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Best Baby Wraps Slings [2023 Reviews] – Top 10 For Newborn & Infant

Do you need to change the laundry loads? Or perhaps vacuum the carpet? Maybe you’ve got to make the bed? There are plenty of things to do when you have your baby around.

All of these things can be difficult when you are holding your baby in one arm and trying to do things with your other. Thank the big guy above for whoever came up with the idea of slings and wraps!

These different carriers allow parents to carry out tasks while your child is strapped to you. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and patterns!

Carriers also making going out and about with your family a breeze! Being that you don’t have to go through the process of taking the stroller out and setting it up!

A carrier can be the difference between chores getting checked off a list or adding more to that list!

And sometimes just being close is enough to comfort your child into a well-needed nap. Whatever the reason you need a baby wraps slings we got you covered!

In A Hurry? Here’s The Winner From 20 Hours Of Research

Editor’s Choice

Infantino Flip Carrier

Why is it better?

  •  Safe
  •  Well-made 
  •  Comfortable
  • Affordable

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The Lineup At A Glance

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10 Best Baby Wraps Slings Reviews

1. Infantino Flip Carrier- Best front baby carrier

Perfect the kangaroo hold with this carrier!

  • Safe
  • Great product

  • Cuts off circulation
  • Not ergonomical

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This carrier is recommended for infants ranging from 8-32 pounds. It comes in two different color choices!

Making carrying your child easier there are 4 ways to carry your child. Hence, you can carry them baby-facing for newborns, facing in the wide seat for older babies, facing out in the narrow seat for babies with head control, and back carry for older babies and toddlers!

It comes with a wonderful cover that acts as a 2-in-1 bib to protect the carrier fabric and your babies clothes while eating. It is easy to be washed if it does happen to get stained. All you need to do is place it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle and hang up to air dry!

It features an adjustable seat with leg openings for maximum comfort. Also, straps and a waist belt to be able to customize the fit for you and your child.

2. Boba Baby Wrap – Best Baby Wrap

Doing laundry has never been so easy before!

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Difficult to put on
  • Small

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Bonding is a strong and essential development between you and your baby. That’s the reason why The Boba Wrap makes carrying your child close to your heart a special moment every time you wear your wrap!

You are able to use the wrap to nurse your child as it serves as a covering for discreet use. Also, the french terry cloth blend makes it easy to wash and dry. It is extremely durable and will last use after use and baby after baby!

You are able to bond with your child while getting back into the routine of your everyday life.

It comes in 19 different colors to choose from and is 95% cotton with a small piece of spandex mixed in. The material allows for the wrap to keep its shape without becoming loose or sagging even when you adjust it to nurse.

It comes with easy instructions about tying it and is one size fits all and can be used for baby boys and girls!

3. BabyBjorn Baby Carrier – Best Baby Wraps Slings

Bring your baby comfortably into this world as infants with this infant carrier!

  • Easy
  • Safe
  • Uncomfortable
  • No back support

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This carrier is from imported polyester. Hence, it provides the closeness that your baby needs as they take their first moments in this brand new world!

Bonding with your child with this carrier will help them to feel safe just like a baby bird until they are ready to spread their wings and fly on their own! You can carry your child in two carrying positions baby facing-in or baby facing-out!

Baby facing-out is recommended for children that have more head control than a newborn. This carrier is perfect for a newborn and doesn’t need an insert to be used. 

It is recommended that the carrier is used from birth around 1 year of age. Important to realize that the product was developed by pediatricians that want to give babies the proper head, neck, spine, and hips supports. That’s why it is extremely safe and easy to use with only a few minor adjustments!

This is perfect for a baby nursery due to the whisper-quiet feature. The carrier won’t disturb or wake your child while they are trying to take a nap. It helps to eliminate dry air during allergy season, sleep, or when the baby is sick!

What’s more?

This product also provides relief for your child during times of sickness so that their much-needed rest and recover isn’t interrupted by coughing fits. No parents want their child woken up while sick it can make putting a fussy baby to sleep extremely frustrating!

The product helps you breathe easier whether you’re in your bedroom, the babies room, or an office! And being that babies have such small nasal passages it helps the receive the best airflow in and out of their sensitive noses.

