How Old is My Mom Calculator

How Old is My Mom Calculator

You, as a loving child, may find yourself pondering the age of your mom from time to time. Perhaps her birthday is coming up, or maybe you just want to know the exact number of years she is. Instead of trying to figure it out with annual calculations or asking her directly (which may be a spoiler to your surprise), why not turn to the how old is my mom calculator, a convenient and easy solution? 

What is the How Old is My Mom Calculator?

The How Old is my mom calculator is a tool that helps you in determining the age of your mother. It figures it out by using her birth year or the age she gave birth to you. That might be surprising, however, the calculator aims to take out the hassle of figuring it out in a stressful way or through the hassle of manual calculations. 

With a clean and straightforward process, all you need to do is to answer the questions provided on the calculator and the result should be with you in a matter of seconds.

As we’ve said, the calculator uses two methods to calculate your mom’s age; her birth year or the year she gave birth to you. In a case where you are only aware of when she gave birth to you, the following section explains how the calculator accurately predicts your mom’s age using that information.

How Old is My Mom if She Gave Birth to Me at 30? 

Using your mom’s age when she gave birth to you is a process recognized by the calculator. This method is straightforward and can help you discover your mom’s age too. So, don’t be discouraged if you are not aware of her birth year. Let’s walk through the steps required to calculate your mom’s age using the age she gave birth to you. 

Step 1: Determine your age

You need to know your current age. That is your age at the moment (it only applies if you are her first child). In case you are not, simply add her age to your mom’s first child’s age (your sibling). 

Step 2: Add your mom’s age to your current age. 

Next, an addition of your mom’s age when she gave birth to you with your current age. 

So for instance, if your current age is 23 years old and your mum gave birth to you at the age of 23. 23+ 23= 46. In this instance, your mom is presently 46. 

Now, if your mom was 30 when she gave birth to you, using the steps above, it’s easy to figure it out. 

  • If you are 25, and your mom was 30 when she gave birth to you, she is currently 55 years old. 
  • If you are 11, she is currently 41 years old. 
  • 15 years old? She is 45 years old right now. 

How old is my mom if I don’t know her date of birth?

If you don’t know your mom’s date of birth, you might think it’s challenging to figure it out. However, there are a few methods that can be used: 

1. Check major life events

Some events surround one’s childhood. You can ask your mom to tell you stories regarding her childhood which will help you in estimating her likely date of birth. While it will be difficult to figure out her exact age using this method, you will have an estimation. 

2. Ask Relatives

Another way is to ask close relatives, close family friends, or someone you think might know. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, or long-time friends. They may recall important dates and help you piece the puzzle together. 

3. Use her age when she gave birth to you

We’ve discussed this in the previous section and showed a few examples of how it is done. This method is also an option you can go for on the calculator. It involves adding her age when she gave birth to you with your current age (this can be if you are her first child). If you are not, add her age to her first child’s age). This should give you her precise current age. 

If you are finding it hard to figure out her age when she gave birth to you, you can make assumptions. See a few suggestions on the average age moms give birth in the USA. 

What is the average age moms give birth in the USA?

The average age at which moms give birth has been reducing steadily over the past few decades. Factors such as career opportunities for women, social life, and even economic growth have contributed greatly to this trend. 

While the rate of women in their 20s giving birth a few decades ago was high, the rate has significantly dropped in recent years. NBC News reports that birthrates have declined in the 20s and have jumped to the 30s. 

The U.S. Bureau carried out an analysis that shows that there’s a decline of about 43% in birth rates among ages 20-24 of women and an increase of 67% among ages 35-39 of women. 

Presently, the average age of moms in the USA is 27 to 30. 

This data showcases the birth rates from 1990 to 2019. This means, if you were born around this period, your mom might have been around the age the analysis shows. 

So, if you don’t know your mom’s birth year or her age when she gave birth to you, we hope this data helps when you are ready to use the calculator. 

Let’s see how the calculator works below. 

How Does the ‘How Old Is My Mom Calculator’ Work? 

To make use of the ‘How old is my mom calculator’,  provide answers to the questions on the calculator correctly. 

  1. If you know when your mom was born, answer the question by clicking on yes, if not, choose the no option. 
  2. If it’s yes, enter her birth year in the space provided and your mom’s age will be shown immediately. 
  3. If you picked no, your age as her eldest child will be used. In case you are not, enter the age of her first child. 
  4. Next, use the slider to assume the age when she gave birth to her first child. As we’ve suggested above, the average mom’s age in the U.S. is ages 27 to 30. However, if you feel that does not apply to your mom, select what works. 
  5. The calculator does the math and presents you with how old your mom is. 

Figured it out?

At this point, we believe you’ve figured out your mom’s age. For any further questions, please let us know in the comments.  

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