Best Baby Books In 2023 – Top 10 Whimsical Book Reviews

Reading baby books is fundamental to the growth and development of your little one. Reading with and to them will not only provide an extra way of bonding with them it will also help them to pick up more words!

Experts recommend that you should read to your child at least 2-3x per day. The more you read to your child the easier their transition into preschool will be for them later on. It may actually put them ahead of others in their class!

If your not quite sure which books you should purchase and make key staples in your child’s library let us help you make the decision. We have rated the best board books for you and your child.

Feel free to look through our list of reviews and choose the best baby books for your family unit. We did the heavy lifting for you all you’ve got to do is let the stories speak to you! 

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Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon

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  •  Great story
  • Well made
  • Affordable
  • Classic

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The Lineup At A Glance

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Top 10 Best Baby Books Reviews

1. Goodnight Moon- Best books for babies 

Goodnight Moon

Help your child drift into a sweet sea of dreams with this book!

  • Highly recommended 
  • Great story 

  • Cover was peeling
  • Quality 

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This is a story that is sure to be loved by your child. It has been a story that has been loved by multiple generations and handed out from generation to generation.

This story helps the bunny say goodnight to everything in its room. Such as the little old lady, the moon, mittens, and the kittens. It will help your child to slowly drift off into dreamland with this baby story.

This is the perfect story for children of all ages. Preferably children ages 4-8 years of age and will be great as a first reader for your child. A book they will use for their child as well!

2. Love You Forever- Best baby books for boys

Love You Forever

Show your child how far your love stretches with this story!

  • Universal story 
  • Charming story
  • Hard to read
  • Weird

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This book is the touching story of a bond between a mother and her son. It’s a story that will bring mothers and their children closer together through this loving storytime. 

In addition, t his book is the story of the unconditional love that a mother has for their children. That is to say, mothers will do anything and go to any length to make sure that their child is well taken care of and loved by them.

It is also a wonderful story of parenthood and childhood. Children and parents alike will make many mistakes, but the love will never change between a mother and her child!

3.  Where The Wild Things Are- Best baby books for girls 

Where the Wild Things Are

A classic book that will live for many generations to come!

  • Great quality
  • Classic 
  • Terrible story
  • Bad book 

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This book is another story that will join the others as far as classic stories go. It is about a little boy named Max who gets sent to his room without being able to have his supper.

When he gets into his room his room is transformed into an imaginative place where all of the wild things love. Max eventually grows tired of all the wild shenanigans.

Eventually after growing tired he is transported back to his room tired and ready for bed after all of his wild adventures. Lastly, this is a story every wild child will love to listen too.

4. I Wish You More-Best Infant books

I Wish You More

Wish your child into a beautifully bright future! 

  • Touching message
  • Amazing illustrations 
  • Damaged 
  • Bad quality

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Think about the love that you have for your child? There is nothing that can ever compare to the love you have for your little ball of joy. In addition, nothing and no one can ever change how you feel about your child.

In this wonderful book, the story tells of a parent that shows their child just how much they want for their children. That is to say, it is sure to melt the hearts of everyone that reads it.

Lastly, show your child just how much they mean to you by reading them this heartfelt story. It will not only create a bond but a bond that will last forever!

5. Oh The Places You’ll Go-Best classic baby books 

Oh The Places You’ll Go

Where will this book take you and your child on your next adventure! 

  • Classic
  • Love this story 
  • Came written backwards
  • Printed upside down

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Dr. Seuss has always produced books that tell a story in the most whimsical of ways. The rhyme scheme along with the brilliant illustrations is enough to drive any child wild when they are reading it.

This story teaches your child what they can do when they really choose to apply themselves. It also teaches your child not to place limitations on just how far the imagination can reach.

Lastly, this book is a must-have for every child’s library. It is one of those books that is sure to be passed down from child to child and generation to generation! 

6. The Runaway Bunny-Best board books for babies

The Runaway Bunny

Oh no, hurry and catch the bunny as quick as possible! 

  • Comforting story
  • Promotes social development
  • Bigger
  • Standard hardcover book

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Have you ever played hide and seek? Or peek-a-boo? Your child loves those fun little games, so I am sure they will love this book about a bunny that keeps running away while playing hide and seek with their mommy.

While playing the game the bunny’s mother shows him just how much she loves him while playing. This story provides children with a reminder that they are dearly loved by their parents.

Lastly, this story is sure to capture the heart of your child and will quickly become a story that they claim as their favorite story to listen to ever.

