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Breast Volume Calculator

Breast volume refers to the amount of space that your breasts occupy. It is an important factor in determining your bra size and can also impact your overall body shape and appearance. 

You might be wondering why you need to understand your breast volume. But are you aware that understanding your breast volume can help you make informed decisions about clothing and undergarments? And it is crucial for different medical purposes like reconstructive surgery, augmentation, reduction surgeries, and diagnosis and treatment of some medical conditions.

That’s because surgeons rely mostly on getting accurate volume measurements to help them determine the amount of tissue to remove or add during medical procedures and diagnose and treat conditions such as tumors, cysts, and lymphedema.

Our breast volume calculator is a simple tool that can help you figure out your estimated breast volume based on the mathematical formula below.

Breast Volume Calculator

How is the Breast Volume Calculated?

The Breast Volume is calculated based on the logic presented on this Wikipedia page.

On average, a breast weighs approximately 0.5 kilograms (1.1 lb) and contributes to about 4-5% of the body fat. The density of the fatty tissue in breasts is roughly equal to 0.9 g/cm3 (0.52 oz/cu in). The shape of a bra cup is either a hemisphere or hemi-ellipsoid, and its volume can be calculated using specific formulas. The volume and weight of a breast depend on the curvature radius of the underwire used in the cup, which is the key parameter in determining its size. Underwires of the same size are used for different cup sizes (e.g., 36A, 34B, 32C, 30D), resulting in cups of the same volume. Underwire size is determined by the reference number of a B cup bra (e.g., underwire size 32 is for a 32B cup). The diameter of a 30-size underwire is 3+5⁄6 inches (9.7 cm), and it increases by 1⁄3 inch (0.85 cm) with each size increment.

Is the Breast Volume accurate?

Well, we can’t say yes. Because there are different kinds of breast sizes, shapes, and several factors that affect the volume of a breast.

How to Use the Breast Volume Calculator?

To make use of the breast volume calculator (US system), you’ll need to know about the US System Bra Sizing

US System Bra Sizing

Compared to other Countries’ bra sizing methods, the US bra sizing is quite similar to the Bra sizing in the UK. Band sizes and cup sizes are designated in inches, with cups increasing by 1-inch increments. However, it’s important to note that some manufacturers use conflicting sizing methods, which can make it challenging to compare sizes across brands. 

For example, some label bras beyond a C cup as D-DD-DDD-DDDD-E-EE-EEE-EEEE-F, while others use a variation of D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, and so on. Still, many brands use a system that includes A, B, C, D, DD, DDD, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, and O. Additionally, some brands follow the British system of D-DD-E-F-FF.

It’s important to keep in mind that comparing larger cup sizes between different manufacturers can be particularly challenging due to these variations in sizing methods. 

Band size 

Band size refers to the measurement of the circumference of the ribcage, just below the breasts. This measurement is used to determine the appropriate size of a bra or other form-fitting garment. It is important to ensure that the band size is correct to provide proper support and comfort. A band size that is too loose can cause the bra to ride up, while a band size that is too tight can cause discomfort and even breathing difficulties. So we recommend that you measure the band size regularly and adjust accordingly to ensure optimal fit and comfort.

Check out the table below for more clarity:

Band SizeUS &UK

Another size you should know is the Cup Size. 

The cup size moves you further in finding out your breast volume. 

Cup size refers to the measurement of a woman’s breast size, specifically the volume of the breast tissue that fills a bra cup. This measurement is typically represented by a letter, ranging from A to D and beyond, with each letter indicating an increase in cup size. To get your cup size, all you have to do is to subtract between your bust and band size to get your accurate measurement. 

Note: The cup size is not the only factor in determining a woman’s overall bra size, as band size and other measurements also play a role.

Check out the table below:

Bust/Band Difference in inchesUS cup size
5E or DD
6F or DDD
7G or DDDD

Step to Step Guide on How to Use the Breast Volume Calculator 

Now, to use the calculator, you need to select your band size on the calculator. You’ll see it clearly written above. There are band sizes of 28 to 44 available on the calculator. 

After choosing your band size, the next step is to choose your bra size. This includes both your band size and cup size (in numbers and letters). 

The calculator does the rest after you’ve successfully chosen this as well. It’s that easy! This means it goes ahead to predict your estimated bra weight in kg, your estimated bra weight in Ib, the volume of one cup, and your cup diameter. 

Here’s a sample  and result using our calculator:

At the band size box, choose your size. In this case, we chose band size 34. 

Then, we’ll move further to choose the bra size. Let’s go with a bra size 34DDD/F. 

The calculator predicted 1.5kg as the estimated bra weight (kg), 3.31Ib as the estimated bra weight (Ib), 850cm3 (52 cu in) Ib as the volume of one cup, and 14.8 cm (5+⅚ in) Ib as the cup diameter. 

We hope this helps you in using the calculator. 

Make Informed Choices with Your Breast Volume 

 Many might be wondering about the importance of knowing your breast volume, we are aware of that. While we’ve mentioned a few of the reasons in the article, we hope you can make informed choices, in any case, using your information provided by the calculator. 

Also, if you’ve noticed any changes in your breast, you can easily use this calculator to find out what is happening and see if you are within the right range of your weight breast volume. 

 We wish you the best.   

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