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8 Best Baby Foam Play Mat Reviews 2023 – Soft Tiles for Kids

The best baby foam play mat is a fantastic substitute for our families, plus it entertains them! You can place your child there as you make dinner or use the restroom. You might even be able to shower – crazy!

From tummy time through those first steps and beyond, playmats offer a soft, cushy space for your little one to grow and play. They’re a must-have in every new parents’ home—and with their bright, primary colors and loud designs, they’re also almost impossible to take your eyes off of.

As your baby gets older, he needs some fun toys to interact and enjoy. A baby floor mat, also called a playmat, play gym, or an activity mat is a brightly colored, interactive mat for your child to enjoy. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and themes, but almost all have a few small toys, such as mirrors, rattles, jingles, or crinkle toys.

In this review

Unlike baby swings, an activity gym is fun for your baby! They have different shapes and colors to observe, sounds, and textures. A swing might have one dangling toy, but a playmat has several.

A playmat also gives your baby the perfect place to practice tummy time! Tummy time helps to strengthen a child’s head, neck, and shoulder muscles. Another benefit of tummy time is that it promotes motor skills and helps to prevent flattening of the back of the baby’s head.

Editor’s Choice

Play Mat With Fence By Superjare

Play Mat with Fence by SUPERJARE

Why is it better?

  • This mat has fences that increase its popularity
  • Zero choking hazards
  • It is a secured mat because it is manufactured by non-toxic material
  • This mat provides a well-cushioned mat for crawling

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The Lineup At A Glance

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Here are the Best Baby Play Mats of 2023

1. Baby Care Play Mat – Foam Floor Mats For Kids

Baby Care Play Mat

The biggest advantage of this baby play mat is that it comes with the creative back. 
The creative back means there is some pretty and simple design at the back of the mat.

  • The durability and versatility of this matt is higher
  • The quality of the material is super awesome that makes the mat anti-slippery

  • It becomes sticky after some time absorbing liquid
  • This mat is not tested for use of toxic chemical material

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The baby care mat presents a secure and hygienic area to play for babies and children. At this cushioned mat, kids can do all activities in the best way such as tumble, when learning to sit or stand to topple over, crawl, etc. 

These baby foam play mat is portable so easy to move from one room to another and well-suited on carpets or hard floors. The mats are available in two different sizes as well as in different elegant colors like grey, pink, teal, or yellow in the market.

LARGE & ONE-PIECE – comparable to a queen mattress in size. No hassle with puzzle pieces. You can find more best pay mattress in our review.

INNOVATIVE CUSHIONING – an egg dropped from 10ft wouldn’t break

NONTOXIC & SAFE – free from phthalate, BPA, lead, latex, formaldehyde, and EVA (Tested to European Toy Standards EN71)

What’s more?

WATERPROOF & REVERSIBLE – easy to clean with baby wipes. Two-sided for learning and interior

FREE 2-YEAR WARRANTY – buy with confidence. Customer satisfaction guaranteed. See more product details.

Elegance Front

The unmatched style of this signature sea petals pattern will give your room a contemporary accent.

Creative Back

Combine shapes to discover new objects

Find basic shapes like circle and triangle

Combine shapes to discover new objects

Safety Reports

Tested to US CPSIA, European Toy Standards EN71, and Australian Standard

BPA Free, EVA Free, Phthalate Free, Lead-Free, Latex Free, Formaldehyde Free, Mercury Free

Full reports available at Baby Care homepage

Four Colors

Sea Petals design is available in four beautiful colors:​Grey, Teal, Pink, Yellow

2. Baby Foam Play Mat By Infantino – Soft Tiles For Baby

Play Mat By Infantino

The Infantino manufactured the pond’s pals play mat, which is easy to twist and fold. 
This colorful mat is so attractive for the children to play and helps to boost up for tummy time.

  • This matt is more compact for storage that can easily be fold
  • There are four different playful toys for entertaining the babies
  • It is hard to disassemble due to its ring design
  • This matt and its toy don’t have any musical element

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Infantino is a budget-friendly brand that sells quality products for babies and families. Parents love this playmat because it is easy on the wallet, but babies love it all the same. It has four dangling toys, a mirror, and a pillow for tummy time. There is everything a child could want!

