Best Baby Carrier for Summer 2023 – Top 8 Cute Carriers

It’s summertime and the weather is heating up. The last thing you or your baby want to do is stay inside on such beautiful days. We have a solution for all you families that love being out and about! The best baby carrier for summer! It frees up your hands so that you’re able to run errands while giving your baby the comfort of staying close to you the entire time.

Baby carriers are the new trendy fashion item for parents-to-be. They are cute and functional and we all know that with a baby if it can’t be used for multitasking then it’s useless.

Baby carriers come in different colors, patterns, and strap systems. Pay attention to all these things as they can be the difference between loving the item or having to send it back.

We want to help you have the best summer that you can with your little one. So, we reviewed the best baby carrier for summer.

Hopefully, there is at least 1, 2, or 5 that potentially catch your eye. Enjoy!

Editor’s Choice

Tula Baby Carrier

Tula Baby Carrier

Why is it better?

  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Different patterns
  • Versatile

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The Lineup At A Glance

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Top 8 Best Baby Carrier for Summer

1. Tula Baby Carrier- Best cool baby carriers

Tula Baby Carrier

This carrier is part of a collection that pleases parents time and time again with their products!

  • Patterns
  • Versatile

  • Price
  • Doesn’t offer hip carrying 

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This carrier is one of the newer carriers in the Tula collection and is sure to please. It comes in different colors like Everblue, Forever, Bloom, and Sleepy dust. Some interesting names for brilliant colors!

It can be used for children 7-45 pounds maximum and until the age of 2-3 years old. You can carry your baby inward or outward-facing, or on your back!

This carrier allows you to adjust the width of the body panel so that your baby is adequately supported. It promotes your babysitting in their most natural position.

The most natural position for them is the frog position. Which causes no strain to their developing hips or spine muscles.

2. LILLIEbaby Carrier-Best baby carrier for hot weather 

LILLIEbaby Carrier

A cute carrier that makes carrying your baby around even more adorable than it already is! 

  • Versatile
  • Lumbar support.
  • Price.
  • Not for smaller parents

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Like other carriers, it is suitable for babies 7-46 pounds. Even if your baby is smaller than the 7-pound minimum you can still carry your baby in it you would just need to attach an insert.

The carrier can be used from infanthood to toddlerhood. You can choose one of six carrying positions for your child.

Including front-facing, outward-facing, hip, back, and more. The cupped dear can be adjusted depending on your baby’s size and weight.

It is recommended that the back carrying position should only be used when your child has developed more head and neck support. Also, when they are able to sit unassisted.

3. Moby Baby Wrap- Best baby wrap for summer

Moby Baby Wrap

A minimalist carrier that gives you the freedom to move about as you please while wearing your baby!

  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Difficult to use
  • Harsh on your back

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This carrier comes with a slight learning curve being that you have to take some time to learn to tie the carrier properly in order to use it. The carrier needs to be wrapped around your body properly to create a body pocket for your child.

It is only suitable for children under 15 pounds. Once a child has surpassed that weight limit the amount of support it offers your child will be lacking.

The carrier is a very important tool when your child is younger. This is because it helps your child to feel secure and safe as they become adapted to this new world!

Especially when the only way to comfort your child is to hold them close and gentle mimic the rocking they experienced in the womb.

4. ERGObaby Carrier- Best breathable baby carrier

ERGObaby Carrier

If your looking for a bit more in the department of supportive packing then this carrier is the carrier for you.

  • Breathable
  • Quality
  • Thick padding
  • Tricky to use

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This baby carrier for summer is one of the most versatile carriers that you could find. It is also one of the most popular carriers amongst parents.

It fits newborns to toddlers at a maximum of a 45-pound weight limit. You can use the different clips on the carrier to adjust it and carry your child in multiple positions!

The storage pouch is detachable for occasions when you need to leave your child for a short amount of time. The padding is of a thicker quality.

It is stiffer than most carriers and a bit bulkier, however, along with that, it offers more support for your child’s body.

5. Boba Carrier – Best fabric for hot humid weather

Boba Carrier

No, this carrier has no relation to boba tea, but it is great for carrying your baby in.

  • 3 carrying positions
  • Price
  • No insert
  • No lumbar support

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This simple design can last parents for up to four years. Now that is what we call durable. It is affordable and a suitable carrier for children up to 45 pounds.

It can be used from birth, however, your newborn will need an insert to be comfortable whilst it is in use. The insert is included in your purchase.

If your baby is in the 7-10 pound range you will need to use the insert, but if your child is 10-15 pounds you will need to snap the insert closed during use.

It doesn’t interfere with hip development and allows for the most natural position for your baby. It is also suitable for older infants and toddlers. 

6. ERGObaby Adapt Carrier- Best Carrier for newborns

ERGObaby Adapt Carrier

If you’re worried there’s no carrier out there for your child when they are at their smallest. Then look no further because ERGObaby has everything covered!

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Pricey
  • Not enough carry positions

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This Carrier is made specifically for your little one as soon as they are born and need no insert. It is recommended to be used for babies 7 to 45 pounds, which means from birth.

