Best Changing Pad Cover & Liner [2023 Reviewed] – Top 10 Choices

Changing pad cover and liner can be difficult to choose from as there are so many different designs, colors, sizes, and safety features. However difficult it is to choose one as parents we know that having one is a necessity!

A pad cover that is comfortable and easy to clean would make our lives as parents way easier than they already are. As we have so much to clean up one less thing on that list would surely remove some frustrations.

You may opt for a simple cover or need more than one and that’s perfectly fine. Some opt for the single cover and multiple liners which is okay as well! If you have chosen a changing pad for your baby, it’s time for a changing pad cover and liner.

As parents, we must make the choice that is best for us and our children. We decided to help you with your decision and compiled a list of the top 10 covers and gave you the 411 on the good, the bad, and the ugly!

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Why is it better?

  • Great quality
  • Breathable material
  • Soft
  • Non-slip
  • 8 color

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The Lineup At A Glance

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10 Best Changing Pad Cover & Liner 2023

1. TILLYOU Pad Cover – Best pink pad cover


A pad cover that can be used for a boy and for a girl! Say no more!

  • Great quality
  • Very breathable

  • Very thin
  • Strong chemical smell

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TILLYOU has been in business since 1997 and since then they have been dedicated to producing high-quality baby bedding products. Their goal is to provide your baby with a warm and cozy place to sleep free from allergens and other hazardous things.

If you’re looking for a padded cover that can be used for your daughter or your son then this is the pad cover for you! You can get this pad cover in a pack of 1, 2, 3, or 5. Which can be very useful when it comes to changing messy diapers!

The jersey knit fabric is extremely soft and breathable making every diaper change one of immense comfort for your baby.

However, being that it is a t-shirt like the material it is more likely to soak up any liquids that are leaked on to it. It will protect your child from rashes and other uncertain skin irritations that could be caused.

This pad cover measures 32” x 16” and 34” x 16” so it will fit securely on the standard size changing table, bassinet mattress, and cradle mattress. Rest easy knowing that this purchase won’t be too big or too small for your intended use.

The elastic bottom and buckle strap holes ensure that once the cover is attached to the pad it won’t slip or slide. Making it extremely safe for baby to lay on.

2. Brolex – Best arrow changing pad cover

Brolex Changing Pad Cover

A solid-colored changing pad, not your thing? You want a pad that brings a little pizazz to the table, well look no further!

  • Great price
  • Super soft
  • Not organic
  • Very thin

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This changing pad measures in at 16” x 32” and fits most changing tables so say good-bye to worrying about whether or not the pad cover you just ordered will fit properly!

If your little prince or princess deserves a high quality pad cover then this is the cover for them. Making sure that your child stays rash and infection free is one of the main focuses for this brand!

It is made out of an incredibly soft mink like material that is sure to feel velvety soft against your little ones skin. The product is machine washable and can be cleaned easily as it is stain resistant!

It is easy to attach with the elastic bottom as well as the buckle strap holes. Parents may apply within a matter of seconds and used even quicker than that. And as parents we all know that anything that takes forever to do is usually a no-go!

And get this parents if your not 100% satisfied with the product you can return it and get your money back no questions asked. This brand has a money back guarantee for customers that aren’t satisfied. That is great customer service if you ask me!

3. BlueSnail – Changing table pad cover

BlueSnail Changing Pad Cover

Where a snail lacks in speed it makes up for it in style with this pad cover!

  • High quality
  • Very thick
  • Low quality
  • Cheap material

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BlueSnail makes several baby products from changing pad table covers to cotton washcloths. They don’t skimp on quality when it comes to making products designed for your children.

The goal of the company is to produce a product that provides maximum comfort and softness whenever it is being used!

This pad cover is made out of a soft bamboo-like fabric that provides optimal comfort for your child especially during those irritating midnight changes that sometimes have to happen!

They use bamboo because it is the softest and purest material to use. Due to using bamboo it keeps irritation and discomfort at a minimum if not non-existent all together. The pads fits most contoured changing pads up to 16” x 32”.

For parents that don’t want to have to spend a lot of time cleaning up this pad solves all of these problems. In the event of a leak just remove the pad and throw it in the machine for an easy and quick clean!

4. LA Baby Waterproof Pad Cover – Best waterproof changing pad cover

LA Baby Waterproof ChangingPad Cover

Need something that will stop leaks in there drippy tracks? This pad cover will take care of all your problems!

  • True to size
  • 4-sided cover
  • Straps aren’t removable
  • Slides easily

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LA Baby was started in Los Angeles, California and as the company has grown it has expanded to the United States, Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Middle East. Talk about going global!

