First Mothers Day Gift from Baby 1

First Mother’s Day Gift from Baby

Mothers have always had their families as a top priority – caring for their little ones, teens, and even husbands. It’s a lot. 

But new moms are new to the game of caring for their little ones. She’s just experiencing the baby‘s first smiles, giggles, and even sleepless nights. It’s loving to see how much energy mothers put into caring for their babies while recovering themselves. 

To show how much mothers also mean to their little ones, a first-ever Mother’s Day present will do just that – warm up their hearts. 

This is a milestone that must be celebrated right? Of course! So, what might this first Mother’s Day gift be?

First Mother’s Day Gift from Baby Crafts

A first Mother’s Day gift from her baby isn’t about how big it is as it might seem small, but it’s more about how meaningful it is. It should carry the weight of the joy, comfort, and security she provides for her baby every day. 

We’ve carefully thought about meaningful first Mother’s Day gifts from babies and concluded that getting crafty is one. Both the process and results will be special gifts mothers will resonate with as long as they are made out of love and care. They can be deeply appreciated even if they seem clumsy. 

The making process could involve her or the dad (if it’s a surprise), aunts, uncles, or everyone in the family and the little one. Now, let’s get started with the list. 

1. Framed Finger Paintings

First Mother's Day Gift from Baby
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Set up a safe space for your baby to explore finger painting with baby-safe paints. Some paints can’t be used by children below 3 so go for paints like watercolors, milk paint, and water-based acrylic paints. Let them create abstract art on a piece of paper. While they are at it, make sure to monitor them to avoid them putting their hands in their mouth. Once the finger painting is dry, frame their masterpiece (yes, it is) for a memorable gift. 

2. Pressed Flower Frame

First Mothers Day Gift from Baby 2
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Take a walk with your baby to your garden or park and collect small flowers as you go. Use the flowers your little one and pick to make frame flowers. 

Press the flowers between the pages of a book and let them dry out. Do the gluing and let them stick to selecting the flowers with you. You cut them out afterward and arrange the dried flowers in whatever shape you want. You can go ahead and write the word Mom if you like. Then, you frame it.  

3. Family Tree Paintings with Finger

First Mother's Day Gift from Baby
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This craft idea is one most people will love. It involves everyone in the family, making it a fun activity you can do on Mother’s Day. 

Get a drawn tree without the leaves and get your baby-safe painting ready. Everyone dips their fingers into the paintings and presses them on the leaves area of the drawing. 

While the finished drawing might seem messy, this will create a fun and happy atmosphere your little one will enjoy. Also, mark an unforgettable Mother’s Day for your wife.  

4. Printed Poem

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There are many poems out there that portray who a mother is. Get one that struck you the most and print it out. Dip your toddler’s foot into a paint one after the other and place it on the paper of the printed poem. You can use it to form whatever pattern or design you are going for. 

Dry it out and present it as a Mother’s Day gift. While you could fold it and use a ribbon to tie it, you can also frame it before giving it to her. 

5. Baby’s Handprint Artwork

Capture your baby’s tiny handprints on a canvas or piece of paper. Remember to use non-toxic paint when creating colorful handprints. Then, add a sweet message, or her name, your toddler’s name, and the date to make it a cherished keepsake.


6. Coloring a Mother’s Day card

This craft project is an easy activity little ones can do with parents on Mother’s Day. Simply purchase a Mother’s Day card and let your little one along with you guys paint it out. While it’s this simple, it will be cherished for a long time. 

7. Baby’s Memory book

The idea of capturing a baby’s firsts in a book will be adored by a mother. This can be a picture that shows the baby’s smile to the mother, handpicked flowers by the baby, and cherished moments like that. 

Taking the little moments and putting them all into a book is a good first Mother’s Day gift from a baby

8. Mom’s Favorite Plant

If mom happens to be a plant mom and has a favorite plant, you can make an adorable picture of her favorite plant with your baby’s picture- calling it mom’s favorite plant.  Simply print out your baby’s picture and get her favorite plant portrait ready. Cut out the plant leaves and gum your baby’s picture to the areas you’ve cut. It’s ready! This is an easy craft that can be done within a few minutes after the materials are ready. 

It’s a nice way for her to remember her baby while she has her particular interest as well. A first Mother’s Day gift she’ll never forget. 

First Mother’s Day Gift from Baby, DIY

What about engaging in DIY that involves everyone or just your little one? This is also a good first Mother’s Day gift, right? Yes! Importantly, it’s a good way to celebrate the first. 

Check out these DIYs your little one, you, and your husband can create on Mother’s Day. These will surely carry a special charm that comes straight from the heart.

1. Clay imprints

Create family clay imprints. You can make use of both hands and feet when doing this activity. For convenience, you can use air-dry clay. 

Simply imprint your hands, baby’s hands, and feet if you want. Once the clay is dry, you can paint and decorate the imprints before you display them in a frame. 

2. Colorful Bracelets

With your assistance, let your little one create a colorful bracelet using the beads to spell out “MOM”. This can be a fun and educational activity that reminds your little one how much he/she should cherish mom. 

Also, including the mom letters will be a meaningful accessory for your wife that she can wear or keep safe for a long time. You can hand it over to your baby who then gives it to her. 

3. DIY Mother’s Day Card

Cards have always been a good way to convey emotions and creating one on Mother’s Day will just be as special as receiving cards on birthdays. 

You can join your baby in making a personalized Mother’s Day card. Use stickers, crayons, or markers to embellish the card. If your baby is old enough, they can add their scribbles as well. If not, they can make use of crayons to paint the card. 

Do well to monitor your little ones to avoid them placing the materials in their mouths. 

4. Nature mobile

This is an outdoor project before the creation. Pick a convenient day to collect leaves, twigs, and other small natural elements. String them together to create a nature-inspired mobile. 

Make sure your baby contributes to the picking and creation as well. You can capture this fun and messy moment on your phone to serve as a moment you can always go back to. 

Don’t forget to decorate your home with what you’ve made.  

5. Plate design

Plate design is another fun activity that can be carried out on Mother’s Day. Get a plate and write out MOM. Get paints ready and color it out with your favorite colors. 

Don’t forget to guide your little one so that they can as well partake in coloring the plate. You can make out different patterns on the plates, whatever you wish to go for. 

We sure like these Mother’s Day gifts!

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