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Best Baby Bottle Brush 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

As a mom, you will want to get rid of all the stains and dirt on the bottles the easy way. That’s when you need the best baby bottle brush.

The task of cleaning the baby bottles can be among the very hectic and dreadful tasks moms have to deal with. Getting to the far areas inside the bottle can be quite a hustle.

Removing the slimy residue mainly formed by breast milk also becomes very tricky.

But is that really possible? The answer is Yes.

Attaining your baby bottle brush target can instantly solve your long hours of scrubbing and leave the bottle as clean as new.

With the numerous brands now in the market, identifying the best product is not easy at all.  We can all agree this process can be quite disastrous and wasteful.

You will have to spend a lot of time and money trying to find the best product. What’s even worse, you might need to replace your baby’s bottles every time a test fails.

In the review

Certainly, there are hardly any assured ways of testing different brands on your bottles.  In most cases, moms are left questioning the efficiency of the brushes. Durability also becomes a big issue.

To save you the trouble, we put together a list of the best bottle brushes picks now in the market, in regard to their features and ratings.

It was carefully crafted to ensure moms do not have to go through all the issues and problems that are frankly unnecessary.

We are confident this list will help keep your baby’s bottles clean and lasting for the longest time possible.

Being a baby’s bottle, the cleaning brushes are also very delicate and sensitive items. We, therefore, completely understand the need for the best.

Editor’s Choice

Munchkin Bottlebrush

Munchkin Bottle Brush

Why is it better?

  • Sponge tip for easy cleaning
  • Popular brand
  • Stem easily fits narrow bottles
  • Budget-friendly

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The Lineup At A Glance

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Baby Bottles: The Best Baby Bottles picks

1. Munchkin Bottle Brush – Best For Slim Baby Bottles

Munchkin Bottlebrush

The sponge tip on the munchkin bottle brush ensures the cleaning is thorough and no scratches are left on the bottle. Although the brush does not come with a cup stand, it’s base can stand upright with much ease. You can, therefore, keep your bottle clean and germ-free at all times.

  •  Sponge tip evenly cleans the bottle
  • The stem can fit narrow bottles
  • Well -known brand
  • cheap

  • No suction cup on the stand

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If you are looking for a cute and effective brush for baby bottles, you found the right one for your baby. There is nothing as lovely as getting a very cute bottle brush for your baby’s bottles.

The brush comes in very bright and lovely colors like pink, green and blue making it attractive and lovely as well.

Its neck is also perfectly designed to fit the cute narrow baby bottles. Moms can now match these quite bottles with a cute brush.

It uniquely stands out and helps you set it aside from the rest. Baby’s items can be very delicate and sensitive making that very important.

What’s more?

The munchkin bottle brush is also a 2 in 1 brush that comes with a small nipple brush. This way, you can easily clean the lid and the entire bottle with a lot of easy and much faster.

Its bristles, made from nylon are also very smooth and can easily work on glass or plastic bottles.

Buying a bottle brush that can not be cleaned in the top of your dishwasher can very trying. The munchkin bottle brush aims to make the process easier.

It also has a nice handle that will ensure the brush is constantly not slipping through your hands when using soap. This way, you can comfortably grip the end firmly, without dropping the brush or bottle.

2. Oxo Tot Bottle Brush – Best For Bigger Bottles

Oxo Tot Bottlebrush

Oxo Tot bottle brush is among the few brushes that will come with its own stand. It is dishwasher safe and has a really flexible neck for easy cleaning.
The brush also comes with both the soft and hard bristles that ensure all stains and junk are properly cleaned off.

  • Comes with a stand
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Flexible neck
  •  Only favours the bigger bottles.

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Truth be told, having a bottle brush with no stand only defeats its purpose. Being a baby’s bottle brush, having a stand is one of the key measures of ensuring the brush is always clean and can dry off quickly.

When it comes to cleaning, expect glowing smooth baby bottles after a very quick wash. This is made possible by the two types of bristles on the brush.

What’s more?

It also comes with a nipple cleaner that will keep your nipples clean and free from any junk that can easily gets stuck.

