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12 Best Toys for 3 Year Old Girls 2023 – Gifts Under $50

What do 3 year old girls want? They want the best toys! Whether you are looking for the best birthday toys for your 3 year old girls or simply looking for toddler girl toys, we have a list of toys that both parents and children will love. 

It’s tough to know what products are the best. You want to get fun toys for 3 year old girls and you want to make sure they are the newest girl’s toys too. We made sure to put all the most fun toys on this list, along with descriptions about each toy. We’ve also done all the parents a solid by making sure that every toy on this list is fun, cool, and also good for your toddler. 

Good toys don’t have to be expensive. In fact, some of the best toys are extremely affordable and are actually better for your 3 year old girl than those expensive electronic ones. We have reviewed all of the toys for 3 year old girls and selected the coolest toys for 3 year old girls all under $50.

In this review

These are fun toys for 3 year old girls that will captivate their imaginations for hours at a time, giving you some extra time to relax and enjoy watching the 3 year old girl in your life find delight in one of the best gifts she’s ever received. 

A lot of parents don’t realize how important choosing the right toys are for their child’s development. Luckily, we have researched all of the newest girl’s toys and selected a list of the toys for 3 year old girls to make picking out the best present for a breeze. These gifts are both cool and developmentally appropriate for your toddler. They are also priced for those on a budget.

Editor’s Choice

Number Lovin’ Oven

LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven

Why is it better?

  • Frustration Free Packaging
  • Promotes Developmental Skills
  • Easy for Children to Use
  • Interests a Wide Range of Children

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The Lineup At A Glance

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Best Toys for 3 Year Old Girls [year]

1. LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven

Number Lovin’ Oven

The LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven has all the things parents and 3 year olds want! It’s educational, promotes development, and it’s fun to play with!

  • Frustration Free Packaging
  • Promotes Cognitive Development

  • Smaller Than Pictured
  • Not very portable

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The LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven is absolutely the cutest toy and for the low price it performs well, holding up for many years. There aren’t many customer complaints from those who have bought and used this adorable, little oven. 

The biggest complaint is that the oven looks a bit bigger when pictured on the internet than it does in real life. Make sure you take a look at the size specifications before you purchase so that you are not surprised. 

What’s more?

This toy promotes the development of life skills such as learning to cook and also cognitive processing through counting. It simulates real cooking with actual sizzling sounds, a timer that “dings” and a preheat beeping noise. It also plays music.

Like all the toys on this list, this toy sparks the imagination in girls so they can imagine themselves cooking and organizing their own kitchen. There are lots of cute food piece that come with this as well including pizza slices, cupcakes, and a fried egg. 

Still not convinced? Read what parents have to say:

“My 2+yr old granddaughter has declared this her most favorite toy! She loves to play “restaurant” with it… I hear “comin’ right up!” quite often as I’m presented with a cupcake and fried egg about every 15 mins, haha! She occasionally has a little difficulty with clicking the oven door shut, but overall this is sturdy & offers plenty of features for imaginative play. I also like the compact size.”
“Very cute, my 3 year old loves it! Especially frying the egg.”ured…”

2. Fisher-Price Barbie Tough Trike

Barbie Tough Trike

This adorable, pink Barbie trike is perfect for little girls who are just learning how to pedal. Buy your 3 year old one and she’ll be wanting to go outside and ride all day long!

  • Promotes Gross Motor Skills
  • Cool Barbie Style Kids Love
  • Difficult to Assemble
  • Not made for shorter 3-year-olds

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Why do 3 year old girls love this Barbie-themed trike? Well, it’s got that cute Barbie style but it’s also for tough little girls who aren’t afraid to go outside and get dirty. She’ll be able to ride like a big girl without the hassle of learning to ride a big bike. 

This trike gets your toddler off of the couch and out into the beautiful day. It can be pushed forward by scooting, without pedaling, making this trike a great starting point for children who are just learning to pedal. 

The bike is recommended for ages 24mos-5 years old, but many parents of children under 3 say that this bike is too long for shorter children. Make sure you read the height specifications and reviews before you purchase this for your child. 

What’s more?

