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12 Best Organic Baby Clothes [2023 Reviews] – Top Adorable & Affordable

Shocked? No need to be there is an equal amount of organic baby clothes to the same amount of non-organic baby clothes that have been made without all the harsh toxins and chemicals!

That is to say, not all parents are about buying the most environmentally conscious items for them or their children. While others go crazy for the next organically certified product!

What some parents don’t realize is all of those cute baby bodysuits, pants, dresses, and shirts are made manufactured with lots of harmful toxic chemicals. 

We took our sweet time to research the best organic baby clothes so that you could spend more if your time focusing on your precious little one.

Editor’s Choice

Hanna Andersson Moon & Back Pajamas

Hanna Andersson Moon & Back Pajamas

Why is it better?

  • Affordable
  • Soft
  • 14 different colors
  • Durable

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The Lineup At A Glance

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12 Best Organic Baby Clothes 2023

1. Hanna Andersson Moon & Back Pajamas- Best natural baby clothes

Hanna Andersson Moon & Back Pajamas

Cradling your child’s skin to the moon and beyond the stars is only the beginning with these soft pajamas!

  • Affordable
  • Soft

  • Standard cotton
  • Tight fit

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The moon and back collection by Hanma Andersson can be found exclusively on Amazon at an affordable price for any family!

In addition, it is made out of organic cotton making every cuddle with your baby the softest it can be. These pajamas are durable and able to be passed down from baby to baby

What’s more?

Greatly, it comes in 14 adventurous patterns and colors that are sure to match every personality. You can get it in every size from newborn to 24 months!

Lastly, it is certified by Standard 100 Oeko-TEX. Which means it is free of all chemicals and allergens making it truly organic for your baby.

2. HonestBaby Long-sleeved Bodysuit- Best organic baby clothes

PACT Long-sleeve Bodysuit

Make a pact right now that you will only cloth your child in the best organic material possible!

  • Great quality
  • Affordable
  • Not fit for laundry

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This 3-pack of long-sleeved bodysuits is made out of 100% organic cotton. It provides your child with a tagless, soft snug fit for comfort.

If you worried about it shrinking in the washing machine you can stop worrying now. This pack has been pre-washed and made with shrink resistant fabric!

What’s more?

That way you’re able to throw them in the washing machine to wash with warm water and dry on medium heat.

In addition, these bodysuits meet and exceed the Global Organic Textile Stanard!

Which is a series of labor and environmental requirements a product must be put through during the processing of organic cotton?

3. L’oved Baby Organic Hoodie-Best cheap organic baby clothes

L’ovedBaby Organic Hoodie

Your baby will need some extra love and clothing during those cold winters!

  • Soft
  • Room to grow
  • Thin
  • Runs small

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This hoodie is made of 100% organic cotton and features a large pocket on the front of it. Perfect for teething rings and rattles!

It is available in 16 different colors including stripes, and solids. It is also provided in 4 different sizes 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12-18 months, and 18-24 months!

Lastly, the hoodie is 100% GOTS certified ( Global Organic Textile Standard) and has been minimally processed only using water-based color for dying.

4. Touched by Nature Organic Dresses- Best cute organic baby clothes

Touched by Nature Organic Dresses

Your sweet angel needs a touch of nature in their lives and in their clothes!

  • Well-made
  • True to size
  • Runs big
  • Colors bleed into other clothes

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This 2-pack of dresses comes in 26 different colors, patterns, and styles. One of these packs is sure to fit your daughter’s unique style preferences!

It comes in size newborn to 24 months. The only thing that is not organic about these dresses is the application of the designs on them!

What’s more?

The cotton is manufactured without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

The dresses are made with premium fabrics and an easy construction so that it is easy and comfortable for your child to put on and not a hassle to take off!

5. Gerber Baby Organic Onesies- Best organic cotton onesies

Gerber Baby Organic Onesies

Don’t get too excited, but yes Gerber makes more than just baby food!

  • Affordable
  • Soft
  • Quality
  • Thin

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This 5-pack of Gerber short-sleeved onesies feature a snap closure that makes changing your babies diaper so much easier.

