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Pregnancy Week 8: Your Growing Baby at 8 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Week By Week

So much happens during 40 weeks of pregnancy that we track milestones week by week. You’d miss out on so much if you only tracked them each month of pregnancy. And this is especially true during early pregnancy when big developments take place within a short amount of time.

One minute your baby doesn’t even exist, and the next, you have a tiny little human living inside your womb. You may not even feel pregnant at this point, but getting that positive pregnancy test makes everything sink in fast. 

There’s no room for doubt anymore. It’s time to acknowledge your pregnancy and make plans for your future. And the best way to do that is to follow your pregnancy milestones, understanding how each one of them gets you one step closer to holding your baby in your arms for the very first time.  

Of course, it’s hard to keep anything that special under wraps for long. So at eight weeks pregnant, you may want to plan a big reveal—unless you’ve already done so. Some women prefer to wait until they reach the second trimester, but this is entirely up to you. If you’re ready to share your big news now, go for it. And if you prefer to wait a little while longer, that’s okay too.  

No matter what you decide, here’s what you can expect to happen when you’re 8 weeks pregnant. 

8 Weeks Pregnant

The first trimester is a time when you learn about pregnancy as you experience it. Week 8 of your pregnancy is no exception, and the only way to understand exactly what it’s like is to actually go through it. 

You may have all kinds of thoughts, feelings, and concerns running through your mind, and that’s to be expected. Fortunately, week 8 of pregnancy is when your first prenatal visit typically takes place. And having good prenatal care will help you feel more comfortable about everything you and baby are experiencing at this time. 

If you meet with your healthcare provider this week, talk to your doctor or midwife about how you’re feeling at eight months pregnant, and ask them any questions that are on your mind.

During this visit, you will probably be asked to pee in a cup so that your current level of pregnancy hormones can be determined. You’re also likely to be asked about any cramping or spotting you’ve noticed. The size of your uterus will be measured. And you may even get to hear your baby‘s heartbeat at this time, especially if you have an 8-week ultrasound.

It’s still too soon to find out if you’re pregnant with twins or if your baby is a boy or a girl; however, now is the perfect time to get advice. If you’re dealing with morning sickness, your healthcare provider may recommend sucking on ginger chews or eating little snacks throughout the day since an empty stomach makes nausea worse.

And don’t worry if you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or sad about your pregnancy right now. Your doctor or midwife has seen it all. And their job is to support pregnant women in any way they need, not to judge. 

Pregnancy Symptoms

During the first trimester, symptoms come and go thanks to all the hormonal changes your body is currently undergoing. Common symptoms this week include fatigue, mild cramping, back pain, tender breasts, strange dreams, and frequent urination, which is due to your expanding uterus putting pressure on your bladder. 

You may also have an increased sense of smell and food aversions that leave you feeling pickier than before. Nausea at 8 weeks pregnant can make you feel nauseated anytime night or day. And it can get so bad that you can’t keep anything down.

Lastly, skin conditions can appear during this stage of pregnancy such as acne or melasma

While these and many other symptoms are totally normal at this stage, let your doctor know if you have any concerns. You might feel like some of these symptoms are worse than normal, and they can check for health issues and alleviate your worries.

Baby Development at 8 Weeks

By week 8, your uterus has expanded to the size of a tennis ball to make some much-needed room in your abdomen. Your sweet baby is the size of a kidney bean now and is floating around in amniotic fluid, taking up a lot more space than it did in previous weeks. Talk about a growth spurt!

Their limb buds have officially turned into arms and legs which can flex at the elbows and knees. And their hands and feet now have fingers and toes at the ends.   

Baby at week 8 is also working hard to grow their upper lip, eyelids, ears, and nose. 

And all of their major organ systems are developed. Interestingly enough, their intestines are getting longer, and without enough room in their belly to hold them in, they push out into the umbilical cord during this time.

Baby’s development changes day by day. And each week marks a huge milestone in their life. 

Pregnant Belly at 8 Weeks

It’s too early to tell whether you’re pregnant or not, so you can keep it a secret for now. But that will change soon enough because your baby is growing each and every day. In just a few short weeks, a noticeable baby bump will start to appear. And then everyone will know you’re expecting, even strangers.

Right now, your clothes may feel a little tight. Even though you can’t tell for sure that a baby bump is beginning to develop, that doesn’t mean you can’t switch to some comfy maternity clothes. The choice is entirely up to you.

Speaking of choice, choose to enjoy your cute little pregnant belly while you can. In a few months, it will be so big that eating, sleeping, moving, bathing, breathing, and tying your shoes will be a whole lot more challenging.

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