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Best Baby Sun Hats 2023 – Top 10 Bonnets Choices

It’s finally summer, so get ready to get out and do fun outdoor activities with your baby. Before you head out in the sun prepare your little one with the essential gears, beginning with the best baby sun hat. 

When shopping for the perfect sun hat for your little one, you want to take in consideration UPF50+, a chin strap with adjustable toggles, the color, and if it is durable.

Since your baby is still very sensitive to sunlight, it is good to look into hats with UPF in them to help shield them from harmful UV and UB rays. 

Consider a hat that has a chin strap with adjustable toggles, so it can stay firmly on your child’s head. We don’t want your baby to rip off the hat and expose them to a sunburn. 

Especially while their skin is so soft and sensitive! 

Also look for a hat that is durable and that can withstand a child trying to rip it off. 

Editor’s Choice

BabyLab Bucket Hat

BabyLab Bucket Hat

Why is it better?

  • Mesh lining keeps head cool
  • Machine washable
  • Folds and stores easily
  • Fits 90% as expected
  • Wide brim

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Top 10 Reviews of the Best Baby Sun Hats

1. Home Prefer Kids Hat – Top Rated Toddler Sun Hat

Home Prefer Kids Hat

This hat is great if you like your child to wear fun designs and patterns. And, if you want a hat that comes in a variety of sizes from infancy to toddlers and has a flexible material to help fit on your child’s head, then this is the hat for your baby

  • Flexible material
  • Wide brim
  • 10 patterns
  • Sizes range from 3-6 months to 4T-8T

  • Sizing is too small
  • String breaks easily
  • No solid colors
  • Tags sometimes sewn on outside

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Sizing is a huge factor that goes into finding the perfect hat, and Home Prefer Kids has a wide range of sizes from 3-6 months to 4T-8T. This hat is the best toddler sun hat when it comes to sizing.  

The hat comes in an assortment of patterns for little girls and little boys and makes a fashionable statement when they go out. People love babies in cute clothes! 

There are many safety features on the hat that make playing in the sun safe like the UPF 50+ fabric, the wide brim, the chin strap, and the adjustable toggles.

The material is flexible, lightweight, and breathable making it comfortable for your little one and easy for you to tote around in your purse or diaper bag. 

The mess lining in the inside of the hat is great because when it is hot outside, the hat helps your child from sweating too much.

2. Jan & Jul Aqua-Dry Hat – Top Rated Baby Beach Hat

Jan & Jul Aqua-Dry Hat

If you’re looking for something different from the usual bottle style, something that will provide a whole new experience to your baby, then you might want to check out Comotomo bottles.

  • Great customer service
  • Water repellent fabric
  • Wide brim
  • Tag leaves big holes
  • Bill is flimsy
  • Easy for child to undo the safety feature

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Due to its water repellent fabric, this hat is perfect for any outdoor water adventure. And, when you leave the water, it is fast drying, so it’s perfect for any land adventures as well.

The hat has an adjustable chin strap and adjustable toggle, so you can securely situate the hat on your child and adjust it to where it won’t come off. 

There are four sizes that you can choose from between 0-6 months and 5-12 years old, so perfect for infancy into childhood. 

Between the UPF 50+ and the wide brim, your child will be protected from UV and UB rays. 

Jan & Jul are with you the entire way of your purchase. They are there to answer any of your questions and concerns and to make sure you get your product. 

The hat works perfectly for the summer and hard for your child to remove thanks to the velcro and clasp.

3. Durio Baby Sun Hat – Top Rated Infant Sun Hat

Durio Baby Sun Hat

Durio Baby Sun Hat comes in multiple cute designs for little boys and girls. Lightweight cotton fabric is the perfect material for you to fold up and store in any purse or diaper bag.

  • Cotton fabric
  • Lightweight & easy to store
  • 8 patterns
  • Runs small
  • No size before 6 months
  • Not as soft

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We love for our babies to be comfortable and cute. This hat is 100% cotton, so your child will not become irritated from the hat. 

Due to the lightweight cotton fabric, it is easy to fold and store, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much room in a drawer or bag. 

It comes in eight different patterns ranging from fish, dinosaurs, flowers, and more for boys and girls. 

The size ranges from 6-12 months to 4-8 years old, so it’s a great choice if you want a hat for babies and older children. 

