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5 Best Baby Massage Oil – 2023 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you want to start bonding with your little one early enough? Have you tried massaging your baby with some soothing oil? Well, using enriched oil to massage your baby is one of the proven techniques that can easily enhance the bond. The constant, soothing touch your baby gets during a massage, can really do wonders. 

However, babies’ skins are very sensitive. Their skins are still young and therefore prone to a lot of infections and may not be compatible with some baby oils.

If not careful, using the wrong product can affect your child’s health and cause rashes and allergies to the skin.

So how then do you identify the best baby massage oil for your little one? One that will ease any muscular tension and stimulate growth without damaging your baby’s skin as well as yours. 

With the numerous brands coming up everyday, you can agree to pick the right infant baby massage oil can be quite a hustle. 

You will need to test a couple of baby oils just for the peace of mind. In the process, waste a lot of time and money that you would rather have spent on your sweet baby.

To save you all the trouble, we came up with the top 5 baby massage oil in regard to their ingredients and ratings. 

We guarantee these products will leave your baby smooth, active and as healthy as needed. They will also ensure your skin as a mom is well taken care of in the process.

What’s even better? Your baby gets to sleep better which is what most of you are always worried about.

Best Baby Gear

Editor’s Choice

Johnsons Baby Oil

Johnson’s Baby Massage Oil

Why is it better?

  • Well-known brand. 
  • Can effectively retain moisture.
  • Thoroughly tested by dermatologists.
  • Budget-friendly.

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The Lineup At A Glance

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Baby Oils: The Best Baby Massage Oil Picks [CurY]

1. Johnson’s Baby Oil – Best for Bedtime use

Johnsons Baby Oil

Johnson’s Baby oil offers a smooth, relaxing feeling to the baby. Parents love its natural mild aroma, perfect to soothe your baby to sleep. The packaging contains tiny parts that could be very dangerous to the baby. Inhaling or drinking the oil could also be very risky. 

  • Hypoallergenic free.
  • Cheap.
  • Very good for moisturizing.

  • Tiny parts in the packaging.
  • Inhaling can cause injury.

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Johnson’s baby oil is a baby massaging oil that was released in. It is a baby oil that was designed to specifically favor infants. 

Frankly, its mild formula just drives parents crazy. The oil effectively nourishes the baby’s skin leaving it soft and smooth. 

Additionally, the texture of the baby oil is non-sticky and thus the baby is comfortable and feels safe after a good massage.

Parents can also comfortably use this product with an ease of mind. In addition, it is clinically tested and proven by dermatologists to be hypoallergenic free.

What’s even more catchy, are their friendly and affordable prices.

Lastly, we advise to keep the baby oil away from the baby at all times. To clarify, inhaling or drinking could be harmful.

Take a look at what reviewers have to say about the  Johnson’s baby oil.

“Very good value from one of the trusted brands in the market at a very fair price.” 
 “Good product. You can hardly find such bottle sizes at very good prices.”

2. Mustela Baby Oil – Best for newborns

Mustela Baby Oil

Which mom would not love her baby smelling great? 
This massage oil has a smooth and soft gently formula that will nourish your newborn’s skin. It is clinically tested by dermatologists and pediatrics so mom should have nothing to worry about.

  • Moisturizing baby oil.
  • Has a unique scent.
  • Dermatologist and pediatric proven.
  • Quite expensive.

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Mustela is a soothing premium baby massage oil that is made from patented natural avocado oil. This oils help restore moisture and acts as a natural shield on the baby’s skin.

It also contains pure vegetable oil with natural herbs that will help reduce any irritations on the baby’s skin. It therefore serves as a very helpful nutrient for the young, undeveloped skins, especially of newborns.

The oil’s texture can also very easily penetrate the baby’s skin while massaging. That is to say, this means that moms can effectively use the baby oil with very minimal loses.

Additionally, the oil leaves a very lovely smell on the baby. The kind that will make you want to cuddle your baby even more. Awesome right?

The bottles are prone to leakages if not correctly handled. Lastly, from its quality ingredients, moms find it a little too costly.

Check out what some of the reviewers have to say about Mustela Baby Massage Oil.

“Very quality product.It should however work on its packaging.”
“Good brand. Leaves my baby smelling pretty awesome!!”

3. Burt’s Baby Oil – Best for Mixing with Baby water

Burt’s Bees Baby Oil

The Burt’s Bee Baby oil is an organic moisturizing oil made from apricot and grape seed oil. It can be applied directly on your baby’s skin or added into the baby’s birth. You get to decide.

  • A good moisturizer
  • 100% organic
  • Free from hypoallergenic
  • Messy bathtub after use.

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Perhaps you are among the few that would prefer a different approach for applying the massage oil. 

