Breast Size Percentile Calculator

Breast Size Percentile Calculator

Percentiles are a way to compare your measurements with those of a larger population. For instance, if you find out that you’re in the 75th percentile for breast size, it means that your breasts are larger than 75% of the people in a group. 

If you’ve ever wondered about your breast size compared to others, then this calculator is for you. The breast size percentile calculator allows you to understand where you fit in the spectrum of breast sizes. You get to see your stance relatively compared to others. 

To see how it works, keep reading. 

What is the Breast Size Percentile Calculator?

The breast size percentile calculator is a straightforward tool designed to shed light on your breast size percentile. It uses your data and relates it with survey data that included over 5, 000 responses to determine your breast sizes by providing you with your band size and cup size percentiles. 

This calculator assigns your percentile value which signifies the portion of the population that your measurements surpass. So for instance, if your breast size is in the 70th percentile, it means your measurements are larger than those of 70% of the population. 

In figuring your results out accurately, see the data the calculator uses in the next section.  

How Does the Breast Size Percentile Calculator Determine Results?

The data used by the breast size percentile calculator significantly influences results, right? This makes it important to use a practical report carried out and that’s exactly what it follows. 

The breast size percentile calculator’s algorithm is based on the statistics carried out by Bedbible Research Center which after being computed results in producing your percentile. But first, what do the statistics say?

Bedbible data consists of 15,000 measurements in over 100 countries around the globe. It shows the average breast size by computing the cup size, band size, the volume of cups, and other significant measurements. These computed results led to a conclusion on the average breast size globally. 

However, the calculator decides your percentile based on the global average breast size not the individual sizes of each woman that participated in the survey.

It also allows each user to decide their percentile based on the statistics of their country.

As we’ve said, the data computed are measurements of individuals, and 5,000+ survey responses around the globe including countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Canada, Finland, Australia, and Russia etc. 

Following the report, it shows that the ideal bra size is far different from the actual bra sizes in most countries. This means the average breast size is likewise different from the conventional one. 

Two things are important in deciding your breast size; band size and cup size. To make it easy without complicated responses from you, the calculator uses your band size, and cup size which is a major change that occurs in most women to decide your percentile.  

First, the average band size of women in your country helps with your band size percentile. And secondly, the average cup size of women in your country helps to decide your cup size percentile. 

With this understanding, let’s see how the calculator works. 

How Does the Breast Size Percentile Calculator Work?

The breast size percentile calculator uses the data earlier discussed with the blend of mathematics working on percentile to provide you with where your breast size stands in relation to others. It also makes use of the data you provide. 

Do note that the band sizes and cup sizes the calculator accounts for are in the US size. 

Here’s a breakdown of how it works using your data:

Band Size Percentile

Step 1: Get your band size measurement

The first thing you need for accurate prediction is your band size measurements. Click on the field provided to choose your band size. 

Step 2: Your country

Your country’s data helps in determining your band size percentile. Simply select your country in the field and you are good to go. 

Step 3: Average band size of women in your country

After you’ve imputed your data, the calculator first produces the average band size of women based in your country. 

Step 4: Your percentile

The calculator tells you your band size percentile. 

Cup Size Percentile

Following that, the cup size percentile comes next. 

Step 1: Your cup size

Select your cup size in the space provided. 

Step 2: Your country

As you did in the first part of the calculator, select your country from the space provided. 

Step 3: Average cup size of women in your country

The calculator will determine the average cup size of women in your country based on the data it has. 

Step 4: Your percentile

The calculator goes ahead to determine your cup size percentile. And that’s it!

Note that this calculator is not a determinant of what an ideal breast size is. This is solely for educational purposes. All band sizes and cup sizes are beautiful and you should love yourself.

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