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10 Best Baby Sandals 2023 Reviews

In order to succeed we need to take the first steps, equip your baby with the best baby sandals to have steady steps. Before babies become mobile they don’t really need to wear shoes. Socks suffice for the very beginning of their sweet little lives. Or going barefoot as my son usually does!

But as they continue to grow and learn it is important that we as parents give them the proper footwear to take their first steps.

And now that it’s summer it’s time to add style to their baby wardrobes with these sandals found anywhere. From brilliant colors to cushiony soles these sandals are sure to delight all parents!

When babies initially start walking they don’t generally wear shoes. This allows their feet to grip the floor and helps them develop their balance!

As they get older and better at walking their feet need protection. Primarily because they start exploring and will need to keep their feet from being injured by foreign objects.

Whatever sandal you choose for your child make sure it is supportive and unique enough to bring out your child’s budding personality! On our list, you will find the best baby sandals that you can choose from for your baby!

Editor’s Choice

Teva Tirra

Teva Tirra

Why is it better?

  • Multi-colored
  • Multi-styles
  • Affordable
  • Dries quickly

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The Lineup At A Glance

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10 Best Baby Sandals [Year]Reviews

1. Teva Tirra – Best Baby Sandals

Teva Tirra

No matter what color or style you choose these sandals are the right choices for your baby!

  • Multiple colors
  • Dries quickly

  • May wear out quickly
  • Runs big

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Teva has been in business for the last 30 years and one of their main goals is to create sandals for children that are versatile, comfortable, and functional. These qualities are exceptionally important when it comes to your children’s sandals! The Tirraterra has been deemed a favorite by children and their parents!

They have great style choices, lightweight design, and work well in or out of the water. The strap system is easy to be put on and take off due to the velcro buckle system. The sandal is made from a contoured EVA that is designed to be extremely comfortable and supportive!

Your child can feel free to run in the playground or play in the water without the feeling of anything sharp or rough harming their feet. The sole has been manufactured to provide extra traction and has rubber pods to provide extra grip!

The polyester webbing is ready to take on any watering task you and your children want to partake in. The material dries quickly so that their feet don’t remain soaking wet for the rest of the day. It also features a hook and loop closure!

2. KEEN Seacamp- Best Salt Waters Sandals

KEEN Seacamp

Your child will be keen to wear these waterproof shoes wherever they go!

  • Waterproof
  • Flexible
  • Too tight
  • Velcro loosens

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Any shoe list you view for children is sure to have the KEEN brand located on it somewhere. It is one of the leading brands when it comes to outdoor and activity-based shoes. The shoes are high-quality and durable sandals!

The seacamp sandal is made for children that play hard, rough, and rugged. It will last and keep up with your child all summer long and beyond that. This hybrid sandal is great for the waterpark and even the pool!

The shoes quick-drying quality allows your child’s foot to keep from remaining soggy. The shape and cut of the sandal is low profile to reduce any rubbing or irritation it may cause your child’s feet. Which is essential in preventing your child’s heels from becoming bruised!

KEEN has a specific hook and lace closure that acts as a kind of bungee cord style. When you pull on the cord it will tighten the laces quickly as well as release the tension quickly! It also saves time as there are no buckles or zippers to worry about!

3. Chaco Ecotread- Best Infant Sandal

Chaco Ecotread

If your searching for a brand that has built itself a great reputation then Chaco is the shoe company for you!

  • Vegan-friendly
  • Arch support
  • Causes blisters
  • Not for thin ankles

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Chaco is a shoe company that has shoes worn by everyone of all ages. Their sandals come in many unique shapes. Where they lack in styles they make up for with their vast color selections when it comes to this sandal style!

This sandal is comfortable, supportive, and secure. On top of that these sandals are vegan-friendly with a   grip tread. The sandals stand out because of the patented system that uses a basket weaved style strap.

The straps are made of polyester can then be buckled to secure your child’s feet securely in the sandals. Once your child has put the shoe on there is the less likelihood of then accidentally falling off. 

