Best Play Kitchens [2023 Review] – Top 10 Toy Kitchen For Kids

Looking for a fun interactive toy for your children? Why not get them the Best Play Kitchen. It’s like having a child size easy bake oven complete with stickers, plastic food, and plastic utensils!

There’s nothing better than having a day of playing like you in your child’s restaurant, cafe, or outdoor grill!

Our children watch our every move so I’m sure they will be excited to mimic what they see us do in the kitchen in their own kitchen!

Kitchen playsets come with stickers to add character to the set as well as some of them even have built-in sound! Like the ding of a microwave or the buzz of a timer.

That is to say, kitchen sets come in all shapes and sizes and with a whole lot of fun to be had! What kitchen fits your child’s personality I’m sure our list is sure to have one that you and your children will love!

In A Hurry? Here’s The Winner From 20 Hours Of Research

Editor’s Choice

Rainbow Sophia Timeless Kitchen

Rainbow Sophia Timeless Kitchen

Why is it better?

  • As pictured
  • Perfect size
  • Wooden
  • IEasy assemble
  • Storage space

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The Lineup At A Glance

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10 best Kids play kitchen Set Reviews

1. Rainbow Sophia Timeless Kitchen – Best Wooden Kitchen Set

Rainbow Sophia Timeless Kitchen

Not into the idea of a plastic playset and want something close to the real thing? Look no further than this elegantly built wooden set!

  • Elegant wooden construction
  • Perfect size

  • Hard assembly
  • Broken

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This kitchen set is so elegant that it will actually fit within whatever aesthetic your current kitchen has! How cool is that?

The pretend kitchen comes completely fitted with an interactive control panel that includes clicking sounds when the knobs are turned and also a working baking rack located inside the oven!

It also comes with a pretend cup that matches the refrigerator. In addition to this life-like kitchen, there is a phone with printed numbers on the rotary dial!

The set comes with multiple pictures of various sauces and cookware that can be used to decorate however your child chooses to decorate.

The best part of having a wooden kitchen set is being that it doesn’t come in multiple color options your child can make a project out of painting this one any color they wish!

So, here are a few things that some parents had to say about it :

“Very pretty and exactly as pictured…”

“Designed with a young child in mind!”

2. Hape Gourmet Kitchen – Top Toy Kitchen

Hape Gourmet Kitchen

If your child isn’t a simple sandwich-making child and prefers pasta primavera then this is definitely the play kitchen for them!

  • Gourmet
  • Perfect size
  • Not as advertised
  • Faulty

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This kitchen isn’t the only gourmet, but it also has the credentials to match winning the “Toy of the Year” by parenting magazine, the 2009 Canadian Toy Association “Hot Toy Award”, and the 2012 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Seal Award!

In addition, the kitchen features an oven, stovetop, sink, red burner knobs, and a shelf rack for all of their choice ingredients! This set really knows how to help children develop those fine motor skills!

It assists in kinesthetic development as your child learns and hones their role-playing skills.

Lastly, it pairs perfectly with any of the toy food sets sold separately by Hape. The paint finish and wood construction have been deemed safe for child usage.

Let’s weigh in with parents who have purchased this set :

“This is the play kitchen to buy !”

“Seriously look no more.”

3. Melissa & Doug’s Chef Kitchen – Cheap kids kitchen

Melissa & Doug’s Chef Kitchen

Preserve your child’s inner child and your former inner child and help this brand Take Childhood Back!

  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Safety
  • Broken

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This company was founded over 25 years ago and its sole mission is to provide innovative products that inspire children to think and to view their worlds opportunities as endless!

The products they have ranged from wooden toys, pretend play, and games. They make sure that there is something every child can play with!

In addition, the company believes that by offering children space and freedom to explore we as parents will unlock the key to them realizing their fully unlimited potential.

The kitchen features a stove, oven, sink, and a refrigerator with a working ice dispenser! It also includes extra storage space for children to put all of their toy utensils when they are done playing.

Lastly, your purchase will even include ice cubes, a grocery list, and movable hooks. Some parents had nothing but great things to say about this set :

“This set is adorable. It would have been my everything if I was still a little girl…”

“Everything I hoped for …”

4. Step 2 Kitchen – Top rated play kitchen

Step 2 Kitchen

Step 1 was learning to walk! Now step 2 is learning to cook or at least pretend to cook!

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Missing pieces
  • No instructions

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This toddler kitchen offers children an endless amount of accessories and countertop space for multiple children to play on at one time!

May I take your order please? Your child and their friends will spend endless hours taking each other’s orders and playing restaurant with this set that is sure to last for many years to come!

In addition, the pretends electric stovetop makes actual sounds and has working lights to make pretend cooking much more fun to do.

It had a sink with a swiveling faucet and also a few storage bins for easy cleanup. In addition to this set parents will need to purchase a pack of AA batteries.

