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Top 10 Best Baby Socks 2023 – Top Quality, Stylish and Affordable

“This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home… “
Why did it stay home, the toe jiggy won’t tell, but my guess is that the little piggy was super cold. So, what are the best baby socks that will help little piggies feel cosy and warm?

When it comes to baby socks, the universal rule of socks applies: they will mysteriously disappear, no matter how many you buy. So, what can be done apart from letting your kid go barefoot? Buying baby socks in bulk seems like a reasonable solution: that way you’ll always have a stash of baby socks handy. Hence, buy one color in bulk, that way you never have to worry about mismatched pairs.

Apart from socks, your baby will definitely need more products to help him when he grows up.

Editor’s Choice

Gerber Unisex Baby Socks

Gerber Unisex Baby Socks

Why is it better?

  • Soft elastic
  • High-quality material
  • Unisex
  • Machine washable
  • Do not shrink
  • Stay on
  • Pack of 6

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The Lineup At A Glance

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10 Best Baby Socks In 2023

1. Kakalu Non-Skid Ankle Socks – Best Baby Socks That Stay On

Kakalu Non-Skid Ankle Socks

These knitted anti-slip socks from Kakalu are perfect for babies with active feet. Socks are made of 95% cotton and 5% nylon blend, which makes them soft and durable, but with good elasticity to prevent falling.

  • Always stay on
  • Breathable

  • Sizing not accurate
  • Might be tight in the ankles

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These baby boy non-slip socks will keep little toes warm in style. In addition, the bottom is beaded with non-skid material for your baby’s safety, which is essential especially for older babies who are just learning to walk (better say – run!). The dots on the bottom are thin & tiny, so they will not affect the fit of their shoes and still provide great traction!
These socks are machine washable and incredibly durable, so this value pack is a real bargain.

2.Deluxe Baby Boy Socks – For Fab Baby Boys

Deluxe Baby Boy Socks

The Deluxe baby boy socks give accent to the cuteness level of your little monkey’s look. Whether he’s into dinos, cars or space rockets, there’s a pair to suit him perfectly.

  • Superstylish
  • Non slip bottom
  • No patterns suitable for girls

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95% cotton blend material leaves parents assured that their babies are wearing socks made out of healthy and safe materials that are breathable and odour free. The non-slip feature is also very important, as we all know that babies, and especially boys, love running around the house. In addition, the socks are medium thick meaning they provide great support throughout the year. Moreover, by using high quality knitted fabric, these socks keep your mind at ease, as it will not be deformed even after a series of machine washes.
Machine washable, durable, available both for babies and toddlers, and also coming in a great value pack, so what more can we ask for?

3.  Gerber Unisex Baby Socks – Best Newborn Baby Socks

Gerber Unisex Baby Socks

Made from high quality fabric that includes 75% Cotton, 16% Nylon, 6% Polyester, 3% Spandex, these socks have a cosy feel and a softness your baby will love.

  • Don’t cut into the legs
  • Don’t slip off

  • Sizing chart is incorrect
  • Threads come loose easily

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Coming in a great value pack, these socks have quickly become mom’s everyday favourite. Designed to stay on your baby’s wiggling feet with soft elastic and roll back cuffs. In addition, these socks are such a great buy, they are a favourite for baby shower gifts. Lastly, produced in plain white color, they are a perfect addition to every outfit.
The fabric is thick, warm and stretchy so make sure you don’t buy these for babies born in summer.
The only downside to this product is that they do fit on the smaller size so order up when purchasing.

4. Lystaii Girls Value Pack Anti-slip – Best Baby Socks for Girls

Lystaii Girls Value Pack Anti-slip

Made of high quality breathable cotton blend, with thickness suitable for all seasons, Lystaii Girls socks are those that you can never have enough of.

  • Great for all seasons
  • Cute and stylish
  • No patterns suitable for boys
  • The elastic is not really strong

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These cuties are made exclusively for girls, with an amazing variety of colors and patterns. Moms can choose between polka dots, cute bunnies, fruits and cakes, or simply put ballerina-style socks on those adorable little feet for a dash of elegance in little princesses outfit.
In addition, these socks absorb sweat well, they are odour resistant, very comfortable and warm. Since they are made of durable material, surely will last through a lot of wear.
The safety feature is something very much worth mentioning: the bottom of the socks are beaded with non-skid material for your child’s safety, so there will be no slips and injuries while running around the house while playing.

