Best Travel System [2023 Updated] – 10 Affordable Choices

One of the first things that parents-to-be search for is a car seat and stroller. Something stylish that will keep baby safe, but not cost a fortune. There are tons upon tons of varieties of car seats and strollers on the market today. The most convenient and best travel system are the brands that advertise 2-in-1 systems!

Travel systems are strollers that have a component that can be removed and used as a car seat. Dual functionality must be expensive right?

Quite the opposite these 2-in-1 travel systems are quite inexpensive and have attractive functions for parents as well as the child. Such as cup holders, extra storage, phone holders, and more!

Travel systems come in all shapes and sizes with the same goal in mind to keep your little one as safe as possible! No matter if you are an outdoor loving family or just simply need something to get baby safely from point A to point B there’s a travel system that fits well in every family unit!

Editor’s Choice

Evenflo Vive Travel System

Evenflo Vive Travel System

Why is it better?

  • Stay in car base
  • Shock absorbing wheels
  • Multi-position recline
  • 2 way pivot tray
  • Parent storage console
  • Large canopy with double grip

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The Lineup At A Glance

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Top 10 Baby Travel Systems Reviews

1. Graco Fast Action Stroller- Infant travel system

Graco Fast Action System

If you want a lightweight system with a one second , one hand fold then this Graco stroller is a must addition for your baby !

  • Great price
  • Quality

  • Missing parts
  • Smell like chemicals

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For more than 60 years Graco has been a go-to for parents all over the world! Their system of baby supplies stems from a tradition that centers around being safe and durable for parental use.

From cribs to strollers Graco is amongst the top brands when parents begin to compile a list of things they need before the baby arrives.

This travel system features a lightweight one second, one hand fold mechanism that makes folding and storing the travel system extremely easy. A great feature to have especially when one hand is full holding on to your baby.

Deep spill-proof cup holders fit for a parent on the go with their morning cup of coffee in tow and an extra-large storage basket for that overly full baby bag, blankets, books, etc. Even when it’s closed storage is still in mind as this is a self-standing stroller system!

Locking from swivel wheels because we wouldn’t want to have a roll away stroller. Talk about a bad day in the making and a multi-position reclining seat for maximum baby comfort and relaxation! A travel system that makes getting around a breeze.

2. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger – Best travel system

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

Jogging uphill, walking down, or running full steam ahead no matter what kind of terrain your on this system can handle it all!

  • Safety
  • All terrain
  • Cheap
  • Poor head support

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This travel system comes complete with a three-wheel flex lock system and locks in the car base. Parents can keep the front wheels locked in place or unlock them so that maneuvering is made easier.

All-terrain tires, yes you read it right all-terrain tires meaning whatever surface you are using the stroller on this system can handle it without unexpected wear on the tires. Located on the tires is a quick release that allows for extra storage space while navigating the outdoors!

As if all-terrain tires weren’t enough there are also reflectors on the tires so that you are visible to others in low lighting situations.

A padded handle with an easy trigger folding button. Made of lightweight steel construction materials.

A child’s tray that is perfect for placing your child’s snacks on as you all take a walk through the park or the aquarium! The system also includes a large canopy making sure that your child is kept out of those harsh sun rays whilst out and about.

Not 1! Not 2, but a 5-point safety harness and tether strap with a 4-position push button that adjusts the height of the seat for proper installation! A system that grows with your child from the beginning. Now that’s what I call more bang for your buck!

3. Chicco Bravo Trio – Brand

Chicco Bravo Trio System

A little more in the price department , but an extra shock absorbing design that protects your child every time is well worth it !

  • Safe
  • Inexpensive
  • Low quality
  • Dangerous

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Included in this incredible system are the stroller, car seat, and car base.This system is for older babies and toddlers and also features a multi-reclining positioner backrest!

Complete with a large canopy, cupholders, and a child tray. The seat and backrest detach to reveal a lightweight easy to install a car seat. And just as easy as it was to remove you can just as easily reattach the pieces for older children.

