15 Best Nursing Bras [2023]- Top 15 Cute Options

When you decide on formula or breastfeeding and make the designing to breastfeed then you need to start searching for nursing bras to use. Nursing bras need to provide you the support, coverage, and leak protection that you need while on your journey of nursing your little one. 

We decided to bring you the best nursing bras that you could find out there on the market. Nursing bras are very important because they allow you to quickly access your breast in order to feed your child.

Some bras come in different colors if they come with different support closures. Whichever bra you choose you can ensure that the bra you purchase provides the right support and accessibility to your breast. Enjoy choosing from our list and look it over multiple times if you need too! 

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  • 3-pack
  • Cute colors 
  • Stretchy
  • Great quality

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15 Best Nursing Bras Reviews

1. Surewin – Best nursing bras


This nursing bra will be the best fitting bra you have ever had!

  • Affordable
  • Elasticity

  • Not big enough
  • Hard to adjust 

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This nursing bra comes in for different sizes-small, medium, large, and extra-large. Each package you purchase comes with three nursing bras within it. The material the bra is made out of is 90% nylon and 10% spandex.

The adjustable shoulder strap with the hook and loop closure allows you to access your breast with one hand when you need to begin nursing your little one. The fabric is a soft material for your comfort and has no annoying underwire within it. 

This bra is a wireless sports bra and provides ultra comfort when you are wearing it. It utilizes the drop-down feature making it easy for you to access your breast when you need to feed your child. To do this all you need to do is quickly unclip the bra on the side that you wish to nurse on. The straps are easy to adjust so that you get the best fit possible. And it is made of a stretchy material and we all know as moms stretchy material is the best material.

2. Leonisa- Best nursing bras


This bra will help every new mom get that extra lift she needs!

  • Durable
  • Stretchy
  • Price
  • Only one bra in pack

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Sometimes after giving birth to your little bundle of joy you realize that the girls aren’t as supported as they use to be. That can cause a big hit to your self-esteem. So this brand decided to help mothers all across the world with this ever happening problem.

This bra is the nursing bra that will offer every mom the most support and comfort while withstanding the trials and tribulations of the day. Meaning you can clip and unclip it as many times as you need to without having any problems.

It has an easy clip-down so that you can access either side of the bra for nursing whenever you need too. It has an open cup double design that makes this easy access possible. The bra is a wireless bra so you won’t have any issues or feel any uncomfortableness due to the underwire that other bras have

3. Rumina- Best breastfeeding bra


This strapless bra will fit under any strapless dress that you need it too!

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Needs more colors
  • No straps

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If you are a mother that loves to wear strapless dresses or tank top like shirts but don’t like that your bra strap always shows then you don’t have to worry because we have the bra for you. This bra is the perfect bra for mothers that pump and nurse frequently throughout the day.

It can accommodate anyway that you wish to collect your breast milk. If you wish you can place your breast pump through the hole for hands-free pumping or pull down one side to hand pump the milk if that’s what you wish to do. If neither of these options is for you just lift the side and nurse your child directly from the breast.

Lastly, there are clasps that are located on the back of the bra that allows you to adjust the bra in any way that you wish to adjust it too. This is due to the fact that your breast will fluctuate frequently during the nursing process.

Have a look at the best breast pumps in our review here.

4. Sayceli- Best affordable bras


This is the perfect little black bra for any nursing situation!

  • No underwire
  • Stretchy
  • Needs more colors
  • Only 1 in package 

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This bra does wonders in terms of using stretchy material. It has a 4-way stretch fabric so no matter how you move the bra will move with you. And as mothers, we need to be able to move multiple ways at a moment’s notice.

The stretchy material makes the bra ultra-comfortable so that you can wear it all day without any irritations. The drop-down method of the bra allows you to easily access either side of the bra whenever your child is ready to begin nursing. The cups within the bra are both removable and should be removed whenever you are washing the bra.