Most of the complaints about this bike relate to the assembly process, which does involve breaking out your tools, but at under $40 putting a little time and effort into putting the trike together is worth it. Most people report assembly is easy.

This bike has fantastic reviews and is well-loved by little girls. Here are some reviews: 

“Great Tricycle for the price. Fits my 38″ tall 3 year old. She can reach the pedals much easier on this than a Junior Big Wheel…”
“…on a playdate with friends, our daughter discovered this Barbie Trike. I ordered one that evening. It arrived two days later. She loves it!!! It was pretty easy to assemble, which is always a plus. It’s lightweight, so it’s easy for our little peanut to get started and control. It’s pink and purple — her favorite colors — so she’s excited about riding it…”

3. LeapFrog Scout and Violet 100 Words Book

LeapFrog 100 Words

Are you excited for the day that your little girl knows how to read? LeapFrog’s 100 Words Book is one of the best at teaching reading and language skills disguised as fun!

  • Promotes Language Development
  • Easy for Toddler to Use
  • Loud
  • Pages are Slick

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You may have already heard of LeapFrog’s reputation in teaching children language and reading skills. If you haven’t purchased one of these interactive books for your child, don’t wait! 

Little girls will love pressing a button and hearing this toy read to them and give them an explanation. The interface is very responsive to touch and to be clear, this toy DOES NOT need to be hooked up to or synced to a computer. It runs on batteries. 

LeapFrog’s 100 Words book revolves around two sweet, little puppies named Violet and Scout who introduce your toddler to 100 age appropriate words in twelve categories that include things like pets, animals, food, vehicles, and opposites. There is also a Spanish and bilingual English/Spanish setting. 

What’s more?

Some parents complain that the pages are a bit thin compared to your typical board book and tend to be a bit slick and hard to grip. Others state that this book is a bit loud, even on the lowest setting.

The good definitely outweighs the bad here, especially since this is a toy that kids can use on their own without your help. Overall, this is one of the best toys you can buy for your child, getting them ready for learning to read and write. Little girls will love building their vocabulary while having fun “reading”.

Parents rave about this toy:

“…My kiddo’s are 3&1, one talking vigorously and the other learning the language/single words but building her vocabulary. This thing is awesome! So easy for the kids to use and learn on their own.”
“Great way for toddlers to learn first words. Easy to activate for small toddler hands. Nice durable, easy to clean pages.”

4. VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier

VTech Care for Me

Does your 3 year old girl love animals? This plush dog and carrier set make it easy for your little pet lover to bring her puppy with her everywhere she goes.

  • Develops Life Skills
  • Perfect Size to Carry Around
  • The door is hard to open
  • Not available in other colors

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What do 3 year old little girls want? They want a pet to take care of, of course! Many parents aren’t ready to make the commitment of getting their child a real pet, so naturally this is a solution that little girls will agree with. 

This makes the best toys for 3 year old girls. This toy comes with a stuffed dog that is slightly bigger than a Beanie Baby in size, a pet carrier that has a lot of interactive buttons and speaks, and a tiny comb. It teaches life skills of caring for a pet while also teaching things like numbers and letters. 

What’s more?

Some parents were shocked at the size of the carrier and puppy because it seems larger in the picture, so make sure you look at the specifications before you purchase your own puppy and carrier. Disappointment in this product is mainly because the puppy and carrier only come in one variety. Little girls definitely wish there were more puppy and carrier options available for purchase.

Still not sure about this popular toy for girls? Here are some reviews:

“My granddaughter is 3 and loves this toy. Great product and very cute.”
“Another score for granmommie! My 3 yo grand-daughter loved this set & everything fit inside! The dog was cute & plush, the sounds & lights were a big hit (the batteries were included!). all around great idea & lots of fun for our dog loving grand child.”

5. Melissa & Doug Clay Activity Set

Melissa & Doug Clay Set

Want a step up from the cheaper brands? This dough and sculpting tool set has everything you need to keep your 3 year old girl entertained for hours.

  • Sturdy wood tools
  • Nice packaging
  • Dough is sticky
  • Dough containers are small

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Little girls love to be creative! This Shape, Model and Mold set makes a toys for 3 year old girls. It is made by Melissa and Doug, who have a good reputation for selling well packaged, long lasting wooden art sets. 

