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Pregnancy Week 5: Your Week By Week Update As You Hit the 5 Weeks Pregnant Mark

Pregnancy Week By Week

As you officially enter the second month of pregnancy, things start to really take off. First, you miss your period—and that can be quite shocking—especially when you’re used to having a pretty regular cycle. Then, your first pregnancy symptoms seem to appear out of nowhere. And suddenly, you don’t feel so hot anymore.

But the most exciting news is that you finally have a high enough concentration of pregnancy hormones flowing through your body that you’re able to receive a long-awaited positive pregnancy test at home. Talk about life-changing!

Plus, it’s a great indication that it’s time to call your doctor to schedule your first prenatal appointment. It doesn’t get any bigger than that!

So, it only stands to reason that more questions about having a healthy pregnancy keep popping up in your head. For example,

• What’s happening inside my body?

• Are the symptoms I’m experiencing pregnancy-related?

• What developmental stage is my baby in?

• How big is my baby this week?

• What does my baby look like?

• What can I do to help my baby stay healthy?

Fortunately, we’re happy to share everything you need to learn about pregnancy in this helpful guide.

5 Weeks Pregnant

In week 5 of your pregnancy, your baby is still teeny tiny. But that doesn’t mean that your baby’s development at this stage isn’t important.

On the contrary, even this early in pregnancy, so much is happening inside your belly you can hardly believe it. So it’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious in the first trimester in addition to having happier feelings like happiness and excitement. Talking to your doctor openly and honestly about all of the feelings you’re experiencing early in your pregnancy can help you feel a sense of relief and like you’re not all alone in this.

Just remember, at five weeks pregnant, your main job is to take care of yourself. Pregnancy and parenting are no joke, so you’ll need as much self-care as possible both before and after your due date. In fact, making a checklist of self-care activities you want to focus on around week 5, week 6, week 8, and so forth, is a great way to ensure that all of your physical and emotional needs are being met.

Furthermore, now that you’re pregnancy is confirmed, it’s a good idea to follow the guidelines set forth by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. They recommend taking a folic acid supplement daily, eating a balanced diet, and also avoiding coming into contact with cat litter while pregnant.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

If you haven’t noticed any of the first signs of pregnancy up until this point, it’s pretty likely you will soon. During this week of pregnancy, most pregnant women experience all kinds of hormonal changes thanks to the hcg pumping through their bodies. And these big hormonal shifts often lead to both emotional and physical symptoms that can no longer be ignored or written off as something else.

Implantation bleeding may have occured as your cute little embryo burrowed its way into your uterus. So light bleeding or spotting in the first trimester isn’t always an indication that your period is on its way. You may very well be pregnant and not yet know it.

Other common symptoms around this time include symptoms like morning sickness, which can happen any time of the day or night, and symptoms like fatigue. Additionally, many women report having bloating, cramping, discharge, tender breasts, frequent urination, and food aversions.

But don’t worry! Things like nausea and vomiting, as unpleasant as they may seem, are a normal part of being pregnant and your doctor can help you relieve many of these symptoms in a safe and healthy way.

Pregnant Belly at 5 Weeks

You miss your period, take a pregnancy test, and confirm that you’re pregnant. The most common pregnancy symptoms at 5 weeks gestation start showing up, and your doctor calculates your due date by using the first day of your last period. Things have gotten real!

So it may seem strange, but most people will have no idea you’re pregnant yet just by looking at you. Your belly may look a little swollen at best, but you have some time yet before an obvious baby bump starts to take shape.

Baby Development at 5 Weeks

What’s going on with your baby at 5 weeks pregnant? So much more than you’d guess!

By now, your baby is 2 mm long—roughly the size of a small apple seed. Shaped like a tadpole with a head and a tail at this point, your baby is growing rapidly each day. And all kinds of physical changes are taking place in order to sustain life.

The placenta, amniotic sac, and umbilical cord are all starting to forming. And so too are the circulatory system, digestive system, nervous system, and neural tube, which will eventually turn into baby’s brain and spinal cord.

Right around week 5, a heartbeat can even be detected. And your little one’s heart pumps blood at roughly 98 beats per minute. Plus, their face is starting to take shape with a sweet little nose and eyes.

First Ultrasound

While many doctors prefer to wait in scheduling your first ultrasound, you may receive one early on for various reasons. Whether your doctor is trying to get a better read on how far along you are, you’re showing signs of a possible miscarriage, or you’ve had ectopic pregnancies in the past, an early ultrasound can help verify a healthy pregnancy and rule out complications.

At 5 weeks pregnant, a transvaginal ultrasound can reveal the yolk and gestational sacs, but not much else. Your baby is too small to see quite yet. However, within another week or so, your little one can make their first appearance on an ultrasound—further proof of just how your baby is developing.


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