Located under the seat cushions you will find a handle that allows you to fold the entire stroller frame for storage purposes. Once you begin to fold the stroller the front wheels turn inward and the handle makes carrying it prime for storage.

In addition, front swivels with a one-tap brake system keep the stroller locked into place without the worry of it sliding away while trying to unload and load a baby and other things into the car or into the stroller.

Let’s not forget the look this system comes in 3 different woven colors and patterns for boys or girls. All that is needed to clean it is warm water and a mild soap wipe down then being left to air dry! It is ideal for infants from 4 to 30 pounds and up to 30 inches in height.

4. Evenflo Vive Travel System- Lightweight travel system

Evenflo Vive Travel System

Is your child under 1 year of age or less than 35 pounds? Then this hassle-free transfer system is the perfect system for you and your family!

  • Easy installation
  • Can be operated with one hand
  • Latch system
  • Wobbly

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For the last 100 years, Evenflo has sought to provide parents with products that get them and their child safely through this new journey together! They want to male sure that when you think of a brand that has the well-being and development of your child in mind you think Evenflo.

In need of a quick get away or just a change of scenery from the day to day hustle and bustle then this system is the perfect system for you! It’s hassle-free transfer from stroller to car base makes for a quick transition in and out of the car.

The frame is ultra-slim and folds effortlessly to fit in any car from a small SUV to the largest truck. To top off the list of features this car seat is an award-winning infant car seat! Only the best when keeping your child safely mobile.

The stroller is equipped with a storage pocket on the back of the seat and a larger stroller under the seat to make sure that everything you need to carry will fit securely and snuggly on the seat.

Lastly, caught in the rain? No worries the large canopy makes sure that rain, sleet, snow, or sunny weather you have the option to cover or uncover your little one as you see fit to protect them from the elements.

5. Joovy Scooter Double Stroller- Affordable

Joovy Scooter Double Stroller

Have you ever heard the expression that 2 is better than 1? In this case it certainly is in the case of parents with twins or an infant and a toddler!

  • Fitd through anydoor
  • Sufficient shade
  • Brake too close to feet
  • Durability

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Families that have multiple children or have twins are in need of this side by side stroller seat. The downside to a double stroller is usually that it won’t fit through door frames or into your car comfortably.

Not this system! Any doorway that is at least 30’ wide this doorway can get through with no problem! You can choose from 5 distinct colors to decorate this delicate graphite frame. Each seat holds children up to 45 pounds with a combined 90-pound maximum capacity limit!

If you feel there’s no feature located for you on this stroller think again it features a parent organizer with 2 zippered pockets and an extra-large storage basket. Labeled as the largest storage basket on the market!

Sealed bearings make pushing 2 children at the same time feel as if your pushing 1 child. In addition to these other features, there is a removable bumper and double wheels for added stability.

The stroller reclines all the way until it is almost in a flat position and allows for children to climb in and out of the seat without hurting themselves.

Lastly, each seat although latched together they operate independently featuring their own separate mesh pocket and adjustable 5-point harnesses.

6. Britax B-lively System – Infant travel system

Britax B-lively

Let’s talk about relaxation for a moment with a peek-a-boo window that allows you to watch baby enjoy the built-in foot well it is sure to please parents and children alike!

  • Best stroller/carseat combo
  • Easy manuever
  • Too small
  • Hard to push

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For more than 70 years Britax has been the leader in mobile safety. Engineers have spent a countless number of hours testing and retesting to make certain that all safety regulations have been properly met and exceeded!

From Germany to Australia to New Zealand and now the United States Britax touches all corners of the globe with its safety featured baby products.

The canopy has a built-in UV protection of 50+ ensuring that the elements stay clear of your child. Including a ventilation window located at the top of the canopy hood.

Unlike other car seats, this seat is designed with side impact protection and a patented SafeCell Impact Protection System that includes an energy-absorbing base, V-shaped tether, and staged-release stitches.

Lastly, the tether minimizes seat movement whilst the stitches slow forward movement in the event that you and your family are involved in a car accident. With built-in seat belt lock-offs to easily secure the car seat.