They want to continue to expand their company and bring the best products made of the best quality to parents and children worldwide!

This cocoon style pad was engineered with 30” high sides to keep your baby safe while it is in use.

If that isn’t enough to help you breathe easier it also features a non-skid bottom that will prevent the cover from sliding and is intended for children 1 month and older.

The outer cover is made of a quilted material. It is free of toxins and is non-allergenic, non-toxic, and stain resistant. To clean the pad just take some mild soap and warm water to wipe it clean.

It also features a security strap and a quick release button that holds baby and the pad securely to the changing table or dresser top.

And for customers that may experience a bit of wear and tear it comes with a 1 year warranty!

5. Burt’s Bees – Best changing pad cover pattern

Burt’s Bees Baby Changing Pad Cover

Burt’s Bees company doesn’t just make chapsticks! Who knew they would bring that same smooth quality to baby products!

  • Great material
  • Best price
  • Damaged
  • Cover sheds

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Burt’s Bees is well known for all of their skin care product and now they want to be known for their line of baby products as well.

They made the pads from organic cotton and is gentle on your child’s sensitive skin!

You have two choices in material when you purchase this pad cover. You can either get it in a terry cloth material or a jersey knit fabric.

If your child is more on the hot natured side you may want to choose the terry cloth option!

Terry cloth is a superabsorbent material whilst the jersey knit fabric is more so of a cotton t-shirt like material!

You can mix and match solids and prints to bring a new unique vibe to any nursery theme.

This pad cover has been combed and ring-spun to ensure that its durability and softness remains intact no matter how many times you wash it!

6. Sweet Jojo Designs Pad Cover – Best coral changing pad cover

Sweet Jojo Designs Changing Pad Cover

A design that is made specifically to fit the style of your little princess!

  • Thick cover
  • Very comfortable
  • Runs small
  • Doesn’t fit the standard sized pad

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Sweet Jojo Designs was founded in 200 and is operated by women that understand what it’s like to be a mother in this modern world!

They think that when people choose to bed it should be playful, fun, and affordable!

They want to make sure their customers have all the choices in the world without having to sacrifice simplicity and quality!

You can find products that fit cribs, toddler beds, twin beds, as well as full/queen sized beds! This pad cover fits pads 17” x 32” so it may run on the smaller side compared to other pad covers.

It comes fitted with an elastic band that runs around all of the edges to make sure it fits securely after being placed on the pad cover.

It also comes with matching accessories such as window treatments, hampers, shower curtains, and decorative pillows!

That’s in case you would like to use the design throughout the babies nursery and not just on the changing table!

7. Boritar – Best Summer Infant Changing Pad Cover Liner

Boritar Changing Pad Cover

In the summer it can get very hot and uncomfortable, but your baby doesn’t have to be with this changing pad cover!

  • Soft
  • Fit well
  • Does not fit
  • Ugly color

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This just for boys changing pad cover comes ready to fit any standard sized changing table pad. It comes fitted with an elastic band that runs all the way around the inner side of the stretchy jersey knit material!

You don’t have to be worried about choosing from different sizes as this cover fits most regular tables so rest assured you won’t have to return it!

You didn’t think girls were the only ones that could have cute designs on their stuff did you?

This company makes sure age-appropriate designs are printed on the cover like owls, bears, and elephants!

Made out of a soft high-quality mink like material. It will keep your child warm and comfortable and is also skin friendly. To make sure it remains soft it is recommended that the cover is washed prior to being used for the first time!

It is semi-waterproof which means that the cover will dry quickly once wet and can be washed on the gentle cycle in the washing machine.

8. American Baby Company Changing Pad Cover Liner – Best black and white

American Baby Company Changing Pad Cover

A changing pad cover for an affordable price is always a winner!

  • Good quality
  • Great Price
  • Bad quality
  • Stains easily

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The American Baby Company was founded in 1997 in California. Its products are exclusively marketed and sold in North America!

All of their products place special emphasis on creating safe, well-made, inexpensive items.

This pad cover is made out of 100% breathable jersey cotton material and fits standard sized contoured changing pads up to 17” x 35” x 5”.

It is extremely soft and is sure to bring lots of comfort to your child’s delicate skin.

It also fits on mini playard mattresses as well as travel lite mattresses. The product has an elastic band for a smooth and secure fit!

9. TILLYOU – Best Changing Pad Cover Liner

TILLYOU Changing Pad Liner & Cover

If a pad cover just isn’t enough for your heavy wetter check out these liners too!

