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Body Fat Calculator (US Navy Formula)

When it comes to general health and fitness, body fat percentage is a crucial indicator. The body fat calculator helps you understand your health better, identify potential health problems, and track your fitness progress by keeping track of your body fat %. A common technique for calculating this body fat percentage is called the US Navy Formula, and it has been in use for many years. In this post, let’s discuss the US Navy formula, how it functions, and how to use it to accurately calculate and control your body fat percentage.

What is the US Navy Formula?

A common technique for calculating your body fat percentage is the US Navy Formula. The US Navy created this formula based on the idea that men and women carry fat in their bodies differently. Women often carry more fat in their hips and thighs, whereas males typically carry more in their chests and belly. 

This measurement is crucial because it gives information about your general health, so you shouldn’t take it for granted. Many health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and even stroke, can be brought on by having too much body fat.

Similarly, having too little body fat can result in organ damage, a compromised immune system, and problems with reproduction.

Due to potential issues like these, measuring your body fat can improve your understanding of your health and assist you in making healthy lifestyle adjustments.

The US Navy body fat formula accounts for and addresses the fat in the body by employing various equations for men and women. For instance, measurements of the waist, neck, and height are taken to determine the body fat percentage for men. Not everyone is a mathematician, but the formula formulated to calculate that for men is (86.010 x log10(waist – neck)) – (70.041 x log10(height)) + 36.76) which is not so important in this case.  For women, the formula is (163.205 x log10(waist + hip – neck)) – (97.684 x log10(height)) – 78.387). 

While the US Navy method is a helpful tool for determining body fat percentage, it does have a drawback that must be taken into consideration which is muscle mass. The calculator assumes that everyone has the same distribution of fat and ignores variables like muscle mass that may affect body fat percentage. This makes it important to combine your US Navy body fat result with other tests of fitness and health. Notwithstanding, the method employed by the US Navy has been proven to be one of the ways to show healthiness in the military. So, we can consider it as an accountable means of finding out your body fat. 

To find that out through our calculator, there are a few measurements you need to know before then. Please take note that in the case of our calculator, the formula appropriate is that for women. 

Now, let’s consider these measurements, and how you can accurately discover them. 

Areas of Measurements and the Steps to Measure Body Fat Using the US Navy Formula

Some of the basic measurements you’ll need to be aware of are your height, your neck size, your waist size, and your hip size (apart from your age).  

To do this, you should consider getting a scale and a measuring tape. If you don’t have one, these items are easily found in supermarkets or you can order them online. After getting those instruments, we can get started. 

The first thing you need to do is to measure your weight.

You can do this by placing the scale on the floor and standing on it. Make sure you stand upright and rest well on it so that you get your real weight. You might want to put off your slippers or shower as well. 

After that, simply record your weight.

You can’t record it if you leave the scale. So, note it before leaving the scale. 

The next step is to know your height.

This can be done by standing against a wall and jotting it down. You can note it both in inches and feet with the use of measuring tape. 

Then, measure your waist. To get it appropriately, use a measuring tape at the tiniest part of your body but do not make it too tight or too free. Subsequently, write it down somewhere so you don’t forget. 

For the next step, you’ll need your tape again.

When you’re ready, take your tape measure and place it around your neck. It might be difficult to get your neck circumference yourself, but a trick is to place your fingers around your measurement while you remove it slowly. 

Lastly, you need your hip measurements.

As women, the hips are one of our largest areas and that differentiates us from men. If you want to get your measurements for this area, make use of your tape by placing it around the fullest parts of your hips correctly. You can also use the same trick for your neck in this area to note it. 

After getting these measurements, good job! All you need to do is to input them into the calculator. 

How to Use the Body Fat Calculator (US Navy Formula) 

Here’s the easy part- input/ select them in the calculator. 

On the calculator, there are two units available for your use. You can decide to use the metric unit or the imperial unit.  

For the metric unit, you’ll need to input the following: 

  • Your age, 
  • Height
  • Neck circumference
  • Waist circumference
  • Weight
  • Hip Size

These are to be inputted into the calculator in this order. After inputting them, your body fat percentage will be shown. Also, your body fat mass (Ib) will be shown right below it. 

The other is the imperial unit. 

In this unit, make sure to input your correct age which you’ll see at the top of the calculator. After selecting that, input your height in cm, and your neck size in cm, and answer the question What is the size of your waist in cm in the calculator, enter your weight in kg and select your hip size in cm. 

Your results should be presented by now. You will get your body fat in percentage and body fat mass (Ib). 

Not Interested in Joining the Navy? The Body Fat Calculator is also for You

We’re very aware that not everyone is interested in going to the Navy or becoming military personnel, but the calculator can serve as a gauge for your health as an individual. It can help you get a healthy body, track your progress toward a healthier you, and maintain that. Remember, managing body fat is a journey, and by taking steps to better understand and monitor it, you are taking an important step toward improving your overall health and well-being.

If you would like to find out what your BMI is, use this calculator.


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