Cathay Pacific Airlines Pregnancy Policy

Cathay Pacific Airlines Pregnancy Policy

Many pregnant women have questions and worries regarding airline policies, safety, and comfort when it comes to traveling while pregnant. 

If you’re expecting and planning a trip with Cathay Pacific Airlines, you’ve come to the right place. To make your trip easy, secure, and pleasurable, we’ll go through Cathay Pacific’s pregnancy policy in this post.

Cathay Pacific Airlines Pregnancy Policy

After carefully reviewing Cathay Pacific Airlines pregnancy policy, here’s a breakdown:

  1. A woman with an uncomplicated and single pregnancy can travel up to the 28th week without the need to submit any document or certificate. 
  1. Cathay Pacific Airlines requires a medical certificate from the 28th week to the 36th week of pregnancy. This is for women without complications who are carrying a single child. 

Note that the certificate has to be issued 10 days before the traveling date. 

  1. For multiple pregnancies (twins, for instance) without complications, women can travel without any restrictions up to the 28th week. 
  1. The airline allows women with multiple babies to travel up to the 32nd week. However, from the 28th week, a medical certificate is needed.  This medical certificate won’t be accepted while boarding. 
  1. Women with complications will be required to get the MEDA form which will be filled by you and your doctor. This form will then be reviewed by Cathay Pacific Airlines Aviation Medical Team. 
  1. Women with complications are advised to get travel insurance also. 

At What Trimester Does Cathay Pacific Airlines Allow Pregnant Women to Travel?

This is one of the most common questions expectant mothers have in mind when planning a trip with any airline. For Cathay Pacific Airlines, pregnant women can travel up to the third trimester of pregnancy. But the timing varies; 

  • Women with single pregnancies with no complications can travel up to the 36th week. 
  • But women pregnant with multiple babies can travel till the 32nd week. 

Though these weeks are in the third trimester, their timing differs. The earlier restriction for multiples can be because of the potential complications associated with carrying more than one baby.

Also, apart from restrictions due to complications or the number of babies you are carrying, Cathay Pacific Airline generally does not allow pregnant women in their 36th week or above to travel as they are near their due date (the 38-week is considered full term). 

So, Does Cathay Pacific Airlines have Restrictions on Pregnancy?

Yes, considering their pregnancy policy we’ve mentioned earlier. However, Cathay Pacific Airlines like any other airline considers what’s favorable and best for their passengers. So, these restrictions and guidance in place are meant to ensure safety. 

To clear things up, these restrictions are:

  1. Pregnant women can’t travel when they are past week 36 (week limitations).
  2. Cathay Pacific Airlines requests medical certificates from pregnant women above 28 weeks. 
  3. Expecting mothers with complications need to fill out the MEDA form and need approval before traveling with Cathay Pacific Airlines. 

It depends. Looking through their policy, your doctor’s consent is required at the later stage of your pregnancy. While you are free to travel up to 28 weeks without the need for any form, beyond 28 weeks, you need your doctor’s approval. 

This should be a medical certificate where your doctor specifies if you have health concerns or not and whether you are fit through travel. 

Please Know 

Cathay Pacific Airline instructs that the medical certificate includes:

a. How many babies the passenger is pregnant with. 

b. Your pregnancy week

c. The due date

d. If you are fit to travel

e. Whether there are complications or not

Safety Guidelines Cathay Pacific Airlines Recommend When Traveling By Air

When traveling by air, whether during pregnancy or at any other time, safety precautions must be carefully considered to guarantee a comfortable and secure trip. 

Like all respectable airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines places a high priority on customer security. Here are some safety recommendations for all women who are expecting from Cathay Pacific Airlines.

  1. Get travel insurance in case of pregnancy-related problems. 
  2. Cathay Pacific Airlines also advises you to be aware of the destination rules and restrictions for pregnant women. Certain countries may require additional documentation or the gestational age limits for entry. 
  3. Check for clinics at the place you are headed to and if they can cope with any pregnancy complications. 
  4. Avoid visiting or traveling alone to remote countries.  

So, make sure to consider all that needs to be considered before embarking on your journey. 

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