Parents that bought this set raved about it :

“The whole family is very happy!!!”

“My daughter loves her kitchen. She plays with it everyday and even I like “cooking” with it !”

5. Step 2 Outdoor Grill – Perfect Toddler kitchen

Step 2 Outdoor Grill Kitchen

Being in the kitchen isn’t exactly for all children some of us were born to be outside working our magic on the grill!

  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not for children under 3
  • No stickers

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Grilling gives foods such a unique Smokey flavor. In the case of pretend grilling it’s enough to give the pretend food wonderful grill marks!

If your child loves hotdogs they will go wild for the hotdog stack and stay feature. The lid can be lifted and shut for that realistic grill feel.

Located below the grill is an oven and since this set doesn’t come with storage space feel free to stack the accessories within the oven. I hope they don’t burn!

Lastly, it has a brick design and the knobs make pretend grilling a realistic experience for everyone.

Parents who purchased this set had this to say about it:

“It’s exactly the right size for my son…”

“Wonderful toy! It comes with a few items and grilling tongs.”

6. KidsKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen – Cool Play Kitchen Set

KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

The old play kitchen set has gotten a makeover with this sleekly designed set!

  • Storage capacity
  • Exceeds expectations
  • Quality
  • Price

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Think your seeing double? It’s okay, this play kitchen may be everything you’ve ever dreamed of for your real kitchen! This set is a show stopper and is sure to be the center of attention in your child’s room or playroom!

In addition, engineers made sure to give parents peace of mind by providing them with a sturdy structured play set design. And with that kind of durability it can be passed down for generations!

Like a real kitchen it has an ice dispenser and a refrigerator with knobs that actual turn.

The refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher all have functioning latched doors bringing a realistic feeling to this espresso shop!

Burners that raise in order to fit bowls, plates, and pans. A chalkboard graces the front of the freezer, however you will need to purchase a set of chalk for your child to use.

Lastly, the microwave turntable turns a full 360 degrees! It’s no wonder these parents gave 5-star reviews :

“We absolutely love this kitchen and bought all of the accessories to match ! “

“It’s the perfect kitchen. Totally worth the assembly time!”

7. KidKraft Large Kitchen – Little Kids Play Kitchen

KidKraft Large Kitchen  - best play kitchen

A larger than life kitchen to match your little ones larger than life personality!

  • Lots of functions
  • Easy to assemble
  • Faulty
  • Missing parts

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This larger kitchen measures in at 42.2 x 16.2 x 42.8 inches and weighs in at a whopping 88.2 pounds! Now that is as large as it’s going to get.

This kitchen comes equipped with working knobs, and doors. Even the clock was made with working spinning hands!

Although there is a lot more to love with this kitchen it does come with some assembly required, but using a power screwdriver will speed the assembly process up tremendously and save a bit of frustration.

Since this kitchen is quite large your children can enjoy cooking a meal alongside you without having to hunch over and bump into each other while “cooking”!

The microwave door is see through and can be opened. The freezer, refrigerator, and oven also have functioning doors.

Lastly, the sink is able to be removed for an easier cleanup. Still having second thoughts about this set let’s check out some reviews :

“7-year-old birthday present WINNER!”

“Lots of functions for pretend play!”

8. Teamson Kids Little Chef – Easy to Assemble Set

Teamson Kids Little Chef Kitchen - best play kitchen

Your little chef will love this kitchen so much that they will be asking you for a real one!

  • For small spaces
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not working parts
  • Broken

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This play kitchen set is equipped with bright turning knobs and a red microwave door to bring some life to the wooden design.

Teamson strives to become the leading provider of lifestyle products that offer exceptional, artistic, and diverse products to parents like you. They want everyone to know that with their company your a name not just a dollar sign!

They have reached worldwide recognition by paying attention to a quality standard, play value, and children’s imaginations.

Lastly, the kitchen includes a spatula and 3 shakers for more realistic role-playing. It is recommended for children 3 years and up.

All this fun comes with some assembly required and step by step instructions. What is that? You want to read a tried and true review :

“My little guy loves it! The only problem is the food is fake lol !”

“ It’s a lot cuter than the kitchens that are made to look way to modern!”

9. Little Cooks Storage Kitchen – Big kitchen Set for Kids

Little Cook's Work Station Kitchen - best play kitchen

It made be little, but it’s packed with hours and hours of fun for you and your little one!

  • Easy assemble
  • Storage
  • Broken
  • Quality

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Step 2 doesn’t just make kitchen sets such as these they also make outdoor furniture and indoor furniture for your home. Shopping for you and your child just got easier!

This kitchen takes pretend kitchen sets to a whole new level. It challenges kids to use their minds to come up with imaginative food ideas.

