29C Bra Size

29C Bra Size

Is there a 29C Bra Size?

Yes, there is, you are not alone.

We know the frustration that comes with the fact that your bra size is rare and difficult to come by. It might also be embarrassing for you to share it with others. We understand and we’re here to help.

The 29C bra Size is a bra size that comes from a band measurement of 29 and a bust measurement of 32. It is a rare bra size and as such, it is difficult to find.

While this bra size is difficult to come by, understand that you’re not abnormal because your bra size is quite small. Ensure you embrace your differences and love yourself that way.

Most women who have this bra size have a challenging time deciding on a bra that suits them because their size is quite small.

What Bra Sizes are Closer to 29C? 

Thanks to sister sizes, you’re not stuck at a point. There are other sizes that you can make use of while you’re on the lookout for your exact bra size. 

First, sister sizes are bra sizes with equivalent cup sizes. Your sister size helps you with a range of other sizes to choose from, especially when your measured size doesn’t fit well.

The thing about bra sizes is that just like every other measurement, they can turn out inaccurate because of one reason or the other. Hence, sister sizes give you other options that can give you a good fit while you search for your preferred size.

Sister sizes save the day when your bra doesn’t fit as it should. The thing about them is that they give you a perfect fitting if you choose right. You might even decide to stick with them. 

There’s a rule as regards picking sister sizes so that you get to choose correctly. The rule says that if your band is too tight, you can go a band size higher and you should do the same for your cup.

29C Sister Sizes

1. 30B OR 30D

If you have a 29C bra size, then you should go for a 30B or 30D bra size. These are sizes that’ll suit you better.

2. 28C or 28D

You can as well try our 28C or 28D as they are closer to your bust size as well.

Stores Where You Can Buy a 29C Bra Size 

Locating a store where you can find a 29C bra size is difficult. The truth is that most stores do not have a 29C bra size. However, the following stores sell 30D bra sizes that’ll suit you appropriately.

1. Third Love 

Third Love is a store located in the United States and can also be assessed online. Third Love is a blog where you can access resources to help you make the right lingerie choice. You also have a calculator that helps you find the right bra fit and you get a discount on your first order. 

2. Bravissimo 

Bravissimo is a lingerie store that sells bra sizes from D-L. Bravissimo is a big bra store that has 17 stores across the UK. They also have a website where you can make your orders. 

Once you make your orders, you get your package in the shortest possible time. They sell a wide range of lingerie like swimsuits, sports bras, and nightwear.

3. Brastop 

Brastop is an online store that is based in Uxbridge, London. They have bra sizes from D-K so whatever your bra size is, they’ve got you covered. Brastop has been around for some time as it was founded in 2002.

Brastop is currently offering up to 70% discount for their weekend sales so you’d better make a run for it. They also sell nightwear, sportswear, and swimwear so you’re all covered.

4. Katherine Hamilton 

If you’ve got a small band and large cup measurement, Katherine Hamilton got you covered. They have sizes that range from 26-38, D-HH. There’s also a back story you can benefit from. 

Katherine puts the best into the production of every single bra because she believes in empowering women with elegance and confidence.

She also believes that well-fitting bras are a source of support to women and it helps boost their self-esteem. They have bras from £74 to as much as £140 whatever your budget is.

5. Victoria’s Secret 

So we saved the best for the last, Victoria’s Secret is an internationally recognized brand that deals with all sizes of bras, lingerie, and nightwear. They have bra sizes that range from $30 to $100 and more. So they’ve got your budget in mind.

You can also purchase your preferred lingerie from their online store and you get 15% off when you sign up and purchase your first lingerie from their online store.

Victoria’s Secret sells sister sizes such as 30D and 28B. Even if these sizes are unavailable, they’re other sizes that you can try out that’ll suit you perfectly.

We’ve got You Covered 

You probably consider yourself weird because your bra size is rare and difficult to come by. Not to worry, we’re here to keep your smile always on your face.

Having a 29C bra size isn’t a weird thing or a rare thing so don’t you ever feel bad about it. The stores above have a lot of beautiful bras that you can try on. 

If you’re ever in doubt as regards the calculator, you can walk into any of the stores. The sales personnel are always willing to help you get your exact measurement. They’ll also give you suggestions as to which bras fit you best. 
Don’t forget to rock your new bra with every confidence and poise that you’ve got. You can find more resources like how to measure your bra size here


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