This could be the reason why moms really love this one.

Here are what some of the reviews had to say about the Oxo Tot bottle brush.

“I just got my third brush for my third child.What more can i say?”
“Wonderful product. Can never compare with other types of brands,”
“Works perfectly.”

3.  Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush- Best For Economical Moms

Dr. Brown’s Bottle brush

Most moms are always very keen and careful when it comes to financial matters. Well, Dr. Brown’s bottle brush could be the solution. 
It works great for multipurpose use, has a good grip, and can fit in both standard and wide neck bottles.

  • Has a suction cup stand
  • Very affordable
  • Well-known brand
  • Multipurpose cleaners
  • Storage clip is included
  • Has no nipple brush

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Dr. Brown’s bottle brush is among the well-known and established brands in the market. They have managed to build quite a good reputation over the years.

Particularly with their product prices, moms using the majority of Dr. Brown products have everything to smile about.

For instance, the brand sells awesome baby bottles that can easily be cleaned with their bottle brushes at very affordable prices.

Therefore, if in need of new baby bottles that may not be cleanable with your current bottle brushes, the brand offers a one-stop-shop.

What’s more?

The brush has also perfect chevron crevices that will leave the nipples clean, just as you want them.

Washing is also made a lot easier to buy a very comfortable handle designed for a good grip. The process is hence made a lot faster.

Maintaining a clean and fresh brush can also be achieved through the brush’s suction system. The brush can comfortably stand alone on the counter and can dry very fast.

Let’s look at what reviewers have to say about Dr. Brown’s bottle brush:

“The suction cup feature is brilliant. I love not having to take up valuable space on the drying rack and not having to lay it down on the counter.
 “It’s also easily portable to move around. For a stronger hold, sprinkle water on the surface you intend to stick it to.”
“It’s Overall design is great and works on the hodgepodge collection of bottle brands we have in the house.”

4. Phillip AVENT Bottle Brush – Best Routine

Phillip AVENT bottle and nipple brush

If you are looking for a bottle brush that is multipurpose, this one might just be the best fit for you. It’s top is made of bristles and has a really nice handle for a firm grip when cleaning.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Polypropylene free 
  • Comes with a niple brush
  • Bristles are one-sided.

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For a routine bottle brush, this one is really strong bristles that can withstand multiple uses. At the same time, the brush is soft enough to avoid scratching your bottles and other baby items.

You can therefore consider it as among the durable baby bottles so far. 

This brush is also dishwasher safe and can be easily hanged under you sink for drying. Will not take up too much space, and can dry very quickly.

What’s more?

Using the brush to clean your baby bottles however becomes quite tricky and hence time consuming. With the bristles just on one side, continuous turning and scrubbing becomes a little difficult.

It however comes with a nipple brush that should  ease some of the trouble while cleaning. 

Here is what the reviews have to say about the Phillip Avent bottle brush.

“Does it fit my baby bottles? Not easily. But works perfectly for curved baby bottles.”
“ The brush and its accompanying nipple brush works fine.”
“ Excellent, strong and durable brush. I use it to clean all the baby’s equipment.”

5. MooMoo Bottle Brush  – Best For Regular Sized Bottles

Moomoo Bottle Brush

Good thing with the Moomoo Baby Bottle brush, it is designed to fit all bottle sizes. How convenient right? 
It also has a sponge tip that after leaving your bottles smooth and new, can dry very fast.

  • Favours all bottle sizes
  • Sponge tip that dries quickly
  • Loose handle.

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Which mom is not looking for convenience? We all want to avoid having a number of baby bottles each for a certain bottle size.

With these bottle brush, you get to avoid having a number of bottle brush that frankly could be messy. It comes in a set of three to ensure all areas can easily be accessed. 

What’s more?

However, expect the handle to break anytime. You can only replace the sponge top which is also quite a hustle.

Check out what some of the reviewers had to say about the Moomoo Bottle Brush.

“ Works just fine. Could not stress enough how efficient these bottles are.”
“Other than the handle which is  not very durable, the product is okay”
“Loving the product a lot!  No more splashing dirt and water all over the kitchen sink.”