Lastly, the kitchen comes with four realistic burners, chopping board, and a sink with a pull down faucet feature that plays an echoing sound!

For easy clean up there is a storage capability located below the sink to store all accessories. Parents that bought this set said :

“Lots of pieces but worth the trouble…”

“Very cute beginner kitchen! Very realistic!”

10. Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen- Children cooking set

Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen

It’s time to get a professional chef their very own play kitchen. A set made just right for your little tyke!

  • Cool features
  • Quality
  • Quality
  • Pre-damaged

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This kitchen set keeps modern in mind when it was created. Featuring a sleek, stylish, and compact design!

The set comes with a kitchen phone, coffee pot, frying pan, 2 plates, 2 cups, 2 knives, 2 forks, and 2 spoons. That’s full dining set for your child to entertain their friends and even you!

The cabinet doors are functioning doors that also provide storage within them. It even had a towel rack for your pretend dish towel.

Also, the kitchen set makes electronic noises almost like turning on and actual gas stove!

Parents loved this kitchen set saying :

“Everything I hoped for and so much more !”

“My kid made me play dough peas! Totally worth it!”

How to choose the Best Toy Kitchen

What child doesn’t love getting a new toy to add to the rest of them? Adding a toy kitchen set to your child’s group of toys is sure to be a hit in any household.

Toy kitchens not only challenge your child to use their imagination to create delicious pretend foods but also helps them to develop they’re fine motor skills at the same time. So, choosing the right kitchen set can be somewhat of a challenge. We also have reviews on the best play yards and the trending play mats for your babies

In order to choose the right set for your child first, you must decide if you would like to splurge on a set that includes accessories or save that purchase for another day. How big would you like the set to be?

Will it be the main attraction of their playroom or just another item that you would like to fit inside it with all of their other toys! Before purchasing check to see which accessories are included in your purchase.

There is nothing more irritating for a parent than to purchase accessories that already come with the original purchase. Being that returning things may be somewhat of a frustrating process.

Also, make sure the material the kitchen is made out of is a safe non-hazardous material for your child to use!

1. Size

The size of the playset is extremely important to pay attention too. As the parent, you don’t want to purchase a set that will be too big or too small for the space that you intend for it to fit into. Check the dimensions of the set before purchasing it. Some sets are bigger than others so would probably be best suited to be placed outside rather than used as an indoor playset for your child. Children love toys that are life-size. So make sure the toy is able to be used without forcing your child to have to hunch or kneel down while it is in use.

2. Price

Determine how much you wish to spend on the kitchen set before purchasing. Do you wish to spend more for a set that includes the accessories or spend a little less than your ability to buy more accessories here and there as your child plays with it? If the set is just intended to be used as another toy for your child then you may not want to purchase a set that is a bit more on the expensive side rather opt for one that is affordable yet well made. Or if it is the center of attention a little extra in price to make sure that it is everything your child wants and more never hurts.

3. Accessories

When purchasing make sure to read the fine print about what does and does not come with the set. It would be extremely frustrating to purchase a set and separate accessories only to realize that everything you bought already comes with the set. Some sets come with utensil accessories already included in the purchase leaving the actual pretend foods to be purchased separately. Some sets also come with removable sinks and clicking sounds that will require batteries during assembles in order to make them work properly when the set is being played with. Accessories are what will help your child bring their play kitchens to life.

4. Material

Since your children will be very hands-on with their kitchen set it is important to make sure that the material it is made out of isn’t hazardous to your child. Most sets are constructed so that the plastic material is coated in a finish that is non-toxic and has passed many engineered tests to prove this fact. Also, pieces are made so that they are not choking hazards such as things like the mini ice cubes that come in the ice cube dispenser. Make sure that the set doesn’t smell of chemicals because should it smell like that it may mean that the finished project was not properly sealed during the construction process.

5. Storage

Storage may not be the most important factor when it comes to purchasing a pretend kitchen for some parents. However, for other parents, a set having a place for their child to place all of the accessories is a huge plus. It allows for clean up to be quick and easy and also allows your child to keep better track of all the loose pieces of their toy by placing everything in the same spot after playing with it. It also saves you as the parent time in having to buy lost pieces multiple times instead of just once. Storage can also be used to house other toys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the oven, fridge, and microwave doors actually open?

Yes, we pride ourselves on making products that function as close to the real thing as possible without posing a safety hazard to you and your child.

Do we need to anchor this to the wall or is it sturdy enough to stand on its own?

The set was manufactured sturdily enough that it doesn’t need to be anchored to the wall or anything else.

Does this set include the salt and pepper shakers as pictured online?

Yes, it includes the salt and pepper shakers. However, you will need to purchase all other accessories your child desires to have separately.

What is this made out of? Can I put it outside in a playhouse?

It is made out of plastic and if you wish to put it outside in a playhouse you can, but the children won’t have much room inside to play.


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