For safety features, the hat is equipped with UPF 50+ fabric, a wide brim, a chin strap, and an adjustable toggle. With a combination of all these factors, you can be at ease and enjoy your day with your baby

And, thanks to the chin strap it is the perfect hat to stop a baby from pulling the hat off and makes putting sunscreen on easier. 

4. SimpliKids Bucket Hat – Top Rated Baby Brim Hat

SimpliKids Bucket Hat

Thanks to the ventilation and moisture soaking headband, this hat is perfect if you plan on being outside with your little one for a while. Also, you don’t have to worry about the sun fading away any of the color on the hat.

  • Fade resistant
  • Ventilation network on both sides
  • Moisture wicking sweatband
  • Wide brim
  • Toggle breaks easily
  • Material is thick
  • Frays easily
  • Size ranges are too large

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Over 90% of parents have stated that this hat has comfortably fit their child. 

The fabric is lightweight and breathable due to the ventilation network on both sides of the hat and the moisture soaking sweatband on the inside of the hat. 

In addition, there are seven solid colors that you can choose from to match your child’s outfit. The colors range from neutrals to bright pinks and blues. 

After use, make sure to hand wash the hat in cold water. Then, let the hat air dry. 

Between the wide brim and UPF 50+ fabric, your child will be protected from the sun during all their fun in the sun. 

The brim is large and blocks the sun, but lightweight with cut outs to let air flow through. 

5. Ruffle Butts Sun Hat – Top Rated Floppy Sun Hat

Ruffle Butts Sun Hat

Easy to roll and pack away for any summer adventure this hat is the perfect travel companion. If you have a little one who doesn’t mind hats, then this is a great hat for your baby!

  • Easy to roll and pack
  • Reversible
  • Fade resistant
  • Designed in the USA
  • No ties or straps
  • Runs a little small
  • Brim is too thick
  • Doesn’t stay on

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Designed in the USA, this hat takes into consideration the wants that parents want in a sun hat for their children. The company is all about 100% Happiness Guarantee and will make sure you are satisfied with the product.

The UPF 50+ fabric and wide brim protect babies and children from harmful UV rays. 

The hat is fade resistant and reversible, so it is perfect for the mini fashionista in your life and will last a long time.  

After use, hand wash the baby sun hat in cold water and dry flat. 

Lastly, this hat provides great protection and gathers many positive comments.

6. Vaenait Baby Swim Hat – Top Rated Baby Swim Hat

Vaenait Baby Swim Hat

A hat that covers the eyes, neck, and ears is great protection from the sun for a baby. If you like having the choice of many different colors and patterns, then this hat is perfect your little one.

  • 23 colors and patterns
  • Visor and neck flap
  • Elastic fitting
  • Tail covers ears
  • Stretches

  • Hat runs big
  • Fades fast
  • No chin strap
  • Stitching falls apart
  • Size range is small

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If you want a sun hat that comes in an assortment of colors and patterns, then look no further because this hat comes in twenty-three different colors and prints. 

This hat has the best protection from the sun due to its UPF 50+ fabric, visor, and neck flap the protects the neck and ears. 

The hat has an elastic fitting, so it can easily mold into the shape of your child’s head and stay firmly on throughout the day. 

This hat works very well in water situations too since it’s made of a swimsuit material, so it keeps your child’s head nice and cool. 

Machine wash the hat in cold water then air dry after use. 

7. Xiaohawang Baby Cap – Top Rated Infant Sun Hat

Xiaohawang Baby Cap

All heads will turn when they see your cutie sporting this adorable animal ear hat. If your baby is a fashionista and likes comfortable fabric, then this hat is calling their name!

  • Cotton & polyester fabric
  • Adjustable back
  • Cute design
  • Breathable material
  • Gets wrinkled easily
  • Bigger than expected
  • Ears lay flat instead of up
  • Hat is flimsy

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Wanting a cute hat for a theme park or museum excursion? Look no further because this hat is calling your baby’s name. 

The hat is designed with cute animal ears and a smiley face on the inside of the bill. It’s the perfect hat for babies and toddlers. 

It comes in five different colors for boys and girls. And, the size ranges from 6-24 months. 

The material is made out of breathable and sun protection fabric, so you child can keep cool under the sun. 

The bill in the front can be moved up and down to prevent the sun from getting into your little one’s eyes. 

