Turkey Cooking Time Calculator Kg

Turkey Cooking Time Calculator Kg

Cooking a turkey to perfection requires careful attention to detail, especially when it comes to determining the ideal cooking time. We know how tiring it can be to figure that out. Thankfully, the Turkey Cooking Time Calculator is here to take the guesswork out of your holiday feast preparations. This means there’s no need to fret. So, you do not have to be bothered by how long you need to cook your bird for a perfect feast for yourself and your friends. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey on how you can achieve that.

What is the ‘Turkey Cooking Time Calculator Kg’?

The ‘Turkey Cooking Time Calculator Kg’ is a resourceful tool that helps you in the process of cooking a turkey. It provides you with all the necessary timing you’ll ever need to get the perfect turkey you desire. 

All you have to do is provide some specific details on how you want your bird cooked and prepared and the calculator does the rest. It will give you a reliable estimate of the cooking duration required to achieve a deliciously cooked bird. Thought it stopped there? Well, no. The calculator also gives an estimated stop time depending on the start time you input. Likewise, it provides you with several options you can pick from just to help you achieve the perfect turkey for your delicacy. 

For the Turkey Cooking Time Calculator Kg to achieve all that, it follows a formula we’ll see in the next section.

What formula is used for the ‘Turkey Cooking Time Calculator Kg’?

Following an accredited and tested formula for your turkey can never go wrong. That’s why, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommendation seems best when calculating the estimated time to cook a turkey. According to their guidelines, taking into consideration the weight of the turkey is very vital in cooking your turkey.  

The ‘Turkey Cooking Time Calculator Kg’ proudly incorporates this USDA-approved formula, which recognizes the significance of the turkey’s weight. 

In their data, they recommended the cooking time for different parts of a turkey and also provided a comprehensive guideline for safe cooking temperatures. These guidelines ensure that the turkey reaches a safe internal temperature to achieve a well-made turkey. 

To incorporate safe cooking temperatures, you can make use of a food thermometer to check the internal temperature of the turkey which should reach a minimum internal temperature of 165°F in the thickest part of the thigh.

While a 5.4 kg turkey should be cooked approximately for 70 minutes, there are specified times allocated to different sizes and products of turkeys (half turkey breast, whole turkey breast, whole turkey, drumsticks, thighs, and wings). Remember, that weight plays a vital role in deciding the time. You might as well be wondering, what about stuffed turkey? Well, stuffing the bird is another factor that can determine the cooking time. When you decide to stuff your turkey, an extra amount of time will be required to ensure that both the stuffing and turkey are cooked. 

In addition, we also take inspiration from the expertise of renowned chef Gordon Ramsay when recommending the resting time for your turkey. Although there is a difference in the recommended resting times between renowned chef Gordon Ramsay and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). While Gordon Ramsay suggests a resting time of 45 minutes or more for the turkey, the USDA recommends a shorter resting period of approximately 15 to 20 minutes. However, both the USDA and Gordon Ramsay highlight the significance of this crucial step in the cooking process and that makes it important. 

Seeing how all these factors play diverse roles in cooking a turkey, it’s necessary to include them on the calculator. Let’s see how these features are on the calculator and how they help in preparing your turkey.  

How to use the ‘Turkey Cooking Time Calculator’.

It’s necessary we highlight the features and the capability of the calculator. As a comprehensive tool, the calculator renders the help of telling you the recommended hour(s), and degree you should cook your turkey. It has special features like the start time and a rest time. 

Apart from that, the calculator is an all-encompassing one that includes:

  1. Cooking time calculator for turkey breast
  2. Cooking time calculator for a whole turkey 
  3. Cooking time calculator for turkey drumsticks
  4. Cooking time calculator for turkey thighs
  5. Cooking time calculator for turkey wings, drumettes

Remember we mentioned some options the calculator also provides you with. To list them;

  • The calculator allows you to select cooking speed which is based on the time e=range provided by the USDA.
  • Start time & End Time Estimator. The Turkey Cooking Time Calculator (kg) helps you determine when you should stop cooking your turkey based on the start time you have selected.
  • Likewise the Rest Time. The calculator allows you to choose your preferred turkey rest time. This can be included in your start and stop time estimation.

Let’s go over how to use the calculator correctly step by step.

Choose the Turkey Type

Start by selecting the specific turkey type you plan to cook. The calculator provides options for turkey breast, whole turkey, turkey drumsticks, turkey thighs, turkey wings, and drumettes. Click on the appropriate option that matches your desired turkey type.

Enter the Weight

Input the weight of your turkey type in kilograms (kg). The weight is a crucial factor in determining the cooking time, as different cuts and sizes of turkey require varying durations to cook thoroughly.

Cooking Speed

Determine how quickly you want your turkey to cook on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being steady and 10 being extremely fast. Use the slider to select your preferred cooking speed.

For a whole turkey option, at this point, you are allowed to select either stuffed or Not stuffed. This will help the calculator to accurately predict the appropriate time for your time. 

Cooking Time

At this point, the calculator tells you the designated time you will use to cook your turkey type. 

However, if you want to include the rest time, you can do that below it. Select yes or no to choose between any of the options. 

The next feature is the start time. If you have a specific time in mind for cooking your turkey, simply enter it in this space. By doing that, the estimated end time will appear below. This makes the feature unique as you can go ahead and set an alarm for both times on your device. 

Guidelines for using the ‘Turkey Cooking Time Calculator Kg’.

We’ve discussed the necessary formula needed to use the ‘Turkey Cooking Time Calculator Kg’ in a previous section. However, to begin, it’s important to refer to the formula provided by the calculator, which is based on the guidelines from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Clearly, it takes into account the weight of the turkey, the product, the stuffing, and the rest time.