You can have many more interesting books about new parents and babies in our review.

7. The Color of Us-Best books for baby shower

The Color of Us

This book is sure to teach your child about what makes them so unique! 

  • Cute book
  • Talks about diversity 
  • Promotes stereotypes 
  • Offensive

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This book is about learning to love what makes each one of us different. It teaches your child to be courteous and respectful of everyone’s differences that make them unique and diverse.

Hence, Lena is a girl who wants to paint a picture of herself and by painting this picture shows the differences in everyone’s skin tone.

Lastly, your child will love the message that this story tells. That is to say, it tells and teaches the lesson of loving and celebrating what makes each of us from different places in the world different and special!

8. The Giving Tree-Best baby sleep book

The Giving Tree

Teach your child what truly giving unselfishly means! 

  • Great illustrations 
  • Teaches so many lessons
  • Depressing
  • The little boy is selfish 

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It is a great thing to learn to give, learn to love, and to give of yourself selflessly to the people that are in your life. It is a wonderful book that has been supported for the last 50 years.

In addition, this book will teach children about giving to those around them and the acceptance of the love you get from others. It will also teach them not to just take and take and take from others without giving of yourself as well.

This book can teach your child lessons that will last and stay with them as they continue to grow. Lastly, this is a must-have for any child’s libraries.

9. What Are you, Patty? A platypus tale-Best funniest baby books

What Are You Patty? A platypus tale

Such a funny and witty store for your child to grow up listening too!

  • Funny story
  • Cute book
  • Cheap
  • Bad illustrations 

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This book is about an animal that is confused about who she is and really wants to find out who she is. She and her friends start off on an adventure to help her find out who she is.

While on the way Patty meets all kinds of animals. To clarify, it is about her finding out that all of the things that make them different are actually what makes all of them special.

This is another wonderful story about accepting yourself for who you really are. That is to say, do not being confused or jealous of what others may have. 

10. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie-Best baby book set 

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

This series has so many great books like this one and ‘If You Give A Moose A Muffin.’

  • Great buy
  • Fun story 
  • Waste of money 
  • Doesn’t come as pictured 

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When a hungry mouse shows up on your doorstep you give them a cookie. But beware because when you give a mouse a cookie they will want many other things to go along with that cookie.

In addition, this book is just one of a classic set. However, you will need to purchase the other books that make up this classic book series separately such as if you give a moose a muffin.

Lastly, this story is perfect for any storytime and will teach children what to do if they ever meet a hungry mouse. The of you give series will become the staple of your child’s library.

How to choose the Best Baby Books

Reading to your child is extremely beneficial to their growth and development. Before you purchase the books you will need to factor in a few things prior to making your final book selections.

One thing you should consider is the price that you will pay for the books you get for your child. Children’s books are fairly inexpensive, however, if you aren’t careful then it will be easy to buy a bunch of books and spend a ton of money doing so.

Next, read through the storyline and ensure it is a storyline that will truly capture your child’s attention. Children can easily become bored with things from toys to books. And unlike adults, they won’t cover up the fact that they are bored not even for their parents.

Lastly, choose a book that has dynamic and engaging characters. That will allow you to have fun when it comes to actually reading the story. You can use funny voices and many different facial expressions to bring the story to life. Focusing on these criteria will help you get the story right every time!

1. Price

Make sure that you choose a price budget and stick to it. It’s so easy to see all the cute little story books and feel the need to buy all of them because you really want your child to hear all of the wonderful stories that these books have to offer. The price range will help you not to overspend on the books that you buy.

2. Storyline

You will want to purchase a book that has a fun and engaging storyline. Are the illustrations ones that captivate and will keep your child’s attention while reading to them? Books with fun and whimsical character illustrations that also tell a story are the best books to read to your child and will always become some of their favorite books to read.

3. Characters

Does the book feature characters that will allow you to really have fun with it while your reading? Meaning can you make all of the funny noises that you wish to make keeping your child’s engaged and loving every moment of the time you spend reading together. There’s nothing better than a story with different characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is this book for?

It is recommended for children ages 4-8 years of age.

Is this book a part of a set?

Yes, this book is apart of a set, however, you will need to purchase the other books separately.

Do I have to purchase this book as a hardcover or can I choose a different format?

If you go to the top of the page located under the picture of the book it says format you will need to click the arrow and choose a format from the list of options for that particular book.

Will this help my little one learn to read?

Reading to your child in general and pointing at the words as you read them will help your child to pick up on the words as you reading them.



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