The Best Baby Books For New Parents – 2023 Reviews

Adulting is hard all on its own, but tack on a baby, and there are days when being a grown-up will seem downright impossible. Sure, you can ask friends, family, your pediatrician and even Internet strangers for advice on how to tackle every parenting problem thrown your way, but parents baby books might be the smarter route to take.

Being a new parent, you do not know exactly what to expect and plan for as you wait. Hence, in most cases, most parents will rely on information obtained from other moms, parents or other sources.

However, you do not have to anymore.

How true, effective and helpful this advice remains to be uncertain and subject to change. After all, all babies are different. Your experience may not be necessary similar to the next person.

In order to help you solve these issues, we came up with a comprehensive guide that should help you acquire the necessary values and traits you will need.

The best baby books for new parents was carefully crafted in regard to their levels of efficiency and ratings.

In conclusion, they will assist you to handle your new unique situations in the best way possible.

Editor’s Choice

First-time parents

First-Time Parents

Why is it better?

  •  Involves practical guidance
  •  Incorporates British humour
  •  Perfect layout.

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The Lineup At A Glance

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14 Best Baby Books for New Parents Picks.

1. First-Time Parents Baby Books.

First-time parents

First-Time Parents comes in a variety of sections that cover a series of important elements in parenting. Moreover, from breastfeeding, to crying babies, the book will answer all questions new parents tend to have concerning those areas.

  • Perfect layout.
  • Incorporates humor.
  • Outlines a practical guidance.

  • Written in UK terminology.

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With a well laid out layout, and a good sense of humour, new parents will certainly enjoy the book.

It provides well outlined practical guidance as well just to make sure parents are not so bored with the usual narratives.

Expect a little UK terminology you may not understand.

Here is what reviewers have to say about Parent-Time Parent baby book.

“Information and fun well combined. Brilliant,”
“Lots of illustrative photos for better understanding. Really nice.”

2. Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy – Parents Baby Books

Mayo clinic guide

One of the best pregnancy books for new moms. Moreover, this book features a week to week on the growth of your baby and the changes moms should expect.

  • Written by Healthcare profession
  • Reputational clinic..
  • Mainly written for new Pregnant parents.

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The Mayo clinic Guide is among the popular clinics with highly experienced pediatrics. That is to say, the book is written by really experienced doctors in the field.

It would therefore remain to be among the best options for new parents. This book however only favours moms that are pregnant. 

This means that you may still require new baby books for more guidance on parenting.

Here is what reviewers have to say about Mayo Clinic Guide. 

“The only pregnancy book you will ever need. Thank You!”
“There is nothing better than getting parenting advice from healthcare professions.”

3.  Bringing Up Bebe Baby Book.

Bringing up Bebe

If you are among the few moms who prefer well-researched content over the usual narratives, this one’s for you. Hence, after three years of thorough research, the writer shares all her findings on how to bring up a baby in the best way possible.

  • Written from real life events.
  • NewYork Best Seller.

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Bringing up a Bebe is among the few Baby books that are written from actual true life events. 

In addition, with a touch of humor, the writer will take you through how to raise your baby the french style. According to her, french babies had very good sleeping, eating and playing habits desirable by most moms today.

The majority of the new parents have found this book to be quite irresistible unlike other parents baby books in the market.

Here is what reviewers have to say about Bringing up Bebe.

“Awesome book for modern moms. A definite must have.”
“I found it a little controvisional. still helpful”

4. Baby Bliss Baby Book

Baby Bliss

Baby Bliss is all about getting that peace of mind most new moms dread. To clarify, the writer’s aim is to relieve you of all the crying, feeding, crawling and walking struggles you are likely to experience.

  • Deals with sleep issues.
  • Perfect for most ages.
  • No survival tips.

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Getting your baby to sleep soundly without much struggle is among the stressful times of parenting, especially for new moms.

The writer, lays out specific sleep rituals that should promote a more calm and happy baby when it comes to bedtime. 

Some users, however, insist this parents baby books only focus on sleep rituals and nothing about how to cope with the difficult times.

Lastly, you may need to couple it with a few more books on parenting. Using the book independently may raise a few questions.

Here is what reviewers have to say about Baby Bliss.

“Really helped my mental health as a new mum.”
“Excellent book.Would definitely recommend to new moms.”

5. The Sh!t  No One Tells You About  Baby Book

The Sh!t No one tells you about

This book manages to bring a little fun and laughter into the whole parenting period. That is to say, it gives real insights to new parents most moms and dads are often afraid to talk about.