For under $30 you get two kits, each with four tubs of modeling dough (not clay) and various wooden accessories. For best results, have an adult play with your 3-year-old girl to show her what all the tools are capable of doing before turning them loose. 

Parents report that this set is long lasting and entertains toddlers while improving fine motor skills. It also encourages imaginative play, so don’t be surprised if your little girl turns her dough into a masterpiece.

What’s more?

There are very few negative reviews about this popular toy for girls. The only complaints come from people who weren’t aware of what was actually in each set. Other than that, parents are very satisfied with the purchase of this set and enjoy that the dough isn’t messy at all and easy to clean up.

Here are some comments from satisfied parents:

“We got this for my daughter for her 3rd birthday and she LOVES it. She can use everything and it will keep her busy for hours. All the textures help them use their imagination. Nice quality!”
“Wonderful gift or toy for a 2 or 3 year old!! My 2 year old plays with this almost every day and it’s not as messy as I thought it may be.”

6.  LYLKD Rainbow Tutu Skirt with Unicorn Headband

Unicorn Dress Up

What’s the best present for a 3 year old? A ballerina rainbow unicorn outfit to play dress up in! Nothing could be more perfect for little girls who love rainbows and unicorns.

  • Promotes Life Skills
  • Good Quality
  • No shirt included
  • Runs Small/Short

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As far as toddler toys go, we think this simple dress up outfit is a complete success. It comes with one colorful tutu and one unicorn headband. There are eleven different rainbow unicorn color choices to choose from. 

Some parents report that these tend to run small. Luckily, the waistband is very stretchy, allowing the costume to fit many different sized children. The skirt is actually segmented, so your little girl will need to wear shorts underneath. 

What’s more?

This outfit doesn’t come with a shirt and that’s because the whole point is that this is a dress up outfit that can easily be pulled on over a toddler’s clothes. The unicorn horn is well made and quite sturdy, holding up to the love and abuse of 3 year olds. 

Children can pretend to be their favorite imaginary creature while also stimulating thought on life skills. It also encourages social interaction during imaginative play with other children.

Are you as excited as these parents?:

“…The horn itself…is so well put together. It’s a thick foam filled horn with good stitching and good fabric. Its held up very well with my four year old. The tutu itself is so pretty…Instead of one multicolored piece, which if the child ripped on one spot would be ruined- they designed this with stability and logic. Each color is its own, separate piece attached at the waistband. If your child rips one piece, simply remove that spot and slide the rest over. It doesn’t ruin the whole outfit. She LOVES to show everyone that comes over her “ballerina unicorn”.
“My 3 almost 4 year old wanted this for her pre-school Halloween party costume…these pieces are now in our dress up box and are regularly played with even 8 months later”

7. SnowCinda Walkie Talkies

SnowCinda Walkie-Talkies

Give your 3 year old girl the gift of communication! These walkie talkies are easy to use and promote social skills in your toddler.

  • Improves Social Skills
  • Easy to use 
  • Go through batteries quickly
  • There are only 2!

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What is the best toys for 3 year old girls? The gift of gab! These pink walkie talkies work well with a 2 mile radius and 22 channels for privacy. They run on 4 AAA batteries each. 

Not only are these walkie talkies durable, they are a great way for your little girl to learn about radio waves and up her communication game. They work great for places like parks or camping and they have a flashlight function so your little girl can keep playing after dark. 

What’s more?

These walkie talkies are designed with kids in mind. They are smaller and lighter than most walkie talkies making it easy for kids to carry them around. Channels can be locked by adults so that younger users cannot accidentally skip to the wrong channel. 

This fantastic toy promotes communication skills, language development and socialization in children. They are a great idea for toys for 3 year old girls who have older siblings and work well for practical uses as well on camping trips, field trips, or even just across the house.

You’ll be surprised at how much your child loves these like these parents:

“I’ve purchased various walkie talkies for my daughters before but these are great! They are small enough for their hands, have an easy power button, and have a light on them so they can play hide and seek. These are a great purchase and I definitely recommend them.”
“Thanks to this buy, my 3 year old can announce when he’s using the bathroom to the rest of the house. It is a big hit with him and his sister and they love running around and playing hide and seek while using it”

8. Cry Babies Lea Doll

Cry Babies

“Is baby crying?” 3 year old girls are fascinated by this cute baby doll that cries real tears just like they do.

