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10 Best Diaper Pail In 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Nobody likes a smelly diaper, least of all 30 of them sitting in a trash bag and stinking up a perfectly pretty nursery. So best diaper pail was born.

There are certain items every nursery needs but parents often skip buying them because they think a DIY alternative will suffice. Don’t make that mistake when it comes to disposal of your baby’s stinky diapers. 

You probably think any old container will do. Are you sure you want to take that chance with the surprises from your baby’s diaper? 

In the review

I can almost hear you saying that the regular trash can will do – true, can’t argue with that. You certainly can use a regular trash can, but diaper pails exist to make your life easier and less smelly. 

Designed well, a good diaper pail will seal up the odor from nasty dirty diapers and will allow you plenty of time between needing to empty and refill. Additionally, some are equipped with a foot pedal with the aim to make them hands-free, and some even have latches to keep nosy older kids out! You definitely should check our research out and see if which diaper pail on our list is the best diaper pail for you!

Editor’s Choice

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

Why is it better?

  • Uses regular trash bags
  • Made from powder-coated steel
  • Rubber seals to lock odor in
  • Childproof safety lock
  • Sturdy and well constructed

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The Lineup At A Glance

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10 Best baby diaper Pail In 2023

1. Arm and Hammer Step Diaper Pail – For Maximum Odor Control

Arm and Hammer Step By Munchkin

Munchkin really did a great job by making this one of the most effective diaper pails on the market. It effectively suppresses odor from diapers and their disposal has never been easier.

  • Baking soda filler
  • Self sealing

  • The lid must be closed manually
  • Need to purchase refill bags

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Step by Munchkin combines best-in-class odor control with a modern, sleek aesthetic that looks great in any nursery and an easy-to-use foot pedal. Not only does the pail effectively suppress the bad smell coming from diapers, but also packs some awesome features that are not found in other diaper pails.

The front of the pail slides open, allowing you to see the liner and also remove it if it is full. A lavender-scented baking soda puck attached underneath the lid filters out the foul smell. A self sealing system twists and seals the liner each time the lid is opened. This traps any odors inside the bag, preventing them from escaping when the lid is opened. 

When disposing a dirty diaper, simply push the diaper through the seal. When the time comes to remove the liner, simply snap the ring in half. This seals the full liner without the need to tie a knot.

Simple as that, ha!

2. Dekor Plus – A Trusted Friend

Dekor Plus Diaper Pail

Cloth diapers take up quite a bit more space than disposable diapers, so you will want to get a diaper pail that has a large capacity, and this is where Dekor Plus steps in.

  • A foot pedal for hands free opening
  • Converts into regular trash can
  • Requires separate purchase of custom cloth diaper bags 

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The Dekor Plus is a remarkably well designed diaper pail, and it works pretty well for cloth diapers. One simply has to love a simple and clean design, a foot pedal for easy one-handed operation, and excellent height of the pail, so there’s no need to bend down to toss diapers.

The most impressive thing about this one is the way that you open and close it:  Simply step on the pedal and the lid on top pops open. However, there is also a spring loaded OdorKeeper trap door on top to keep scents trapped in. You simply drop the dirty diaper on to the trap door and watch it quickly open and shut. It’s truly hands free and prevents excess odors from escaping.

What’s more?

In order to use this with cloth diapers, you will want to purchase the Dekor Cloth Diaper Liner. This comes with two cloth liners. So, you can simply swap one out through the open access service door when it fills up and swaps the other one in. These liners have a large capacity and are machine washable.

Also, this pail has a child-proof feature, simply by turning the knob the trap door locks and pressing a button keeps the lid closed. As an added bonus, this diaper pail converts into a garbage can once your little one is out of diapers. So, you’ll get plenty of use out of it.

3. Busch Systems Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail – Best Diaper Pail

Busch Systems Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail

From Busch Systems comes the Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail – our choice for the best diaper pail for cloth diapers. Did I mention that this one’s made of recycled plastic?

  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Carbon filter
  • Carbon filter needs replacement every 3 months

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The 7 Gallon Odor-Free Diaper Pail is the most eco-friendly pail available on the market nowadays. Made from recycled plastic, this line of diaper pails is growing in popularity with enviro-friendly parents everywhere! 