You can find some of the best forward-facing carriers for your baby in our review.

4. Ergo Baby Sling – Best Baby Sling

This carry is the perfect sling to settle any colicky baby!

  • Must-have
  • Soft
  • Overpriced
  • Doesn’t stretch

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This sling is the perfect mixture between french terry cotton and spandex. It has just the right amount of give for any mom to wear it. Keep in mind that a swaddled baby will be a much happier baby!

Babies prefer to be snuggled in a womb mimicking environment. Truly, multiple studies prove that the more babies are held they are less likely to cry and to fuss.

Weaning your child in a baby chest carrier will make for a much happier and stress-free environment for your child and you! It also helps to create a stronger bond between you and your child.

Carrying your child will help them become more aware of their surroundings because they will hear, smell, and experience everything that you are experiencing. It can also be used multi-purposely for short walks and trips as you embark upon your errands!

The company offers a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee and has a lifetime guarantee on all baby carrying products.

5. Infantino Ergonomic Hoodie Carrier – Best baby chest carrier

What’s better than a carrier? A carrier with a hoodie attachment.

  • Great price 
  • Great carrier
  • Used
  • Pinched baby legs

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This affordable carrier is recommended for children 12-40 pounds which are 5.4-18.1 kilograms and can be machine washed.

It can be used by either mom or dad as it features adjustable straps that will help the carrier to form and mold will all body types and sizes! Which allows the carrier to be worn for hours at a time comfortably!

You are able to remove the hoodie attachment. The attachment can be used to shield and protect your child from the beaming rays of the sun. Furthermore, you can use the carrier in two different ways: as a front carrier and as a backpack!

It is made for optimal comfort so that your child is able to be carried in it without any discomfort during your day.

6. Omni 360 Baby Carrier – Best front facing baby carrier

Looking for a carrier that doesn’t require an insert? You can stop looking now!

  • Super comfy 
  • No insert
  • Complicated
  • Uncomfortable

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Ergobaby stands by their products so that you are able to carry your baby with confidence. If you find any type of defect with your carrier they will replace the carrier or the specific part with no charge to you!

It’s an all-in-one carrier and can be used from newborns to toddlers 0-48 months and 7-45 pounds!

It does not require an infant insert. Your child can be carried facing in or out or worn on the back or hip. This carrier features a large storage pouch as well. At last, the product includes babyhood to shield your child from the sun and wind.

It provides lower back and lumbar support with padded shoulder straps and a waist belt that can be worn crossed or backpack style. Furthermore, it is acknowledged as hip-healthy for its support of your child’s development and growth!

7.  Baby Tula Baby Carrier – Baby Wraps Slings For Summer

If back support is what you need then look no further!

  • Great investment
  • Great impression
  • Price
  • Back support

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This carrier has every carrier position that your child will ever need a front-facing out, facing in, and back carry. 

Each position is for a natural position and can be worn comfortably to promote healthy hip and spine development for your baby!

The product adjusts in three width settings to find the perfect fit for your child newborn to early toddlerhood.

It is designed with 100% cotton making it easy to clean and can be washed within a machine if necessary. Moreover, it is lightweight and breathable.

The shoulder straps provide optimal neck and shoulder comfort! Don’t worry about straining during your daily tasks as this carrier will help to provide you with as much support as you so need when carrying your child!

8. Luxury Ring Sling – Baby Wraps Slings

If the traditional sling is not for you try this ring sling!

  • Perfection 
  • Excellent quality
  • Wrinkly
  • Not sturdy

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This carrier is from bamboo linen. It helps to recreate that chest to chest bond that your child so desperately yearns for. It helps your child build a sense of trust and love between the two of you!

The carrier is able to protect your child’s sensitive skin and is made of strong lightweight woven fabric.

It features a copper rose ring that rests comfortably on your shoulder. In addition, this product will not scratch your child’s skin and doesn’t need to be broken in. It is the best for a hip carrying position for your child.

Some carriers contribute to hip dysplasia due to your child being carried incorrectly in the carrier. This carrier has been engineered to take special care of helping your child’s hip development! It also helps digestion and preventing reflux and colic.

In conclusion, the manufacturer does warn parents to beware of cheap imitations that put your babies safety at risk! As their sling is compliant with all US safety regulations.