  • Really Cries
  • Develops Social Skills
  • Batteries not included
  • Crying feature soaks doll

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Little girls go nuts for this cute, little baby doll by Cry Babies and it’s easy to see why. Lea comes in a pink, leopard print onesie and she has a pacifier that she likes to keep in her mouth. 

Once in a while, Lea will spit the pacifier out and scream and cry until someone puts it back in. She also has the ability to actually cry. Parents must fill her water reservoir first, of course and she does require 2 AAA batteries, which are not included. 

What’s more?

Cry Baby Lea teaches children life skills by having them imagine what it is like to be a mother or to take care of a baby. This doll’s realistic crying feature makes their play more realistic and adds to the fun. 

Parents have mixed feelings about this doll, saying that the tears can get a bit excessive, getting the doll’s clothes wet. Another common complaint were the legs of the doll falling off when putting the doll into the sitting position. 

3 year old girls don’t seem to care about these minor issues. They love their crying baby doll, Lea and they are determined to take care of her, just like a real mommy would.

Don’t believe us? Here are some parent reviews: 

“She loves this doll. The real tears and crying keep her entertained. No Mess or issues with water storage this far. A fun little toy.”

My granddaughter lovessssssss this doll! ❤️ She is 3 and takes her everywhere!”

9. Tera Toy Princess Necklace Activity

Disney Princess Necklaces

Does your little girl love bling? This popular gift for 3 year old girls allows her to make her own bling and some to share!.

  • Develops Fine Motor Skills
  • Best Present for 3 year old
  • Necklaces don’t stay hooked
  • Needs more beads

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This cute necklace making kit comes with 5 Disney Princess character charms, 150 beads, and 4 silicone necklaces. It also has a handy storage container. 

The necklaces are made of rubber and the beads are relatively small so you will definitely need to make sure you are playing with your child or supervising. These make great gifts for a 3 year old girl and are ready to use right out of the package. 

What’s more?

The only issue parents have with these necklaces is that the clasp on each necklace doesn’t stay closed unless you really clip it tightly together, making it hard for toddlers to clasp the necklaces themselves. So, make sure to give your 3 year old girl help with that. 

Designing her own jewelry will make your 3 year old feel like a big girl while she is learning important fine motor skills. You might notice that she likes to give her creations as gifts to those she loves as well. Here are some comments from parents: 

Here are some comments from parents: 

“Got this for our 3 year old Disney fan, who struggles a bit with assembly of the beads. But the rubberized necklace and the easy clasp makes it much better than most jewelry sets and more interesting than the ‘giant beads’ that are aimed at toddlers. Her big sister (8) helped and it’s a favorite in our house.”
“I bought this for my 3 year old niece. At 3, she’s already showing both a mind built for creativity and a passion for doing things HER way. Plus, she loves jewelry. This little toy set lets her express those budding traits and have fun in the process. She enjoys being able to mix and match different designs and even personalized necklaces for those she gives as “gifts”…”

Let’s have a look at the best personalized gifts in this review.

10. Conomus Piano Keyboard

Conomus Keyboard

Is your 3 year old girl a diva? Then she will love creating her own music with this pink keyboard complete with microphone. 

  • Has Automatic Shut Off
  • Has a Microphone
  • Small
  • Labeled wrong age level

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Little musicians love this popular toy. It advertises being the perfect gift for a child’s first birthday but everyone who bought one for their one year old realized this gift is meant for a 3 year old. 

The features on this keyboard are fantastic for the price. There are 22 demo songs programmed on the keyboard so when your 3 year old presses a button, they will get music in response. 

The keys are easy for toddler hands to press and if they lose interest and forget to turn it off it goes into standby mode after two minutes. The microphone is adjustable and can be stored inside the piano when not in use. It’s a handy, portable and makes little girls feel like rock stars! 

What’s more?

There are a lot of other pianos and keyboards on the market and pianos are great but they don’t have all of the fun buttons and electronic features. Your child can easily make music and sing without having to learn a thing.

