Best Pregnancy Test Kit [2023]-Top 8 Reliable Tests

When you’re trying to conceive there’s no moment bigger than when you go to the bathroom and take your pregnancy test and then await the results. In this crucial moment, it can be annoying to use a test that is faulty or inaccurate in its reading.

We compiled a list of the best pregnancy test kits for you to choose from. We want you to be able to confidently use any test from this list and know that you’re going to have the best reading possible. 

Pregnancy tests can either be digital or have lines that present a positive or negative result. Some tests even come with test strips that resemble something out of a science lab.

Whichever kit you choose to use we want you to know that it will work and won’t spoil this special moment for you and your family. Choose the best test kit for you from this list!

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First Response

First Response

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  •  Fast results
  •  99% accurate
  •  3 tests in the package 
  • Great price

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The Lineup At A Glance

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8 Best Pregnancy Test Kits Reviews

1. First Response- Best home pregnancy test

First Response

This test is the most accurate and reliable test on the market!

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to read

  • False negatives 
  • Defective

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If you are one of those parents that are not very good at waiting for results patiently then this is the precise test for you and your spouse. This test is the best at delivering an early testing result and can be given to you over-the-counter in any drugstore.

In addition, you can take this test up to five days in advance of your missed period and it will give you an accurate reading. The handle is curved so that you are able to hold it securely while you’re taking the test.

Let’s be honest peeing on a stick that is difficult to see is not an easy task to complete. You can also find this test in the digital form if that is your personal preference.

2. Wondfu- Best early detection pregnancy test 

Wondfu Strips

If you need an accurate test reading this is the test for you!

  • Accurate
  • Easy to read
  • Faulty
  • Bad test batch

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This test makes getting a great reading easy to do as it eliminates the plastic tip applicator and absorbent tip. Moreover, it replaces both of these things by providing parents with a simple test strip that can be found in any regular pregnancy test.

All you need to do is pee into a collection cup and then dip the testing strip within the cup of urine to get your test results. Your results will be presented to you within five minutes and this test is up to one dollar less than other testing kits.

3. ClearBlue- Best cheap pregnancy test


If you need a clear and concise reading this is the test for you!

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to read
  • Defective
  • False negatives

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This pregnancy test takes the guesswork out of reading your test results. Whereas, manual tests can give you faint lines that make you second guess whether it is false or positive this digital pregnancy test will not.

Once you finish taking the test it will tell you in words on the panel what the result of your test is. It features a flashing light on the panel that counts down the minutes until you will be able to view your pregnancy results on the screen. This test will give you an accurate reading up to four days before you miss your period.

4. EPT- Best early pregnancy test before missed period


This test will take the guessing out of the results process!

  • Easy to read
  • Affordable
  • Not as advertised
  • Unclear results

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This test is another digital option that you can find on the shelves of most drugstores. Your reading will appear clearly on the panel within five minutes after you take the pregnancy test. In addition, don’t worry we don’t like making you wait for your results either.

This particular test is especially sensitive when it comes to detecting the hCG hormone levels within your bloodstream. It delivers fast results even if the hormone as strong in your blood as other testing kits would need it to be in order to give you an accurate test reading.

5. ClearBlue Rapid Detection- Best Over the counter pregnancy test

ClearBlue Rapid Detection

This brand will give you a strong and clear result every time!

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • 2 false positives 
  • Not reliable

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If you are really eager to know the results of your pregnancy test and don’t want to wait for the grueling three minutes then this is the perfect test for you and your family. This test delivers a rapidly accurate result in one minute after you’ve finished peeing on the stick.

In addition, the box comes complete with three tests to take if one is just not enough for you. You will need to wait a few days to retake the test if you think that your false result is because you don’t have high hCG levels in your blood yet.

6. Easy Home Ovulation/Pregnancy Tests- Best pregnancy test stick

Easy Home Ovulation/ Pregnancy Tests

Unlike other tests, this one comes with dual capabilities!

  • Price
  • Easy to use
  • Not great for mothers with PCOS
  • False readings.

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This testing kit comes with strips that allow you to test your ovulation as well as test and see if you are pregnant. It includes 50 ovulation testing strips and 20 pregnancy testing strips. The ovulation strips measure your level of the hormone, which increases one or two days before you ovulate.

If you get a positive ovulation result you are likely to ovulate in the next 24 to 48 hours after the result. To take both tests you will need to pee in a cup and then place the strip within the specimen to get your reading. Lastly, this is a fairly inexpensive test.

