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10 Best Baby Walking Shoes 2023 – Comfortable Shoes Mom’s Pick

Yay, the baby has finally started walking! What should you buy for them at this stage? Now it’s time to fit them with a great pair of shoes. Look for best baby walking shoes that offer great quality and longevity, but don’t break the bank. After all babies feet won’t remain tiny for long!

A few things to consider when buying shoes for your child are durability, design, functionality, and of course price.

While your baby is still in the infancy stage shoes with velcro/elastic straps or faux laces are the way to go.

Consider a shoe that is lightweight and moves easily along with your baby as they navigate this new world of walking. We wouldn’t want the baby to have a difficult time moving their feet.

Especially while they are still gaining their confidence!

Next, keep an eye out for eye-catching designs. Styles that have different colors and pictures on them making putting them on not only fun but interactive.

Also, keep in mind that whatever the best baby walking shoes you choose will need to be worn with multiple outfits. Last, but certainly not least the price.

Editor’s Choice

Apakowa Closed-toe Sandals

Apakowa Closed-Toe Sandals

Why is it better?

  • Designed for boys and girls
  • Adjustable Velcro strap
  • 19 different colors
  • Orthopedic for arch support
  • Prevents flat feet

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The Lineup At A Glance

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The 10 Best Baby Walking Shoes

1. Nike Toddler Revolution 4 – Infant Walking Shoes

nike revolution baby shoe

Less maybe more! If you’re looking for stylish shoes with a little more wiggle room for comfort the Nike Toddler Revolution may be the shoe for your baby!

  • True to size
  • Durable

  • Made for wide feet
  • Deteriorate quickly

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Nike has sought to create shoes that give people the maximum support needed to perform in every arena time after time generation after generation! That is to say, with multiple designs that make getting up and getting active as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Designed with comfort and flexibility in mind Nike makes a shoe to fit everyone’s taste. Learning to walk is just as big as any other life event that baby must tackle!

Moreover, the mesh material allows for vital breathability which means no sweating in these shoes.

The rubber outsole makes for a great grip that way it lessens the likelihood of your child slipping. Providing maximum comfort responsiveness.

When babies foot strikes the ground the design allows for appropriate give and gentle push back from the shoe.

It comes in 3 colors for boys or girls and in addition to color, this shoe provides an easy on and off velcro strap. When you think of activewear Nike has always been a shoe to think of.

2. Josmo Kids First Walker – First Baby Shoes for Walking

Josmo Kids' Unisex Walking Shoes First Walker

Never worry about wobbly legs with this first walking shoe! This shoe provides top-notch arch support and is perfect for textured floors!

  • Hard bottoms
  • Good price
  • Durable
  • Smooth bottoms

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When you think of a first walking shoe for your child Josmo shoes for kids are sure to be amongst the top contenders. They started the business in hopes of providing people all over the world with well-made shoes at affordable prices.

For the last 25 years, Josmo Kids has featured brands from Rugged Bear to Schoolmates and every brand in between. Whatever your taste Josmo has what your child needs.

A sturdy shoe that dresses up any simple outfit.

This shoe has a wonderful sleek look, however, due to its slick hard bottoms, this shoe may not be the best when it comes to being a traction friendly footwear choice.

This shoe is specifically for certain occasions such as going to church or the first day of school. Occasions where your child may not be standing or moving around for extended lengths of time.

Lastly, with a padded cushion and an easy clean leather finish.

3. Apakowa Closed-Toe Sandals – Best Shoes for Arch Support

Apakowa Closed-toe Sandals

Did someone call for a shoe with craftily designed insoles? These orthopedic sandals provide a fixed heel and head for prime foot stability!

  • Orthopedic
  • Prevents flat feel
  • Stiff
  • Heavy

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Apakowa is one of the smaller shoe retailers but that doesn’t mean that the brand skimps on quality.

Smaller sometimes can be a good thing meaning that more care may be taken in the manufacturing process.

With multiple shoe styles to choose from the brand seeks to give multiple choices for the growing child

It’s no wonder this shoe and its brand were chosen for the editor’s choice. Great arch support is incredibly important when a baby is beginning to walk.

The closed-toe design provides children with stubbed-toe protection and allows for optimal breathability throughout the design.

Moreover, amazing leather material and incredible affordable for any buyer. Available in 19 colors and print designs.

With a hook and loop closure for maximum comfort.

Parents can find their official online website on aliexpress.com for more shoe options readily available for purchase on their site you can also find their shoes on and throughout amazon.

4. Stride Rite Bailey Boot- Best Shoe for Ankle Support

Stride Rite Bailey Boot

There’s nothing better than a shoe with support and room to grow! A cute simple white shoe that offers traction needed to walk with confidence.