 How to choose the Best Bottle Brush 

With the numerous brands in the market today, it would be wise to ask, how do you spot the best? It will be very important to mention that you can easily buy a counterfeit bottle brush.

We acknowledge that to identify and choose the best product you must be ready to put in the work and time to ensure you are not corned. 

To ease you the hustle, we came up with a full proof criteria moms can use to spot the best bottle brush for them.

We highly commend you to go through them carefully and do consider each according to your own unique preferences.

1. Sponge Tip

Some cleaning brushes will have a sponge tip that really gets rid of any stains with just a single move.

The sponge tip is smooth enough to ensure a gently wipe but will also tend to wear out faster.

2. Types of bristles

The hard bristles are often stiff enough to scrub off any junk that may have buildup on the baby bottles with time.

The soft bristles, on the other hand, are very tender and can only clean bottles immediately after use.

Any attempt to use the soft bristles on stuck junk will end up scratching your bottle or not completely getting rid of the dirt.

3. Handle

Being a cleaning tool, the handle is a very important element.  Will you be able to scrub off the dirt without losing the bottle?

You will definitely require a brush with a very firm grip to avoid slips when doing the washing

4. Maintenance

Maintenance will also be a vital element you must consider.

Sure enough, none of you would want to constantly keep buying a new brush in cases of simple breakages.

Choosing bottle brushes with replaceable parts like the top and sucking cup will be very economical.

This way, you only have a replace or repair a part of the brush instead of the whole product.

5. Price range

The prices of different baby bottle brushes will definitely vary according to a number of issues.

Choosing the best price range for you can help you avoid any financial strains.

However, remember the phrase, you get what you pay for.  The pricier brushes will often compromise quality.

Choose wisely.

6. Durability

Do you want to be constantly purchasing new brushes every now and then?

A durable bottle brush should last you at least a month without any wear or tear.

The longer its effectiveness can last, the better for you.

7. Flexibility

Cleaning bottles can be quite a hustle. Even with a brush, you may find it hard to reach certain areas while cleaning.

It is therefore important to ensure the neck of your brush is as flexible as possible.

This makes the twisting easier and hence accessing all areas that need cleaning.

8. Length

What is the use of a bottle brush if it is not long enough for your bottle?

The length of the handle, in particular, should be long enough to reach the bottom of your bottle for easy and fast cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a baby bottle brush?

A baby bottle brush is used to resolve the hard and long hours of cleaning the baby’s bottles.
With a bottle brush, accessing the bottom of the bottle is made easier and consequently reducing the time spent for cleaning.
We can all not fit our hands inside the baby’s bottles, right?
A baby bottle brush will also help you to thoroughly clean the bottles to avoid any contamination to your baby.
Babies are very sensitive and even the slightest residue left on the bottle could harm them. To avoid this, bottle brushes are used to get rid of all the dirt and stains on the bottle.

How do I use a baby bottle brush?

Using a baby bottle brush is simple. Pour some soapy water (preferably warm) into the bottle.
Hold the handle firmly and immerse the top of the brush inside your baby’s bottle.
Repeatedly twist or curl the brush against the walls and bottom of the bottle thoroughly until you are sure all the dirt is removed.
Rinse your bottle properly and store it until its next use.

How do I sterilize a baby bottle brush?

Fill your kitchen sink with hot water and pour one tablespoon of your usual liquid detergent.  Dip you baby bottle brush inside and let it soak in.
Using a clean,(preferably plastic) comb, gently comb through your brush to remove any particles that might have stuck while cleaning.
Rinse the brush with warm water and allow it to dry. After that, you can use the bottle warmer to make sure that the milk is preserved.

Do you have to wash your baby’s bottle after every use?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, baby bottles must be washed after use using hot water and soap.
They must later be allowed to dry thoroughly to prevent any bacteria from growing.

Are bottle brushes safe?

As long as they are thoroughly cleaned and constantly sterilized, baby bottle brushes are safe. You should not worry about contaminating your baby at all.
In addition, makes sure the brushes are fully dried and stored in a conducive environment


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