Infantino sells their activity gym in several themes, so you can pick the one that fits your decor or preferences. You can pick from pond pals, vintage boy, and sweet safari, which is a pink theme. The pond pals design is vibrant, but it’s perfect for those who don’t want a gender-specific theme.

It takes little space on the floor or carpet for big fun. It is available in three different styles such as Pond Pal, Sweet Safari, and Vintage Boy. The Twist & Fold technology folds down the play mat easily by twisting its arm.

What’s more?

Your little angel can use this playful and attractive mat in three ways such as babies can lay down by overhead to discover the toys that hang above with mat, provide a comfortable environment for tummy time, and sit or play at ease.

With all the advantages, the ring design of the mat makes it hard to disassemble. It takes extra time to hang the toys and sometimes there is a need to change the position of the toys as well.

Overhead Discovery

Tummy Time

BPA-free teether which folds-up compactly for storage

Soft bolster helps prop baby up for tummy time. Age grade – 0 months plus

4 removable, contrast toys encourage reaching and batting

3. Play Mat By Tiny Love- Best Baby Foam Play Mat

Play Mat By Tiny Love

This mat is more appealing to the children field of vision by settles down the number of toys. 
You can place your baby on the mat for sit and play and enjoy overhead discovery and lays down on their tummy.

  • The mat is equipped with a mirror that increases the tummy time for the cutie babies
  • It is more adorable and attractive for the little angles because it comes with lights and music elements
  • The fabric quality of hanging toys are cheap

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Moderate Gymini Super Deluxe’s level of stimulation by adjusting the number of toys appearing within your baby’s field of vision. You can stimulate your baby’s body sensation and control by placing them on their tummy. As a newborn, the “arches effect” helps relax your baby, providing the security of a relatively enclosed space. 

At 2-4 months the Gymini Super Deluxe offers multi-sensory stimulation. When lying on their back, your baby gazes at the hanging toys, reaches out to touch them and perfects control over their arms. At 4-6 months lying on their tummy, your baby can now gaze in the mirror and babble at their reflection – helping them to develop language and communication skills, as well as self-image.

The Gymini folds out into a 32- by 32-inch soft mat, virtually swarming with colorful illustrations of jungle flora and fauna, most notably a giraffe, zebra, lion, and elephant. Overhead two padded arches cross, from which dangle more critters, as well as a large mirror and a plastic bead rattle. Hidden below, the baby will eventually discover, is a music box that plays Mozart and several nursery tunes. 

What’s more?

Textures, colors, sounds, and lights abound, and the baby has the power to make all these objects squeak and jingle and jitter and flash, as soon as she can figure out how to make those hands and feet and mouth of hers connect with her heart’s desire. Herein lies the developmental potential.

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Whether she’s waving her limbs around; aiming specifically for the goggle-eyed, smiling monkey overhead; or rolling over to find the source of that I.Q.-enhancing classical music, the baby will be hard-pressed not to advance her infant skill set on Gymini Super Deluxe. 

From the monkey with the springy leg to pull to the vibrating, jitterbugging elephant to the mirror she can see if she just lifts that heavy head a bit higher…everything on the playmat has a mission: to make baby learn. Cause and effect is a biggie: when she bats at the giraffe, it rattles. When she pokes one corner of the mat, music and lights seem to emerge from the fabric flowers. When she rubs the elephant ear on the mat, it makes a fun crinkly sound.

Details, Details

Plastic rings hang from the many holes in each arch; dangling from each is a plush animal or toy, providing still more stimulation.

4. Baby Treetop Mat By Skip Hop – Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym

Baby Treetop Mat By Skip Hop

The texture and graphics of baby Treetop mat are naturally inspired to the infants. 
Mat’s equipped with hanging toys, squeaker flowers for the baby safe that’s removable due to mat’s machine washable.

  • Your baby can do 17 different development activities
  • There are 13 loops for hanging the toys at low or high on the mat
  • The quality of this product is not good
  • The mat is much expensive as it is not giving enhanced features

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Skip Hop manufactured a pillow by using linen fabric that provides the best support to the little one at the tummy time. There are 13 loops for hanging different toys where you can adjust the height in low or high level for baby calming.

With all the advantages, there is a disadvantage that the price of this product is high as compared to other products and not manufactured with high-quality materials. After the first wash, the attractive and bright color mat converts into dull colors that are not more attractive for the infants anymore.

The activity center is packed with 17 developmental activities and 13 loops to hang baby toys low, high or on the mat.

