Best Baby Food Storage [2023 Reviews] – Top 10 Baby Food Stage Reviews

Your baby has finally made it to the solid food stage – yay! Watching your baby eat new foods is super exciting and fun to watch (we all like those messy smiles they give while eating). And, you need the best baby food storage container to go with it.

These days there are so many ways to find baby food and different baby food holders.

While some parents like to buy jarred or pouched food for the convenience. Others like to make their own and store it.

And, if you do make it, get ready to get messy and have fun mixing different types of veggies, fruits, grains and oats, and meats together. It’s like a little science experiment for your baby.

After you make all the food – and trust us you don’t make one meal at a time – you will need a way to store it all. Don’t worry, we have you covered with the best baby food storage containers.

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Mumi & Bubi Storage Trays

Mumbi & Bubi Storage Trays

Why is it better?

  • 27 recipes included
  • Holds 42 oz.
  • Stacks easily
  • Easy to remove food

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10 Best Baby Food Storage Containers

1. Wee Sprout Containers – Best Travel Food Storage

Wee Sprout Containers

Safety is Wee Sprout’s number one priority. Plus, if you’re the family that likes to travel these food storage containers are perfect for you guys.

  • 14oz
  • FDA approved
  • Great customer service
  • A lot of pieces
  • Markers don’t wash off easily
  • No measurement indicator
  • Lids are not stackable

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These Wee Sprout containers are perfect if you’re a parent who has a baby that eats a lot or has multiples. The containers hold 14 oz and come with 12 pieces.

Ready to take your baby on every adventure even if it is to the park, then don’t look too far because these containers are perfect for travel.

These containers are not only BPA free, but also lead, PVC, and phthalate free. Plus, it is even FDA approved, so you don’t have to have any worries about the containers that hold your baby’s food.

The containers include 7 different colors, so you can easily color-code days or even food. As with 7 colors, you can classify your baby’s regular food and organic food. You can look at some great organic food for your baby in our list.

And, if you ever have any issues, Wee Sprout’s customer service has your back and will make sure all your concerns are addressed.

These containers are great for kids’ lunches. They stack easily and do not squish any fresh fruits or meals.

2. Elacra Food Storage – Best Long-Lasting Storage

Elacra Food Storage

If you want containers the lock easily and are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe, then these containers are meant for you.

  • Locking lids
  • Polypropylene plastic
  • Microwave safe
  • Spill proof
  • Don’t stack easily when storing away
  • Lid not microwave safe
  • Snap locks badly manufactured

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Locking lids are here to save your day. You will 100% know that the food is safely tucked away in the containers thanks to these airtight, spill proof silicone locking lids.

Elacra uses polypropylene plastic, which means that you can use the storage containers for a long time without any issues.

You’ll be able to store at least 10 3.4 oz. meals for your baby at a time.

Skip hand washing because these baby storage containers are dishwasher safe.

These containers are perfect as toddler food storage for daycare. They are a great size and stack easily.

3. Elacra Glass Storage – Best Glass Storage

Elacra Glass Storage

Don’t like plastic? That’s okay because glass storage containers are your new best friend for baby food storage. These containers are perfect for the microwave and oven – what a win! 

  • Glass
  • Oven safe
  • Locking lids
  • Short defrost time
  • Lids break easily
  • Seal pops off
  • Only comes in one color

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More and more parents are turning to glass for their baby’s food. We’ve been using glass for years to store baby food. And, you skip all the worries of safety issues that plastic containers have.

They are BPA free, so you don’t have to worry about BPA entering your baby’s system.

A great feature about these storage containers is that they are freezer, microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe. So, they are perfect for storing, heating, and washing.

Each food storage container holds 4oz., so the perfect size for your baby’s meal.

Plus, the locking lids are airtight and leak proof, so the food will stay fresh and uncontaminated.

The defrost time with these containers is short, so your baby’s food is ready to go as fast as possible.

4. Five-A-Day Fresh Cubes – Best Storage with Trays

Five-A-Day Fresh Cubes

Storage is your friend with these Five-A-Day Fresh Cubes. You can easily stack them away in your refrigerator, freezer or cabinets thanks to the handy trays.

