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Best Cloth Diapers 2023 – Ultimate Guide & Top Picks

The battle has waged on for many years about cloth and disposable diapers. Fortunately for you today we aren’t really focusing on that feud. Instead, we are bringing you the best cloth diapers for you to choose from.

Cloth diapers are generally inexpensive and are environmentally conscious. A cloth diaper comes usually wrapped in a protective waterproof outer shell and with inserts that can be interchanged whenever you changing your little ones wet nappy!

That is to say, if you have a hard time choosing between which set to buy don’t sweat it all the names on our list are great options. All you’ve got to do now is choose the one that has the color scheme you wish to purchase!

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Why is it better?

  • Affordable 
  • Soft
  • Durable 
  • Easy to adjust

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The Lineup At A Glance

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Top 10 Best Cloth Diapers [CurY] Reviews

1. Bambino- Best all in one cloth diapers


If you’re looking for a diaper that’s all in one then this is the diaper for you!

  • Soft 
  • Easy to adjust

  • Difficult to remove the insert
  • Difficult to place insert back in

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These diapers are some of the softest cloth diapers that you will be able to find on the market today. Moreover, it comes with Velcro strap closures that can be easily adjusted by parents to fit your child perfectly!

In addition, these are the perfect cloth diapers for babies with larger thighs as they are designed to be comfortable for them to wear. Even toddlers are able to wear them. 

As your baby continues to grow all you have to do is adjust the cinch feature that will allow the diaper to become one size bigger than it already is. Lastly, all you have to do is let out more fabric using the sizing straps.

2. GroVia-Best reusable diapers


If you’re looking for a hybrid cloth diaper that has a liner feature this is the diaper for you!

  • Hybrid
  • Cloth liner.
  • Covers are line dry only
  • You have to purchase both liners and covers

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This cloth diaper is one of our hybrid diapers featured on this list. You will need to purchase more waterproof covers and liner inserts separately from your original purchase.

In addition, this diaper works well with a snap-in cloth liner or insert. If you choose to go for an environmentally conscious liner then you can always choose liners that are made out of biodegradable materials. This makes them great to use as you travel or for your child to use during daycare.

As long as the cover is still clean all you have to do when changing the diaper is replace the insert. Lastly, after you remove the insert simply just throw out the used insert.

3. Charlie Banana- Best cloth diapers for newborns 

Charlie Banana

If your diaper must have the option to adjust them then this is the diaper for your little one!

  • Adjustable straps
  • Comfortable 
  • Can be a hassle 
  • Have to constantly readjust the straps

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This is another hybrid diaper that we decided to feature on our wonderful list of the best cloth diapers. The difference in this hybrid and other hybrids is that whatever liner you use the diaper will keep locked securely in place!

In addition, it has front-loading pocket for all the liners that you plan to use with the diaper. It is front loading to keep you from dragging a poopy mess across the diaper when you remove the liner.

Lastly, these diapers feature a soft fleece type of material. This material makes the diaper the ultimate diaper of comfort to be worn by your child.

4. BumGenius- Best bottom cloth diapers


A diaper that provides you with a back-up liner flap for leak protection! 

  • Affordable 
  • Great quality 
  • Too many liner flaps 
  • Bulky

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This is an all in one diaper that has become the favorite all in one diaper choice of many parents that use cloth diapers. Moreover, these diapers making cleaning them a hassle-free job.

Also, on the plus side, once you clean the diapers they dry quickly so that you are able to use them again as soon as possible. You don’t even need an insert to use these diapers!

Lastly, the diapers feature an easy snap closure type of system. This way your able to easily resize the diapers as your child grows out of one size!

5. Kanga Care- Best overnight cloth diapers

Kanga Care

If you need a diaper to help with overnight leaks this is the best choice for you!

  • Overnight use
  • Well made 
  • Annoying to change liners
  • Liners sold separately 

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The best feature that this diaper has to offer is the ability to change the absorbency level within the diaper. Making them perfect for heavy night wetters. Moreover, the liner can be placed exactly where your baby needs it to be placed!

In addition, it comes with two liners that can be interchanged and used any way you would like to use them. Any extra liners you may need will need to be purchased separately!

Lastly, you have the option to use them in one of six different ways. The leg openings feature an inner and an outer elastic band for comfort purposes. This makes any accidental leaking nearly impossible! 

6. OsoCozy- Best cloth diapers for burp cloth


If you love a diaper that comes folded like Praha I this is the one for you!

  • Super absorbent
  • Durable
  • Will shrink
  • Takes a long time to dry

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The pre-folded diapers come in two different sizes which are size 1 (7-15lbs) and size 2 (15-30lbs). Moreover, the best part of this diaper is you can trifold them and stick them within the inner pockets of your child’s diaper. 

In addition, the diaper is made of 100% Indiana cotton and each purchase contains a total of six diapers per package. These cloth diapers are super soft and extremely comfortable for your child to wear.

Before you use the diapers initially it is recommended that you give them a good thorough wash and allow them to dry. When your child no longer needs the diapers you are able to resell them at a profitable value!

7. Lil Joey- Best hybrid cloth diapers

Lil Joey

If you need a diaper to contain all of your babies leaks and blowouts here’s your obvious choice! 

