are expanding.

Spotting and cramps are normal with implantation which may be going on here too, but anything painful or with LOTS of blood is a troublesome sign that needs to be brought to your doctor immediately.

If you’re supremely lucky, you may not have any of these symptoms at all. Everyone is different so your bestie may have morning sickness every day and you may not have it at all.

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What’s Happening in Your Belly?

Your belly may not look any different now that you’ve hit the 5-week mark. You could show a little bloating, like some of us do around the holidays when we’ve had one too many Christmas cookies more than we should have.

Get used to it, for gaining weight is important during pregnancy. Based on your weight prior to pregnancy, your doctor will let you know what you should be aiming for here.

As for the baby, it really looks more like a tadpole. But those major organs are developing and that’s pretty cool!

While it may be tempting to get an ultrasound, the first prenatal visit is usually done in week 8 or 9 unless you have a medical history that puts you at high risk.

Here’s something fascinating…a heartbeat may be detected around this time.

Usually around 5 ½ weeks to 6 weeks. That’s not always the case though so do be sure to ask your doctor.

So What Now?

You’re getting to the point where your pregnancy is progressing into that first trimester. Baby is growing every day and those organs and systems are developing too. Now is the time to take good care of your health with plenty of rest and nourishing foods to help fuel baby in the coming weeks and months!

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