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Why Did My Parents Give Birth to Me

There are different reasons why parents give birth to their children, while we’ll answer that question in this post, the most important question to answer is – why did God make me?

When you understand why God made you, the reason your parents gave birth to you won’t be as important.

So back to the question – why did my parents give birth to me?

There are both selfish and selfless reasons parents give birth to their children, here are some of them.

1. For Companionship

Some parents give birth because they are lonely. They need new partners, friends, or lovers. Children are cute, especially when they just arrive – this brings a lot of joy and love to parents.

2. Grow a Family

Growing a family is one of the major reasons parents give birth to children.

Parents like to have their own children who will bear their names and they can create a happy family.

3. Pressure from Grand Parents

It sounds funny but some parents just gave birth because their grandparents want them to give them grandchildren.

4. Fulfillment

Having a child is a mark of success for some parents.

5. Societal Obligation

Some feel like procreating is a function they owe to human society. They must replenish the earth or give birth to just as they were given birth to.

These are a few of the reasons [parents give birth to children.

However, parents un themselves don;t have all the power to make a new life.

They have the sexual relations but Gd gives the life to the new child.

And God is the ultimate one who knows he reason why each child was formed.

He has a purpose for each one, regardless of why their parents wanted them or how they were formed.

Why did God make you?

God made you for his beauty

God made you to show forth his glory

God made you

isaiah 49

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