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Best Baby Bike Seat 2023 – Top 10 Sporty Bike Seats

Families love to be outside swimming, biking, hiking and doing everything outdoors. But, sometimes it can be difficult to do things outside when the newest addition to your family is too young to walk or ride their own bicycle! That’s why we decided to spend time doing some research and making a list of the best baby bike seat options for you to choose from.

Bike seats are a safe and convenient way for your little one to enjoy a family day out with you!

While it may seem scary at first there’s no need to worry as most seats feature multiple harnesses to keep your child securely seated throughout the duration of the bike ride. From different colors to different shapes there is sure to be a seat that will fit your needs.

If you can’t find one out of the ten options we provide then you obviously didn’t read all of the pros closely enough. Get into gear and choose the best bike seat for you and your family!

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Thule Yepp Maxi Seat

Thule Yepp Maxi Seat

Why is it better?

  •  Affordable
  •  Well made
  • Perfect for any bike frame
  • Easy to install

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The Lineup At A Glance

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10 Best Baby Bike Seat Reviews

1. Thule Yepp Maxi Seat- Best toddler bike seat

Thule Yepp Maxi Seat

Ride up and down any trail with this bike seat! 

  • Well made 
  • Easy to install 

  • Can’t get seat off
  • No replacement key 

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This bike comes into different versions of the standard seat that attaches to the rack and the seat that attaches to the bike seat-post. This makes the seatwork great for any bicycle!

In addition, the seat is extremely comfortable and comes in an array of different colors for you to choose from. This product is durable and will last for a very long time!

Lastly, the seat is water resident and can be washed with ease in the washing machine or wiped down with a damp soapy cloth. It can be a bit difficult to install, but once installed it makes for a great ride!

2. Thule Ride Along- Best baby carrier bike seat

Thule Ride Along

If you need a seat for everyday use this is the seat for you!

  • Practical 
  • Safe
  • Quick-release mount
  • Too large 

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This seat features a wonderful reclining seat for your child’s optimal comfort during the ride. It also has suspension and a quick-release bracket.

In addition, it is one of the easiest seats to mount as far as rear-mounting seats go. The padding of the seat is not only machine washable, but it is also easy to reverse.

Lastly, the seat will mount easily to your bicycle and is recommended for children ages one to six. The suspension may cause a bit of a bumpy ride for the adult.

3. Hamex Caress-Best safest

Hamex Caress

Safety is key with this baby bike seat! 

  • Comfortable 
  • Easy to install
  • Not stable 
  • Wiggles too much 

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The back of the seat adjusts so that it grows with your child as your child continues to grow and until they are able to ride their own bicycle. Moreover, the footrest can be adjusted and it features a great harness system for safety!

It comes with multiple accessories such as a neck pillow and a rain cover to shield your child from the elements. It can mount to an existing bike rack or frame!

Lastly, the harness system is easy to comprehend and to use to keep your child snug in the seat. This is one of the most affordable bike seat options for you and your family.

4. Blackburn CoPilot- Best tear baby Bike Seat

Blackburn CoPilot

If you’re not trying to break the bank this affordable seat is calling your name! 

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Hard to install
  • Too big 

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This bicycle seat is easy to install and uninstall on your bicycle seat. This is awesome because no parents wants to deal with the hassle of putting the seat on and off especially when you have a child.

The padding is not only thick to provide your child with comfort while they are riding along, but the padding can also be removed and thrown into the washing machine to be cleaned!

In addition, to make sure that you get the most out of your seat ensure that you don’t leave it out to be ruined by the elements. This will ensure the durability of your child’s bicycle seat! 

It has a fold-down handlebar and also features a three-point harness with a decking seat for your child.

5.  Bellelli-Best baby carrier bike seats


A seat that can handle a bumpy ride! 

  • Sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Leg guards bent
  • Not durable 

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If you don’t want to spend a large amount of money on a bicycle seat then you can easily choose this bicycle seat option. Moreover, the product is a great seat for any family on a budget.

It is a seat that is durable and will last for as long as you need it to last. This seat offers prime comfort for your child during their bike ride.

Lastly, the shoulder straps can be adjusted for a customized fit and it has great seat suspension for your child. It has good ventilation to allow airflow for your child. And it is also lightweight making it easy to move!

6. Thule Yepp Mini-Best baby Bike Seat front 

Thule Yepp Mini

Your baby will enjoy all the views from the front of your bike! 

  • Sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Install instructions confusing
  • Price 

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If you need a front-mounted bicycle seat this seat is the best option for your child. Moreover, it has a sleep and lightweight design making it easy to install and uninstall.

The seat is made with shock-absorbing and water-resistant material making it easy to clean when it becomes dirty. The seat is durable and will last until your child outgrows it!

It features a five-point harness as well as an adjustable footrest and an adjustable strap system. It has a safety buckle that has been childproofed and the back is also high!

7. iBert-Best handlebar baby bike seat


I bet your child will love riding in the iBert seat! 