Playmat surface features multiple fabrics plus activities on the mat: crinkle leaves, squeaker flower and baby-safe mirror in the tree trunk (mirror is removable for machine washing)

What’s more?

Supportive tummy time pillow with a plush surface on one side and a fun print on the other turns the activity gym into a lush tummy time mat

The baby gym takes two minutes to assemble/disassemble so you can easily reclaim adult space

Lots to do and see in the Treetop! Our much-loved activity gym engages babies with friendly faces and multi-sensory features. It includes soft linen and patterned arches and includes a matching supportive Tummy Time pillow. Five hanging toys attach to 13 easy-to-hang loops offering irresistible multi-sensory play for baby at every stage of development. A mirror and built-in sounds and textures on the mat add to the fun.

Product Features:

– 17 developmental activities

– Nature-inspired graphics and textures

– Five playful multi-sensory hanging toys

– 13 loops to hang toys low or high or on the mat

– Multiple fabrics plus activities on the mat: crinkle leaves, squeaker flower and baby-safe mirror in the tree trunk (mirror is removable for machine-washing)

– Linen and patterned arches

– Two-minute assembly

– Supportive Tummy Time pillow

– Oversized round mat surface

– Safety-tested to meet or exceed ASTM, CPSIA, EN71, and applicable safety standards

– Size (inches): 36 diameter x 19h; (cm): 91.5 diameter x 48.5h

Product Warnings:

– Activity Mat and Tummy Time pillow should not be placed in a crib or playpen.

– Use this product only on the floor.

– Never leave baby unattended on mat.

– Only for domestic use.

Fabric & Care:

1. Placemat flat on the floor with the pattern facing up, and place arches on top

2. Select any white clip (at the ends of each arch) and insert it into the nearest corner slot on the mat

3. Reach under the mat and attach to the matching white clip on the bottom of the mat

4. Repeat on the opposite corner of the mat to complete one arch, then twist arches into an X and repeat with the second arch

5. Requires assembly by an adult

5. Rainbow Play Mat By Wonder Mat – Baby Foam Mat Waterproof

Rainbow Play Mat By Wonder Mat

The foam of this mat is thick and soft that increases the durability of the mat. 
It provides a secure and soft environment for the development of the child. 

  • The thick and soft material makes it highly durable
  • The mat is easy to clean due to the waterproof trait
  • After some use, the mat produces some chemical odor
  • It is not suitable for all types of skin

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36 piece 1ft x 1ft interlocking Wonder Mats in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue. It creates 36 square feet per set. Set up in seconds with easy do-it-yourself interlocking mats

Wonder Mat’s unique soft surface pattern is designed for children with sensitive skin while its texture provides grip

Its ~9/16″ of an inch thick exceeding the minimum protection requirement for children. Mats are waterproof and easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild soap

Made from non-recycled, non-toxic, lightweight, durable, lead-free and high-density EVA. Lasts up to 10 years under proper care

Passed CPSC standards, including tests and 53 substances of very high concern including toxicity report. Test reports will be provided upon request

Wonder mats Create a soft and safe environment for child development and playtime. As parents, we understand the importance of health and safety as first priority when it comes to our children. Our foam mats are made from non-recycled and non-toxic materials that provide vibrant, bold and consistent colors. 

What’s more?

They are extra thick and soft to help reduce impact and provide comfort as our children learn to walk, run and play. Lastly, the high density of our mats is designed so children cannot bite off or ingest pieces of the mats. Wonder Mat quality matches the peace of mind Our customers receive.

The material of this mat is comprised of non-recycled and non-toxic that provides bold, lively, and consistent colors. This material helps to give your kid a comfort to walk, play, or run. The mat comes with high-density that increases the reliability of the mat.

The rainbow play mat is highly durable but it produces some sort of chemical smell that may irritate the babies and mom too. Some children get rashes after playing on this matt that means it is not suitable for those infants who have sensitive skin.

6. Foldable Play Mat By Hape – Baby Foam Floor Mat

Foldable Play Mat By Hape

The designed a foldable play mat by using the non-toxic material for providing a safe and secure place to play for kids. 
This adorable mat presents in dual sides usage.