If you need to you can insert the breast pads in the bra to keep any accidental leaks from damaging the front of the bra and your clothes. Not only are the straps, but it also features clasps on the back of the bra for you to get the perfect fit.

5. Loving Moments- Best nursing bras

Loving Moments

If you need a bra that makes you feel sexy again this is the perfect choice for!

  • Sexy
  • Durable
  • Itchy
  • Quality

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After having a baby you may not feel as sexy or as in shape as you used to feel. This bra helps mothers to find that inner sex appeal while not having to compromise on the fact that they need t to be ready to nurse their child multiple times throughout the day.

This bra offers many pastel colors and lace that help you to get in tune with your feminine side. It won’t cause any bunching under your shirt or dress of choice. Even though this bra is on the more sensual side it still features the drop-down cups that make nursing easier to do.

You can pull down the cups with the use of just one hand. If you want to have a bra that doesn’t make you feel like a mom then this is the bra for you to buy.

6. Motherhood – Best cheap nursing bras


This bra is definitely for mothers that wish to look good no matter what they wear!

  • Cute
  • Adjustable
  • Can make you have underboob sweat
  • Underwire

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This bra, unlike other nursing bras, utilizes both padding and underwire in the manufacturing of this bra. This bra is the perfect bra for mothers that are going back to work and need a bra that will look great no matter what they are wearing.

It helps mothers to experience the maximum amount of coverage that they need throughout the day without having any accidental leaks. The straps allow you to adjust the bra and the back clasps also give you the freedom to customize the fit and the support of your bra.

You can use the drop-down cup feature to access either side of the bra that you choose to nurse on at that time. All you will need to do is take one hand and unclip your preferred side to begin nursing.

7.  Simple Wishes – Best cute nursing bras

Simple Wishes

Let’s get your exercise on with this nursing bra!

  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Quality
  • Durability

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This bra is the dream of nursing mothers all over the world. This bra features 3-in-1 capabilities. It looks like a normal bra, but can be used for maternity, nursing, and pumping. That means you pay one price and get multiple uses out of one set of bras.

The easy clip down feature allows you easy access to your breast on either side. There is an extra layer that allows you to insert your breast pump and pump hands free. The bra is made of soft and stretchy material so that not only are you comfortable, but you will be comfortable enough to wear the bra all day long.

8. QT Intimates- Best QT Intimate bra

QT Intimates

Get intimate with these cotton nursing bras!

  • Seamless
  • Neutral colors
  • Hard to adjust
  • Thin material

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This bra has the look of a more traditional nursing bra, unlike others that you may see on the market today. In addition, it gives mothers the comfort and support that you need to find in a good nursing bra. The bra is made of spandex and cotton material so that it is soft and gives you a little more stretch room.

This will help to accommodate the fluctuating size of your bust which happens as your milk supply increases and decreases. Lastly, it uses the clip features to allow you to adjust the bra and the bra comes in a multitude of colors for you to choose from.

9. Mothers En Vogue Bra – Best Mothers En Vogue bra

Mothers En Vogue Bra

Strapless is sometimes the best option for all involved! 

  • Stretchy
  • Strapless
  • Cheap fabric
  • No straps

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This bra does not require mothers to lift or drop down the cup in order to nurse or pump. This bra features an extra double layer of fabric that lifts open to a second layer so that you can access the bra entirely. That makes it entirely less of a hassle for mothers to use.

You will be able to support your breasts properly which will also improve any strain that your shoulders may feel from the weight of your chest. The underbust has been reinforced so that you get the prime amount of support that you need. The bra has built-in pockets where you can put breast pads.

10. Rose Pope- Best seamless bra

Rosie Pop

You can’t see this bra beneath your clothing at all!

  • Seamless
  • Sports bra
  • Thin fabric
  • Not good for fancy dress

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This bra is made of a lightweight and breathable fabric this will cut down on the amount of sweat that happens within your bra. It also makes this bra the perfect bra for leisure activity and relaxation. Moreover, the straps are adjustable to that you can get a truly customizable fit for yourself.