8. Fairy Wing Lace Bonnet – Top Rated Baby Girl Sun Hat

Fairy Wing Lace Bonnet

If you love to dress up your little princess in cute woven hats, then this sun hat is the right one for your baby. It’s super cute in photos, and fits perfectly on your baby’s head thanks to the adjustable strings in the back

  • Fits 100% as expected
  • Airy material
  • Adjustable in back
  • Catered towards little girls
  • Flower is loose
  • Stitching falls apart

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Do you have a little princess that loves the sunshine and photos? Because this lace bonnet is the perfect little girl white sun hat.

The bonnet is made of cotton that is super airy and breathable. 

Since the material is woven together, the hat should fit correctly. Plus, there are adjustable ties, if your baby needs more or less room. 

If you love washing everything in the washing machine, then don’t worry because this sun hat is safe to throw in the wash. 

It not only protects your child from the sun, but looks cute at the same time. 

9. i.play Flap Sun Hat – Top Rated Sun Protection Hat

I.play Flap Sun Hat

If you are the mom on-the-go, this hat is perfect for you to throw in the washing machine. Also, this hat stays firmly on your baby’s head thanks to the adjustable back tab and long strings.

  • String is long
  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable in back
  • Ties under chin
  • Not enough shade from brin
  • Doesn’t have shape
  • Size ranges too large
  • Runs small

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This i.play hat has many different adjustable features that if you have a child that likes to take off any hat, this is the best hat for them. There are ties under the chin and a tab in the back to make the hat looser or tighter. 

The sun hat is made of 100% breathable polyester, which is super lightweight and easy to fold. 

There is a back flap that protects your child’s neck and neck from the sun as well as UPF 50+ fabric. 

One of the best parts is that the hat is machine washable, so you can just throw it in with the rest of your baby’s laundry. 

The hat washes well and easy to fold and take anywhere.

10. BabyLab Bucket Hat -Top Rated Best Baby Sun Hat

BabyLab Bucket Hat

You don’t have to worry too much about the hat not fitting because it fits about 90% as expected. And, you don’t have to worry about your child overheating because it has a mesh lining to keep them nice and cool.

  • Fits 90% as expected
  • Mesh lining keeps head cool
  • Machine washable
  • String is too long
  • Can’t adjust circumference
  • Clasps on side aren’t hard

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When your baby or toddler is out in the sun, one of the main things you want is a hat that is breathable. 

The sides of this hat are made out of a mesh lining, so it helps make your child’s head nice and cool the entire time they are outside playing. 

There is a wide brim and UPF 50+ fabric to protect your child from any harmful UV rays. 

Making adjustments on this hat are super easy with the drawstring closures and chin strap.

Plus, this sun hat is machine washable and easily foldable to put away. 

Also, if you plan on making any beach trips this summer, this hat dries quickly.

How to Choose the Best Baby Sun Hat

When choosing the right sun hat for your baby it is important to know your child’s personality as well as look into all the safety features. 

You also want to make sure that the hat will last well especially with babies who like to take hats off their heads. 

Price plays a big role in finding the right baby sun hat because you don’t want to spend too little and not have the safety features, but spend too much and your child only wear a few times. 

1. Sun Protection Features

Sun protection is the key feature that needs to be looked at when looking at sun hats. According to Stanford Children’s Health, overexposure to the sun before the age of 18 is the most damaging to your skin. And, with the strongest UV rays occurring between 10AM-4PM during the summer, it is essential for your baby to be protected with wide brimmed hats and UPF 50+ fabric.

2. Durability

When you buy a product, you want it to last. And that goes for your baby’s sun hat. You want the best sun hat that will stay on your child and last even after they try to pull it off.

3. Price

A baby sun hat in the end will always just be a sun hat. And, your little one will outgrow it pretty fast. So, you’ll want to find a hat that is reasonably priced and still has all the safety features. You may want to look around the $7-$15 price range.

4. Fabric

When it comes to your baby, you want them to be as comfortable as possible. You are going to want to find a hat that has soft fabric like cotton or polyester in it. Also keep in mind the heat and look out for sun hats that have mesh ventilations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the hat fit my 6 month old’s head?

Yes, measure your child’s head and compare it to the sizing chart to figure out what hat will fit your baby the best.

Can you wash the hat in the washing machine?

No, hand wash the hat with cold water and soap. And, then air dry flat.

Is this material breathable?

Yes, the mesh inside keeps that hat breathable and the head cool under the sun.

Is the hat adjustable?

Yes, adjust the chin strap and toggle into the place that firmly stays on your child’s head.


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