  • Bpa free
  • FDA approved
  • Great customer service
  • A lot of pieces
  • Doesn’t lock well together when stacked

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Being able to make room for storing baby food in the freezer or refrigerator can be a hard task. But, look no further because these food storage containers include 4 stackable trays that hold 4 containers each.

The containers are airtight, water tight, and leak proof, so your baby’s food stays fresh for a long time.

Each container has measurement markings, so you can evenly distribute your baby’s food into each storage container.

These containers keep your baby’s food organized thanks to the different container colors.

5. Infantino Squeeze Pouches – Best Toddler Food Storage

Infantino Squeeze Pouches

Squeeze pouches are super popular now for babies and parents. If you and your baby travel out of the home often, then these pouches are calling your name!

  • Cheap
  • Front panel for labeling
  • Child safe cap
  • Good for travel
  • Top spout not universal
  • Not microwave safe
  • Not reusable
  • Need filling station for easier process

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Every grocery store you go to, you’ll see loads of baby food squeeze pouches. Now make your own with these disposable squeeze pouches.

Infantino makes sure you are prepared by including 50 squeeze pouches and 50 child safe caps. That is 50 different meals ready to go whether you are home or on-the-go!

Each pouch costs about $0.33, making these pouches super affordable. Your wallet will thank you.

There is a front panel for you to label what is inside, so you know what you are feeding your little one.

These pouches are perfect for toddlers and freeze and thaw easily.

6. Moje Mama Containers – Best Silicone Food Storage

Moje Mama Containers

Are you the type of parent who likes products that you and your child can use? Then look no further because these containers work as a means to store baby food and a way to cook and bake your favorite treats.

  • 2 bonus spoons
  • FDA approved
  • Many containers
  • Oven safe
  • Lid cracked in freezer
  • Freezer burns
  • Works as cooking & baking molds
  • Lid not super tight

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Moje Mama keeps your kitchen stocked by giving you two trays with 6 cups each and two bonus spoons.

These containers are freezer, oven, and dishwasher safe, so they have your back on storing, heating, and washing.

Once frozen, the food easily pops out, so you put it in a bowl or ziploc to finish defrosting.

If you ever have any issues, questions, or concerns, Moje Mama’s customer service is there for you every step of the way. They have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy that they follow.

Also, once your baby is done using these trays they are perfect for you to reuse on yourself. Lastly, you can easily bake and cook your favorite bite-sized treats.

7. Sage Spoonfuls Storage Set – Best Storage with Labels

Sage Spoonfuls Storage Set

Sage Spoonfuls made sure that you would have an easier time dividing out your baby’s food by putting a measurement indicator on each container. The set also comes with 60 labels, so you know at all times what your baby is eating.

  • Made in USA
  • Measurement indicator
  • 3 set size options
  • Comes with 60 labels
  • Color chips easily
  • Rough packaging

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Sage Spoonfuls makes sure you have options. You can choose from a set of 3, 6, or 12 containers.

It comes with 60 labels, so you can easily tell what is what when you are trying to feed your little one.

These containers come with measuring marks up to 3 oz., so you can distribute the baby food you made evenly. It is also great for keeping track of how much your baby is eating.
You don’t have to worry about the baby food going everywhere in the refrigerator or freezer because these containers are leak proof with screw top lids.

Lastly, these containers are great for storing your baby’s snacks as well and keeps everything neat and organized.

8. Sprout Cups Containers – Best Stackable Baby Food Storage

Sprout Cups Containers

These containers are great for storing all the baby food in the freezer or refrigerator. Plus, it stores away easily once you are done using them. If easy storage is your number one priority, then these containers are for you.

  • Stackable
  • Comes with tray
  • Microwave safe
  • Lids break easily
  • Top is hard to get on & off
  • Writing doesn’t erase
  • White paper comes off

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These Sprout Cups containers come with 6 containers and a tray. You can get the containers in either 2oz or 4oz.

They are stackable, so you can easily store them away in the refrigerator or freezer. And, then once you are done, you can stack and store in one of your cabinets.

Sometimes you make many different types of baby food. So, it comes with a dry erase marker, so you can write what is in each container.

These hold the right amount of food for babies. Lastly, the marker easily wipes off after each wash.