They can jump right in and begin with the fun. That’s why this is a great first piano or a first musical instrument as well as a gift for 3 year old girls.

Need more convincing? Here are some reviews: 

“Got this little piano for my friend’s daughters first birthday gift! She loves it…Nice and small and has fun features to keep young ones busy. Love the fact she can hear different instruments and eventually sing and record herself playing! I would recommend to anyone for a fun first introduction to an instrument. Well constructed and durable.”
“While the product states it’s good for ages 1+ it technically per the actual box and seeing it makes sense that it is 3+”

11. Learning Resources Pretend & Play Cash Register

Pink Cash Register

Want your little girl to learn all about money while having fun? This cute, pink cash register will have her counting, pretending, and creating receipts.

  • Solar Charging
  • Develops Life Skills
  • Draw spills change when opened
  • No compartment for $20s

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This little, pink cash register has it all! It’s a great toy for developing cognitive skills like simple math. This cash register promotes the development of life skills while your 3 year old girl imagines what it’s like to work hard and make cash. 

The play money in this register is life-sized, making it a popular toy for girls. However, some parents complain that the register drawer doesn’t have a spot for all of the bills. There are slots for the change and all of the other bills, but no spot for the $20s.

The cash register runs on solar power so if the toy doesn’t see sunlight for a few days it will not operate properly. It does make cute “cha-ching” sounds when it is powered up. 

What’s more?

The drawer pops out with the push of a button but sometimes so intensely that some of the change spills out. Toddlers don’t really mind this issue and they absolutely love the credit card that makes a noise when ran through the credit card slot.

Girls just love this cash register. Check out this review from a parent:

“…I bought this for my daughter when she was 2. Now 3 she still plays with it daily. She loves punching the numbers in, but her favorite part is the open button that ejects the spring loaded drawer. I put the coins away until she is older, because I fear she will choke on them. She loves the paper money and the pretend credit card. I can see her and my son playing with this toy for at least 10 more years. It is very durable. She has dropped it many times and it hasn’t skipped a beat. The plastic is high quality. I would definitely buy this product again.”

12.  Adjustable Soft Skipping Rope

Soft Skipping Rope

Trying to get your 3 year old girl to have fun outside? This handy jump rope is a perfect toy for her to use out in the sunshine.

  • Comfortable Foam Handles
  • Adjustable (Cut to Length)
  • The cap of handle may fall off
  • Doesn’t come with instructions

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This fun jump rope is a simple toy that will keep your 3 year old girl occupied while playing outside. Girls can challenge themselves by trying to jump more and more times each time they try. 

Jumping rope helps develop gross motor skills in 3 year olds and if you buy two, then you can jump with her! This rope will work for any person since you can remove the caps at the end of each handle to cut the rope to the correct length for any person. 

What’s more?

The soft handles make it easy to grip, even when you get sweaty. It’s also an inexpensive toy but has a huge payoff. Seeing your 3 year old girl outside playing instead of inside with electronic devices will make you feel like an awesome parent. 

Some consumers complain that the caps at the end of each of the jump rope’s handles pop off easily but this does not interfere with the jump ropes functionality and the caps can be reattached easily as well. The vibrant colors and cheap price more than makeup for this minor issue.

Need more evidence? Here are some parent reports about this jump rope:

“They’re awesome, I have a four year old and a two year old. They come with removable caps on the handles so you can cut then to the appropriate size. The girls love them and my son wants one too!”
“Gets kids outside and away from screens all the time. Girls are having fun and getting exercise!”

How to choose the toys for 3 year old girls

There are many things to think about when looking for the best gifts for 3-year-old girls. You want to give a quality gift that is easy for both parents and children to use and want the toys to be durable, so they last. In addition, you also wants to make sure that they help 3-year-old girls to develop key skills that will prepare them for preschool. You might want to find the best gifts for Christmas here.

We know that loved ones may not have the time to do all the necessary research on which toys would make the best present for a 3 year old. We scoured reviews and product descriptions until we found the best 12 toys for 3 year old girls for you. 

The toys

The toys on this list have been carefully chosen based on the recommendation of experts in developmental psychology to help your 3 year old girl develop important skills to reach her developmental milestones. They have also been reviewed to ensure that these are gifts that will keep almost any 3 year old girl entertained for hours. 