No need to worry about any tripping hazards. It also features a plush luvseat platform on the bottom. The extra cushioning will protect your child’s foot from jagged rocks, dirt, and other sharp objects.

4. Timberland Adventure Seeker

Timberland Adventure Seeker

This is the best sandal for your thrill-seeking adventurous baby boy!

  • Adjustable straps
  • Rubber soles
  • Too firm
  • Runs big

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Timberland is a household name that is most commonly recognized by its high-quality boots and other shoe styles. The focus of the brand has always been to produce durable and long-lasting outdoor footwear that can stand up to the conditions of any terrain!

This sandal is one of the must-haves in their sandal selection. 

It has a two strap hook and loop closure. That makes the shoe easy to put on and secured once it is on your child’s foot. The shoe is convenient and comfortable which makes it great for the summer!

The bed of the shoe is made of EVA material that will perfectly cushion our child’s small foot. It has been sealed with an antimicrobial layer that will prevent bacteria growth in your child’s shoes! The material the shoe is made of makes it exceptionally lightweight!

The material is durable and water-friendly making them able to be worn out and around the water.

5. Salt Water Sea Wees – Baby Girl Sandals

Salt Water Sea Wees

Your children will be the perfect sea mates while wearing these sandals!

  • Leather design
  • Machine washable
  • Too big
  • For young children

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The company was started 70 years ago and they have been making high-quality shoes ever since then. Their sandals are fashionable and durable at the same time. These shoes will stay put on your child’s feet, can get wet and dirty, and are extremely comfortable!

The sandal feature two adjustable straps that give parents control over how tight and secure the shoe is on your child’s foot. Because of the secure design, you will not have to worry about your child kicking or pulling the sandals off!

The shoes are made of genuine leather which makes them durable due to not being made out of cheap foam material. It is a sturdy sandal and is perfect for the park, beach, or pool. They are easy to clean and can be thrown in the machine to be washed!

6. Crocs Kids Crocband- Toddler Sandals

Crocs Kids Crocband

No these shoes are not made out of actual crocodile skin!

  • Lightweight
  • Sporty style
  • Shrinks if left in the sun
  • Runs small

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Crocs are known worldwide for being one of the most comfortable forms of footwear. When it comes to shoes as a parent you want your child to enjoy wearing them not constantly want to remove them!

There are so many varieties of crocs especially this adorable style. This sandal comes with a hook and loop closure so that the sandal doesn’t flop on and off of your child’s foot.

The other great thing about the closure is that it won’t rub or cause irritation to the back of your child’s foot. The toe box has exceptional room for growing baby feet and is perfect for children with wider feet!

The extra space allows your child’s foot to be secure yet not completely restrict them. It is a shoe that allows your baby to grow into them before they grow out of them which is music to parent’s ears.

7. Orgrimmar Solid Flower- Best In Size 3

Orgrimmar Solid Flower

If your daughter loves all kinds of flowers then this sandal is the perfect sandal for them!

  • High quality
  • Design
  • Wide
  • Run small

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Orgimmar isn’t one of the better-known companies, but what people do know about it is that they are made at an affordable price. Their shoes are adorable, functional, and affordable. This leather sandal comes in four different color options!

It is crafted from leather and the bottom is made of rubber that is versatile. Your child’s foot will not slip or slide out of the shoe once they put it on.

It features a simple closed-toe design that also allows for maximum breathability!

It also gives your child’s foot some extra toe protection. The high-quality soles are a benefit to children that love to run and play. The soles are also very durable and comfortable to run and play in without causing injury!

8. Carters Splash – Boy Sandals Size 4

Carters Splash

Splash into summer activities with the help of these wonderful children’s sandals!

  • Open toe
  • Easy on
  • Comes off easily
  • Slightly too big

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Carters is another one of those household names when it comes to baby products ranging from clothes to shoes.  They create high quality, and innovative designs every time they produce another product!

Their reputation has earned the trust and confidence of parents everywhere. This shoe showcases great versatility and design. It has a double-layered strap that has two velcro hook and loop closures!

The strap is padded embroidery and mesh material that creates a stylish and breathable fit for your child’s foot. The grip gives added protection and avoidance of injuries for your children.