You will be able to use this carrier until your child is at least 3 years of age. It is constructed of a soft material that comes in two different version options.

Made of premium cotton to provide optimal breathability as you wear it!

The cool air version of this baby carrier for summer allows air to continuously circulate through it so that your baby isn’t subject to sweating in the heat. It is the perfect choice for those hot summer months. 

It has three different carrying positions for you to choose from. Including the front carry, back carry, and hip carrying positions.

Lastly, this product has been recognized by the Hip Dysplasia Institue meaning that whichever way you choose to carry your baby with this carrier it promotes healthy hip development.

7. K’tan Wrap- Best wrap for babies

K’tan Wrap

If buckles and straps aren’t the things for you and your family may be a wrap is the right way to go!

  • Colors
  • Good for beginners.
  • Hard to adjust.
  • Doesn’t last more than a year and a half.

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This wrap is meant for newborns or smaller babies. You can wear it right out of the box without having to worry about complicated tying instructions.

It features a double loop design so that you don’t strain your back or leg muscles during long wearing times. It also has an additional strap to tie around your baby to add extra support for them.

They are approved as a hip-healthy wrap for your baby. It promotes hip health and prevents hip dysplasia. This carrier will work for children up to 35 pounds!

Lastly, it offers five different wearing positions, which is more than other carriers out there on the market today. Don’t worry it comes with instructions on how to achieve these positions.

8. Infantino Flip Carrier- Best baby carrier for summer

Infantino Flip Carrier

If you need a carrier that comes with many different carrying position options then this is the carrier for you!

  • Durable
  • Quality
  • Runs big
  • Causes back pain

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This carrier comes with 4 different carrier options including facing inward on the narrow seat, facing in on the wide seat, facing out narrow seat, and back carrying for children that have developed head and neck support.

It features a 2-in-1 bib that protects you and your baby’s clothes from any unforeseen accidents that may occur. It is optimal for children 8-32 pounds!

The seat, leg openings, straps, and waist belt are completely adjustable for a customized fit. 

Lastly, to clean the carrier all you have to do is place it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle in cold water. And to dry it place it somewhere to air dry.

What do newborns wear in the summer?

Babies tend to wear shorts and t-shirts in the summer to combat the extremely high heat weather. Therefore it is important to find a carrier that assists in keeping them cool and dry during the hotter months.

Some things that you may keep in mind when searching for a carrier is a comfort. A carrier can’t just be comfortable for the baby, but also for the person wearing the baby.

It needs to provide support and mobility. Your child needs lots of support as they aren’t able to hold themselves up quite yet. Also, it gives you the handsfree freedom to move around and get other things accomplished while wearing your child.

Breathable material is important because babies can be rather hot natured. So, a carrier that allows for airflow throughout the carrier is very important.

Keeping all of these things in mind will ensure that you and your child are very comfortable while wearing the carrier.

1. Comfort

Before buying a baby carrier for summer if it is possible you should try on the carrier to make sure that it provides the comfort that you need. Are the straps adjustable and padded so that it doesn’t hurt your shoulders when wearing it? Also is there an extra buckle on the back pad for extra support while you’re wearing your child.

2. Support

When you choose a carrier make sure that the carrier supports your child properly. Some carriers aren’t made with your child’s hip development in mind. A carrier that has a wide seat will keep your child from experiencing hip dysplasia and causing issues as they continue to grow. Plus it isn’t comfortable for your child to just hang midair without proper support.

3. Mobility

Babywearing offers the ease of being able to move around freely and get a few extra things done without having to put your child down. Whether that means changing the laundry loads or picking up groceries with two hands rather than just one a carrier gives parents more freedom. It gives more mobility than pushing a stroller around would.

4. Breastfeeding

A lot of mothers are choosing to exclusively breastfeed their children these days. Well, a lot of carriers give mothers the freedom to breastfeed without having to take the carrier off. It may take a little practice from mommy and baby, but once it is achieved the carrier will give the support and coverage you need while breastfeeding.

5. Handsfree

Handsfree goes hand in hand with mobility. While you may want to keep a hand on the baby in case your bending over or stretching to get something on a high shelf, carriers are generally hands-free. Work on the computer, prepare a meal, fold clothes, or try bouncing your child in a carrier while having the freedom to move your hands.

6. Neuroscience

Before your baby is born people give you all of this different advice about spoiling your children and ways to not have spoiled children. Some say carrying your child will spoil them.  Contrary to that notion if you hold your child close in the early months of their lives it gives them the basic feeling of being safe just like they felt in the womb.

Frequently Asked Questions

For plus size moms … does it fit well and do the buckles hurt?

It is extremely comfortable all of the places you would think provide discomfort comes with adjustable straps to make it as comfortable as possible.

Can you get the baby in and out with the back position by yourself?

No, it is recommended that you take special care when taking the child out and if possible get assistance taking the baby out from the back position.

Does it come with a sun protector for my child’s head?

Yes, the insert can be adjusted or it can be completely removed from the carrier.

Is the material safe for putting patches on?

Yes, the fabric is sort of like a blanket so as long as you don’t leave the iron on for a long period of time then you shouldn’t have any issues with burning the fabric.



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