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Best GPS Tracker for Kids [2023]- Top 10 Tech Reviews

Children’s safety is a very important topic especially this day in age when children are so often taken and go missing without a trace. As a parent, giving the children the best products is not enough, the safety and well-being of our children are one of our main concerns! That’s why we decided to make this list of the best gps tracker for kids options for you to choose from. These options are top-rated options and will offer parents peace of mind that they usually would not have without these devices. It makes keeping your child safe a bit easier!

Let’s face it as parents even though we keep a vigilant eye out we can’t watch them every single second of the day. With these new gps trackers, you can now track real-life locations of your children without dealing with a loading screen or lagging gps report.

With these trackers or watches, you’re able to define the perimeters that your child can be within. And once they linger outside of the defined acceptable range you will be alerted by the tracking device. Choose wisely your child’s safety is in your hands!

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  • Small and easy to hide
  • Great customer support
  • Precise GPS

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Top 10 Best GPS Tracker for Kids Reviews

1. Tracki 2023 model- Best Kids gps watch

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Keep your peace of mind knowing where your child is at all times with this device!

  • Small and easy to hide
  • Great customer support 
  • Very precise GPS
  • Simple to use

  • Monthly fees
  • Subscription plan

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With this tracking device, you are able to set up safety zones for your child. These are all the places that your child is allowed to go and if they wander outside of these safety zones you will be alerted immediately.

The device also provides you with updates every 1-5 minutes. The device allows parents to listen-in to their child’s day at any point in time. This capability is to ensure that your child is not being mistreated or neglected at any point in time while they are away from you. 

It also allows you to see what your child has been up to by checking their diary log. Data is input into this log every thirty seconds. Subscription plans for this device begin as low as $30/month.

2. Verizon Gizmo- Best Kids gps tracker

Verizon Gizmo

Help monitor your child’s step-by-step actions with this special Verizon product.

  • Step tracker
  • GPS Boundaries 
  • Two-year contract
  • Long service plan

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This design has been simplified so that all of your children even the younger children can use it with ease. It also sends out automated alerts so that you don’t get out of sorts when our child isn’t in the same area as you. You can program the device with 10 different numbers. 

And at any point in time, your child can call any of these numbers and even the emergency number if they need to. If you need to get in touch with your child quickly you can either text or call them. If they are in school sending a text may be more beneficial.

You can set GPS boundaries by using the tracking capability the device has. It will keep your children in safe zones that you have set for them. Should your child wonder outside of these areas you instantly sent an alert. When you purchase the watch it does come with a 2-year contract.

3. Vtech Kidizoom- Best GPS tracker Kids

Vtech Kidizoom

If customer service doesn’t mean as much to you then this watch is sure to meet your child’s needs.

  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Poor customer service
  • Breaks easily 

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This watch comes with games so that your child will have no choice but to wear the watch at all times. It features 3 activities, 5 games, and 3 different challenges and also a motion sensor.

This watch is durable and has the capability to take pictures. Along with taking pictures, it has photo effects, voice changing features, voice recorder, and a touch screen. It is recommended for us by children ages four to nine years old.

It is waterproof and your child can choose from 50 different designs for the face of the watch. This watch can also function as a USB cable for your child.

4. Jiobit- Best Kids smart gps watch


If your child is slightly destructive then you don’t have to worry about them tearing up this watch!

  • Risk-free trial
  • Durable
  • No voice communication
  • No calling 

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This device was born from an idea that one father because he was frightened when he lost track of his son at a park one day. It is the size of a AA battery so that makes it lightweight. This device does come with a 30-day risk-free trial so you can test out the product before making your final purchase.

You don’t have to worry about being locked into a contract as there are none offered with this device. Your child doesn’t have to worry about charging this device because the battery will last up to three weeks without being charged.

To secure the gps tracker to your kids, you can choose from the following options: built-in loop, waistband clip, secure loop, strap clip, or the outer sleeve attachment. This device specifically offers GPS tracking so you know where your child is.

5. My Buddy Tag- Best gps jewelry

My Buddy Tag

If your budget isn’t as large as you would like it to be you should choose this tracking device.

  • Affordable
  • Battery life
  • Limited range
  • Doesn’t capture all the data

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This device helps you to keep an eye on your child without keeping a literal eye on your child every moment of every day. The thing that causes parents to buy this specific band is its alerting system. If your child submerges their watch in water for more than 5 seconds it sends out a notification.

This will help your child remain safe when they are playing anywhere near a body of water. If you need to buy more than one watcher that doesn’t mean you have to track them individually. You can use the application on your phone to keep track of all the devices on one phone.

The battery that the device comes with lasts up to a year, therefore, you don’t have to worry about constantly buying new batteries. The device range is as follows: indoors up to 40 feet and outdoors 80-120 feet.

6. OHJOY- Best tracking bracelet


Long battery life means you can track your child for a long time!

  • Battery life
  • Touch screen
  • GPS location too wide
  • Temperature only reads in Celsius 

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This watch is one of the best cell phone alternatives on the market today with its 1.4’ Retina display screen. This device is recommended to be used by children ages five to ten years of age. This device gives parents peace of mind by tracking their child’s every location.

In case your child finds themselves in a dangerous situation the device allows your child to contact you via a voice call or text message. It works well with ios and android applications.

Being that it works with either application it allows you to check your child’s location as well as your child’s location history at any point throughout the day. You can input your child’s schedule into the application’s calendar and the application will send a reminder directly to your child’s watch. 

7. XPLORA- Best wearable GPS tracker kids


This device will get your child as close to an Apple Watch as they can get! 