  • Safe
  • Keeps legs clear of the wheel
  • Safety
  • Can cause injury

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This seat can be used for children up to a maximum of 38 pounds. It is an affordable seat and it also is easy to install and uninstall from your bicycle rack or bicycle frame. The seat is incredibly fun for your child to use!

That is to say, it is compatible with most bicycle frames and only needs a ¾ of an inch of spacing on the steering tube. The center mount helps for better positional balance.

Lastly, the t-bar comes with a padded steering wheel for comfort. Which makes this seat fun and interactive for your child as they get to pretend they are steering the bicycle with you!

8. Topeak Babyseat- Best topeak baby bike seat 

Topeak Babyseat

Reach the highest peaks on the trail with this baby bike seat! 

  • Easy to install
  • Quality 
  • Snapped screw
  • Cheap

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This seat is the best option for a bicycle that is hard to get fitted with a child’s bicycle seat. It comes with a rack that can be used either for disc brakes or non-disc brakes!

In addition, it is shaped like a cocoon to provide a protective shell around your baby. The upper side part of the seat allows your child to have extra room should you choose to put a helmet on them while your riding.

Lastly, the adjustable straps and adjustable harness make it easy for parents to maneuver and the easy suspension system will allow your child to have an easy ride.

9. WeRide Kangaroo-Best center-mounted baby bike seat 

WeRide Kangaroo

This seat won’t have your child jumping around in the seat! 

  • Comfortable 
  • Safe
  • Doesn’t fit all bikes
  • Knees knock into seat 

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This front-mounted seat is the perfect seat for children ages one to four years of age. It doesn’t have quite a sleek design, but it is more affordable than most bicycle seats on the market!

In addition, it can be easily attached to most standard bicycle frames. The padded front bumper makes it easy, fun, and interactive for children to hold onto whilst they are riding comfortably on your bike. 

Or the padding can be used as a pillow if your child needs to take a quick nap during the ride. Lastly, your child is sure to enjoy the comfortable outing that this seat offers.

10. Bellelli Lotus-Best mountain bike baby seat

Bellelli Lotus

A seat that won’t throw off your bicycles center of gravity!

  • Seat adjusts
  • Lightweight 
  • Heavy 
  • Tough to get a kid in

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It can be nerve-wracking to start a bike around town when you can’t see your passenger. Especially when that passenger is your little one and they are kicking their little feet around!

In addition, this seat is very sturdy and has a quick-release bracket. That makes installing and uninstalling the seat easy and less of a hassle for parents that need can’t waste time after a ride!

The suspension allows for your child to have a ride that is not as bumpy as it can be with other bicycle seats. That should be enough to give parents a better peace of mind while they are out taking a ride.

How to choose the Best Baby Bike Seat 

Before you choose a bicycle seat make sure to create a budget for the cost of the seat and stick to it. Your child will eventually have their own bicycle to ride in so you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a bike seat that they will outgrow!

Check the compatibility of the bicycle’s seat with the specific specifications of your bike. This will help you to choose the best seat for your bike and make sure that you don’t waste money on a seat that won’t fit well with your bicycle.

Next, you will want to check your child’s age with the bicycle seat that you intend to purchase. Most seats have a specific age range and weight range for the children that intend to use the seat. Checking these specs will ensure your child’s safety!

Also, check the comfort level of the seat. The seats and extra weight of your child can throw off your bicycle’s center of gravity. You may feel more in control of the bike if your child is mounted behind you or vice versa. Ensure the seat is comfortable for you and your child.

Keeping these three criteria in mind will help you not only make the best choice, but also the safest riding choice for your family!

1. Bike compatibility

Make sure before purchasing a bicycle seat for your little one that you check out the bike specifications for your model of bicycle. It would be horrible to purchase what you think is the best bicycle seat only to have to send it back because it doesn’t fit onto your bike properly. Once you check the specs of your bike you will be able to choose the perfect seat for your bike.

2. Comfort level

The addition of your child to the rear or front of your bicycle can easily through off the weight and gravitational center of your bike. Some parents may find that a front mounting seat gives them better control of the bike while other parents feel a tear mounting seat provides them more stability. Ensure that whichever seat you choose is comfortable for both you and your child.

3. Child’s age

Many seats that are front-mounted are designated to be used for children nine-month to 3 years of age or a maximum of 35 pounds. Whereas, a rear-mounted seat can be used for children nine months up to 45 pounds. Make sure to always refer to the specifications for your specific bike to choose the safest seating option whether that be rear or front-mounted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age/weight recommended for this seat?

Fits most children 1-4 years old and weighing up to 38 pounds. Fits most bikes, only needing 3/4″ on the steering tube. The safe-T-seat will fit on some road bikes. There needs to be a minimum of 13 inches between the drops for the seat to fit between.

I see the extra mounting bar is offered separately, so is there no way to attach it to this bike without buying it separately?

The mounting bar is included with the i Bert. You can purchase extra mounting bars if you want to use the seat on multiple bikes.

My child is 7 months old. Is he to young for this?

No, but you need to check with your pediatrician. The standard is whether his neck can support his head with the helmet on.


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