In order to breastfeed your child unclip one of the sides and pull back the top layer of fabric. After you remove the top layer of fabric it will reveal your breast located directly under that layer so that you are able to nurse or pump when you need to.

11. MIRITY – Best comfortable nursing bras


Don’t worry about your bra not being soft because this bra is the softest!

  • 3-pack
  • Durable
  • Needs more color options

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This bra is not only made of super soft material, but it is also seamless. This means that no matter what you wear no one will be able to detect the lines of the bra beneath your clothing. This bra can also be work to complete most daily activities.

The drop-down design allows you to quickly access your breast so that you can breastfeed or nurse. This bra is so comfortable it can even be worn during the nighttime for night feedings. Located on the back of the bra are three vertical clasps to offer you better support.

12.  Gratlin- Best sex appeal bra


You can’t see this bra beneath your clothing at all!

  • Sexy
  • Lacy
  • Not functional
  • Can be seen under clothes

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A little bit of black and white lace can go along way in terms of helping women feel sexy and alive again. This bra not only features that, but it also features lace trim and a cute miniature bow in the middle of the bra.

You can be a nursing mother and be the sexy mom while still using the drop-down feature that the cup provides. This bra does feature an underwire for support so it might not be as comfortable as other bras are. It will enhance your cleavage while lifting and supporting your bust line.

13. Kindred Bra- Best for plus size

Kindred Bra

This bra is the best for mothers that have a little extra to offer!

  • Good for plus size mothers
  • Stretchy material
  • Thin
  • Not enough colors

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If you are a plus size mother don’t worry because we put a bra on this list that is made especially for you to wear.  The extra stretchy material allows you to have extra room and comfort for your body since it is constantly changing as you adjust to the mode of motherhood.

You don’t need to worry about being exposed because the material which is a spandex material will cover you fully with its wider band. The wider band will help to evenly distribute your bust weight so that you don’t have any back strain. It comes in a variety of colors and features the nursing panel for feeding.

14.  Essential Bra – Best bra for relaxing

Essential Bra

Pump with the help of this nursing bra!

  • Wide straps
  • Hands-free access
  • Run small
  • Durability

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This bra is the best bra for mothers that primarily pump to express the milk that they need to feed their little ones. It is the all-in-one breast pumping bra. You have to remove any of the additional layers just to get the job done.

It has specialized pockets that allow you to comfortably fit your breast pump as well as the breast pumping shield. You can quickly pull the layer aside to expose the breast. The bra is comfortable and can be worn for daily or nightly use.

15. Kindred Bravely- Best sleep nursing bras

Kindred Bravely

If you need a bra for nighttime pumping this is the bra for you!

  • Perfect for nighttime use
  • Comfortable
  • No slot for pump
  • Breast falls out sometimes

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While mothers need lots of support during the day they also need quite a bit of adequate support during the night time as well. It offers you that soft and gentle support that you need and require from a nursing bra. The product is made of soft material so that you are comfortable wearing it all day long.

It doesn’t have any clasps or uncomfortable clips located on the back of the bra. This bra is made for nighttime use as your able to simply pull it to the side to nurse your baby. The material is stretchy allows you to quickly access either your left or right breast.

Types of Nursing Bras

There are many different types of nursing bras that you need to consider before making your final purchase. There is a strapless bra that allows you to wear anything type of clothing without the hassle of messing with straps and closures.

Next, there is a soft cup bra which I basically like a traditional bra except it has the capability to drop the cup down in order to feed your child. There is a seamless bra that can’t be detected below your clothes and is made of a material used by most nursing bra manufacturers.

Another bra to consider is the sports nursing bra which will allow you to move around and exercise with the freedom that a nursing mother needs. There is also the underwire bra that will lift up your bust and support while providing you with extra cleavage. 

The breast pumping bra is designed so that you can lift up a flap and pump/express milk with your breast pump while being hands-free to do other things. Lastly, there is a bra that is made for sleeping due to it not having clasps or dropdowns. It just uses the pull aside feature for easy feeding access.

