10 Best Baby Mittens 2023 – Top Rated & Reviewed

I remember asking an MD these, and many other newborn-related questions, the first morning after I gave birth to my Princess. I have never heard anybody ever suggested baby mittens, and they’re not prominently displayed in the stores, but they do exist. Will it be easy for me to find the best baby mittens?

  • Does newborn need mittens? 
  • Are those tiny fingernails really that sharp? 
  • Is my baby cold on her little hands? 

The reply given made perfect sense: 

  • Cool infant hands and unusual bluish skin color on them is absolutely normal on a healthy infant, and the cool sensation of extremities likely doesn’t bother baby at all. The body temperature will gradually find the natural balance with hands and feet and no need to worry there. As the baby grows up and gets active, winter mittens are essential, and when in the toddler stage, gloves & mittens start piling up!
  • On the other hand, those little, fast-growing fingernails are very sharp and a baby can accidentally scratch her face. We can file but can’t clip nails for the first couple of weeks because their finger skin is part of their nails in the beginning, hence the need for mittens.

In the later stages, winter gloves and mittens both for babies and toddlers as well as for kids of all ages are really a must-have, and if they come in value-packs, better!

Editor’s Choice

Safety 1st No Scratch Mittens

Safety 1st No Scratch Mittens

Why is it better?

  • Protect the infant’s face from scratching
  • Protect infant’s fingernails from partial fall off 
  • Keep the baby warm 
  • Fingernails are safe from nibbling while teething
  • They are reasonably priced

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The Lineup At A Glance

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The Best Baby Mittens In [Year]

1. Safety 1st No Scratch Mittens – Top Rated

Safety 1st No Scratch Mittens

As the name of the brand says, infant’s safety comes first. These soft gloves are perfect to keep your bundle of joy safe during the first few months.

  • Made using high quality materials
  • Simple design that matches every style
  • The opening is a little too tight 
  • Some inner lining threads not stitched in nicely 

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If you are a practical parent, who looks for simplicity and functionality, these mittens are your top choice. In addition, they are safe, soft, durable and won’t fall off easily as an elastic band keeps the mitts securely in place. The fabric is a bit thicker than most others to provide extra warmth, and there is plenty of room for little ones to stretch their fingers. They are quite affordable and in gender-neutral design.

2. Gerber Baby Boys – Trusted Brand

Gerber Baby Boys' Mittens Valuepack

We love this adorable set of baby mittens by Gerber — and your little one will love it, too! Slip these stylish mittens on your baby’s hands to keep your baby scratch-free

  • Light cotton and brightly-colored designs
  • Elastic wrist cuffs
  • Tend to fall off easily
  • Some inner lining threads not stitched in nicely

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Gerber is a trusted baby brand, many mom’s first choice. High quality, lightweight cotton, machine washable, these are the key features that make these baby no scratch mittens the best baby shower gift.

In addition, the package of four is very affordable. Mittens come both in prints and solids keeping the little fashionista’s outfit in perfect order. They make excellent solution to keep tiny hands warm if a baby refuses a blanket when going out.

Downside is that they tend to fall off easily and sometimes elastic stitching gets ruined after a few rounds in a washer.

3. Magnetic Me So Soft Mittens

N'Ice Caps Kids Snow Mittens

How can you ever resist those soft, fluffy, paw-like baby mittens? Baby winter mittens have never been that much fun!

  • Light, soft and fleecy
  • No extra hole for thumb, easy on/off
  • Not waterproof
  • Some magnets are not properly inserted 

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With extra warmth they provide for their precious hands, they are also very safe, as they have enough elastic to stay on, extra room for their little fingers to stretch and explore, and have magnets to stay together when they’re in the drawer.

What moms do not like is the fact that you need one size bigger mittens to fit your baby, so extra caution is needed.

4. Toddler Winter Mittens Snowflake

Toddler Winter Mittens Snowflake Design

A traditional winterish design that cries “Hot Chocolate!” out loud. Moreover, thick Fleece lining protects our kids’ hands while they’re doing outdoor activities in cold temperatures up to -20°F.

