Best Bike Trailer for Baby 2023 – 15 Functional Trailer Reviews

Ready, set, hold it! You’ve got everything ready for your next family biking adventure. Everything except something safe for your baby to ride in. Maybe you think to best baby bike seats but with a long trip parents everywhere have begun using a baby bike trailer for their many outdoor explorations. Bike trailers come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors. Do you want to know the best part about them?

They make bringing your baby along with extra fun without the hassle of buckles and straps.

Hence, finding a babysitter will become a thing of the past!

We looked far and wide to create a list of the best bike trailer for baby and I think we have done pretty well. Before your wowed by our research don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Editor’s Choice

Burley D’light

Burley D’light

Why is it better?

  • Affordable
  •  Compact
  •  Spacious
  • Large wheels
  • Simple to fold

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15 Snazzy Bike Trailer for Baby Reviews

1. Burley D’light – Bike Trailer For Baby

Burley D’light

Its time to take a ride and allow your child to stretch out fully while doing so with the Burley D’light trailer for your baby!

  • Simple & compact
  • Lots of space

  • Difficult to switch attachments
  • Not weatherproof

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This trailer allows for parents to add attachments making it a multisport trailer. It can be used for skiing, jogging, biking, and as a stroller!

When you aren’t using the trailer all you have to do is fold the seats down and haul it as cargo. This ensures the durability of your trailer.

In addition, the sides are manufactured to sit outward, which creates extra room inside for your children to move about comfortably. You are also able to adjust the suspension of the trailer.

The suspension coupled with the larger wheels makes the ride much more comfortable for your child. It has a mesh screen and a vinyl window from prime airflow.

Lastly, this trailer is versatile and made of the highest of qualities!

2. Thule Chariot – Best baby bike carriage

Thule Chariot

Your husband has the reclining lazy boy seat and now your child will have the plush reclining bicycle trailer seat!

  • Weatherproof 
  • Reclining seats
  • Heavy
  • Expensive

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This is another great stroller for jogging, skiing, biking, or just taking a simple stroll through the park. This trailer is recommended for parents who are outdoor lovers!

It features adjustable suspension, large wheels, and padded seating that is sure to keep your child comfortable and complaint-free during longer rides!

This product has a rain shield that will keep every drop of rain out during a downpour. It also has a mesh shield to block and protect your child from the elements.

The reclining seats are perfect for your little one to take an outdoor nap during the ride. Lastly, you can find additional cargo space located behind the trailer bed.

3. Hamax Outback- Best baby bike trailer

Hamax Outback

Even your older children will want to ditch their bikes and take a ride in the attachable bike trailer!

  • Can be used for older children
  • Padded seats
  • Bulky
  • Large

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The seats on this trailer measure two inches wider than the average bike trailer. Being that they are wider seats it’s only right that they are also made taller!

It has a reinforced footwell to give your children even more comfort combined with the padding seating. It does have adjustable suspension and larger wheels.

In addition, the larger wheels will provide a smoother ride. To switch attachments all you’ve got to do is click out one and click on the other!

It is on the heavier side as far as trailers go, but it has all the bells and whistles you could ever want when choosing a bicycle trailer for your child!

4. Thule Chariot Lite- Best bike wagon for baby

Thule Chariot Lite

Where this trailer may lack in design it makes up for in quality and attachable features!

  • Quality
  • Easy to attach

  • Heavy
  • Price

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This is a combination trailer being able to go from a regular trailer with stroller attachments to a Jogger and even a ski sled!

It is weatherproof and even though it keeps out all of the elements it is still breathable and allows airflow throughout. The mesh window is located directly behind your child’s head!

Lastly, to fold it and put it away the trailer has only two steps making it super easy to store. It is made of great quality and will last for all of your child’s adventures!

5. Burley Bee – Best review

Burley Bee

All trailers are not made to be multi-functional, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a great option for your family!

  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to attach 
  • Little to no padding
  • Single function

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Along with its extremely affordable this bike, the trailer is one of the easiest to hitch on to the back of your bike. It is also one of the lightest registering at 20 pounds!

In addition, the rain shield is easy to use and will keep your children dry from the water that’s trying to infiltrate the trailer.

It provides ample space for extra things you may need during your ride. This product could even be used for a ride to and from the grocery store!

It can only be used with one attachment and is not suitable for jogging or strolling. Lastly, attempting those activities could shorten the durability of the trailer!

6. Thule Cadence- Best toddler bike trailer

Thule Cadence

Toddlers that don’t quite know how to ride a bike yet will appreciate the seats in this bike trailer!