  • Display screen
  • Phone calls
  • Screen is small
  • Can’t hear it ring

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This device has a unique blend of GPS, GSM, and WiFi so that you will have the most accurate information whether your child is inside or outside. The parental application worlds well with ios or android phone users. You can control the mode that the watch is in from the parental applications.

The modes include school mode, appointments, safety zone, and many more. You can set the watch to receive calls from 12 different numbers that you program into the device. You can set up safety zones for your child’s watch.

Whenever your child leaves the safety zones you get a notification. You can also set up zones for home and school and you will be notified when your child enters these safety zones. It doesn’t come with a SIM card so you will need to purchase it separately.

8. Padgene- Best gps tracker for kids bracelet


Use your watch to play music with its wonderful Bluetooth capabilities!

  • Bluetooth
  • Sound quality
  • Battery life
  • Speaker quality is bad

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In order to make phone calls from this watch, you will need to purchase a SIM card. This SIM card will need to be purchased separately and installed through the backside of the phone. If you don’t wish to purchase a SIM card you can use your Bluetooth to make phone calls.

Not only is the screen a touch screen it also displays pictures in HD picture quality. Your child can also use this device to take pictures. You can use the self-timer and take as many pictures as you would like to with the device. 

You can also sync the watch with all social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many more. It also works as a sports tracker for tracking pedometer, sedentary reminders, and sleep monitoring. 

9. Autopmall- Best tracker for kids phone


Another watch that will act as close to an Apple Watch without you having to pay the Apple Watch prices.

  • Screen display
  • Can send messages
  • Battery life
  •  No sim card

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It does need a SIM card, however, you will need to purchase this SIM card separately or use WiFi.

You are able to communicate with your child through the devices two-way communication feature. It also has a geofencing feature that will alert you whenever your child moves inside or outside of the designated areas. 

The watch is waterproof so your child can swim with it on and it also works as a health tracker so that you can challenge your child to live a healthy lifestyle. It will work well for both little boys and little girls. 

How to choose the Best Tracking Devices for Kids

Before settling on the first tracking device you see for your child there are quite a few things to look over before making your final choices. You will want to consider the ease of use of the tracker. You will want to purchase a tracker that is easy for both you and your child to use. But mainly the focus is that your child can use and understand how to use the device without any issues.

Next, choose one that is durable and doesn’t require your child to constantly charge it. A short battery life that requires constant charging will probably be left at home more often than a device that has long-lasting battery life. Alerts and notifications can help parents to know when their child may be in danger.

Choose a device that provides you with alerts and updates whenever you want them. It is also important to select one that provides your child with a panic button to press in case they need it. It will also help to find a device that has geofencing this allows you to set safety zones for your child to stay within and will alert you if they wander outside of these preset zones.

If your a parent that’s big on communication choose a device that allows you to talk back and forth with your child at any time. When it comes to the design of the watch choose one that is durable and can stand up to the west and tear that a child will put the tracker through.

Lastly, purchase a watch that has games. Games on a device will attract your child and make them more compliant when it comes to wearing the gps tracker kids. Keeping these things in mind will keep your child safe and you sane!

1. Ease of Use

When you’re deciding on a tracking device for your child make sure to choose one that is not only comfortable but is easy to use. You won’t always be with your child so a tracking device that is easy for them to use and understand will allow them to be able to fix it themselves without having to wait until they get home so that you can do it for them.

2. Battery life/ Durability

When you choose a tracker that has lots of features and tracks more than just location the device is susceptible to dying easily, therefore, requiring you to charge it daily and opt to leave the device at home before you choose to charge it. Choose a tracker that has a durable battery and doesn’t require your child to charge it daily.

3. Alerts/Notifications

Make sure that you consider all of the different notifications and alerts that your device features. Some devices only provide updates every five minutes while others allow you to check in with your child every ten seconds. Choose the device that provides you as many or as few notifications and alerts that you will need to keep your peace of mind. Make sure it has a panic button in case your child becomes lost, stolen, or is afraid. If you need to watch out for a baby 24/7, we have a list of baby monitor for you.

4. Alerts/Notifications

Make sure that you consider all of the different notifications and alerts that your device features. Some devices only provide updates every five minutes while others allow you to check in with your child every ten seconds. Choose the device that provides you as many or as few notifications and alerts that you will need to keep your peace of mind. Make sure it has a panic button in case your child becomes lost, stolen, or is afraid. For your little baby, the 2 cameras monitor will bring great safeness to them.

5. Geofencing

This is a feature that allows parents to set up perimeters and other safety zones that your child can not linger outside of. If they linger outside of these areas then the tracking device will let you know where they are and how far they have gone outside of the designated area.

6. Two-way communication

A device that allows you to communicate with your child can give you much more than just their location. If you pride your family unit on communicating with each other then a device that allows you to communicate back and forth is the perfect device for you and your family to purchase.

7. Games

There is nothing more attractive to a child than a device that allows them to have more fun than just wearing it. A device that has games will also be more likely to be worn daily by your child than devices that do not have games featured on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I send my son a message at school will he get it right away or will it be delayed?

Once you send the message your son will receive the message right away.

Can this device be used to contact emergency services?

No, it doesn’t work like a traditional phone so if you need to contact emergency services you will need to do so separately.

Does this need to be connected to WiFi to work?

No, it does not have to be connected to WiFi to work it will just need to be in an area with strong cellular coverage.

Can children choose the music to play or do they need to use the application?

You can use the music channel by downloading music directly to your child’s gps tracking device.


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