What Generation American am I Calculator

What Generation American am I Calculator

Have you ever wondered which generation of Americans you belong to? Or confused about your generational identity? If you are that curious, then this is for you. We have a tool that can help you discover what American generation you belong to. So, if you’ve ever pondered on that question, then sit tight!  

Also, in this article, we hope to answer questions regarding what generation you are and shed more light on words like “first generation”, “second generation” and even “third generation” which might have left you confused. In light of that, let’s get started.  

What Generation American Am I Calculator

The what generation american am I calculator uncovers your American generational status based on a series of carefully generated questions about your homeland. 

This calculator helps you determine what generation you belong to based on immigration status NOT by your age. To find out what your generation would be your date of birth use our What Generation am I a Part of Calculator.

The questions asked by the what generation American Am I calculator are carefully crafted to extract relevant information that will contribute to determining your generational status. They surround significant changes regarding your location, immigration, and genealogy. 

A few of those questions are; are you currently living in the United States?, did you migrate to the United States? and were any of your parents born in a foreign country? The more accurate and honest your responses are, the more precise the calculator’s estimation will be. 

So, if you’re eager to uncover your generational status and gain a clearer understanding of what American generation you belong to, make sure to note this.

In the next section, let’s take a guide through how we determine your American generation.  

How do we Determine What Generation American you are?

Knowing how precious it is to understand one’s generational status, our calculator relies heavily on the framework established by the U.S. Census Bureau to determine your American generational status. 

Since the U.S. Census Bureau generally plays a significant role in generational trends, by aligning our calculator with the framework they’ve established, we believe the results provided on the calculator are reliable and true. 

What does the U.S. Census Bureau framework really include? Answers to who belongs in a first, second, or third-and-higher generation. These categories help to identify generational status based on familial background. 

 The first-generation individuals are typically referred to as those who are foreign-born. This means they were not born in the United States. However, became a citizen after relocating to the United States. Second generation refers to individuals who have at least one foreign-born parent or individuals who are typically born in the United States to immigrant parents. Finally, the third-and-higher generation includes individuals born in the United States with both parents who are U.S. natives although may have grandparents who are immigrants. 

While these terms can be used in other contexts as well, these words (first-generation, second-generation, and third-and-higher-generation) in the American generational status setting depict what has been stated above. 

Below are frequently asked questions regarding American generational status. 

Questions About Generational Status in America

Sometimes there are clarifications needed while attempting to understand generational status in America. Here are answers to some common queries that arise about generational status:

1. What is a 3rd generation immigrant?

A 3rd generation immigrant is an individual born in the United States but whose grandparents were born outside of the United States and immigrated to America. 

2. Who is considered the first generation?

In this context, the first generation refers to individuals who were born outside of the United States and later immigrated to the country. 

3. Who is a third-generation American?

A third-generation American is anyone born to a second-generation American. This means, their grandparents may have been immigrants to the United States. 

4. What defines second-generation Americans?

Second-generation Americans are born in America to parents who immigrated to the country. 

5. Who are first-generation immigrants?

First-generation immigrants are individuals who are born outside of the United States and choose to move to the country. They are the initial members of their families to establish themselves as residents in the United States.

6. Am I a first-generation American?

If you were born in the United States to immigrant parents, you are typically considered a second-generation American. However, if you migrated to America and acquired citizenship, then you are a first-generation American. 

Clarified? Find Out on the Calculator

While we hope we’ve touched every aspect there is, you can opt to answer the questions presented on the calculator, to clear your doubt. The what generation american am I calculator will definitely leave you with no questions left by showing you a clear and simple answer. 


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