9. K’tan Original Baby Wrap – Best Baby Carrier Wrap

Taking it back with the original baby wrap!

  • Wonderful wrap
  • Easy for breastfeeding
  • Not user-friendly
  • Sizing is off

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This wrap is made of 100% imported cotton. Thanks to this, the wrap comes ready to wear out of the box and can be switched between five different carry positions without the confusion or frustration of undoing and retying the wrap!

The product has a patented double-loop design and a unique one-way stretch slip that acts like a t-shirt and is made for comfortable use. Hence, it is suitable for infants, newborns, preemies, and toddlers up to 35 pounds!

Moreover, the wrap comes in sizes extra small up to extra large for a comfortable fit for parents. If you are not sure which size to order please reference the sizing chart located next to the description.

It supports proper hip development for your child and also provides soft head support until your child is able to develop stronger neck muscles. It is easy to clean and can also be dried on a low heat setting!

10. Cuby Baby Sling – Best Sling For Breastfeeding

Make breastfeeding a step easier with this baby sling!

  • Super cute
  • Easy to put on
  • Just okay
  • No instructions

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This sling is 100% imported cotton and is designed to carry children from 0 to 24 months and can hold a child no more than 44 pounds.

You can carry your child in five different carry positions including two that are perfect and convenient for breastfeeding. This sling allows your child to sit in the same position that they sit in your womb before being born!

The product is soft and skin-friendly, therefore, it won’t cause any irritation to your child’s sensitive skin. It comes in one size fits all, but you can adjust it to fit all body sizes in a matter of seconds!

It has shoulder padding for comfort while carrying your child and parents are sure to experience no discomfort while wearing it.

How to choose the best baby wraps slings

In order to choose the best baby wraps slings or carrier for your child, they are a few things that parents should consider before making their choice.

Of course, the first thing a parent should consider is the price. The price will determine how much you wish to spend on a carrier. 

Keep in mind babies will sit in this through infanthood and the beginning stages of toddlerhood. Therefore, you want to get a carrier that is comfortable and safe for your child.

Next, consider the design and material of the carrier. Your child’s skin is sensitive so you want to choose one that doesn’t cause irritation or make your child feel uncomfortable!

Another important criterion is supported. It’s best to get a carrier that not only helps your child develop head support, but also supports healthy hip development!

1. Material

You will want to choose a baby-friendly fabric wrap. The fabric you choose can cause irritation and rashes on your child’s sensitive skin so make sure to choose a material that won’t upset your child. Also, the material could be scratchy and cause discomfort to you as well so make sure to choose one that provides comfort for you and your child while it is in use.

2. Design

Consider the design and how many different ways that you can wear the baby carrier. Whether that’s front-facing, backpack style, or on the hip. You want to ensure that however your child is being carried it is the design that you will absolutely love to use and wear on a daily basis if that’s what you choose.

3. Price

Set a budget before purchasing a carrier. The price will determine whether or not you get certain features with your wrap. Also, when considering and setting a price budget keep in mind your child won’t use this after about 24 months old so some parents may not want to spend an absorbent amount on their carrier . Especially when you can wear it in a short amount of time.

4. Support

Ensure that the carrier you purchase provides the support your child needs. The carrier should support hip development and not cause hip dysplasia. Also, it should support the spine, head, and neck development. When babies are first born the muscles they need to hold their neck and head up haven’t developed yet. So as the parent make sure the carrier provides optimal support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this better than the moby sling ring?

Our ring sling is made of mesh fabric, good for everyday use and better for water environment use because it is lightweight and quick dry.

How comfortable is this for carrying a toddler? My daughter is 25 lbs, 18 months old.

Our slings work great with babies and toddlers from 8-30 lbs. It is comfortable for you to carry your little one, you can enjoy the wonderful babywearing time with her.

Have they been weight tested?

Yes, the last time I used it my son was 25lbs and it was perfect. No issues whatsoever.

How is the weight distribution? Does this weigh down in your back?

Not the back, I tend to feel after a while on my shoulder.

Is this good for big-chested, plus size moms?

Yes, it is. I was size 16 when I bought it with a g/h sized bust. It fit great! I’m Smaller now and it still fits.


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