It’s the sole diaper pail on the industry specifically designed to carry fabric diapers, because of its broad opening, the durable lid that’s secured by 2 side grips, and odor-free carbon filters, which remove odors. A carbon filter lets air in and prevents odors from escaping. The downside is that the carbon filter will require changing once every three months. Replacement filters are not too expensive anyway. 

What’s more?

This cloth diaper pail has a 7-gallon capacity. That is the perfect size for a couple of days or so worth of cloth diapers. Since you’ll want to wash your diapers frequently to get them effectively clean, this is the ideal amount for a cloth diaper pail to hold. You can use a variety of reusable diaper pail liners within the pail to keep the pail nice and clean.

4. Baby Trend Champ Deluxe – Best for Small Spaces

Baby Trend Champ Deluxe

If you are looking for a reliable, budget friendly baby diaper trash that can store lots of soiled diapers, and your nursery is small, stop right here, take a look at the review and thank us later! 

  • Can be used with regular garbage bags
  • Doesn’t ask for much space
  • Minor smell coming out of the bin
  • Not child proof

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The Diaper Champ uses a handle that you pull up on to expose a little pouch where you place the diaper: when you push the handle down, the pouch turns upside-down and drops the diaper into the pail. Clever design, especially since you don’t need to open the pail and expose all the dirty diapers to the air. With one hand, you can deposit a diaper in the top and flip the handle over to send it into the trash bag. When you purchase this one, you’ll receive it already assembled. This prevents faulty setup that can lead to odors escaping.

The relatively small size of the Baby Trend Champ Deluxe means that it needs to be changed more frequently—optimistically, it holds about 30 diapers, which is roughly five days worth of waste from a baby. To exchange the bags you take off the entire top part.

What’s more?

Talking about refills, you can certainly use the Baby Trend Diaper Champ refills, but you don’t need to, as you can use a regular size kitchen garbage bag, and it works just fine and you could also keep an open box of baking soda in the bottom. if you like, which all together, makes the long-term cost of this diaper pail practically zero.

5. Tommee Tippee 360 Sealer – Diaper Sealed and Odor Locked In

Tommee Tippee 360 Sealer

You can’t wish diaper odor away, but you can seal diapers in an antimicrobial film and lock in odor. The system is easy to set up and use, easy to empty so you’ll be sealing diapers in seconds.

  • Comes fully assembled with 4 included refills
  • Film contains built-in antimicrobial protection
  • Rough edges

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The 360 sealer diaper disposal system from Tommee Tippee is a new innovation in odor control. Super seal technology individually seals dirty diapers in odor trapping film. Pail comes fully assembled and the film is quick and easy to set up so you’ll be sealing dirty diapers in seconds. Each refill seals up to 100 diapers (of any size). 

Easy to use – just drop the diaper in the top and twist the dial to seal it away. No need to push your hand inside ensures a less messy and more hygienic disposal. The pail holds up to 30 diapers and when it is full, it is easy to empty with no need to disassemble -just pull out the drawer & tear the film to take it out to the trash. 

What’s more?

The design and colors have been carefully selected in aim to blend in into any nursery decor, however, there are certain complaints about the pail’s rough edges and uncomfortable feeling when one brushes leg against it.

6. Safety 1st Easy Saver – Best Budget Pick

Safety 1st Easy Saver

It’s remarkable how many features are placed in this compact design. It doesn’t have high tech features to lock away odors but has deodorizer features that make a difference in small spaces.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Uses any kind of garbage bags
  • Requires assembly
  • No foot pedal

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The Safety 1st – Easy Saver has a push-button that opens a hatch to put the diaper through. The only difficulty with this model was that the bulbous compartment that holds the deodorizing disc is mounted inside the hatch door, and it sometimes gets in the way of pushing fuller diapers through. When deodorizer disc outlives its usefulness, you can start using baking soda to control the odor instead, which is also effective.

If you’re rolling up your baby’s diapers tightly, this unit can fit up to 50 smaller diapers.

What’s more?

There are some reviews that stated people buying this pail for adults who live in assisted living facility to ease their daily diaper change and it worked perfectly. Also the size of the pail was excellent fit into small bathrooms. 

Other reviewers pointed out that this diaper pail was used to store dogs potty pads and it worked as described, so if you are looking for cheap, compact, simple to use and multipurpose diaper pail – congratulations, this one’s right for you!

Find the cheapest diapers for your baby at our review.