7. First Response Variety Pack- Best digital pregnancy test

First Response Variety Pack

If you need three tests why not use ones with three different ways to read your results!

  • Digital and manual
  • Comes with 3 different tests
  • Takes 3 minutes
  • One test didn’t work at all

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Can’t make up your mind as to what kind of test to choose that will best fit your needs then why not purchase a testing kit that has three different testing types within it. This kit comes with three tests that allow you to check if your pregnant up to six days before missing your expected period, a digital result, and one is ready in under a minute.

Make sure that you don’t try to use the tests too early because if you test before the level of hCG is high in your blood the tests could mistakenly give you a false test reading. And we all know that a false test reading can be very frustrating for expecting parents.

8. iProven Early Detection- Best test for pregnancy

iProven Early Detection

Here is a new brand of testing that will give you accurate results no matter what!

  • Affordable
  • East to read
  • Cheap 
  • False readings

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If your a family that can’t wait to start your growing family then you should let this testing kit deliver the results that you need. This test has been proven to be 99% accurate when it is used one to two days before your expected period cycle.

If you want to be extra sure that your test is accurate don’t worry as this testing kit comes complete with two tests within the box. Lastly, this company offers a 100-100 promise policy. This means that you are protected by their 100-day money-back guarantee no questions asked if something goes wrong with your testing kit.

When’s the best time to take a pregnancy test & how do they work? Are they accurate?

Taking a pregnancy test at the right moment can be the deciding factor between a positive and negative test result. The proper time to take a test depends on the sensitivity levels of hCG within that specific testing kit. Remember, do not smoke before or during pregnancy since it will impact you in many ways.

Some tests have been known to work earlier when little to none of the hormone can be detected in your bloodstream. And the reverse of that is a test that won’t give you a proper result until your hormone levels are on the higher side.

The way pregnancy tests work is after the egg has been fertilized in a woman’s womb she will begin producing a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). When a woman is early in her pregnancy hCG will double every 2-3 days and will have peaked by the end of the first trimester. 

The tests read how much of this hormone is present in your urine. Tests that are taken at home tend to be more accurate if you wait a bit longer before taking them. If you wait to test until the week or day of your missed period you will get an accurate test. However, if you take it to early the likelihood of a false reading is high. 

How to choose the Best Pregnancy Test Kit

Before you purchase a pregnancy test that will dictate such a special moment in your life then you will need to consider a few different things before you make your final purchases. The first thing to do is select a test that allows you to use it without providing difficult instructions.

Next, decide whether you want a test that has digital or lines to present your reading. Sometimes depending on how much hCG is in your bloodstream the lines on the test could come through faintly and not give you the strongest reading. Once you are pregnant, you should use some nursing bras.

The price of a pregnancy test depends on the brand and how many test sticks you choose to select when making your purchase. If you need multiple results then a 3-pack Test is best for you if not a 1 or 2-pack may be the better option. Considering these criteria can make this special moment much smoother. 

1. Easy to use instructions

You will want to select a testing kit that has easy to use instructions. While most are straight forward with the notion that you just pee on the stick some require that you collect the urine in a cup and put the actual strips into the collection dish. You will want to make sure the instructions aren’t overly complicated.

2. Digital or lines

This criterion is a personal preference. Whether you prefer a test that reads digitally or one the reads via lines. Sometimes the ones that show lines will cause you to second guess the reading if the lines aren’t showing as strongly as they should. This could happen due to the level of hCG in your bloodstream.

3. Price

Depending on how many tests are in the package as well as the brand of the pregnancy tests the price of the kit will be higher than other ones. Sometimes the price isn’t worth skimping on getting an accurate test reading.

4. # of tests in the package

Test packages come with one, two, or three tests within each package. If your not one of those moms that have to have three positive readings before you believe it then you will need a package with more tests in it. If you just need one positive result then a package with one or two tests for you will work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use the same urine for all three or different specimens for each test?

It is a personal preference you can use different urine samples or the same urine sample for all three tests

If I am 5 weeks late for my period will the test be accurate?

Yes, due to the fact that you are way past your expected period your test will be extremely accurate.

Where is the testing kit manufactured?

This testing kit has been manufactured in the United States.

Can the digital test give you a false positive?

Yes, if the test is taken too early there won’t be enough hCG hormone in your blood in order for the test to make an accurate reading. 

What does it mean if the first line is clear and the second line faint?

It could mean that your body hasn’t reached the peace of the hCG hormone level production they, however, no matter if the line is faint or not two lines mean you’re pregnant.



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