  • It is constructed by non-toxic materials
  • Waterproof feature make it more popular
  • The quality of this playmat is poor

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The one side of this mat helps to develop communication and learning skills by identifying the shapes. The other side can be used for sitting & playing tummy time and crawl as well. Now, if you are looking for a waterproof and soft play mat for your little cute ones then this is a great option for you.


DEDICATED U.S.-BASED TEAM. It all starts right here in Seattle. We’re in PST, but we’re ready to respond ASAP.

24-HOUR MONITORING. We’re basically just hanging out, waiting to hear from you. So, please don’t hesitate if you need help.

1-ON-1 COMMUNICATION. We’re people that like helping people. Reach out and you’ll find a real beating heart at the other end of the line.


THE SAFETY PROMISE. Safety is a top priority for us. We work hard to ensure all our toys meet the highest standards.

U.S.-TESTED TOYS. We test every toy in-house to provide the best-made toys for the best playing experience imaginable.

What’s more?

PLAY YOUR WAY EVERY DAY. We design toys that are built to last so kids at heart can play all day, every day.

SPREAD OUT WITH YOUR EXTRA LARGE FOLDABLE PLAY MAT: This double-sided, reversible 4’10”x5’10” baby play mat features a town scene and jungle animal designs; Easily folds and fits in 2’5” ft. x 1’2” ft. baby play mat case

EXERCISE AND TUMMY TIME ANYWHERE with NON-TOXIC, FOAM PLAY MATS: Comfortable waterproof foam play mats for infants, babies and toddlers are perfect as indoor or outdoor play mats for playing and crawling; Vacuum, wipe off or shakedown this reversible play mat for easy cleaning

PORTABLE BABY FLOOR MAT and CASE LETS YOU TRAVEL with EASE: Hape waterproof, folding play mats for infants contain no BPA; The expertly crafted design of these high-quality, durable foam floor playmats for kids make our cushioned folding play mat safe for babies 3 months and up to crawl on

ENJOY BABY CARE AND PLAYTIME IN STYLE with CUTE PLAY MAT GRAPHICS: These colorful and convenient foldable playmats for children are perfect for daycare, nurseries and classroom rugs; Use these thick padded baby mats for playing, crawling or tummy time

SUPERIOR BABY PLAYMAT with ASSURED QUALITY: Get playful with your premium Hape baby floor mat; We’ll provide a full refund if you’re not overjoyed with our thick, foam play mats for infants and kids

7. Play Mat With Fence By Superjare – Best Baby Foam Floor Mats For Kids

Play Mat With Fence By Superjare

The mat’s equipped with fences that increase the safety of infants and comes with shapes and animal patterns. 
The simple and decent design helps to develop imagination, hand-eye coordination, and visual.

  • It can be accessed in three different colors such as beige, gray, and white
  • This mat has fences that increase its popularity
  • The material is not anti-slippery

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LARGE PLAY MAT – Flat size: 59.6″ x 59.6″ (4.96ft x 4.96ft area). Components: 16 tiles play mats + 16 tiles edge mats + 4 tiles fan-shaped mats, it comes in a zippered clear plastic case that has a rope handle for gift purpose!

WELL-CUSHIONED CRAWLING MAT – With a thickness of 0.56’’, this playmat is more than safe enough for slips and falls or when your baby tries to crawl and stand up during tummy time!

HIGH QUALITY & EASY TO WIPE – The baby play mat was equipped with waterproof function, so you can wipe away any dirt with a wet cloth and mild detergent and dry with a cloth. Also, you won’t worry about cleaning the foam tiles any more and create a safe play space for your baby!

STIMULATE CURIOSITY & PROMOTE IMAGINATION – Equipped with several different patterns of animals and shapes, this playmat will help with your kid’s imagination and hand-eye coordination, especially if you pop the tiles out as an added toy your kids can play with!

What’s more?

SAFE PLAY MAT – Our play mat free of lead, chrome and phthalates, it contains no small pieces and there is zero choking hazard involved!

The baby foam play mat is easy to carry n bag and greatest gift as well. This foam mat can be easily used on a hard floor and carpets. The baby toys did not roll out to the floor or carpet through the fences.

Those kids who are newly learning crawling will enjoy 0.56 inches thick crawling mat. 

This thickness also prevents injuries if your baby tries to stand up and fall on the mat.

Presenting The Superjare Interlocking Baby Play Mat Tiles!

Our puzzle floor tiles are so soft and thick, that your baby will play in a safe area!