The designs are screen print, embroidery, and puff art to make the bodysuit truly come to life. It is made out of 100% organic cotton!

What’s more?

Which is used in the form of ribbed fabric material? Each pack comes with 5 onesies total at a wonderfully affordable price!

Lastly, these onesies will keep your baby cool and comfortable as you all tackle whatever adventure the day has in store for you!

6. Parade Organic Romper- Best certified organic baby clothes

Parade Organic Romper

Zip those lips when it comes to talking about ultra-convenient rompers!

  • Comfortable
  • Convenient
  • Price
  • Quality

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Parade Organics was one of the first baby lines in North America to use only certified organically grown cotton in its products. And they’ve continued to do so!

This luxuriously made organic cotton has been 100% certified by the GOTS!

It is chemical and pesticide-free making it entirely safe for your child’s sensitive baby soft skin. The fabrics are all printed by hand

What’s more?

The snaps are nickel-free and the dyes used are AZO free to protect your child’s skin. Due to the unisex design, you are able to mix and match the romper however you please!

It also features a two-way zipper to make diaper changes and meal clean-ups a breeze.

7. Burt’s Bees Pajamas- Best affordable

Burt’s Bees Pajamas

Stop buzzing around and choose the best pajamas on the market!

  • Great quality
  • Super cute
  • Tight-fitting
  • Small

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These pajamas are manufactured to fit snuggly and be flame retardant. The snaps are nickel-free and the zipper located at the neck has an added zipper guard!

In addition, around the footie, the area is located an elastic band to keep them firmly in place and bee-shaped grips on the bottom to prevent slipping.

What’s more?

It is durable and soft with hand-painted watercolor prints and yarn dye stripes. Even after multiple washes, the garment keeps its integrity!

Making it a great set that will last generation after generation.

8. Under the Nile Bodysuits- Best organic cotton baby clothes

Under the Nile Bodysuits

We aren’t heading to Egypt, but under the Nile, they found baby onesies!

  • Great quality
  • Color variety

  • Tricky closures
  • Single onesie, not 5

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This onesie fits children ranging from sizes newborn to 3 months. It features a side snap that makes changing your child’s clothes and your child’s diaper easier!

In addition, it is 100% organic Egyptian cotton that has been certified by the GOTS! Which is produced by a fair trade farm in Egypt.

What’s more?

There are no Azo colorants, BPA, flame retardants, formaldehyde, fragrance, PVC, or lead materials used in the manufacturing of this baby product!

Lastly, be advised the price is for 1 baby onesie, not 5 as shown in the picture located beside the description.

9. Lamaze Organic Gift Set- Best organic toddler clothes

Lamaze Organic Gift Set

If your looking for the perfect baby shower gift them this gift is the one to get!

  • Wonderful fabric
  • Great quality
  • Produced with chemicals
  • Not cotton

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This adorable gift set comes with 7 different colors. And comes in sizes newborn to toddler. It is made with 100% organic cotton except for the designs!

In addition, it is made in a fair trade sweatshop-free environment!

What’s more?

The neckline expands as well as nickel-free snaps on the bodysuits and romper bottoms. There is an elastic located in the band to prevent the sagging of the romper.

Lastly, the gift set is machine washable and comes complete with a gift bag to put everything in.

10. Owlivia Legging Jogger- Best organic children’s clothing

Owlivia Legging Jogger

Your child may not be jogging just yet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t wear joggers!

  • True to size
  • Soft
  • Hard material
  • Too Tight

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These joggers come in most sizes from newborn to 18 months and come in 9 different colors with 2 pairs of joggers in every pack!

The joggers are great and functional for every occasion such as school, travel, loungewear, outdoor activity, and many other places. 

It is the perfect pants for babies that are always on the go!

What’s more?

The unisex design makes it great for both baby boys and baby girls. Your baby will love how soft and cozy these pants make them feel!

Lastly, the Owlivia cotton is grown free of harsh chemicals and pesticides to ensure that your baby’s soft skin is taken care of and remains irritant free!

11. Touched by Nature Bodysuits- Best modern organic baby clothes

Touched by Nature Bodysuits

This soft fabric will comfortably cradle your baby every time!

