Best Convertible Car Seat In 2023 – 8 Affordable Car Seat Reviews

There’s nothing better than finally installing your baby’s new car seat in the car prior to their arrival. Well, actually there is something much better than that! A convertible car seat starts in a rear-facing position for babies and then can be switched to a front-facing position for older children

Car seats are can keep your child safe while traveling within your car. Some are made with shock absorbency while others have fancy cupholders.

Moreover, it can be difficult to choose a car seat depending on if you want one with or without the base and if you want it to be able to fit within a stroller system.

There are so many things to think about before making your final selection and we made selecting a seat easy. Here’s a list of the top 8 Best Convertible Car Seat that you can choose from!

Editor’s Choice

Graco Forever Seat

Graco Forever Seat

Why is it better?

  • Stylish 
  •  Cupholders
  •  2 colors
  • Side impact tested
  • Comfortable

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The Lineup At A Glance

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8 Best Convertible Car Seat Reviews

1. Graco Forever Seat – Best convertible car seat

Graco Forever Seat

If the brand is what matters then you are going to love this car seat made by Graco!

  • Side impact tested
  • Comfortable 

  • Doesn’t recline
  • Cheap

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Manufacturers designed this seat to fit your child and grow with them as they grow. It has multiple positions that you can put the headrest in!

In addition, the installation system is the LATCH system it makes installing the seat quick and easy costing you minimal time putting it in. The simple safe adjust harness has 10 different positions!

Lastly, to make sure your child is safe the seat has been tested and passed the side impact testing with flying colors. It is made with comfort in mind including inserts for your baby!

2. Chicco KeyFit Seat – Best Convertible car seats

Chico Keyfit Seat

This car seat is as good as it gets with the Chicco KeyFit 30 seat!

  • In-car base
  • Affordable
  • Useless
  • Weight restrictions

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This seat stands out because of its easy installation. It features an indicator that lets parents know when they have installed the seat correctly.

It is called the RightRight bubble indicator. Moreover, for more protection is has been enhanced with a five-point harness for safety reasons!

It has a stay in the car base that allows you to remove the seat with ease. No parents want a car seat that is a hassle to use.

Lastly, the sun can be an issue for a sleeping baby. This seat features a removable canopy to protect your child from anything rain or sun!

3.  Britax Car Seat- Best safest convertible car seat

Britax Convertible Seat

Safety should be the first thing that comes to mind when companies manufacture car seats!

  • Safe
  • Durable

  • Poor customer service 
  • Unsafe

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Producers create the seat with great safety technology by the number one brand in safety on the market. It features multiple layers of side protection as well as an anti-rebound bar!

The anti-rebound bar will reduce the impact should you get into a car accident while your child is in the car. The click tight technology allows for easy installation!

It has exactly three separate layers of padding. The seat is made to grow with your child so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a new car seat every few years.

Lastly, for safety purposes, it features a 14 point harness. To ensure your child stays safely in their car seat!

4. Graco SlimFit Seat- Best convertible car seat 2023

Graco SlimFit Seat

Another well-made seat by Graco you can’t go wrong choosing this seat!

  • Quality
  • Comfortable
  • Latch is short
  • Cheap

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This is the number one best selling car seat on Amazon to date. It has been crash tested and has met and exceeded the US FMVSS 213 standard!

In addition, the product features the inright LATCH system to make installing it in the car a breeze for parents. It is compact to save room in the backseat of the car!

It has a reinforced steel frame making the car seat extremely durable. A durable car seat can last you, multiple children.

The seat can be used as both a rear-facing and front-facing car seat.

5. Evenflo Nurture Seat – Best convertible car seat for small cars

Evenflo Nurture Seat

As your child grows they will need some extra nourishment and this is the perfect car seat for that!

  • Compact
  • Easy to install
  • Falls out of place
  • Cheap

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It comes equipped with a canopy to protect your child from the environmental elements. The seat is easy to carry as it is fitted with an ergonomic handle!

It is designed with a fitted foam liner. Moreover, in the event of an accident, the seat will absorb most of the energy and shock to protect your baby!

Lastly, this is important as babies are extremely vulnerable the younger they are. And any shocking absorbing pads will help your child and protect them in the long run.

6. Diono Radian Car Seat- Best compact convertible car seats

Diono Radian Seat

If you need a seat that is compact and easy to use then this is the one for your family!

  • Compact
  • Easy to install
  • Hard to install 
  • Harness difficult to tighten 

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It is one of the leading car seats as far as child safety goes. That gives parents peace of mind when entrusting a product with their child’s life.

It features an aluminum design that provides extra protection. The seat can also fit in the backseat with three other full-sized car seats!

It is the perfect seat for any growing family and can be used for all your children due to its durability levels. The fabric can be removed for easy cleanup.

It doesn’t have any cup holders but that is a small sacrifice for all its other features.

7. CYBEX Seat – Best reviews


If a seat that has made a name for itself stands out to you then this is the perfect seat for you!

  • Award-winning 
  • Safe
  • Unsafe
  • Poor quality

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This seat has won an award for 2018 Best of Baby Tech award and many many other awards as well. That is a tall order for a convertible car seat, but this one fits the bill!