Lastly, with bright colors, very cute print and great price, this value pack is one of the top rated Christmas or Baby Shower gifts.

5. TwinkleToes Quote Socks – Best Baby Fun Socks

TwinkleToes Quote Socks

If you’re a mom who likes to dress your baby in something other than “cute,” these are the ones for you. These baby socks are hilarious and full of sass.

  • Unique design 
  • Very much appreciated gift
  • Not suitable for preemies

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These funny socks are gender neutral, which puts them in a Top-Choice selection for baby shower gifts. With four pairs in the pack, each featuring a funny phrase on the sole, printed in a non-slip material, they offer good value for money and a great addition to every outfit.
All the quotes are appropriate, so no bad taste jokes or intonations making for a lovely gift that no one will cringe at.
In addition, they come in its very own cute box ready for wrapping.

Socks are made of 90% combed cotton and 10% spandex, they are beautiful to touch and very tender on skin. Size rating is from 0 -12 months, but that is not accurate sizing, as these socks will generally fit best on the majority of babies between 3 – 16 months

6. GelWhu Knee High Cotton Socks – Best Baby Knee High Socks

GelWhu Knee High Cotton Socks

Great socks for toddlers, as they are knee high and are made from a blend of cotton and spandex, assuring some extra room as feet grow. Plus, they feature a fun animal print that your little one will immediately fall in love with.

  • Soft, comfortable material
  • Breathable fabric
  • The material is not too stretchy 
  • The top band is too tight and leaves indentions in the skin

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If you’re looking for a fun sock that makes your baby stand out, these are the ones for you. The package comes with six pairs of baby knee length socks, each one with a different animal print.

Made from a combination of soft cotton and stretchy spandex means they are incredibly comfortable and leave room for growing feet. The anti slip pads on these work wonder for active toddlers, giving less headache to worrying moms about accidental slips and injuries. In addition, they stay on your baby quite well without slipping down.

Moreover, these socks are statement accessory and will bring special attention to the Little Fashionista, no matter what style the clothes combination is. Look at some great clothes for your baby in our review.

Lastly, the downside to this charming socks is that the tube lengths between different pairs are slightly different, namely measures 2cm difference between the longest and the shortest socks.

7. GOCUODE Baby Christmas Socks – Best Festive Socks for Babies & Toddlers

GOCUODE Baby Christmas Socks

Santa Claus, Rudolph, Gingerbread Man, Snowman… It’s clearly all about Christmas, giving gifts to the loved ones and celebrating the most joyous holiday of the year. With these socks, you will put a smile on everyone’s face when your little munchkin enters the room.

  • Socks that stay on
  • Available both for babies and toddlers
  • None that we know of 

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These super stylish Christmas themed socks are made of a high quality cotton blend, 85% cotton, 15% spandex which gives socks shape and with elastic tops rest assured that they will stay on your baby’s feet.
Socks are a bit thicker, so they are really keeping little fingers warm, cotton blend is breathable, and perfectly absorbs sweat, so happy feet will stay not only warm but also dry.
In addition, with fine craftsmanship and stitching lines, these socks are the winner in Christmas baby gifts category, as they are cheap, warm and not grinding feet, yet durable and can hold many washing machine rounds.
Lastly, socks come in two sizes, S for 0-1 year old baby, and M for 1-3 year old toddler.

8. Skola Winter Warm Baby Slipper Socks – Where Socks Meet Shoes

Skola Winter Warm Baby Slipper Socks

Whatever the weather – from big freeze to heatwave – slipper socks are an important part of any toddler’s life. Firstly, feet can get cold in almost any climate, but also, slipper socks can play an integral role in a little one’s first steps – and on into their walking career.

  • Suede sole
  • Grow together with the baby
  • Often being mistaken for pre-walking shoes
  • Have to be washed by hand

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Kids’ indoor slipper socks, the product ideal for indoor, keeping kids’ little feet warm and preventing slipping.
To put all the cuteness aside, slipper socks offer more stability to the baby that just learned how to walk thanks to the suede sole, and yes, these do stay firmly up – no bagging or sagging. They are made of a blend of cotton 80% and spandex 20%, mix already proven to be a win.
Different patterns offer more fun, slipper socks come in two pairs of different and so lovely animals. What also makes them stand out is the fact that no matter what animal couple you choose, baby slipper socks are still unisex!
They come in three different sizes and support baby until the age of 3.