  • Cute
  • Comfortable
  • Runs big
  • Bleeds on other clothes

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This set is made of 100% organic cotton. Everything is organic except for the designs that embellish the bodysuits!

In addition, it is fertilizer and pesticide-free making it gentle and soft to keep your baby’s skin irritant-free.

That is to say, it can be worn for everyday use from going to daycare, to the playground, or just staying at home.

What’s more?

The pack comes with 5 suites in it and comes in many colors it’s hard to choose just one.

If short-sleeved isn’t for your child there is also a long-sleeved option for the same pack of bodysuits. Making it perfect for winter and spring!

12. Parade Organics Kimono Gowns- Best organic fabric for baby

Parade Organics Kimono Gown

This kimono takes your babies nightgown to a whole new level!

  • Soft
  • Quality product
  • Defective
  • Too much writing on onesies

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This kimono comes in 21 different colors and ranges in size 0 to 6 months. Parade Organics has been in business going strong since 2004.

To clarify, all of their products are 100% GOTS certified and made of soft chemical and pesticide-free cotton!

What’s more?

Their fabrics are printed by hand so the pattern may be slightly different, but they believe it gives the product  uniqueness of sorts. It has nickel-free snaps!

It is also free of AZO dyes and is the perfect gown to mix and match with different bars and socks. Don’t worry this form is absolutely unisex meant for little boys and girls!

How to choose the Best Organic Baby Clothes

When choosing to clothe for your child you’ve got to keep certain things at the top of your list to ensure no mishaps happen!

First, always check the list of materials used especially when something is given the label “organic.” Sometimes manufacturers label things organic and you check the list and there are in fact toxins in the product.

The price is also something to take note of as certain products raise their prices due to being certified organic! 

Just because a product is 100% naturally made doesn’t mean you should have to pay high prices for it. Check the sizing before ordering baby clothes sometimes if you read the reviews you will find some material runs bigger while others shrink.

Or, you may decide to purchase clothing a couple of sizes bigger so that your child has room to grow. 

That is to say, if this is a choice of yours ensure that you don’t go too far ahead as loose clothing can pose a suffocation hazard! 

The design of the clothing may be last on the list, however, it can bring your child’s personality to light and give them their own unique style.

Don’t worry buying clothes for your child is easier than buying your own!

1. Material

Whilst you are lying for organically made clothing you still want to check and make sure that no chemicals slipped through the cracks. Also, organically made clothing doesn’t mean that your child’s skin won’t react in irritation. So it is essential that you still check the list of materials used while your child’s clothing was manufactured.

2. Price

Organic doesn’t mean you have to pay an extraordinary amount for the product. Set a budget for how much you are willing to spend on your little one’s clothes and stick to it. So, keep in mind that your baby won’t be this small forever and in the first couple of months, they grow quickly.

3. Size

Are you a parent that wants clothes true to size or a parent that prefers for clothes to have a little room for your child to grow. Keep sizing in mind it is better to go for clothes that have sizing ranges like meant for 3-6 months or 6-9 months rather than 3 months or 4 months.

4. Design

Clothes come with tons of designs, patterns, and colors choose ones that will attract the attention of your baby and help them develop their personalities. That is to say, if you’re like me then you may want clothes that have unisex designs so that they are able to be passed down from child to child despite their gender. You have to check carefully if the clothes are best for boys or these clothes are best for girls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the newborn size have the fold-over flaps so that they can’t scratch themselves?

Some of the long-sleeved bodysuits feature the fold-over flap, but the short-sleeved bodysuits do not.

Do these shrink after washing and drying?

No, I have not had any of my son’s clothes shrink. However, for safe measure, I always wash it on the gentle cycle and dry it on a low heat setting.

Why is there a warning that this onesie is not good for sleep?

Generally babies pajamas are made to be tight for risk of fire reasons these pajamas are fit loosely for a more comfortable fit. While the babies are sleeping, you should wear pajamas for them.

What are these made of? The description says “imported”, but doesn’t specifically say where it is made.

They are made of organic cotton in India.


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