  • Thick Fleece Lining
  • Easy to get on the baby’s hands
  • Some complaints about poor inner lining
  • Sometimes size chart and actual size don’t match

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Toddlers are small kids that are very active and they need extra care and protection, especially in terms of winter clothing and accessories. These mittens are loved by 75% of daycare moms that have toddlers between ages 2 and 3. They are very thick, warm, won’t come off easily and the price for value pack is really affordable, giving us less headache when it comes to winter clothes shopping.

5. Bblüv – Glüv – Baby Teething Mittens

Bblüv - Glüv - Baby Teething Mitten

That annoying and often very painful process can be eased by this cute little helper. Made from soft food grade quality silicon and with patterned texture, provides pleasing sensation to the gums.

  • Water resistant fabric
  • Stimulating pattern and crinkle paper
  • A bit pricey
  • Only two different colors available

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A teething mitten is a very clever and safe way of having fun while teething. What we parents usually struggle with, are teething toys always tossed on the floor, and, as much as inexpensive teething toys can be, we have to buy at least half a dozen, in order to always have a clean one ready for chewing.

Teething mittens are a product both for parents and babies. The mitten stays in place on the hand thanks to gentle yet firm velcro strap, provides quick access to self soothing and keeps baby entertained with its stimulating pattern and crinkle paper.

They are interchangeable, meaning it can be worn on either hand, so buying only one does the trick.

6. N’Ice Caps Kids Snow Baby Mittens

N'Ice Caps Kids Snow Mittens

Big, active kids ask for some serious winter hand protection, and that is where these mittens step in.

  • Water resistant fabric
  • 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • A bit pricey
  • Usually come in solid, rarely patterned design

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3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation is warm yet lightweight, powerful yet thin. It helps trap body heat, while allowing moisture to escape. That is an exact feature we are looking for when choosing best winter gloves for our kids.

Keeping their busy little hands warm and dry is all we ask for, and that is why majority of parents who are active outdoors during winter choose these waterproof mittens. The key features are grippy palm and ergonomic fit, elastic wrist and knit cuff that fits under a jacket sleeve to shield snow from sneaking in and above all, they are very easy to put on.

7. Peach Couture Toddler Winter Gloves

Peach CoToddler Winter Mittens Snowflake Designuture Toddler Winter Gloves

Peach Couture is a registered trademark, and a trusted brand. Their range of products offer a large variety of winter accessories that come in colorful rainbow or neutral stripes, and solid print in varying colors for a fun adorable look. Gloves are stretchy as they were made to fit toddlers aged 2-6.

  • 3 pairs value pack
  • Double layered
  • A lot of dust/fuzz inside after opening
  • Mismatch of size chart and actual size

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Toddlers love outdoor activities during snow or cold weather, and with these gloves, you have it all covered. Despite the rain, wind or even snow, their busy little hands will still be toasty warm. Toddlers love bright colors, so with these, so called “Rainbow gloves” you have scored.

Lastly, bearing in mind that small kids are prone to losing their gloves, value pack of three is what we are all hoping for.

8. Colorful Winter Mittens 6 Pairs – Best Value

Colorful Winter Mittens - 6 Pairs

Some parents prefer mittens over gloves for their toddlers. Mittens offer extra room for fingers to stretch & grab snow, also it is a lot easier to put mittens on/off than gloves, what sometimes can be an adventure bigger than taking kids out to play. In addition, these Winterlace mittens are very soft, they keep our kids’ hands warm and the value pack offers 6 pairs!

  • Skin friendly – does not cause itchiness
  • Bright colors

  • A bit pricey
  • Only two different colors available

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Each mitten features a softer interior for the ultimate cozy feeling that goes beyond keeping your fingers and palms warm. You will see how comfortable the inner surface is, gently brushing against the skin without causing itchiness. That is to say, with kids misplacing mittens all the time, pack of 12 does the trick.