In addition, it can keep tabs on your child’s safety with the sensor safe 2.0 technology that is built within the seat. How cool is that a car seat that keeps track of how safe your child is!

It will alert parents when your child is unbuckled in the seat. The shell of the seat is made with technology as well.

Lastly, the headrest is adjustable and can move to 12 different positions.

8. Safety 1st Car Seat – Best Top rated

Safety 1st Seat

Safety 1st products are made with safety in mind every time they create a new product and this car seat is no exception!

  • Affordable
  • Great quality 
  • Seat overheats easily
  • Poor quality

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This seat is a great selection for cars that need to save room within the car. It is a great choice for small or large cars.

The seat features a five-point harness as well as side impact protection to keep your child safe no matter what happens.

This car seat is the perfect seat for any growing family. Parents can easily fit three car seat side by side and still have comfort for your children!

How to choose the Best Convertible Car Seat

When your searching for the proper car seat for your family you will need to consider a few things prior to making your final choice. With safety being the number one priority it leads the list of criteria to follow when choosing a seat!

You want to take note of the safety features that your car seat has to offer. Such as safety indicators which let you know if you install the seat correctly and the safety extras.

Safety extras are things like shock absorption capability and also extra padding made from high-quality materials. The next to consider is the fabric!

You’ll want to choose a seat that has fabric that can be easily cleaned without much of a hassle. The installation is important some come with a base to make taking your child in and out of the car a breeze.

Lastly, you will need to consider the size of the seat and whether it works within your car. Car seats can be wide or narrow so you don’t want to get one that’s too big or too small for your families needs!

1. Safety Indicators/ extras

Some car seats come with level indicators. These indicators let you know if your child is sitting too far forward or too far back in their car seat. They will signal when the seat has been installed correctly. The extra safety features could be shock absorbing pads or materials made of higher quality to ensure extra protection for your child.

2. Ease of installation

The majority of car seats can be installed using the seatbelt or the LATCH system. The LATCH system is an easier way to secure the car seat using anchors that are attached to the car seat and clicking them to the built-in clasps featured in your car. Most seats recommend you use one or the other, not both methods. 

3. Fabric

The fabric comes in multiple styles, colors, and prints. Mainly you want to select a fabric that will be easy to wash and clean. Children spill snacks or spit up all the time. The last thing you want is a car seat with a cover that is a hassle to clean.

4. Car fit

Car seats come in different shapes and sizes. Some are wider while others are very narrow. You want to make sure your seat fits comfortably within your car and doesn’t take up so much space that you begin to compromise safety to make the seat more compact.

Different types of car seats

There are three different types of car seats the infant car seat, rear-facing car seat, and the booster car seat. Each seat is designed for your child at different stages in their early lives!

The infant seat is to protect your child when they are at their youngest. It keeps them shielded from any possible accidents that may occur.

The rear-facing seat like the infant seat continues to protect your child’s vulnerable body as they are growing. It is recommended that children sit rear-facing until they exceed the height and weight requirements for their specific car seat!

Lastly, the booster seat is designed for your child when they are too tall for rear-facing, but still, need some extra help as they transition the sitting forward. You can find more information about each located in the table below!

1. Infant

This convertible car seat is designed for babies and is extremely lightweight. It will hold children from birth up to a maximum of about 22 pounds. Some of the seats come with a base that you can leave in the car for easy installation. Although, some parents may still find the seat belt buckle an easier method than a bulky in-car base.

2. Rear-facing

This type of car seat is recommended to be used as long as possible and is probably the safest way to carry your child in the car. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics a child’s spine, head, and neck are supported by the seats hard shell the best in the rear-facing position. In case of a crash, the seat will absorb most of the blow protecting your little one.

3. Booster

This type of seat is designed for toddlers to preschool-aged children. Booster seats are secured by a seatbelt whereas the other two are secured by a harness and base type of system. These seats may come with or without a back and with or without armrests the preference is truly up to you as the parent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions at the widest part?

Please reference the description guide located above it will tell you the exact dimensions of the entire car seat.

Does the harness adjust when you adjust the height of the headrest? Or do I need to rethread the straps after an adjustment?

The harness straps go up automatically when you adjust the headrest they will adjust as well. You won’t have to adjust them and there is a lever located at the front of the seat to properly loosen and tighten the straps as needed.

What is the height limit when used as a rear-facing seat?

There isn’t a specific maximum, however, the child’s head must be 1” lower than the headrest adjustment lever. Most car seats go by weight as the measurement of when to switch your child to front-facing.

Does the seat come with strap covers?

Yes, it comes with strap covers and in case you need more do to wear and tear you can purchase more separately.

Is there a handle on the front to recline the seat of it is rear-facing?

No, the handle is located on the front of the seat.

Can the seat cover be removed for washing without removing the seat?

No, you will need to remove the entire seat from the car in order to remove the pad for washing purposes.

The cup holders appear to be square in the picture. Will they fit sippy cups?

Yes, it will fit sippy cups as long as the cup doesn’t have any handles on it.

Do the cup holders come out to be cleaned?

Yes, they can be removed for cleaning, but it can be difficult to remove them from the seat. We recommend wiping them out while they are still attached.



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