7. Maxi-Cosi Zella System- Travel system [year]

Maxi-cosi Zella System

Made for any type of journey whenever you feel like going and wherever you feel like going this travel system was made to go with you every time!

  • Cushion
  • Easy breakdown
  • Plastic wheels
  • Poor quality

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This is one of the only car systems that not only features 5 different colors but also features 2 different travel systems including the convenience stroller. It includes a rear-facing car seat that is adequate for any child 5-30 pounds and up to 32 inches in height!

If your taking a stroll down the boardwalk the mico30 material has a self-wicking fabric that keeps baby cool and dry under the blaring sun during such hot, warm weather.

A 5-in-1 feature means multiple versions of riding options that each are enabled with multiple reclining positions. That’s like having a new stroller every day multiple times a day if you really want to change things up that much!

The complete system only weighs a total of 21 pounds making folding and transferring it a simple task that anyone can accomplish in the blink of an eye. It includes an expanding canopy with an extra flip-out visor for extra coverage and protection.

Lastly, the handle adjusts to a higher or lower height based on personal parental preferences. Making it easier to push the stroller around as you maneuver throughout your day effortlessly!

8. Disney Quad Travel System- Travel system

Disney Quad Travel System

It’s the wonderful world of Disney embodied in a car seat and stroller form! Mickey Mouse and Minnie bring life to this travel system fit for any prince or princess

  • Cute
  • Easy to assemble
  • Used
  • Uncomfortable

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Disneyland is the most magical place on earth. Walt Disney created a place where children’s imaginations could come to life and run wild. From the wild kingdom to the palaces Disney lives in the heart of many children as well as their parents!

Many different types of memorabilia are home to the famous Mickey Mouse ears emblem and this car seat stroller combo is no exception to that rule! 

Red and black Mickey Mouse ears and pink and black Minnie Mouse ears are the silhouettes for this designer combo!

A little magic can turn any pumpkin into the optimal travel set up for your royal family. The lightweight frame comes with a stay-in-car seat base allowing you to take the baby in and out without waking them from their nap and clicking to the stroller with just one click.

Lastly, it includes a large basket to store your crowns, swords, kingdoms, and wild animals underneath and I suppose you can store the baby bag and other essentials here as well!

Folding with ease so that navigating any place is a breeze.

9. Safety 1st Smooth Ride- Affordable

Safety 1st Smooth Ride

“Kids place their trust in grown-ups.It is for us to add to their well-being and safety.” Words coming from the founder of Safety 1st Michael Lerner.

  • Easy to clean
  • Safe
  • Design
  • Horrible Seat

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Safety 1st was created in 1984 almost over 30 years ago and became well known for its yellow baby on board sign known to decorate the back of most cars containing children.

In the late 80’s Michael realized that while parents concerns for their children’s safety was growing the products on the shelves were not and thus Safety 1st was invented. From outlet covers to drawer locks, from indoor to outdoor Michael invented gear for every occasion in any circumstance.

The focus was on innovative products that are convenient for parents without skimping on the safety quality for children. Beginning the 2000’s Safety 1st began production with a company called Dual Group and began its expansion into Europe.

The wheels on the stroller allow for maximum movement without restriction and flip-flop friendly push brakes located at the bottom of the stroller. The super-sized canopy also features a peek-a-boo window that allows parents to see in without disturbing a napping baby.

Lastly, the stroller also comes with extra side impact protection to give more than just the normal amount of protection for newborns. 4 harness heights to allow for adjustability no matter how large or small your child is .

10. Graco Trax Jogger System- Best baby travel system

Graco Trax Jogger

Call it the sweet spot for value ! Another lightweight Graco product that captures the hearts of parents and their children.

  • Lightweight
  • Can fold using one hand
  • Not for jogging
  • Bad center of gravity

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For more than 60 years Graco has been a go-to for parents all over the world! Their system of baby supplies stems from a tradition that centers around being safe and durable for parental use.

From cribs to strollers Graco is amongst the top brands when parents begin to compile a list of things they need before the baby arrives. Although not exactly made for jogging uphill this system is equipped with air-filled tires that have a visible extension.