They are not waterproof but can stand up to a few hours of playing outside, which gives you enough time to swap a pair or to take the kid home to rest while baby mittens are in the dryer.
Whether it’s sports, field trips, commute to school, or playing in the snow, rest assured that these mittens will do their job.

9. Moon & Back Organic Baby Set

Moon&Back Organic Baby Set

Every Moon and Back piece uses 100% certified organic cotton fibers. This awesome set Includes four caps and four baby mittens for your newborn.

  • Soft and delicate fabric
  • Unisex baby gear
  • Simple design
  • They fall off easily 

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There are parents who pay special attention to the origin of materials their newborns’ skin has the first contact with, so to them, certified organic cotton is a must. Organic cotton may not be the cheapest on the market, but they are proven to be safe, and there is no price tag on safety.

This set of products makes the perfect baby shower gift, and also covers your newborn in the first months of life. The set features extra long ribbing to keep hats and mittens in place, flat-lock seams, and printed interior labels. Little baby’s face is safe from scratching, tiny head is also covered with soft cotton cap, and you are relaxed when your baby feels safe.

10. Lictin Newborn Cotton Caps & Mittens

Lictin Newborn Cotton Caps&Mittens

Another newborn 100% Cotton product, comfortable and breathable and of course, machine washable.

  • Soft and adorable
  • Value for money
  • Complaints about shrinking after few cycles in washer

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They are pressed to lay correctly along seam lines unlike many more expensive brands. The patterns are adorable without being too cutesy and would make a wonderful gift for any expecting or new mother.
In addition, it is soft, no scratch mittens and a beanie and your baby is ready to go out!

Picking the best baby mittens

You are ready to hit the baby shop and buy some winter stuff. Are you sure that chosen mittens will match your parental criteria?
This is what you should be looking for while buying the best mittens for your baby:

1. Breathable fabric

Those little fingers can get sweaty, so choose breathable materials, such as cotton or a blend thereof.

2. Room to grow

Babies are growing by the minute, so you may want to get a pair with room for wiggling little fingers.

3. Straps or elastic

We need mittens on their hands, so straps, like Velcro, or a simple elastic will suffice.

4. Wind and cold protection

No matter the type: baby gloves or mittens, your kids need to be protected and safe, so warmth and water resistance should be mandatory

5. Machine washable

Babies toss mittens, kids outside love to get dirty. You need resistible material that can survive many cycles in the washer

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Baby Sleep Wearing Mittens?

Babies often tend to scratch themselves during their sleep, because they have zero control of their limbs. If you think that this could be the issue with your tiny monkey, then, it sounds good to let your baby sleep with mittens on.

On the other hand, some people are opposed to letting baby sleep in mittens. They can fall off and become a potential choking hazard in the baby’s sleeping area. To avoid this, make sure the mittens are secured to their clothing.

Gloves or mittens, what shall I choose?

This is actually a matter of your own personal preference. Over 80% of moms will vote for mittens when it comes to babies and smaller toddlers just because of the simplicity of putting them on/off.
Older kids like to have control over their fingers while playing and grabbing stuff, so they would go for gloves.

In the end, we have experienced skiers who will say that no ski gloves can beat ski mittens, and that brings us back to the beginning – personal preference.

How to keep mittens in place?

There are two methods for keeping mittens around; clips and string.
– There are double-headed clips that connect mittens to coats. The downside to the clips is that they can still be yanked off and lost. But, the nice thing about the clips is that your kid can take the mittens off and they will stay connected to the coat until they are needed again.
– The second option is safer and handier for toddlers and babies – the string. Tie one mitten to a ball of yarn and then thread the yarn through the sleeves of the coat. Go up one sleeve and down the other from the inside of the coat.

Now, at the end, I’d like to thank you for reading the full article.
Which pair would you consider for your little one? Do you think baby mittens are an essential item?
Write a comment (or two) in the section below.
Remember sharing is caring, so feel free to share the article too



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