  • Very Humorous
  • Encourages different views in parenting.
  •  Vaccination chapter is wanting.

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Are you perhaps a little overwhelmed by all the serious parenting advice from most baby books? If so, this one might just be what you need.

The writer concentrates a lot more on the funny but terrible habits every mom should expect. She talks about most conspiracy facts other moms are afraid to share for one reason or another.

Lastly, if you are looking to brighten up your pregnancy and labor process, this one will definitely work just right.

Check out what reviewers have to say about The Sh!t No One Tells You about.

“The most honest and hilarious book I have read so far.”
“Being a new parent can be tough.We all need some laughter once in a while.”

6. What To Expect The First Years Baby Book.

What to expect the first year

This one mainly focuses on the first year of parenting. Hence, it takes you through some practical tips, realistic insights and relatable experiences new moms should expect.

  • American Bestseller
  • Easy to read.
  • Does not cover everything.

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What to Expect the First Year is another practical guide book new moms really enjoy.

In addition, from better skin conditions to breastfeeding tips, the writer talks about inquires new moms will definitely have at some point.

Although it might not necessarily cover all the key areas in parenting, It is definitely among the must-have for the new parents.

Check out what reviewers have to say about What to Expect The First Year.

“Really good book. Would definitely recommend it new moms.”
“Helpful.Real and relatable guidance every new parent goes through.”

7. Secrets of The Baby Whisperer Baby Book.

Secrets of the baby Whisperer

If you are looking to understand and grow closer to your baby, you should try reading this one. To be precise, the author will tell you how to get your baby to eat and show you how to identify your baby personality early enough.

  • International Bestseller
  • A guide on any bad habits.
  • Use of sarcastic tone.

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Another Sleep tricks and trips for new parents. 

Frankly, the more enlightened you become the better for you.

Secrets of the Baby Whisperer is basically more on getting to understand your baby more as he or she grows up. In most cases, it is the best way to deal with sleep deprivation.

The authors also outline guidelines on how to effectively learn your baby’s personality and the best ways to deal with them early enough. Are you not already excited?

Here is what reviewers have to say about Secrets of The Baby Whisperer.

“So worth the time and money spent. Loved it.”
“If you don’t have this book, get it.”

8. The Expectant Father Baby Book.

The Expectant Father

This one goes to all the dads in the house. Often, most of them do not understand what is going on with the baby, the wife and to some extent themselves. Not to worry, the Expectant Father is here for you.

  • NewYork-Times Bestseller
  • Favours Clueless dads.
  • May not favour IVF parents.

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More dads books for the clueless dads who do not have even the slightest clue on what to expect.

Moreover, as a dad, the writer takes you through the various development stages to expect from your child and baby mama. 

Lastly, being an experienced father figure, he is able to blend the useful information with a touch of humor from a father’s perspective.

Check out what reviewers have to say about The Expectant Father.

“Really helpful.Somewhere to start for the new dads.”
“Oh My God.My husband actually loved the book. Now he’s even more involved.”

9. We are Pregnant! The First Time Dads Pregnancy – Parents Baby Books

We are pregnant!

Another one for the new dads! This book acknowledges that becoming a new dad can be challenging and quite stressful. Hence, to overcome, it gives new dad the confidence needed to face their tasks as required.

  • Perfect choice for new dads.
  • Action-oriented
  • Encourages sidelines.

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We can not stress enough on the importance of having a well informed and supportive father and partner. Right?

In addition, this book works on the new dad to be in all the necessary ways. It is more practical and a little detailed for new dads who have little experience or knowledge about parenting.

Lastly, some moms think it kind of encourages new dads to be sidelines and not be fully involved in the entire process. As the new dad, as long as the will to help out is there, you will do just fine.

Here is what reviews have to say about We Are Pregnant.

“Nice one for all the new dads.”
“Just finished reading the book. Great insights but i expected more.”

10. The Big Fat Activity Baby Book.

Big fat activity book

This book is full of quizzes, journalling, mazes and so much more activity that will keep you excited and ready for parenting.

  • More on hands-on activity
  • Very Humorous.
  • More entertaining, less informative

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What better way to spend you last nine months of freedom than with a loud laugh?

In addition, this book is among the funniest baby books for new moms that will only make them more eager for their newborn.

Hence, most moms find it quite relatable and really involving. 

Lastly, expect a lot of quizzes, mazes, listings and journaling on what pregnancy is all about.

Here is what reviewers have to say about The Big Fat Activity.

