Why Did He Leave Me When I Got Pregnant?

Why Did He Leave Me When I Got Pregnant? 

We’re sorry to hear about the end of your relationship. We hope for your healing and peace.  

Leaving a relationship is heartbreaking enough, talk more about leaving when you are pregnant

We feel your pain concerning the issue and we sympathize with you. 

We’re fully aware that you may have so many questions you need answers to and others roaming on in your head. 

Practically what led to your breakup and why did he leave? 

Does he no longer love me? Does he not want my child? Did he leave because I’m pregnant? 

We came up with a few reasons that might have gone wrong during your relationship. 

Please note that these reasons are not final. They are speculated and based on our research and findings. 

Some might relate to yours, while others might not. 

He wasn’t ready and serious about the relationship.

Being ready means accountability. 

This means he’s committed to making things work and growing together with you. 

When a man appears to be only interested in the sex life of your relationship without much thought of your future together and plans of purpose, he might be just there to waste your time and leave you heartbroken. 

Everyone loves a rosy relationship. It spices things up and keeps things fresh but that should not be the only definition of a relationship. 

Other things define a relationship. Make sure to find out what they are, and be serious with them. This will show you if he is also serious or just whiling away his time and yours. 

Do not be in a situationship but be in a relationship. 

Humans are unpredictable and never easy to please. 

No matter how much you think you’ve known a man, you keep getting to know him daily. 

The mistakes we make are relaxing when things are going awry. Do not assume things are fine when they are not. 

If he shows some rile attitude he has never before, you both should sit down to discuss it or inform some people close to both of you who can counsel you two. 

If the signs persist, we think it’s time to move on and not continue in the relationship. 

Clearly stated the use of protection.

We are aware that faults arise from both partners. 

You could want a baby and he doesn’t. In scenarios of a long-term relationship going for more than six years, there’s every probability that a partner wants more than just a casual relationship

But taking a step further without letting your partner into it will be an offense. This is because he might lose trust in you or worse, leave you in the relationship leaving you heartbroken and a child. 

He thought it may be for another man.

Your partner may be doubtful if you have multiple partners. 

We mean, there could be circumstances that warrant a partner thinking this way. 

Whatever the misunderstanding, sitting down to discuss the problem and assuring him about your relationship and the baby could be helpful. 

And at times it might just be an excuse for him to leave. Find out the situations well, before jumping to conclusions. 

Afraid of responsibilities.

If you’d been in the relationship for some time before your breakup, there would have been signs of this. 

He might have brought it up or shown it in his attitude. For instance, being nonchalant about serious issues or when you talk of having a future together. 

With such signs, he is afraid to be a man. At that time, you can do nothing about it. 

He is not Tied to You

It’s hard to pinpoint men who left their marriages when their wives became pregnant. That’s because they’re tied to a commitment they must fulfill. 

However, in relationships, there are no legal commitments except the ones spoken with our mouths. That’s funny. 

Not saying those are bad, but we tend to forget what we’ve said when problems arise. And one of those problems is the issue of pregnancy. 

He is not ready to settle with you.

We know this is a hurtful statement but we have to face the reality. 

There are many reasons why he may not want to, some of which are listed above. 

You can only be certain about this fact if you ask him. But contacting him might revive lost pain. 

Please focus on yourself. 

We are aware that there are a lot of thoughts going through your head, rest assured that you can’t fully predict the reasons why he left. 

Whatever those reasons are, everyone deserves better, right? 

Your ‘better’ could be without him. 

So do not beat yourself up too much about that. You did nothing wrong by becoming pregnant. 

Can I Survive on my Own With My Child? 

Why not! 

Focusing on yourself should be the next thing you do after a breakup. It’s not to trudge in self-pity or think of committing abortion (that might have come to your head a lot). 

But to pull yourself together and seek help. You can do that by talking to friends and family and reading good books. 

Also, you can create time for yourself. Self-reflect, grow and build your mind. 

Don’t forget to visit a doctor to check up on your child and start prenatal care. Talk to counselors, and get to know your available options for your child.  

You can avoid more problems when you take these right steps and you’ll see how much you don’t need him. 

You Don’t Need Him If He Does Not Need You

As we’ve said, do not wallow too much in your misery. It won’t be of much help either. 

But can we also tell you that sobbing lets the pain out? 

Be aware that letting it out doesn’t necessarily mean giving in to your misery. 

You should cry as much as you want, get up, and move on. It will not only strengthen you, but it will also prepare you for the journey ahead. 

You don’t need him if he does not need you. 

So the simple answer to the question ‘Why did He Leave me When I Got Pregnant‘ might be ‘He is not fit to be a husband or a father’.

Take care! We are rooting for you!


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