  • Very convenient
  • Must-have for diaper changes
  • Poor quality
  • Doesn’t last long

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TILLYOU has done it again with this super soft liner and cover combination. They made it 100% from cotton flannel that will give every baby a soft and comfortable feeling while they change their diapers.

The back of the liner is made of a completely waterproof polyurethane coating.It provides protection against fluids, urine, and sweating!

It has passed all test requirement standards of the CPSIA and the CPSC.

They made it from a hypo-allergenic and tear resistant material. In order to clean it all you have to do is machine wash it and then dry it on the low heat setting.

After extreme testing it has been found that the cover and liners can withstand multiple washing and drying cycles without deteriorating! each liner is 11.5” x 23”.

Parents can use it as a burp cloth, or as an extra layer of protection a stroller and car seat.

It is portable and great for traveling and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee!

10. Aden and Anais Changing Pad Cover – Best brand

Aden and Anais Changing Pad Cover

If brands are what make the difference for you then this brand is sure to please!

  • Great quality
  • Cute print
  • Bad fit
  • Not absorbent

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This brand believes in comfort, simplicity, safety, and style! They have chosen to create products out of a muslin fabric for optimal softness, durability, and breathability. It works wonders for your child’s skin comfort level!

They create products from burp cloths and stroller covers to tummy time blankets and nursing covers.

They want each product to be seen as useful and versatile for parents all over the world!

Safety is at the forefront of their production model and they put each product through rigorous testing to ensure that it is within guidelines before coming to a market near you.

This cover is 100% muslin cotton and remains soft wash after wash.

To clean it in warm water and tumble dry on low, but do not iron it once it has dried. It fits most standard sized changing tables that are 33” x 17”!

How to choose the Best Changing Pad Cover liner

A pad cover and liner are extremely important when it comes to protecting your investment in the changing table bad or simply protecting your dresser table! The pad belongs to one of the essentials products that parents will need.

A pad cover and liner should be made of lightweight, breathable material that keeps your child cool and comfortable while they are being changed.

Some are made of terry cloth or muslin whilst most come in a jersey knit material.

When considering which to buy, make sure that you purchase one that is the right dimensions of your changing pad some run smaller while others tend to run a little bit bigger.

Most come in a standard size. So make sure to check prior to ordering!

Another thing to consider when hunting for a cover and liner is one that is waterproof.

You’ll want a pad that makes clean up easier than teaching your child the alphabet. You can remove and throw most liners in the washing machine on the gentle cycle to clean.

1. Material

Before purchasing the pad cover you want to make sure the material is not a material that will cause irritation to your child’s skin. Especially since the pad cover is likely to come in direct contact with your child’s skin time and time again. Make sure it is made with non-toxic hypo-allergenic material to lessen the likelihood that your child may have any skin irritation or rashes while you use this product. The material should also be light and breathable so that it doesn’t cause unnecessary sweating for your child.

2. Waterproof

A waterproof liner and cover is a life saver especially when it comes to leaks and blow-outs. A pad that is waterproof is easy to wipe down after changing your child and also means that you don’t have to remove the whole cover and toss it into the washing machine just to make sure that every drop of liquid contamination has been wiped off of its surface.

3. Price

While most covers and liners are fairly inexpensive you want to make sure that you don’t spend or under spend when it comes to this. For the price your paying are you getting more than one pad cover which is recommended as you will be changing diapers multiple times a day. Also, does it come with one or more liners that will protect the surface of the pad that it is covering. All are things to consider before making your purchase.

4. Design

Make sure that before purchasing a pad cover and liner it is the right size for your changing pad. It is such a hassle to purchase the wrong size and have to go through the process of sending it back and getting the correct one. Also, does it have an elastic band, buckle, or straps that will help keep the pad secured to the table and your little one secured to the pad? And last, but not least are there any fun prints and designs that will make the cover more than just another piece of fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this fit the summer infant changing pad (Standard size: 32″ x 16″ x 4″)?

Yes, it does unless you got a smaller changing table the majority of our pad covers will work with the standard-sized pads.

Is there elastic all around, or just at the corners? are there slits for the safety straps?

There is elastic all around. There are slits for the straps, but our straps come out from the bottom of the changing pad and we are able to use it just fine.

Is this for a pack of three or a single sheet? picture and description do not match?

It depends on which package size you select some come with 3 in them while others just have the single cover in them.

Are there holes for straps to fit through?

Yes, it comes equipped with holes for the straps as well as elastic that runs on the underside and a buckle as well.


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