“Most hilarious and practical book I have ever read.”
“I received this book as a gift. I can’t stop laughing.”

11. The Mama Natural Baby Book.

The mama Natural

Do you know exactly what you should be eating? Do you know what foods to avoid? Have you been avoiding them? This book will have everything you need to know about diet as a new mom. Moreover, it will show you how to embrace pregnancy and parenting as a new mom the natural way. 

  • Offers a week-by-week guide
  • A good diet guide
  • Not enough advice on alternatives

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Diet is often neglected when it comes to advising new parents on parenting. In most cases, new moms will not so sure on the right foods they are expected to have especially through pregnancy.

In addition, this book will show you how to go all natural for the sake of your health and your baby. Interestingly, the book is written by an author who has not always been a veggie, moms have found it quite relatable and informative too.

However, the writer seems to lean on the veggie side a lot more and forgets to mention any alternatives that could also be healthy.

Check out what reviewers have to say about The Mama Natural.

“Was so informative.Loved it.”
“Worth it. Too much to learn.”

12. Parenting with Love and Logic Baby Book.

Parenting with love and logic

If you are worried about how exactly to bring up your newborn with good character and morals, worry no more.

  • Focuses more on character
  • Religious
  • May be too much on bad kids.

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If you are a new mom looking to enhance good characters and overall build a good relationship with your child, you will love this one.

Unlike most parenting books, this one focuses more on how to best deal with any bad habits that will definitely crop up while raising your kids.

Lastly, it prepares new parents on the consequences of not raising their children with logic and character in mind.

Here is what reviewers have to say about Parenting with Love and Logic.

“Brilliant stuff. A definite must-have for new parents.  ”
“A game-changer. It might not work for all parents but was really super helpful for me.”

13. The Happiest Baby On the Block

The happiest baby on the block

One of the best books that will teach you on how to best soothe your baby and in the end increase sleep.

  • Happy baby tricks and tips
  • Fun to read through.
  • Material is not so unique.

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This book is basically about soothing your baby in the right and best ways possible. This in return should make you baby more likely, active, happy and in the end increase sleep hours.

In addition, the writer uses a special technique that encourages and promotes that perfect parent-child bond we all admire.

Most readers however find the important a cliche. Lastly, something they could easily google and learn about. Either, it is all useful information new parents should know.

Here is what reviewers have to say about The Happiest Baby on the Block.

“I purchased the DVD. Super helpful.Great tips.”
“I was really terrified of the constant crying. My friend recommended this book to me. Great progress.”

14. The Hot Mom To Be Handbook -Parents Baby Books

The hot mum to be

Most moms do not know how to maintain or improve their style during and after pregnancy.  
That is to say, this book will show you how to take good care of yourself enough to still look hot, fashionable and on point.

  • Rare Content
  • Perfectly favours fashionistas

  • Maybe a little outdated.

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Are you among the few fashions sensed new parents who want to still maintain that vibe? This may not be very easy but this book will definitely take you through it.

You will get amazing insights on how to maintain your personal look and maybe look more stylish than before.

Some recommended websites may not still be running, but it’s definitely great and unique content new parents will love.

Check out what reviewers have to say about The Hot Mom To Be.

“When I saw this book, I have to say the cover really draw me to wanting to know more.When I finally read it, it did not disappoint.”
“Although some websites recommended are outdated, good read.”

How to choose the best baby books for new parents.

We come up with some key elements that should help you pick the best parenting book for you. With this way, you are more comfortable and confident that you will learn a lot from each book you choose to read.

1. Format

Different books with come in all kinds of formats eg kindle, Hardcover, Audiobooks as so on.
It up to you to choose the best format that will work best for you.

2. Type of book

In the same way, different books will specialize in different areas of parenting. Hence, being a wide sector, you may not find books that tackle all the areas.

It is therefore advisable to try and specialize in each area at a time for most productivity.

3. Author

The Author will also in most cases, can tell you how effective and informative book will be.

Seek more experienced and well known writers for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gift for a new parent?

Among other things, finding a good baby book for new parents may be the best ever item to gift a new mom. Make sure it is funny and informative at the same time.

When is the best time to read a baby book for new parents?

Most moms will start indulging in parent books as early as they find out they are pregnant. Although you will find books specifically on pregnancy, starting the habit early enough is also better.

Which are the best pregnancy book for new parents?

Some of the best pregnancy  books in the market include
Mayo clinic guide for a healthy pregnancy.
What to expect the first year
The mama naturals.
The expectant father.


  • Baby books for new parents, Amazon.


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