Some of the toys for 3 year old girls on this list do require more supervision than others, so we have created a guide to help you determine which of these fantastic gifts for 3 year old girls will be the best choice for your little princess.

1. Toys For 3 Year Old Girls Ease of Use

Parents are always busy trying to get things done around the house and when you have a toddler around it isn’t always easy. That’s why it is important to know how much effort you will have to put into a toy as a parent. 

Ease of use takes into account: 

  • How much assembly is required to put the toy together or get it ready for use by your child
  • How much supervision is required while a child uses the toy

Extremely Easy: No/minimal assembly required. Easy to remove from packaging. Does not require constant parent supervision of children during use. 

Moderately Easy: Some easy assembly required. Does not require constant parent supervision of children during use.

Easy: No assembly required. Does require constant supervision of children during use. Challenging: Requires extensive assembly and constant supervision of children during use.

2. Durability Of Toys For 3 Year Old Girls

We are sure you are wondering what every parent wonders when they consider buying a particular toy for their child – how long is this toy going to last? It’s no fun when you purchase a toy only to have it break right away. 

We have gone through the reviews of each of the toys on this list to determine how durable each toy actually is. We do take into account that some items may have manufacturing defects or problems and so the following scores are based on an average of the number of complaints about the toys not lasting or having problems.

Obviously, we have only included products that are at least moderately durable on this list:

  • Extremely Durable – This is a product that is expected to last a year or more
  • Durable – This is a product that is expected to last from 6 months to a year
  • Moderately Durable – This is a product that is expected to last for less than 6 months.
  • Not Durable – This is a product that is not expected to last long

3. Skills Of Toys For 3 Year Old Girls

All of the toys on this list were chosen as much for their popularity as their design to address fundamental skills that are developing in children at this age. Developmental skills that are appropriate for 3-4 year old children can be found here.

We have labeled each toy with the appropriate skill(s) that are addressed. All of the toys on this list will spark your child’s imagination and creativity. Additionally, each toy will be labeled with the top one or two developmental skills that the toy helps your child develop:

  • Language – Reading, Speaking
  • Cognitive – Thinking, Awareness, Playing Pretend, Math
  • Gross Motor – Large movements (like running)
  • Fine Motor – Small movements (like coloring)
  • Social – Emotional development and interactions
  • Life Skills – Toys that encourage thought about life skills (like pretending to be a doctor)

4. Price Of Toys For 3 Year Old Girls

We understand that price is extremely important to you when purchasing toys. You want to make sure that you are getting the most toy for your money. We made sure to choose only toys that we consider to be good deals but tried to cover awesome toys at all price points. 

The toys on this list are priced between $6 and $50, making them affordable for most parents who are looking to purchase toys that will aid in their child’s cognitive development while also entertaining.

You will find the following price ranges next to each of the toys we have reviewed:

$Under $10
$$Between $10 and $20
$$$Between $20 and $30
$$$$Over $30

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of gift should I get a 3 year old girl?

The coolest gifts for 3 year old girls are the kind of toys that fit her personality, so always be sure to find out what the little girl you are buying for is into at the time. Toddlers grow fast and can change what they are into on a weekly basis, while other toddlers stick to a few things they like.
The toys on this list are cool because they are the kinds of toys that are designed to address the specific developmental stage that 3 year old girls are currently in. We took into account research on which toys hold children’s attention and what developmental skills they help to build as we created this list. This increases the likelihood that your 3 year old girl will love whichever gift from this list that you choose for her. 

The best gifts for 3 year old are ones that challenge them in some way so that they are building developmental skills through their play. You also want to steer clear of many electronic toys because they work as a babysitter and not as an interactive partner. Electronic toys are okay only if they are designed for interaction and not designed as a digital babysitter. 
Remember that any toy is better for your child if you are using it with them. Interactive play with siblings, parents, or other significant adults is always the best for your child.

What developmental skills should my 3 year old girl be developing through play?

Children are constantly developing mentally, socially, emotionally and physically. In order to stimulate this development, parents should limit the time their child interacts with electronics. Electronic toys offer passive entertainment rather than interactive play, which is the type of play that actually stimulates the development of important life skills. 