  • Great Support
  • Lots of toe box room
  • Run big
  • Easy for baby to undo

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Look for best baby walking shoes that offer great quality and longevity

Getting every step right for over a century. Celebrating 100 years of shoe manufacturing Stride Rite knows exactly how to make the perfect shoe for every growing child. It is one of the world’s leading shoe innovators for shoes that grow with your child, instead of your child outgrowing the shoe!

So simple to put on and remove your child will get the hang of it in no time.

With smart lightweight capability that allows your baby to transition from running, jumping, leaping, hopping, or skipping in the blink of an eye!

Prime crafted rounded edges that include an alternative method of closure. Also, helps correct any possible walking issues early before it begins to create a problem for your child.

Lastly, with delicately designed memory foam insoles to provide the essential give and go cushioning as your baby walks. As well as an easy to keep clean outer layer on every shoe.

5. Panda Aqua Sock – Best Water Shoe

Panda Aqua Sock

Let’s take a dip! The cutest water shoes ever are seen! Adding extra fun to every water activity!

  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweigh
  • Narrow fit
  • Need better sizes

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Starting out in Cisterno, Italy nearly 47 years ago Panda Safety footwear delivers every time. Seeking to take the rawest and organic materials to turn and mold them into something that will last for years to come.

The company holds itself to extremely high standards to produce the most efficient product for its consumers.

Selling to now over 60 countries worldwide you could say this brand provides reliability without question.

Moreover, their shoes feature a non-slip outsole with quick fast drying capabilities. The smooth neck design brings a fashionable sock-like quality to the water shoe.

A thickened toe allows for extra durability as the baby uses this shoe. It also promotes stability while treading the damp conditions.

With 40 engaging and captivating designs to choose from this shoe transitions from pool to the water park with ease.

Lastly, Panda Safety works to uphold the deep-rooted Italian values with every shoe they produce.

We also written a review of the best socks for your baby here.

6. Carter’s Every Step Sneaker – Carter’s Baby Walking Shoe

Carter’s Every Step Sneaker

Does your baby have a simpler taste than most? The cool kid! This shoe is calling your babies name!

  • Support
  • Flex
  • Wide fit
  • Durability

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Carter’s baby brand has been one of the most common best baby walking shoes brands to consider when it’s time to fit your little one with stylish clothes and shoes!

Found in most retail distributors nationwide it is not hard to find!

Carter’s also promotes many other brands such as Oshkosh B’gosh,  Skip+Hop, A Child of Mine, Simple Joys, Just One of You, and more!

Moreover, a prime time multi-brand bursting at the seams with diverse products!

Being in business since 1985 it is no wonder they have crafting shoes and children’s clothing down to a perfected science.

The companies suede sneaker with flexible outsoles moves when the baby moves and flexes when baby needs them to flex the most.

Elastic faux laces and adjustable strap color. It is an awesome walking shoe that helps the baby to fall less and is wonderfully affordable.

Lastly, with a seamless inner sock-like lining added for extra comfort and breathability.

7. Saucony Jazz Baby Sneaker-Best for Wide Fee

Saucony Baby Jazz Sneaker

A shoe that baby outgrows before they have worn them out is always a great problem to have! This shoe was made with a growing baby in mind!

  • Durable
  • Great Tread
  • Stiff soles
  • Length

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Founded in 1898 these shoes were made specifically with running as one of its key components. Whether it be uphill or downhill Saucony focuses on running as its main passion for the shoes.

They have learned to create a product that is able to withstand any rugged terrain no matter how tumultuous they can be. Carpet, concrete, outdoors, and indoors this is the go-to shoe.

Capable of protecting your baby as they learn to take their first steps and continue to walk and run confidently into their bright futures.

Moreover, Two-tone midsole and mesh sock material provide breathability for babies foot. 100% man-made!

For toddlers and kids ranging from age 1 to age 8 ! A shoe that is made for any shape and size foot.

Lastly, a custom wavy overlay with contrasting mesh lining sock that has come to be one of the key staples for this manufacturer’s products. The design comes in various colors and styles.

8. Keen Kootenay Winter Boot – Winter Shoes for Toddlers

Keen Kootenay Winter Boot

Brrr, when it’s cold outside this boot ensures that babies foot is snug as a bug in a rug! This winter bootie is cute and functional.

  • Great fit
  • Quality
  • Runs small
  • Hard to put on

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Ever heard of the “Keen Effect”? Meet the brand that invented it by producing a product to make a distinct difference in the way people wear and feel about winter shoes.