In addition, your choices will be limited to the type of baby oils currently in the market, that can allow a specific approach. 

Although it is likely that it will leave you baby’s bathtub a little slippery, its benefits are all worth all the trouble.

Above all, it is tested and approved to be hypoallergenic free and 100% organic. 

Check out what reviewers have to say about Burt’s Bee Baby Oil.

“My son’s skin has been dry from an intense chemo he had just undergone. After using this product, I marvelled at what it can do.” 
“I tell other moms everywhere about the product.”

4. Himalaya Baby Oil – Best for allergies and Rashes

Himalaya Baby Oil

Himalaya Baby oil is among the few baby oils specially designed with a  baby’s in mind. Its antimicrobial properties nourishes the baby’s skin reducing any allergies and rashes on the skin.

  • Specifically designed for babies.
  • Contains antimicrobial properties.
  • Dermatologist tested and approved.
  • The soft fragrance may cause injury.

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Do you want to avoid any greasy or sticky massage oil that may cause rashes from the accumulated dust or dirt? Have you tried Himalaya baby massage oil?

It is a nourishing infant oil that is made from a mild combination of sunflower, sesame and olive oils. It also contains winter cherry that keeps your baby’s skin soft, smooth and moisturized. 

Moreover, some parents use it to enhance their baby’s skin tone as well. Lastly, the oil is dermatologist tested and free from any mineral oil and hypoallergenic free.

Here are what reviews have to say about Himalaya Baby Oil.

“I was actually shocked to find this product in the USA. Quality product. Thanks Himalayas.”
“ Perfect for moisturizing and also quite easy to scrub off”

5. Cetaphil Baby Oil – Best for Routine

Cetaphil Baby Oil

The Cetaphil baby oil is also among the best brands in the market. That is to say, it is tested by dermatologists and pediatrics as a hypoallergenic massage oil and also suitable for infants.

  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic free 
  • Contains no additives.
  • Might be too watery.

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This product is highly enriched with useful nutrients from the almond, sunflower and celundar oil. These nutrients ensure your baby’s skin retains its moisture and facilitate a calm relaxed feeling to the child.

Moreover, moms do not have to worry about rashes or allergies that could arise from the massage oil. In addition, that”s right! It is tested and approved by pediatrics and dermatologists.

What’s more? 

Moms all over really seem to love it!!

Check out what some of the reviewers have to say about the cetaphil baby oil.

“I really loved everything concerning the oil. Its smell, perfectly moisturized skin and ability to cope with eczema makes the oil stand out.

6. Viva Naturals  – Best for all seasons

Viva Naturals Sweet Almond oil

Have you been looking for that massage oil that will be most ideal for all seasons? Viva naturals massage high quality oil is made from almond oil that will keep your baby’s skin nourished throughout the seasons.

  • 100% pure, Hexane free
  • Nourishes the skin, hair and nails.
  • High quality
  • Not made specially for babies

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Most of the above mentioned baby massage oils might not be the best choice for certain seasons. Some will favour the winter season, and others might not be quite ideal during the summer.

In addition, the good news is, with viva naturals almond oil, you don’t need multiple baby massage oils for each season.

What’s more, it is made from 100% pure top grade almond oil high in vitamin E and phytosterols. Just the right ingredients to ensure a nourished skin, hair and nails for your baby.

Although it is not made specially for babies, from the ingredients, your baby has everything to gain.

Ckeck out what reviwers have to say about the Viva Naturals Baby Oil.

“Loved the product. Found alot of other uses fot it”
“So light. Absorbed easily on the skin. Impressed.”

7. Coconut Baby Oil – Best for Diaper rash

Coconut Baby oil

Coconut baby massage oil is among the best baby oils that completely avoids any diaper rash on your baby. That is to say, it is among the best moisturizer and a very good eczema reliever.

  • Very good moisturizer
  • Perfect for diaper rash
  • Eczema relief
  • Easily affected by heat exposure

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If you are among the few moms that still struggle with diaper rash, then you should probably try out the coconut baby oil.

In addition, being made from organic farm has grown coconuts and rich in grape seed oil, moms do not have to worry about exposing their babies to harmful chemicals.

Expect a moisturized skin that can retain moisture as long as possible. Also, the coconut oil deals with any cradle cap skin pretty well.

Here is what some reviewers had to say about the coconut baby oil.

“The oil works great on my child’s skin especially when its comes to avoiding diaper rash..”
“Worked perfectly for my daughter who developed cradle caps after sudden change of environment.”

8. Badger Baby oil – Best for skin rashes

Badger Baby Oil

Badger baby massage oil is made from organic virgin olive oil and also rich in calendula and chamomile oil. To clarify, it also contains pure healing herbs that are free from any harmful chemicals on your baby’s skin.