Plus, when the tiles get dirty, all you need to do is wipe the waterproof surface and you’re all set!

Not All Play Mats Were Created Equal!

Neutral colors and shapes that babies love to play on and moms love to look at!

Simple design can help with the development of your child’s imagination, education, visual and hand-eye coordination!

The foam mat can be used in practically all rooms of your house!

It comes with a carry-bag, absolutely great for gift-giving to new parents!

Unchain The Imagination & Creativity Of Your Child!

With 16 patterns to attract your baby‘s attention (8 animals and 8 shapes), your little angel won’t get bored even after many months!

Plus, since these play tiles are interlocking, you can add more of them if you wish to make the play mat bigger for a playdate or party!

8. Baby Play Mat By Wee Giggles – Best Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor

Baby Play Mat By Wee Giggles

This baby foam play mat for babies comes with fence protection and has a size of 5-foot by 7-foot. 
Features a floor with thick tiled layers of interlocking foam, each of these tiles features different safari animals.

  • The playmat comes with a protective
  • It has puzzle piece construction which is very easy to use and allows you to change the pieces too.
  • The playmat from Wee Giggles comes with an issue of off-gassing and the smells don’t fade away even after a few weeks.
  • Assembling and disassembling will take some time.

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Wee Giggles was developed by a pediatric nurse who was trying to find a playmat that was safe for her own grandchildren to play on. A playmat that would be appropriate in a playroom, nursery or living room would be ideal. 

She was disappointed with the playmats on the market that came with small pieces for babies to choke on and were thin and flimsy. Also, the safety standards of most on the market were not up to par. Thus was born Wee Giggles.

Our play mats do not contain BPA, phthalates, lead, latex or formamide. The designs on these baby play mats specifically have only large pieces and meet all CPSIA standards for children’s safety. We have them re-tested in the USA to ensure this quality and safety standard. We pride ourselves on taking the extra steps to give your children a safe play space.

What’s more?

Wee Giggles mats are thick, soft yet supportive and have textures that will prevent slips and give babies and toddlers something to grip their tiny hands and feet too. The designs are also meant to have colors that are pleasing to the eye but will stimulate infant development.


This 5 x 7 feet play mat is the perfect area for your child to play in a clean and safe area.  The gender-neutral color and design make it easy to add to your nursery, playroom or living room without having to look at bright primary colors.

The over half-inch thick tiles create a soft place to land for those bumps and falls of crawlers and toddlers.  And for spills or baby drools, clean up is easy with the wipe of a wet cloth. Our mats are perfect for hardwood or tile floors and also for keeping dust and dirt away from babies on low pile carpet.


Before your baby is mobile, use the collapsible edges in the up position to help toys stay in place and give your baby a visual edge.  Combined with visually stimulating contrasting colors, your baby will love tummy time and learning to sit. Not to mention you will not have to chase all those runaway toys around the house.

NOTE:  The collapsible edges will not contain a rambunctious crawler.

Once they are mobile, lay the sides down and increase your mat space. This 5×7 size is perfect for a nursery or playroom floor.

AS EASY AS 1-2-3

Our mats all come with zippered carrying cases with handles making it easy to take with you on vacation, to a hotel, or to Grandma’s house.  Set up is easy and quick and helps when you need a clean play space to take with you.


Wipe with a wet cloth

Use mild soap and water if desired

Mat is made of plastic foam and may have the smell of “new sneakers” when first opened

If the smell is bothersome, allow airing for 24 hours before set up

Always use with adult supervision

How to choose Best baby foam play mat

Keeping your child engaged with developmental activities will keep your child occupied when you need those breaks throughout the day.

Many parents notice that a floor mat is one of their top used items, often used multiple times per day for many months! However, the baby market is saturated with different options, which can be frustrating for parents. 

It’s like when you are in the drive-through line with cars behind you, and you don’t know what to pick; you panic! Sweat starts to roll down your neck as you look at the sign of choices. Everything seems amazing. What do you want? So, you pick something and hope you like it!

1. Size Of The Mat

While the size of the mat you want might look perfect for a newborn, don’t forget that your baby is going to grow! 

How long do you want to use the playmat? Once your child is active and can roll, you need a larger mat because your baby will take up more space! 

That is to say, if your child can roll, is the mat large enough that he won’t roll off and end up on the floor? 