  • Slim fit
  • Contains leaks and blowouts
  • Dry slowly
  • Baby will grow out of them quickly

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This diaper is one of the only diapers out there that will fit newborns and premature babies properly. It fits children that weigh anywhere from 4-12 pounds. Which means your child will outgrow them fairly quickly.

In addition, it features an option called the snap-down. This means you can use it to cover the umbilical cord so that there is no irritation caused by rubbing from the inner part of the diaper.

Lastly, the inner liner fold comes doubled to ensure your child has leak protection as they wear the diaper. To remove the stains that occurred from poop all you will need to do is pretreat the stains before placing them in the washing machine! 

8. Smart Bottoms- Best fitted cloth diapers

Smart Bottoms

If you want to take environmental issues a step further choose the diaper made of organic cotton!

  • Organic cotton
  • The insert can be folded
  • Price
  • Spraying off poop can be difficult 

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This diaper is made of organic cotton material for parents that want to take going green a step further. In addition, that means you don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals coming in contact with your child’s sensitive skin!

The organic cotton material is not only extremely soft it also prevents your child from experiencing diaper leaks. It also will prevent your child from getting a diaper rash!

Lastly, these diapers are recommended for children that are 8 to 35 pounds. It features four rows of snaps for a customizable fit for your child. It has an extra-long insert pattern for maximum absorbency! 

9. Alva- Best organic cloth diapers


If you’re looking for a cloth diaper to fit your budget this is the choice for you! 

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Not for larger children
  • Snaps can be difficult 

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These diapers can also be used for babies that enjoy being in the water. These diapers come in a two-pack and have three different sizes that parents can choose from.

Not only are there different sizes, but there are a ton of cute designs for you to choose from. Moreover, the interior of the diaper is made of a mesh material that contains messes and makes cleaning them easier. 

Lastly, it is made of waterproof material and no need to worry about your child growing out of them as they can be adjusted to grow with your child. It is soft so it will be comfortable to wear by your child!

10. Blueberry- Best cheap


If you have a leaking baby this diaper provides leak protection! 

  • Prevents blowouts 
  • Durable 
  • Inserts sold separately 
  • Cost-conscious 

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This diaper is a very durable diaper and is appropriate for children weighing anywhere from 10-40 pounds. They work well with any pre-folded, fitted, or flat diaper.

In addition, the cover is made of polyester like material making it 100% waterproof. It features double leg gussets so that parents can control the amount of leakage that may occur accidentally.

Lastly, these diapers won’t leave any red marks on your child’s legs that would be caused by irritation. It can be used as many times as you need before having to wash them!

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What are the best cloth diapers [CurY]

Cloth diapers come in many forms that far outway their color schemes. There is the flat or pre-folded diaper which is like the original gangster of cloth diapers. It is a small piece of fabric that has been doubly folded to be compact.

Then there is the fitted cloth diaper that will wrap snuggly around your little one’s waist and legs. It can be closed with the snap or Velcro closures that it comes equipped with. 

Next, is the pocket cloth diaper. And it is exactly what you think it is a diaper that has pockets located on the inside so that you are able to move the insert as you wish. Another form of cloth diaper is the all in one which basically encompasses everything these other diapers have in one diaper.

Lastly, you will find the hybrid diaper. This diaper is similar to the all in one diaper except you will only need inserts versus multiple outer shields to use these. When you decide to choose a cloth diaper to make sure you take into account all of these cloth diaper types!

1. Flats/Prefolds

This is the original forms of cloth diapers. They come prefolded in flat rectangular squares. Approximately the size of a large dish towel. The pieces are made of smaller fabric that has been folded over double time. The diapers have been folded, clipped, and covered in a waterproof shell.

2. Fitted

This diaper comes ready to wear and come with elastic leg openings and snaps or Velcro tab closures. They are made from an ultra-absorbent material and have been finished so that they are waterproof. You can use the waterproof covering with a fresh diaper.

3. Pocket

This diaper is equipped with a waterproof exterior and has pockets located on the inside of the diaper. The pockets are where you will place the inserts. Moreover, the great part of this diaper is that at any time you can adjust the insert that you’ve placed inside of it.

4. All-in-ones

This diaper gives your baby everything they need in one diaper. It features a waterproof cover and an inner liner to absorb all of the liquid. When you change this diaper you toss the whole diaper in the dirty pile and grab a new one.

5. Hybrids

A hybrid cloth diaper also has a waterproof shell coating. It does have a removable inner cloth lining to absorb the fluid. When you change your child all you have to do is remove the insert and replace it with a new insert. With this diaper, you stock up on liners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to wash the diaper with every use?

Yes, you need to wash the diaper after every change. How many diapers you will actually need depends on how many times your baby uses the bathroom a day.

What size are the inserts and can I use a different brand of inserts?

The inserts are standard size and yes you can use another brand of inserts.

What is the material the inserts are made out of?

Microfiber. Surprisingly, there are many products nowadays are made from microfiber.

Do these work with disposable inserts?

You could use disposable inserts, however, they wouldn’t absorb as much liquid as you would need them too. 


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