  • Chemicals free
  • Rich in healing herbs
  • Hypoallergenic free 
  • You might not like the pump

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Do you know how herbs can smell terrible at times? Although they may be among the healthy ingredients you can find, the scent will not be very appealing especially to your baby.

Now, I give you badger baby oil that will solve this problem. That is to say, this oil is 100% organic with healing herbs that will not cause any harmful irritations from the terrible herb scent. 

Lastly, you will need to be very careful with the pump to avoid any unnecessary wastage.

Here is what reviewers have to say about Badger baby oil.

“Very happy with the product. Works perfectly on adults too.”
“At first I was worried of the herbish smell. Turned out to be just fine for my baby.”

9.  Earth Mama Baby Oil – Best for infants

Earth mama Calendula baby oil

Earth mama baby oil is among the few baby oils that are made specially to favor infants. With their completely sensitive and undeveloped skin, moms have nothing to worry about.
That is to say, the bottle, however, lacks the expiry details. This appears to be a little terrifying to most mums.

  • Works perfectly on sensitive skin
  • Not scented
  • Made from only natural ingredients.
  • Comes with no expiry date.

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If you are still not comfortable using scented products on your infant, the Earth mama baby oil may just be what you need.

Especially to very young babies, scented baby massage oil can really harm their sensitive and delicate skin. In addition, you have to be very careful to avoid any strong or synthetic fragrances.

Lucky enough, the Earth Mama comes with absolutely no scent. It is also made from natural ingredients and free from petroleum and nut oils.

Look out for relevant expiry date before purchase. 

Here is what reviewers have to say about the Earth Mama Baby oil.

“Mine came with no expiry date. Just a batch of irrelevant code on the bottle.”
“Absolutely great. You can never go wrong with calendula.”

10.  Banyans Botanicals – Best for Strong bones 

Bayans Botanicals

Banyans Botanicals is certified organic baby oil made from sesame oil. It is commonly referred to as “king of oils” from its unique ingredients. 
That is to say, you can be confident that your baby’s bones will grow to be very strong and healthy.

  • Effective for healthy bones
  • Third party tested and approved 
  • Perfect for oil-pulling
  • Popular brand

  • Not specially made for babies.

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Do you want to enhance your baby’s skin and at the same time promote strong and healthy bones? If yes, then have you tried Banyans Botanicals?

Moms will often feel insecure and unsure of this product since it was not made with a baby in mind. This makes the oil a little unsafe for a very delicate skin.

However, from the rich ingredients in the oil, It is evident that your baby has a lot to benefit. Lastly, from the strong bones, to a smooth and healthy skin, moms should have nothing to worry about.

Check out what reviewers have to say about the Banyans Botanicals baby oil.

“Works miracles for oil- pulling. Kudos!”
“Among the best and trusted companies that are keen in promoting health and wellness in the society,” 

Picking The Best Best Baby Massage Oil [CurY]

Truly, picking the right product among the overflowing baby oils in the market will be very challenging. 

As the mom, you must go through as many baby massage oil as you can just to ensure you find the best product. 

As important as that process is, you don’t have to spend all the time and money conducting your tests. We came up with carefully crafted criteria that should help you choose the best product.

1. Pediatric’s choice

Seeking assistance is among the best steps you will ever take for your baby‘s health.

Let a pediatrician examine your child’s health and skin condition and later recommend the best.

2. Skin type 

Different babies will have varying skin types.

Make sure you are aware of your baby’s skin type and consequently use the right baby oil.

3. Ingredients

Ingredients will make up the entire massage oil. 

In addition, do you know which ingredients to avoid? Do you know why?

In regard to the skin type and other important factors, the best ingredients will vary. 

Hence, choose wisely.

4. Fragrance

Now, I know unscented oils may seem quite dull and boring for some moms.

To avoid this, parents can now use mild scents that will not be harmful to the child.

Your baby can grow a smooth healthy skin and at the same time smell great!

5. Price range

It will be very economical to avoid way expensive products. 

Al in all, remember quality will always be costly. Therefore, be very careful not to compromise the quality of a massage oil for a pricier one.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start massaging my baby

According to Mayo clinic, avoid massaging your baby immediately after feeding. It may cause discomfort to the baby and vomiting may result.
Preferably, massage your baby before or after a warm bath or just before lying her to sleep. The soothing soft skin just has a way of inducing sleep.

How often should I massage my baby?

Technically, there is no set or constant number of times a baby should be massaged. 
Actually, as long as you are handling it the right way, the often you massage your baby the better.

Which baby massage oils should you avoid?

Avoid using any strongly perfumed baby oils. Some ingredients like mineral oils may also cause injury on the skin.


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