9. Toula 2-Compartment Storage – Best Price for Food Storage

Toula 2-Compartment Storage

If you have a picky eater, these storage containers are for you. Plus, you wallet will thank you because it comes with 50 reusable containers.

  • 50 pack
  • Reusable
  • Plastic cracks in freezer
  • Lid pops off in freezer

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Key features & details

If you’re looking for the best food storage all while saving some money, then these containers are calling your name. Each container costs about $0.44 – that’s a win for your wallet.

It comes with 50 reusable 2-compartment containers. It is perfect for any picky little ones or parents with twins or more.

These containers are freezer and dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about having to eat all the baby food fast or needing to hand wash.

10. Mumi & Bubi Storage Trays – Best Baby Food Storage

Mumi & Bubi Storage Trays

Mumi & Bubi has your back especially if you are new to the baby food making world. They provide 27 recipes for you to try out. Plus, the plastic is thick to avoid cracking in the freezer and transparent, so you can always know what you are feeding your little one.

  • 27 recipes included
  • Easy to remove food
  • 2 stackable trays
  • Thick & transparent plastic
  • Lid isn’t secure

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When you buy from Mumi & Bubi, you’ll get 2 storage trays with lids. Each tray has 21 cubes that are 1 oz. So all together, there are 42 oz.

The plastic is thick and transparent, so it is durable and easy to tell what each food is. It also has a large lip on the lid to prevent any spills when you store it.

For every first-time baby food maker, it is hard to find good, healthy recipes for your little one. Mumi & Bubi has you covered because they include an Eguide with 27 recipes. You can also apply those recipes with the best food makers that we listed here.

Lastly, this product is easy to use, and if you follow the instructions, you shouldn’t have any issues removing the frozen food.

How to Choose Best Baby Food Storage Containers?

After looking into all these options, it may be hard to actually figure out which baby food storage to actually choose.

Instead, we’ve put together a list of things to consider when looking for baby food storage.

1. The Material

In a world full of plastic, do you know how to tell if it is safe for your baby or not?
According to Utah University Extension, polypropylene is one of the safest plastics to use. It is tough and flexible.
Another key feature you want to be aware of is if the plastic is BPA free. According to the National Center of Health Research, BPA mimics and interferes with the action of estrogen. And, that there are current studies being done to see if BPA products affect the prostate, brain, and behavior of babies and children.
You’ll also want to look into containers that are lead, PVC, and phthalate free.

2. The Lid

The lid plays a huge role in keeping your baby’s food fresh whether it is in the refrigerator or freezer. If the lid isn’t airtight, then you run the risk of freezer burn or food that goes bad very quickly.

When looking at lids, take into consideration lids that have lock and seal lids, leak proof, spill proof, and are sturdy.

The better the lid the fresher your baby’s food is.

3. Appliance Usage

Another feature you’ll want to consider is if the containers are freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.

All these appliances make storing, heating, and washing easy for you.

If you don’t mind waiting defrost times or hand washing, then you can always use containers that aren’t microwave, oven, or dishwasher safe.

However, you are going to want a freezer safe product, so you can store baby food for longer than 3-7 days.

4. The Cost

Cost always plays a pretty big role in anything for baby.

You want the best for them, but you also don’t want to spend tons of money on every single product.

When looking into baby food storage, you are going to want to spend around $10-$20. With that, you should get about 6-15 containers that are safe and big enough for you to use.

5. The Space

Space is essential when looking for the best baby food storage containers.

You are going to want a product that stores a decent amount of baby food or you will be wasting your time. Babies can eat a lot of baby food per day depending on their age.

Another space aspect is storage space. You may want to take into consideration on containers that store easily in your refrigerator, freezer, and cabinets, so that you optimize the most space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the food storage containers safe to store baby food?

Yes, these containers are BPA, lead, PVC, and phthalate free, so you and your can safely eat and store food in them.

Are these containers dishwasher safe?

Yes, place them on the top shelf of the dishwasher to keep from getting deformed.

Do these storage containers leak?

No, they have air tight lids that will keep alll food and liquids sealed tightly in.

Will these containers leave freezer burn on the food?

No, seal the lid correctly on the container. If the lid is securely on, then it will avoid freezer burns.



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