woman's worth calculator

Woman’s Worth Calculator

“One of the lessons that I grew up with was to always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals.”

Michelle Obama

It’s easy to lose sight of your goals as a woman. Thanks to the distractions that every woman is plagued with both on social media and in everyday life. It seems that as the days go by, society births a new standard on which beauty depends. A new standard that women are forced to measure up to in order to be considered beautiful and worthful.

Every day greets you with a new trend that you must jump on if you must roll with the chicks. Social media hinges your worth on your clothing, dress sense, financial strength, your romantic relationships, and physical appearance. 

Sadly, society places a woman’s Worth on everything but what it should actually be. As a result, it leaves you feeling drained, exhausted, and unable to fit in. We understand that feeling and we’re here for you. In this blog post, you’ll understand all you need to as regards your worth as a woman and how this woman’s worth calculator works.

Can a Woman’s Worth be Calculated? 

The perfect body weight, class, and style. These are the things that women think about once “worth” comes into play. However, the question is, “can a woman’s Worth be calculated?”  First, to give an answer to the question, you should understand that a woman’s Worth is the value she places on herself. In short, a woman needs no woman’s worth calculator to determine her worth.

Your worth is your perceived value of yourself and how you relate with yourself and others. Regardless of what you say, how you treat others stems from how valuable or not you believe you are. With the noise that’s constantly clamoring for our attention,  it’s easy to weigh yourself on the wrong scale which will get you the wrong readings.

A woman’s Worth cannot be calculated because it is individual, the worth I place on myself differs from the worth another woman places on herself. If you place your worth on material possessions, you’ll live in an endless cycle of jealousy, envy, hatred, and bitterness because material possessions don’t satisfy the cravings of our souls. 

However, if you take a walk into the depth of your soul, you’ll find your true worth, your essence, that spark that keeps you going through the hard times. That way your worth becomes priceless.

Many women are depressed today because they hinge on their self-worth on the wrong things and they don’t realize that things are what they are; “things”. So their happiness and confidence are short-lived. Here today, gone tomorrow. For such women, their worth is easily the price of the latest designer goods or the latest trend.

What your True Worth isn’t 

1. Your Failures

I know your result sheet says otherwise and the words of the authority figures in your life. However, your worth isn’t based on your failures. I mean, who hasn’t failed at something? Failure goes a long way to show that you’ve tried at something and that you’ve learned a new thing in the process.

2. Your Job 

People with certain temperament types have this challenge where their worth comes from their job, their accomplishments, long hours, and workaholic behavior. It can be them but not you. 

There’s the satisfaction that comes from a job well done or a prestigious position but that job shouldn’t have a stake in your self-worth. What happens when you have to change careers or if you’re laid off? Your self-worth should hinge on the value and uniqueness you add to your world.

3. Your social media following 

If your following on social media isn’t groundbreaking, then you’re worthless. This is what social media tells us every day and we don’t realize it. People do so much simply to trend and become the next popular figure. 

Popularity doesn’t happen, depression sets in. You can aim higher for yourself. This isn’t the life that your inner child would be proud of. Followers or not, you’re beautiful and perfect just the way you are.

4. Your financial status 

Your financial status Is how much you earn currently. You will agree with me that our society places the rich higher than the poor mostly. It’s easy to fall for the delusion that you’re worthless if you’re broke but it isn’t true. That you are financially unstable right now doesn’t mean you will continue that way. With the right amount of hard work and the right financial decisions, you’re on your way to financial bliss.

5. Your Appearance 

Wrinkles, acne, stretch marks, and signs of aging are common occurrences throughout a woman’s life. Somehow, society has made it a standard of self-worth. 

Your appearance doesn’t determine your self-worth because regardless of how beautiful you are, as you advance in age, it’ll take an eye that sees the heart to appreciate your beauty. Regardless of how you look, your self-worth comes from within you.

Regaining Your Self-worth 

So you listened to the lies that other people sold you about yourself. You’ve lived your life so long feeling that there’s nothing meaningful that there is to you. Well, that isn’t true.

This isn’t a scheme of affirmations where you get to speak lots of words, which you do not believe. Far from it. Regaining your Self-worth is an internal exercise. It is coming to that point where you begin to value yourself as you should.

You already understand that your worth isn’t based on your material possessions, class, dressing, and financial status. Hence you should live every day of your life with a consciousness that you’re loved, valued, and appreciated. 

Live with the consciousness that you’re needed to make a change regardless of how big or small it is. Finally, while at it, ensure you resist every temptation to compare yourself with others or harbor envy in your heart. 

Self-worth; Your New Definition 

Now, it’s no longer a game of what social media says. It’s a game of who am I? What value do I place on myself and others as a result? Your self-worth depends fully on that. 

If you’re looking to change your definition of yourself, the naysayers will come to gnaw at you to pull you down and get you to crawl with them. You will be tested but you must fight back with a strong resolve to be better than you have ever been.

Working your way to a place of healthy self-worth will take time, you will have relapses but you must insist. Keep at it even when you fall. It’s your call, girl, go for it.

So What is the Woman’s Worth Calculator?

This Woman’s Worth Calculator really doesn’t measure who a woman is, it only tells who a woman is. It shows that every woman is highly valued regardless of what they have or have not.


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