Similarly, there are a few principles to note when using the calculator. 

First, the recommended roasting temperature. When cooking a turkey, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) advises preheating your oven to 325°F. This moderate heat ensures that the meat achieves a safe internal temperature while enabling even cooking, browning, and flavor development. This makes it essential to keep the roasting temperature steady throughout the cooking procedure.

Although the ‘Turkey Cooking Time Calculator Kg’ may not include a specific field for the roasting temperature input, it matters to keep this recommendation in mind while you use the calculator. 

The other would be the use of a food thermometer.

We’ve previously discussed the importance of monitoring the internal temperature, but it’s worth emphasizing this key tool for achieving a perfectly cooked turkey. You should leave the thermometer in place for a few seconds until the temperature stabilizes, and then read the temperature displayed on the thermometer. If the turkey has reached 165°F in both the thigh, wings, and breast, it is safe to remove from the oven.

You can confidently get good results by following these guidelines. So, take note of them.

How long to cook a stuffed turkey per kg

We are all aware that cooking a stuffed turkey requires extra adjustments to the cooking time compared to a not stuffed turkey. That’s because you have to consider the extra cooking time needed for the stuffing. 

To give a rough estimate based on a general rule will be wrong and misleading. However, to determine how long it will take to cook a stuffed turkey per kg, let’s examine a few instances. 

For these samples, we made use of our calculator and the guidelines provided by the USDA

Instance 1: If you have a 4-kilogram whole turkey on a steady cooking pace, you can estimate the cooking time to be around 3 hours, 30 minutes without the resting time added.

Instance 2:  For a larger 6.5-kilogram stuffed turkey, the cooking time can be approximately 240 minutes (or 4 hours).

Instance 3:  When dealing with a substantial 9-kilogram stuffed turkey at a steady cooking pace, the cooking time may extend to around 4 hours, 45 minutes without resting time.

Remember that these instances are just examples and serve as rough estimates for you. They are also based on the cooking temperature recommended by USDA.

Boneless turkey breast cooking time

In the same manner, following a general rule will be misleading as many variables occur in cooking turkey. But, if you’re cooking a boneless turkey breast, the cooking time will be shorter than that of a whole turkey. Still, a basic rule for cooking a turkey is the weight and the oven temperature.

Using the calculator, if you have a 2.8 kg turkey breast, you can expect it to take around 1 hour, and 30 minutes to cook at an extremely fast pace. 

At a roasting temperature of 325°F, you can also follow the guideline below: 

A 1.5 kg boneless turkey breast would take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to cook.

A 3.0 kg boneless turkey breast would take approximately 2 hours, and 15 minutes to cook.

Frequently Asked Questions about Roasting Turkey and The Roasting

3.5 kg Turkey Cooking Times

According to the guidelines and calculator, a 3.5 kg whole turkey breast should take 2 hours and 15 minutes at 325 ºF.

4.5 kg Turkey Cooking Time

For a 4.5 kg turkey, you can estimate the cooking time to be around 3 hours at 325 ºF. Check the inner part of the meat which should be at 165°F to ensure it’s cooked. 

How Long to Cook a 6kg Turkey

To achieve a perfectly cooked 6 kg turkey requires around 3 hours and 30 minutes in the oven. That’s without the resting time and at an extremely fast cooking pace. 

How Long to Cook a 1.5 kg Boneless Turkey Breast

When cooking a boneless turkey breast weighing 1.5 kg, you can estimate the cooking time to be approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

How Long to Cook a Stuffed Turkey per kg

As mentioned in a previous section, determining the exact cooking time for a stuffed turkey per kilogram can vary depending on several factors. However, a general guideline is to add approximately 30 minutes per kilogram to the cooking time of an unstuffed turkey.

How Long to Cook a Stuffed 4kg Turkey

3 hours should be enough to cook a stuffed 4kg turkey at an extremely fast cooking pace. 

2kg Turkey Breast Cooking Time

To cook a 2 kg turkey breast, you can expect the cooking time to be approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

1kg Turkey Breast Cooking Time

Approximately, 49 minutes should cook a 1 kg turkey. 

1.2kg Turkey Breast Cooking Time

For a 1.2 kg turkey breast, 49 minutes and 59 seconds should be adequate enough to cook it. 

5kg turkey crown cooking time

According to BBC Good Food, 20 minutes per kg with an addition of 90 minutes will cook a turkey crown above 4 kg. 

How Long Do You Cook a 7 kg Turkey for?

Estimating 3 hours 15 minutes is enough to cook a not stuffed turkey. However, for a 7 kg studded turkey, 4 hours should be enough. 

Is there a ‘how long to cook a turkey per kg calculator’?

This is it. This is the closest calculator you can find that measures how long you should cook turkey per kg.

How Long to Cook a Stuffed 8kg Turkey?

For a stuffed 8 kg turkey, you should plan on cooking it for approximately 4 hours. 

How Long to Cook a Stuffed 5kg Turkey?

To cook a stuffed 5 kg turkey, you can expect it to take approximately 3 hours. 

How Long to Cook a Stuffed 9kg Turkey?

When cooking a stuffed 9 kg turkey, you can estimate the cooking time to be approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes. 

How Long to Cook a Stuffed Turkey of 5kg?

You can estimate the cooking time to be around 3 hours for a stuffed 5kg. 

Adding Your Own ‘Spice’ to Your Turkey

Although we’ve discussed the formula used by the calculator, how the calculator can help you in cooking the perfect turkey, and highlighted the importance of using a meat thermometer, adding your own ‘spice’ to your turkey can never be overrated.


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