The locking front swivel wheels allow for smooth transitions between jogging and strolling. The wheels lock for stability and when unlocked allows for easy manipulation in any direction.

The seat is made of a luxurious padding material and comes with a multi-position reclining seat.

Lastly, it also complete with extra storage that is just a hair bigger than the frame, but who would ever complain about extra storage when it comes to carrying bottles and blankets around as a necessity!

How to Choose the Best Travel System

In order to make sure you are selecting the optimal travel system, a few things must be taken into consideration before a choice is made.

Price, design, brake system, storage, frame, and terrain usage. In order to make a choice, you as the parent must assess your everyday usage of the system.

If your family prefers to be outside a multi-terrain system would be the best system for you and your family.

If your family doesn’t spend much time in the car going places a simple stroller and car seat combo would work best for you.

After assessing how much the product will be used you can then figure out how much your willing to spend on the combo set.

Make sure to read the features included in your purchase so that at the end of the day you feel like you’ve achieved the most value out of what you’ve paid for.

Child safety is the number 1 priority when considering the best car seat stroller combination for your family. These combinations make travel transition easier than choosing what color to paint the baby’s room!

1. Price

Since there are many things you have to buy for your new baby. Travel systems on average cost around $200 on Amazon. Before beginning to consider making a purchase it is important to set a budget for how much you actually want to spend on the travel system set. Is the brand important to you because sometimes a name-brand versus off-brand the name brand will charge a bit more than the off brands will? The choice on whether splurging for such an important item is truly up to you as parents. Make sure to fully consider all brands as most brands will give a competitive price for the combination of the stroller, car base, and car seat altogether.

2. Design

How does the base function as a part of the car seat? Is it an easy system to fold. Is the canopy detachable or of large size or is it sturdy? You don’t want to purchase a design that does not fit within the unit it will go in. If you have more children design with a bulky or heavy base may not be the best base for your particular situation. Is the material of the combination one that you like or dislike in terms of breathability. Is it easy to clean or will removing certain parts of the stroller and/or car seat be seen as an unnecessary hassle to take on?

3. Brake System

Are the brakes toe-tap brakes. Is there a brake on both wheels or just a single brake. Knowing where the brakes are can keep the stroller from rolling away when your loading or unloading the car. Brakes are a very important feature when considering a travel system. On some systems, the brakes lock for running and unlock for quick changes of direction. On multi-terrain activities, a system with quick-changing brake capability is vital to the success of the activity. Whether you want 2 brakes or 1 centralized one the preference is truly up to you as the parent.

4. Storage

Is there an ample amount of storage for the baby bag as well as the essentials parents carry ( ie phone, coffee cup, jacket, etc). As parent babies need a lot of supplies while traveling. The baby bag consists of all these items but in addition to the baby bag a stroller must-have storage for the things that parents also may carry throughout their time out of the house.

5. Frame Size

Will this travel system easily fit within the family vehicle without the hassle . A larger framed stroller may make it more difficult to fold and place within the back of the family car. However, a larger frame may offer more space and better side impact protection for the baby.

6. Terrain Usage

Is this travel system equipped for mostly indoor or outdoor usage? A normal travel system maybe for leisurely strolls throughout the park whereas a jogger travel system is specifically made for the parents that would like to take their children with them as they are being active and exercising. Quality tires can reduce the wear and tear or need to replace them sooner rather than later

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need an extra base to put the car seat in the stroller or does it connect to the stroller directly?

The carseat detaches easily from the base and connects to the stroller with an easy 1 click system.

Does the travel set come with a protective sleeve for flying ?

No , the system only comes with what is listed which is the car seat, the base, and the stroller.

Can the parent console be removed for convenience?

Yes, the console can be slid on and/or off of the handles without interfering with the height adjusting feature of the handlebars.

How heavy is the carseat?

With the base, the seat weighs roughly 10.7 pounds and without the base, it weighs around 7.5 pounds.

Can the seat be adjusted for height ?

Yes, due to children being different heights we have equipped the seat with adjustable 4 position options.



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