 It has a criss-cross design, bright colors, and is simple for children to take on and remove!

9. Adidas Adissage

Adidas Adissage

This brand doesn’t only create great sporting shoes, but also sandals too!

  • Massaging nubs
  • Durable
  • Slip off
  • Run small

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Adidas has been recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of sport and athletic-related footwear clothing for children. They are perfect for being worn around the beach, pool, or right after a sporting event!

This sandal is an easy shoe to slip on, but can easily slip off as well. It is made of a combination of rubber and PU materials. The sandal is extremely durable and comfortable to wear while running errands!

It is also affordable and can be worn with maximum comfort. It is not a shoe suited for rough activities, but for casual things like simply walking around.

10. Nike Sunray Protect 2

Nike Sunray Protect 2

As Nike says just do it and purchase these sandals.

  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Thin
  • Don’t last

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Nike is a very well known shoe brand creating shoes ranging from running shoes to flip flops. Parents around the world and children have come to love this brand and its products!

The soles of the shoe are made out of rubber and it comes in four different color choices for your choosing pleasure. The material is imported!

The shoes are easy to slide your child’s foot in and out of the shoe. It is perfect for children ages toddler to bid children.

How to choose the Best Baby Sandals

In order to choose the best baby sandal parents to need to keep a few things in mind prior to making their purchase. Protection because as your child begins to explore their surroundings there are more objects that could harm their feet. Sandals are for the summer, that’s why we also have a review of other clothes for your baby in the winter here.

The shoes will not only protect their feet from potential dangers, but it will also aid you in keeping their feet clean. While your family is at the beach, you might need a sun hat for your baby too.

Another thing is comfort,  for your baby. Choose a sandal that has a soft sole and is made of flexible material. The soft sole will allow for toe gripping while the flexible material allows for optimal movement!

Foot development and walking support go hand in hand. When your child has the right shoe it will promote the development of the muscles in their feet.

Proper shoes can also eliminate future walking and foot issues. Keeping these criteria at the forefront of your mind will browsing our list will help you to choose the best sandals for your baby!

1. Protection

While barefoot walking helps your child develop their balance and allows their feet to grip the floor it also exposes their feet to potentially dangerous surfaces. The soft thin soles of the sandals will protect your child’s foot not only from rough surfaces but also from slipping and hurting themselves. Not only will the shoes protect your child’s feet, but it will also aid in keeping their feet as clean as possible.

2. Comfort

Comfort is important when it comes to choosing the right baby sandals. Soft sole shoes are the best choice because they aren’t stiff and hard to wear. Because the shoe is soft on the bottom the upper area of the shoe is usually made of a soft flexible material that allows for foot mobility. If you want sandals for your child the ones with softer soles will allow your child’s foot to move and stretch without being uncomfortable.

3. Foot development

Some parents think that hard restrictive shoes are the answer to strengthening their baby‘s ankles. There is no conclusive study that would conclude that to be true. The kicking, wiggling, swinging, and other movements your babies do with their feet is enough to help them develop their foot muscles. Soft shoes give your child the most room to safely develop their muscles without irritation.

4. Walking support

Shoes with hard soles are heavy and make it hard for your child to pick up and put their feet down without knocking themselves off balance. While soft soles are lightweight and cause fewer issues when your child is trying to move their feet. The soft soles also allow your child’s toes to be able to grip the floor making it easier to walk and develop his sense of balance and coordination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a baby who can walk use these?

Yes, please make sure to choose the right size for your child based on their age or measure your baby’s feet and compare it with the sizing chart above.

Will these fit a newborn?

No, my 5-month-old has the ones meant for sizes 0-6 and they fit him rather loosely. So I don’t think they will fit a newborn very well.

Can these be used on the beach in the water?

Yes, absolutely. They stay securely on your child’s foot and are still sturdy even if they get wet.

How many centimeters or inches is an infant size zero?

The inside sole measures 4 ⅛.

Which style is better for a child with narrow feet? The buckles or the braided leather?

The one with the buckles because you can adjust the buckle to fit your child’s foot much more securely.


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