  • Easy assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Difficult to fold
  • Uncomfortable 

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This trailer is simple to use and is also one of the most affordable options. If you’re not catching on yet Thule is a highly sought after brand!

Out of the box assembly is quick and easy, but just in case it’s not it does come with instructions for you. The mesh screen and rain shield zip and unzip independently of one another!

It is lightweight and can be towed easily. While the large wheels make it easy to maneuver around any pathway.

It is manufactured of high quality and long-lasting material. Lastly, keeping the comfort of your child is mind it is compact.

7. Allen Sports Steel- Best pull behind child bike carrier

Allen Sports Steel

Storage is always a great thing to think about especially for trailers that may be considered too big!

  • Easy to fold
  • Compact
  • Tight fit
  • 3- point harness

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This trailer has maximum ventilation so parents don’t have to worry about their child becoming overheated. The trailer is light and won’t take up to much space when you store it!

In addition, the front allows for children to unclips and climb into the trailer without any help from parents. It is easy to fold and has removable wheels!

It features a three-point harness that can be connected with clips. Lastly, the rain cover and mesh screen function with only one zipper!

8. InStep Take 2- Best master cycle bike trailer

Instep Take 2

Space is a key component that will make this trailer one that you absolutely want and need!

  • Wide
  • Large cargo space
  • Quality
  • Plastic rims

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This trailer provides nice comfortable seats along with extra cargo space to pack everything you need during your outing. The seats have the ability to unclip from the frame and lie flat!

In addition, it can be used to transport groceries from the store back home. The trailer does have smaller wheels, but is equipped with bench-style seating for your child!

It is not recommended for use during the rain, but hey not all parents need a bike trailer for that kind of usage.

Lastly, if your not a family that stays outside for long durations of time this trailer is definitely for you!

9. Weehoo Weego- Best baby bike trailer

Weehoo weego

Wherever you go your baby will love to go with this uniquely named trailer!

  • Ventilation
  • Large inside
  • Difficult to attach
  • Hard to tow

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This trailer comes with the ability to be converted into a stroller. It also features a large inside that is able to fit older children comfortably as well!

In addition, it does provide wonderful ventilation. And has a mesh screen and rain shield that can be operated individually!

The footwell has been reinforced with rubber to provide extra comfort and safety for your child. This also makes it more stable to climb in and out of!

It has a five-point harness and maybe bullied than your average trailer. Lastly, it is bulkier to provide the extra room within for your child’s comfort!

10. Thule Cheetah- Best used bike trailer

Thule Cheetah

You can use this trailer to tow older children around with the speed of a cheetah!

  • Double wide
  • Multisport
  • Single trailer
  • Price

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This trailer comes with a stroller included as well as being able to be used as a jogger and a ski trailer for you and your children. How cool is that skiing in a trailer!

It is a tall trailer and also has a conversion kit located on board. The product is available in a single and double trailer option!

It has a four-wheel stroller kit and is made to move like a cheetah, but not quite as fast as a cheetah. It is exceptionally affordable and includes a four-wheel stroller kit!

Lastly, get your cheetah mindset on as you and your children enjoy the ride in this trailer.

11. WIKE Premium Double- Best bike cart for babies

WIKE Premium Doubl

A trailer for twins is the best trailer since the single trailers were invented!

  • Multisport
  • Spacious
  • Several small pieces
  • Bulky

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This trailer is the perfect trailer for older children as well as children that may be on the taller side. The height and weight of your older children won’t affect the suspension at all!

This trailer can be converted into either a stroller or a jogger for versatile parents. And for such a tall interior the trailer is fairly lightweight.

In addition, it has an exceptionally wide inside to make riding along extremely comfortable for your children. It does come with many smaller pieces for attachments!

Lastly, if you desperately need this trailer for your children just place the smaller attachments in a safe place to keep from losing them!

12. Allen Sports 2 – Best toddler bike trailers

Allen Sports 2

If you like attachments that are larger than life then this baby bike trailer is the trailer for you and your family!

  • Harness
  • Spacious
  • Too big
  • Price

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This is the best trailer for families that are more conscious about their budget. It is also on the more basic side as far as trailers go!

In addition, this product features large metal wheels for a smoother ride. It has a spacious inside for your children to lean back and enjoy the ride!

It has a thick padded hammock seat for maximum comfort. It’s so comfortable that you will want to sit in the trailer and have your child pull you around!

Lastly, it has a high-quality five-point harness for safety.

13. Bell Bicycle Seat – Best bike seat for kids

Bell Bicycle Seat

If your not quite into getting a large trailer then maybe just the seat is right for you!

  • Easy to install
  • Convenient
  • Uncomfortable
  • Cheap

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This seat has been engineered with a comfortable seating pad for your child’s comfort. It has a five-point harness to ensure safety!