They don’t just focus on winter shoes, but also shoes for hiking, work, and travel. So choose the best baby walking shoes

A reliable affordable shoe that is able to withstand the wears and tears of everyday movement indoors and outdoors.

Shoes made with water as well as abrasion resistance. A rubber toe cap with hook and loop strap.

Moreover, warm fleece-lined collar. It’s combined with dual climate traction making for controlled grip on any floor type. With superior quality and an excellent fit.

A conscious shoe made with the environments well being at the forefront. Preservation of the elements surrounding a brand that wants to minimize its carbon blueprint.

Lastly, this is a shoe with the environment in mind absolutely gives your child the best material in footwear.

9. Baby Summer Sandal – Summer Shoes

Baby Summer Sandals

Break out the beach towels and umbrellas! This sandal makes for the perfect summer shoe. Making walking in the sand or anywhere outside a breeze!

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweigh
  • Velcro hardly sticks
  • Smell bad

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A new and exciting off-brand summer shoe for your baby! This style and design are affordable for the ever-growing child’s foot. It’s time to get outside and have some fun in the sun! Shoes that fit without the worry of sliding like regular flip-flops.

You could say that the shoe grows with them as they age! A shoe that is perfect for baby boys, girls, and toddlers.

Moreover, from stars to camouflage to fish this shoe provides minimal yet impactful shoe design. An elastic band that allows for easy put on and easy removal.

Stays comfortably on babies feet. It is the preferable shoe to wear for every child aging from 9 months to 2.5 years of age.

Lastly, a custom non-slip bottom and created with a flexible fast-drying mesh material. Summertime is the right time to let your feet breathe and catch some extra sun warmth or feel the sand between your toes! Let’s look at some other awesome sandals for your babies here.

10. Ikiki Squeaky Shoe – Best Baby Walking Shoes

Ikiki Squeaky Shoes

Did someone say squeaker? Sounds and lights are sure-fire winners when considering any type of clothing for baby!

  • Squeaker
  • Ankle foot orthotics
  • Run big
  • Squeaker stopped working

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Part of their motto is designing for little feet and that’s just what we like to hear! Soft breathable material with colorful animal eye-catching creative designs.

Shoe featuring crabs, fish, and even a beaver on the front panel of the shoe add character with every squeak! This shoe is crafted with a built-in squeaker at the bottom of the sole.

And let’s face it shoes that squeak are taking the place of lights, but there’s room for both designs in the world of children!

A cute high top shoe with a breathable material based at the front of the shoes under the velcro straps .

Also, an anti-slip grip located at the front bottom of the sole that aids in promoting a strong traction pattern.

Lastly, On/off audible squeaker operation. Soft sole for learning toes. A shoe that incorporates and plays to babies audible senses is a shoe worth the price.

How To Choose The Best Baby Walking Shoes

In order to ensure that you make the write shoe choice for your child, certain criteria must be met. Being that baby is still in the early stages of learning to walk.

We want to make sure their foot is supported at all times. A few key things to keep in mind while shoe shopping are shoe durability, price, performance, protection, fit, support, and design to round out the list!

Some parents may want to skimp on quality due to the fast-growing nature of babies feet and that’s no big deal. More bang for your buck as we like to say.

Ultimately the choice of best baby walking shoes is up to that of the parent! May the odds of shoe shopping be ever in your babies favor!

1. Design

It offers more than just one color, style, and pattern of the shoe. Is it a high or low top kind of shoe. Velcro straps or faux shoe strings for easy on and off. Leather or suede.

2. Durability

Maximum wear for up to or exceeding 1-2 years.

3. Performance

Allows baby to carry out tasks such as leaping, jumping, walking, running, and skipping. It provides effective accomplishment of any task.

4. Price

The average price for a best baby walking shoes is around $50.

5. Protection

Protects babies foot against the elements. Safe-guarding against trips, falls, stubbed toes, and infection.

6. Fit

Shoe is the proper length and width to provide baby with maximum comfort. Not too tight or too loose.

7. Support

Assists with ankle and arch support which can also be key in correcting incorrect walking habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the best baby walking shoes for traction ?

Yes, these have great grip on the bottom that lessen the likelihood of slipping.

My son has a wide foot would these shoes be tight on him ?

The shoe is leather therefore the fit around the ankle will be tighter. However , going a size and a half bigger may provide the extra room needed.

Is this material waterproof ? Is it okay to walk on a damp surface ?

The bottom is rubber however, the mesh lining may take longer to dry if it becomes wet.

Are the soles flexible ?

Yes, they are flexible yet sturdy!

What size should I get my 1 year old daughter ?

Refer to the sizing chart located at the top of the page and print it out it comes with a measuring guide for your child’s foot.

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