Toys that encourage creative, interactive play will help your child to develop the types of skills that parents want for their children, skills that will help your child be ready for preschool and for life. All of the toys on our list were carefully chosen for their ability to stimulate cognitive (brain) development while at the same time allowing your child to imaginatively play and have fun. 

The main skills a toddler should be developing at age 3 are skills like social interaction, cognition (thinking), life skills (imagining adult world situations), language, and motor skills. 
Offering toys that encourage interactive and imaginative play will help your child develop these skills.

Do 3 year old girls need constant supervision while playing?

There is no specific age at which a child automatically shifts from needing constant supervision to playing autonomously. Instead, it is a slow progression based on the needs of each individual child as well as the comfort of the parent. At age 3, most little girls want to do more things on their own without the help of adults. However, they still need pretty constant supervision, especially if they are playing with toys that have smaller pieces or parts. 

We recommend that you do not allow your child to play by themselves with any new toy until you have first examined the toy to make sure it is safe, read the safety regulations that come with the toy’s manual, and observed your child actually playing with the toy. 

Even if your 3 years old can safely play by themselves, it is important to only allow them to do so for short periods of time. Check-in often to make sure that your child is doing okay and don’t rely on electronic devices like TV, tablets, or phones to entertain your children for long periods of time.
Children do need constant looking in on and so a lot of the toys on this list are designed to keep your child entertained and busy while you work nearby on something else. That way, they can build their developmental skills while you get things done. 

Just don’t forget to check back in fairly often to make sure they are playing with their toys in a non-dangerous fashion and remember that all children are different. Some require a lot more supervision than others and that is perfectly normal. 
To check for toy recalls going here.

What toys are the best at developing motor skills?

Items like wooden blocks, board games, clay, art supplies, sports equipment, puzzles, musical instruments, push-along, bikes and trikes, shape sorters, and life skill toys all develop motor skills. 

Fine motor skills are developed by activities that require fine, tight movements. Some examples of this are putting together a puzzle, learning to play piano, and creating something using clay.
Gross motor skills are developed by activities that require larger movements. Some examples of this are throwing and catching balls, jumping rope, or riding a bike. 

For a complete list of classic toys that develop motor skills, go here.

My child isn’t using the toys I purchased the way they are supposed to be used. Is that normal?

Yes! This is very normal. Think about it. When you are a child you may not fully understand how a toy is supposed to be played with. Children are fantastic at using their imaginations and so when they are handed a new toy they simply try their best to figure out what to do with it and then go for it. 

If your child already knows how a toy is supposed to be used but then finds another use for it, that is actually a sign of ingenuity and creativity. You should be proud that your 3 year old girl is clever enough to come up with her own use for an item.

As long as the way your child is using the toy is not dangerous or harmful to him or others, then there is absolutely no harm in allowing your child to think outside of the box and play imaginatively with a toy that was intended for another purpose

Do any of the toys on this list help develop social interactions?

Absolutely! You will find several of the toys on this list that can help with that. The walkie-talkies are a fantastic social building toy for any age level and can be used by 3 year olds with their friends, family members or siblings. 

The rainbow unicorn skirt and horn headband allow your little girl to transform into a unicorn, allowing her to become something else. When children pretend to do this, it allows them to think about how they are and how that differs from being a unicorn. This self-awareness is part of the skill set kids need for good social awareness. 

The Number Lovin’ Oven develops life skills and social awareness by promoting thoughts about what it is like to have her own kitchen, how to cook, and how to organize. She can pretend to be a cook in a million different ways and scenarios, all of them building social awareness. 

Cry Babies, Baby Lea doll is another toy on the list that promotes social skills and develops life skills. Pretending to be a mother or take care of a baby helps little girls become more aware of the behaviors that will need to develop in order to be a parent. 

Also, remember that any toy can develop social interactions if you play with your child or if they have other children to play with. Toys are fun to play with by yourself but most toys are even more fun to play with if you have a friend. 

To ensure that your child gets all the social development they need, be sure to schedule plenty of playdates for her and make sure to play with your 3 year old girl too. Nothing beats playing with an awesome toy with a parent who loves you!


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