It also comes with footrests so that your child’s legs are in a comfortable position during their ride. There’s nothing worse than having your legs dangle awkwardly!

The seat will fit on a wide range of bicycles and the seat can carry children up to a 40-pound maximum. In addition, the seat is a smaller option for space-conscious parents.

It also comes with a safety bar attached in addition to the five-point harness feature.

14. Schwinn Baby Bike Trailer – Best pull behind bike trailer

Schwinn Bike Trailer

No one wants to spend an excess of time setting up the trailer and if that sounds like you then this trailer is what you need!

  • Easy to assemble
  • Storage
  • Durability
  • Collect dirt easily

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This trailer comes with large 20” wheels for a great and comfortable ride. The large mesh window allows for prime airflow throughout the trailer!

It has a big screen to keep your child dry and free from insects. In addition, the seat has helmet mesh and shoulder pads for your child’s comfort!

It features a five-point harness and a large flag for extra visibility. In addition to your child, you’re able to carry 12 pounds of extra gear.

Lastly, it will easily fit in the back of any car or closet with the ability to fold and remove the wheels.

15. InStep Sierra Trailer- Best review

InStep Sierra Trailer

If you need a trailer that can double for your children and pets alike then grab this one quickly!

  • Front suspension
  • Great value
  • Quality
  • Cheap

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It features a two in one window that will keep your child protected from the elements as well as protected from bugs flying in on them. The trailer can be easily transformed into a jogger with front wheels!

The added parking brake adds extra control and maneuverability when it is being towed behind your bicycle.

In addition, two children can sit inside comfortably and it can hold a maximum of 100 pounds. The wheels release quickly for the ease of folding and storing it!

Lastly, it has a harness to ensure that your child is protected in the tow and stroller mode alike.

How to choose the Best Baby Bike Trailer

When choosing the best bike trailer parents to have a number of things they must consider before making the final purchase. Things that are important when it comes to your child’s comfort and safety!

The budget is the first thing that needs to be addressed when purchasing a trailer. The prices of trailers range from low to expensive and you need to set a price and stick to it.

The size and wheels should also be addressed prior to purchase. Upgrading to bigger wheels early may save you time and money in the long run.

When it comes to size keep in mind your child won’t be small for long and select a trailer that can accompany your child until they get their own bike to ride.

Also, proper ventilation is key. Nobody wants to spend time outside in a space that doesn’t offer proper airflow for them.

If you stick to these criteria then you won’t pick a bad trailer and your child will love you for the one you do pick!

1. Trailer type

When searching for a trailer determine how and what the trailer will be used for that will help you to narrow down your list of trailers from the beginning.Lots of trailers can be used as strollers or joggers and even for cross-country usage. Think of it this way trailers come in three distinct groups multisport trailer, trailer only, and trailer/stroller combinations. Once you determine which of these categories you wish to be in your trailer will basically choose you.

We have written a special list of the best baby bike seats for you.

2. Wheels & Speed

The bigger the tire the less bumpy the ride will be for your child. Bigger wheels tend to absorb more of the shock when you are winding along the paths you plan to travel. Smaller tires are equipped with plastic rims that may break or tear over time. Whereas if you opt for larger wheels made of metal your ensured durability. Also, with larger tires your able to go faster than you would be able to with the smaller tires.

3. Budget

Bike trailers can range anywhere from $100-$1,000 so you want to have a firm grasp on what exactly you want to spend on it since the price range is so vast. When considering price and budget keep in mind that the higher price usually means it comes with more features and also provides you and your child with a smoother ride. Lower prices are functional, but may lack certain features that the higher end of trailers may offer.

4. Design

There are lots of things to take into account when you think of the design. Does the trailer provide attachments that will hold your stroller? Does it have room for dual seats or is it just suitable for one child? Will the trailer provide proper ventilation so that the air is flowing through and your child doesn’t feel like they are in there suffocating. As well as the size of the trailer there’s nothing more annoying than spending a nice day outside cramped with no leg or headroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it attach if the washer is lost? Do I need a washer for it to work properly?

The coupler is recommended for use with all its proper parts including the washer and the pin. Without these it would not be safe to use the trailer.

Can I make the trailer work with an electric bike?

We do not recommend at the trailer or any other type of attachments to an electric bike of any kind.

Does it come with storage or do I need to pack a separate bag for that?

The trailer has ample storage so that you can store your child’s things there instead of needing extra bags for your ride.

Can two children fit in the one-seater if it’s big enough?

For safety purposes, we recommend you choose the two-seater option one-seater is meant for just one child, not two squeezed into it.



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