Drops of Sperm

How Many Drops of Sperm is Needed to get Pregnant?

It takes only one sperm to get pregnant. So just one drop of semen is enough to get a woman pregnant if in the semen there is one sperm that meets all of these conditions.

  1. The sperm successfully swims to the ovum (known as Motility)
  2. The sperm has a normal shape an oval head and a long tail (which helps it to swim (Morphology)
  3. The sperm is able to live long enough (usually 2 – 5 days) for an ovum to be released, in the case where the woman is not ovulating.


What is the amount of Semen needed to get a Woman pregnant?

According to Flo.health 2 tablespoons of Semen contains at least 15 million – 200 million+ sperm.

Each ejaculation has about half or 1 tablespoon of semen.

The question is more about the quality of the sperm than that of the quantity.

Can a tiny bit of sperm cause pregnancy?

Yes, it can.

It takes just one sperm to fertilize an ovum.

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