What Generation Canadian Am I Calculator

What Generation Canadian Am I Calculator

Are you curious to know what generation of Canadians you are? Confused if your lineage stretches back through several generations? Or just wondering if you happen to be the first? If you’ve ever pondered on what your generational status is, then you might want to keep reading. The history of Canada is closely tied to immigration, from the indigenous people who inhabited long ago to recent settlers in the country. 

In this article, let’s unravel the generation classification and help you discover your generational status using the what generation Canadian Am I calculator.  

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What Generation Canadian Am I Calculator

The what generation Canadian Am I calculator is a valuable tool that provides a glimpse into your generational status. It determines your generational status based on your immigration status and not your age. 

Through the use of the calculator, you can estimate which generation of Canadian you are based on a series of questions we’ve generated. These questions surround your family and when you migrated. While it does not dive into your personal information, it only asks questions related to your immigration. 

How Does the Calculator Determine What Generation Canadian You Are?

To determine what generation you are, the ‘what generation Canadian Am I calculator’ employs a data-driven approach by relying on official info given by Canada Statistics for an accurate estimation of your generational status. 

You might be wondering what that is. Let’s take a look at key terms and factors this tool utilizes for meaningful results. 

Please know that these terms are essential in understanding your family’s immigration history and their place within the Canadian narrative.

1. First Generation

Following Canada Statistics and in this context, the term “first generation” refers to individuals who were born by Canadian parents outside of Canada or are the first in their family to migrate to Canada. If you were the first in your family to arrive in the country, you fall under this category. 

2. Second Generation

The “second generation” label applies to individuals who were born in Canada to parents who were the first to immigrate to Canada. It also refers to individuals who have at least one parent born outside of Canada.  So, if you were born in Canada to immigrant parents or have at least one Canadian parent, then you belong to the second generation.  

3. Third Generation

The “third generation” designation is for individuals whose grandparents were the first in their family to migrate to Canada. This means, if your grandparents were the first to arrive in Canada, you fall under the third-generation category. 

4. Foreign-born

The term “Foreign-born” refers to individuals who were born outside of Canada. If you or your ancestors were born in another country and later immigrated to Canada, you are considered foreign-born.

5. Canadian-born

“Canadian-born” individuals are those who were born within the borders of Canada. If you were born in Canada, regardless of your family’s immigration history, you are classified as Canadian-born.

6. Generational Status

Generational Status” is a broad term encompassing the various categories (first, second, third generation, etc.) that describe how many generations have passed since a family’s initial arrival in Canada. The generational status helps identify the depth of your family’s connection to Canada. 

By taking into account these key factors and terms, the calculator presents you with accurate results. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s important to remember that the ‘What generation Canadian am I calculator’ provides an estimate based on the information you input. This makes it vital for you to answer the questions honestly. 

With that in mind, why not go ahead and make use of the calculator! We hope you get clarity regarding your generational status. 


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