9. Eocom Children’s Wool Socks – Best for Kids During Cold Days

Eocom Children's Wool Socks

These truly are some eye-catching socks that will delight youngsters of all ages.

  • High manufacturing standards
  • Pastel unisex tones
  • Sizing chart is problematic
  • Seller sells random colors

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When you order your pack, you need to know that the seller chooses and sends randomly, as there is no possibility to choose the desired color, but they are all in variety of pastel tones, plus black and grey, which makes them unisex with charming deer image printed on the ankle as a fine touch.
These are high quality thick socks, created from carefully made wool blend (45% Wool, 40% Polyester, 15% Spandex) that will keep your kid’s feet warm and dry, and above all, no smelly feet around the house!
Some parents pointed out that these children socks are not full knee length, but only half size and that is their main downside. In my opinion, that’s just the right amount of leg coverage, as skin needs to breathe.
These cosy socks can be washed in the washing machine, but hand wash is seller’s recommendation.

10. Touched By Nature Organic Socks – Best Baby Boy Organic Socks

Touched By Nature Organic Socks

For parents who only want that is best of the best for their babies – organic cotton is what the doctor ordered.

  • Optimal for everyday use
  • Affordable, high quality baby socks
  • No anti skid beads on bottom
  • Not 100% organic cotton

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If you’re looking for adorable and affordable, Touched By Nature is a great source for organic baby clothing. They have a wide selection of colorful, cute patterns and animal prints for your beloved baby.
Organic Cotton makes these socks soft and comfortable, keeping your little one’s feet warm with a gentle touch. To clarify, the exact mix of materials is 78% Organic Cotton, 20% Polyester, 2% Spandex. In addition, this value pack comes with solid color and stripe variety to mix and match with any outfit.
Coming in a pack of six means these can turn into an everyday favourite. Lastly, designed to stay on your baby’s feet with soft elastic, these socks are such a great buy, they are a favourite for baby shower gifts.
Available in sizes up to 24 months

How to choose the Best Baby Socks

1. Material

Cotton is the only material you need to look for in baby socks as they will offer maximum warmth and comfort to your baby. They also provide enough elasticity for the socks to stay on. Organic cotton is always a good choice for really small babies, but if we talk about toddlers or older kids, cotton blends are very good solutions that will keep feet warm and dry and give feet ability to stretch naturally.

2. Thickness

Very important feature, as socks have to help feet stay warm. Read labels carefully, and if the label says less than 75% cotton – not good, as it will be a cheap blend that will quickly stretch too much, probably will leave strange odour and feet will sweat inside. 80% cotton and 20% elastane is the favourite mix voted by 87% of moms in my daycare.

3. Versatility

Best baby socks must have the ability to cover a range of ages and styles to be considered versatile. Baby socks should fit into baby’s overall look. Plain whites or polka dots, dinos or stripes, the variety of styles and patterns is immense.

4. Price

We simply cannot fight the fact that baby socks really can easily be lost, so piling up is not a crazy thing to do. When shopping for the socks, always go for value packs, especially when it comes to babies. Compare all the above listed criteria and see if it matches the offered price – that is the formula you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should babies not wear socks?

Babies need to wear socks at the right moments for the right reasons. It is a practice to keep them warm and comfortable, especially when it is cold. Also, when a baby is running around the house non-slip socks are a great solution to prevent accidental slips and falls. However, there are also times when they should not wear a pair. For example, you would not put socks on your baby‘s feet when it is scorching hot.

Should baby wear socks to sleep?

If your baby is wearing footie pajamas there is no need for extra pair of socks. Same goes for babies that sleep inside sleep sack, they’re feet are probably warm enough. Keep the baby room temperature at the optimal degree.. You cannot go against the nature of a baby, there are some that simply hate anything covering their feet, from socks to blankets. Babies like these tend to sweat a lot and they like to have their piggies uncovered.

Will the socks come off or could my baby pull them off?

There is not a single sock out there that will 100% stay on, and as soon as babies learn how to grab things they will try to pull them off. We have tried our best to find for you socks that stay on, and socks that can resist strong little hands.

Conclusion – We’re at the end!

Nowadays, we really don’t lack opportunities to buy quality stuff. There is a vast variety of choices and options for almost anything. The problem is to navigate through countless offers and make a good choice. Never forget that each baby is different and has different needs. A good pair of socks will help your baby to feel cosy and comfortable. But it will help you as well to be more relaxed and happy around your little one. If you want your little foot to be free, you may want to look at some great sandals for your babies.


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