You should also consider the floor space in your home and if you have more than one child who will use that space.

2. Arches Or No Arches

Some parents prefer not to have arches with dangling toys! 

While your child will probably have a better time if you pick a mat with arches, they aren’t necessarily a must-have. 

Arches do free up your hands so that you don’t have to dangle toys over your child’s face.

Lastly, one negative with arches is that they make folding the mat up for storage or traveling trickier.

3. Easy To Clean

Babies are messy, seriously messy at times! 

Diaper explosions and spit-up happen all the time, so it’s essential that your baby gear is easily cleaned.

Ideally, the mat is machine washable, so that means the arches should detach easily.

4. Portability

Do you travel often, or do you go to grandma’s house on a regular basis? 

Having a portable play mat is convenient for trips outside the home. 

If that is a priority for you, you will want to pick an activity mat that is easily folded and carried places.

Lastly, you should also consider if you plan on leaving the mat out on the floor all the time or if you want to put it away when not in use.

5. Theme – Gender Neutral Or Gender-Specific?

Some parents don’t save items for their future kids, or you might plan only to have one baby

Either way, you want to decide if you prefer a gender-neutral floor mat or one that is more gender-specific. 

A gender-neutral mat is excellent if you plan to use it for future kids, which saves you money.

6. Comfort Level

If your child is going to spend any amount of time on this mat, you want to make sure it is comfortable! 

The thickness of the mat will determine how comfortable it is and how safe it will be while your child learns how to sit or crawl. 

A thick mat helps to cushion the dozens of falls your child might have when he learns to sit up, crawl, and walk.

7. Included Toys

Your baby will love these toys, so you want to make sure they are fantastic! 

Some play mats allow you to remove the toys and place so babies can enjoy them during tummy time or while sitting. 

Make sure the toys are washable and free of any safety hazards!

8. Are There Music And Lights?

Not all baby activity gyms have music and lights. 

Some parents want them, while others prefer to stay away from all the lights and sounds! 

Most babies find music comforting, and lights will stimulate the baby.

How your baby reacts is individual; some find that their babies end up overstimulated and fussy.

If you aren’t sure about your child’s reaction, make sure it is a feature that you can turn on and off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are foam play mats safe for babies?

EVA foam play mats are also commonly touted as being non-toxic. However, EVA foam has been found to off-gas formamide. Currently, there are NO 100% formamide-free EVA foam mats on the market. A company can claim that its mats are formamide-free but it can do so because formamide is only tested to a certain level.

Are activity mats good for babies?

A baby play gym is one way you can boost your baby‘s development. The play mats and play gyms made especially for infants feature objects and designs that your baby will reach for. … As your baby begins to reach, grasp, turn and kick, they will develop their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Is PE foam safe?

Polyethylene is Safe and Non-Toxic
Blocking chemical off-gassing is not so simple. … Low density, food-grade polyethylene is safe and non-toxic. It has a simple molecular structure that does not require toxic chemical additives like phthalates and other unsafe plasticizers

What age do babies like playmats?

Why are playmats good for babies? Learning about cause and effect’ – Activity mats can help your baby from when they are firstborn. At around 6 weeks, they will help your baby start to develop ’cause and effect’ as they realize if they push the toys on the hanging mobile, they will move.

When should we start tummy time?

Tummy Time can begin as soon as your baby comes home from the hospital. Baby should work up to an hour of Tummy Time per day by 3 months of age. Pathways.org encourages parents to aim for a few minutes at a time, several times a day. American Academy of Pediatrics recommends back to sleep and tummy to play!

Are EVA foam mats waterproof?

Waterproof, EVA foam mats can turn any hard, cold floor into a comfortable, warm and soft floor. … Sold in cases of 25 mats each; each case of 25 mats covers 96.875 sq. ft.

Is Heating EVA foam toxic?

EVA Foam, one of the most common materials used in cosplay can be heated up and shaped. This is a technique many cosplayers use for armor pieces. You can also cover it in thermoplastic. However, be aware that EVA foam releases toxic fumes (hydrogen bromide) at high temperatures

What age do babies rollover?

4 months
When do babies rollover? Your baby may be able to kick himself over, from his tummy to his back, as early as age 4 months. It may take him until he’s about 5 or 6 months to flip from back to front, though, because he needs stronger neck and arm muscles for that maneuver


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