8 Best Baby Wipe Warmer Reviews 2023 – Functional Warmers

Does your baby cry whenever there is a draft on their rear end? Or cry when they catch a chill getting out of the bathtub? Perhaps when your changing their diaper is when you really get an earful of it! Some babies can not stand when their cute little tushies are cold and uncovered. That’s why we decided to create a list of the best baby wipe warmer that a parent could find anywhere.

This list of warmers is sure to save you from having your child fuss their way through another diaper change. They come in many sizes and with a warming light so that you’re able to see at night.

No more cold wipes and no more stumbling around in the dark to find your pack of wipes. Take a wipe and enjoy all of these wonderful warmers we have listed for you to choose from.

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Why is it better?

  • Silicone seal
  • Night light
  • Affordable 
  • Well made

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The Lineup At A Glance

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Top 8 Best Baby Wipe Warmer Reviews

1. Hiccapop-Best hiccapop wipe warmer


Use this warmers nightlight for all of those middle of the night changing!

  • Night light
  • Silicone seal

  • Top heated
  • Not watertight 

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This wipes warmer helps to reduce the germs that may contaminate the wipes due to its antimicrobial design. Which ensures that your child will remain healthy with every diaper change.

You don’t need to worry about your wipes drying out or turning brown due to the warmer being too hot. This warmer keeps your wipes at a constant temperature at all times.

You can fit up to a maximum of eighty wipes within this container without worrying about overstuffing the box. The highlight will stay on for up to 10 minutes before automatically turning itself off.

2. Tuut- Best baby wipe warmer


If you need a dual operating warmer this is the best choice for you!

  • Comes with an adapter 
  • Bottle warmer 
  • Needs water
  • Will dry up wipes

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If you need a warmer that offers you two in one capability then this is the baby wipe warmer for your family. It features not only a wipe warmer but also a built-in bottle warmer as well.

This wipes container is energy efficient and great for families that are constantly traveling from place to place. It comes with both a car and a plug adapter connection to make your travels that much easier.

The wipes and bottle warmer stays at a constant temperature so you don’t have to worry about overheating or under heating the wipes or the bottle. It also features a nightlight so that you are able to see during those nighttime diaper changes.

3. Munchkin Warm Glow- Best munchkin wipe warmer

Munchkin Warm Glow

It is absolutely necessary that you get this warmer if you want a low voltage warmer!

  • Lightweight
  • Low voltage

  • Small
  • Dries out the top wipes

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This wiper may hold the most wipes out of any of the baby wipe warmer cases we have featured on this list. The warmer can hold up to a maximum of 100 wipes at any given time.

There is a clear window located on the front of the wipes container. This window allows parents to see how many wipes they have left until they will need to load the container with more.

It also features a convenient and easy flip top to use. The warmer has a nightlight that comes on and stays on for ten minutes before automatically turning itself off.

4. Prince Lionheart Warmies- Best prince lionheart wipes warmer

Prince Lionheart Warmies

If you’re in need of a constant night light then this is the container for you!

  • Easy to clean
  • Light construction
  • No automatic light
  • Light doesn’t turn off

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This warmer works well with both reusable and disposable baby wipes. It features a three-part warming system to ensure that your child’s baby wipes are warmed from top to bottom evenly every time.

It also comes with an antimicrobial micro-pore pillow. This pillow keeps your wipes from discoloring while also keeping the wipes bacteria and germ-free.

Lastly, it comes with 12 reusable wipes that you can use over and over again. Unlike the other baby wipe warmer, it does feature a nightlight, however, you can not turn it off automatically.

5. Prince Lionheart Ultimate- Best reviews

Prince Lionheart Ultimate

If you’ve got time to warm wipes up then you need this baby wipes warmer!

  • Replaceable pillow system
  • Ample storage
  • No on/off switch
  • Takes a long time to warm wipes

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This wipes container will ensure that your child’s wipes remain free of any harmful germs or bacteria. It will protect your child from yeast infections and any other infections that could be related to a yeast infection.

It features a pillow that can be replaced and not only keeps the wipes from turning brown but also helps the wipes to retain their moisture. This is important as some warmers cause your wipes to dry out quickly.

This warmer will warm your wipes from the bottom up so that may take a bit longer than other wipes containers. It also like many other containers features a nightlight for nighttime changes.