1. Strapless

A strapless bra is the perfect bra for mothers that love to wear spaghetti strap dresses or strapless shirts. It allows you to still have the same support without the clasps and straps on it. You can also lift the bra easily to access your breast to feed your little one.

2. Soft Cup

This bra is closer to a traditional standard bra than all the other bras on this list. It will unclip easily so that you can access your breasts when you need to nurse your child. The cups are made of a soft material.

3. Seamless

Lots of bras will use the seamless bra design so that it can’t be detected underneath your clothing. Seams that press against your breast can cause you to be uncomfortable during the day while you are wearing the bra.

4. Sports

This bra functions just like a regular sports bra with its stretchy and elastic-like material. It doesn’t have any underwire and will allow you to participate in daily and sporting activities when you wear this nursing bra.

5. Underwire

A bra that offers you more support is going to have underwire in it. This will lift and enhance your bust line. It will also give you extra cleavage for a fuller and sexier look. You will need to make sure you purchase the right size or it could affect your milk supply.

6. Breast pumping

This bra may feature multiple layers so that all you have to do is simply pull up one layer to fully access the layer where you will insert the breast shield so that you are able to pump hands free. This is important for mothers that need their hands for other things.

7. Sleep

that is used during the nighttime is created so that it offers extra comfort. The bras that you wear during the day may have hard clasps on them. Whereas this bra is made of soft lightweight material so that you are able to use the pull aside method when you’re about to feed your child.

How to choose the Best Baby Nursing Bras

 Before you choose a nursing bra there are a few things you will need to consider before making your final purchase. One thing is support without the proper support a mother could find herself with strain pain and begin to slump over due to that pain and not having the right support from her bra.

The next thing to consider is comfort. You will want a bra that allows you the opportunity to go all day without experiencing any discomfort. Also, consider the closures and where they are located on the bra. You don’t want a closure that is hard to use or hard to reach. 

You can have a little toy for your baby like the teething necklace.

Choose a bra that allows you to customize the bras for. This will ensure that it fits you properly and in the way that you want it to fit. Lastly, have fun choosing the color and the style that your bra comes in after all you do have to wear it! 

1. Support

You will need to make sure that you choose a bra that gives you the prime amount of support that you need while wearing the bra. When your breasts are at their fullest it can be increasingly uncomfortable if you don’t have the right bra on. Good support will keep not only you comfortable, but your breasts perky and upright.

2. Comfort

When you choose to breastfeed you will face a plethora of discomfort with that alone so you don’t want to purchase a bra that increases how uncomfortable you can be. Find a bra that fits properly and is made of a material that is soft and comfortable for you to wear

3. Closures

The way that you will open and close the bra so that you can access your breast is a very important feature to take into account. You need to keep in mind that however, the flaps function you will probably be using one hand to open and close these flaps as the other hand will be holding your child. So make sure it has easy opening flaps.

4. Adjustability

You will need to purchase a bra that allows you to customize it so that it fits the way you would like your bra to fit you. A bra that is too loose or too tight can not only be uncomfortable, but it can also cause issues with your milk supply. You will want to take in the straps and closures that allow you to customize the fit.

5. Color & Style

If you’re a mom that wants to bring back the feeling of being a sexy mom then you will want to consider the type of bra. Some bras are fitted with sexy lace trim so that you have that sex appeal going on again. If that is important to you consider the bra style and color.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this bra come with breast pad inserts?

No, you will need to purchase breast pad inserts separately.

Does this bra have pockets for me to place my breast pads in?

Yes, there are pockets located on the inner side of the bra that allow you to place your breast pads within them.

Can I wear this bra at night?

No, due to it being made primarily of satin and lace it may not be the most comfortable bra to wear during the nighttime.

How many bras come in each order?

You have the option of choosing between 1, 2, or 3 bras at the time of your purchase.



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