6. Motif- Best portable wipe warmer


If you need to be able to choose a specific heat setting than this is the warmer for you!

  • Two heat settings
  • Rash ointment
  • Malfunctioning warmer
  • Doesn’t produce enough power

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This warmer comes with the option to heat the wipes on two different heat settings. It has an indicator window that allows you to see how many wipes you have left. The built-in night light puts off a soft glow and will shut off automatically within a few minutes.

This warmer locks in the moisture and will keep your wipes from drying out. The container can hold up to a maximum of 80 wipes. This container also features cotton balls for you to use on your child’s bottom.

Lastly, this baby wipe warmer features an a&d ointment. This ointment is a great ointment for treating any diaper rash symptoms that your baby may be experiencing.

7. Prince Lionheart Compact- Best warmer for babies

Prince Lionheart Compact

This is the perfect container for mothers that are always on the go!

  • Portable
  • Compact
  • Plugin
  • Holds fewer wipes

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This wipes warmer comes with an adapter for both the car and the wall outlets. It is the perfect wipes warmer for traveling and constantly on the go mothers. You can use it anytime and anywhere you need to.

It has a very low profile design. And due to it being compact and small in size you are able to fit the whole wipes container within your child’s baby bag and most drawers within your child’s room.

Lastly, this container can hold thirty wipes at a time and you can use any brand of wipes that you choose to use. You can also choose a container color from the three color options the brand offers.

8. Prince Lionheart Premium- Best wipes warmers

Prince Lionheart Premium

If your a homebody and don’t require a portable wipes warmer this is the one for you!

  • Ample storage
  • Moisture retention
  • Top to bottom warmer
  • No car adapter

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This is another antimicrobial wipes warmer that keeps your child’s wipes bacteria and germ-free. It will halt the growth of any outside microorganisms that could cause your child to contract an infection of some type.

This one also has the patented pillow system. This system helps your baby wipes to retain their moisture and also will keep them from turning brown and drying out over time.

Unlike other brands, you won’t need to continuously add water to it to help your wipes retain their moisture. It is also a wipes warmer that will keep your child from getting any irritating wipes that they could get from irritations.

How to choose the Best Baby Wipe Warmer

When you’re choosing a best baby wipe warmer there are only a few things you need to keep in mind before making your final purchase. The first thing is the lighting feature. Choosing a container that comes with a light will allow you to change your child especially at night! Wipes warmer is one of the essential products that you should have for your baby.

You don’t want to disturb your child’s sleep cycle by flashing a bright light directly into their faces. The next thing to consider is how portable the container is. A portable container allows you to take it anywhere and change your child during times that you are on the go.

Safety is another concern when you’re looking for the right wipe warmer container. You don’t want a container that causes injury to your child. You also don’t want to buy a container and not be aware of how the container works!

The last thing you will need to consider is the durability of the warmer that you purchase. You don’t want to buy a container that you won’t get the most bang for your buck out of. Purchase a high quality and well-made wipe warmer.

1. Lighting

This is a very special and important feature especially when you are trying to change your child in the middle of the night. No more flipping on the light switch or shining your phone in your little ones eyes. Choose a warmer that features a night light so that you don’t disturb your child’s nighttime sleeping habits.

2. Portability

If your a family that likes to travel or your a mother that stays on the go then a warmer that is easily transported is very important for you and your baby. Babies need lots of supplies when traveling the last thing parents want is to have to carry a bulky warmer around with them. Choose one that comes with an in-car adapter that allows you to change your child’s diaper anywhere at any time.

3. Safety

The best warmers won’t compromise your child’s safety in the process. To ensure that your child is safe at all times you need to carefully read the instructions on how the warmer works. It should feature anti-microbial properties that keep bacteria from growing and contaminating your wipes container. It should also warm the wipes up to a temperature that won’t cause harm to your child.

4. Durability

Ensure that you invest in a quality and well-made best baby wipe warmer. Purchasing one that is durable and will last will confine to work for you and your child long past the time that they will outgrow it. High-quality warmers are well worth the money you spend purchasing them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this warmer warm from the top or the bottom?

It depends on which model you choose some warm top to bottom while others warm bottom to top.

Is this warm portable?

Yes, and due to its size you can store it easily in a diaper bag or a drawer.

Will it burn my wipes?

No, it is made to warm the wipes at a constant temperature to keep them moist and not too hot that it could harm your child.



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