7. Vliba Diaper Pail – Does Not Scream “Smelly Diapers Inside”

Vliba Diaper Pail

The main reason for choosing Vliba is the sleek, stylish design that looks fabulous in a nursery. Includes hands-free pedal operation with a gently closing lid. Double sealed inner and outer lids.

  • Hands-free, step-on-pedal design
  • Double sealed inner and outer lids
  • Can’t dispose a large number of diapers
  • Expensive

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Vliba is a new and innovative company, founded in Korea in 2016. While starting his own family,

the inventor and founder saw a significant need for a stylish but effective diaper disposal solution that controlled germs and odors while adding an attractive element to any room in the household. But equally important was the need to provide these attributes while being a cost effective, low total-cost-of-use product for new parents.

All Vliba Diaper Pails come with up to 6 months’ supply of refill bags (1125 newborn diaper count). These refill bags are replaced via a large access door and don’t require any rings or cutting of pail liner with a blade. 

What’s more?

Additionally, all Vliba Diaper Pails come with a sample pack of 25 individual diaper disposal sacks great for quick changes. 

It uses a foot pedal that you push down on to open up the top flap, which lets you use it one-handed. There is a second spring-loaded flap hiding under the lid, which you will push down with your hand and the diaper (that helps keep the stink in!). The top lid has a soft-close function, like the ones on kitchen cabinets, that prevents it from slamming shut. This diaper pail it has a sleek and low profile so it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your room, and last but not least, safety lock is child proof.

The fact that it comes in six different adorable colors (like baby blue, pink, red, black, white) really help out when you are trying to match your room decor and some new accessories that will stick around the room for a while.  

Definitely one of the better looking diaper pails on this list, but is it worth the cost of about $60-70 depending on colors?  The decision is entirely yours.

8. Bubula JR Steel Diaper Pail – Fighting Odor With Steel

Bubula JR Steel Diaper Pail

This one is larger diaper pail than others and holds 50% more diapers which extends bag life. The sleek design of the Bubula Diaper Pail easily converts to a regular trash can for long-term use.

  • Steel and aluminum construction
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Expensive, but pays out in long run

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This diaper pail is made of steel and aluminum which is a good odor locker and doesn’t absorb odors like plastic. Its lid consists of a strong and flexible rubber seal that locks in odors tightly and prevents any leaks.

Its anti-slip bottom prevents it from tipping over and scratching wooden floors. Most importantly, it doesn’t require special trash bags, any regular or standard cloth diaper pail liner would work perfectly and helps you save a lot of money. 

What’s more?

It contains a safety, child-proof lock that prevents children from messing with the diaper pail. Long after your baby has grown up you can use this as a regular long-term trash can in your kitchen or bathroom.

Bubula JR Steel Diaper Pail comes in variety of colors, but prices may vary depending on the color you choose.

9. Charlie Banana Hanging Diaper Pail – Best Hanging Diaper Pail

Charlie Banana Hanging Diaper Pail

When your living quarters are really tight, and there’s no way you can shoehorn in anything more, you have a great alternative to fall back on — hanging pails

  • Effectively saves space
  • Can be reused
  • Poor odor prevention
  • Possible leakage

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Parents who don’t like the idea of a traditional diaper pail may like this washable one. You’ll never have to worry about having a container that absorbs the odor of the diapers permanently because when this one becomes funky, you can just toss it in the wash after you empty it.

It’ll fit on any doorknob or hook, leaving your valuable floor space free.

What’s more?

This can be used both for cloth and disposable diapers, but you need to be aware that the odor prevention is not as good as in other diaper pail reviews you could read on our page, simply because urine itself along with fabric fibers (especially non natural ones like polyesters) will put an ammonia smell out. 

If you’re using cloth diapers, which tend to be bigger and bulkier, it can hold about 25. When you’re ready to wash your cloth diapers, there is a big zipper on the side of the bag that gives you more room to dump them out.

After your baby grows out of diapers, you can use it as an ordinary laundry bag for anyone in your household. You can have a diaper backpack to put your unused diapers in too.

10. Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail – Best Diaper Pail Money Can Buy

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

Ubbi is renowned for its ability to gain maximum odor control and offer the convenience of utilizing any standard trash bag or reusable cloth liner, a breakthrough in the diaper disposal market

  • Reasonable price
  • Award winning design
  • No foot pedal

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This is an awesome diaper pail, one of the best-rated and best-selling units on the market. And for good reason. Ubbi used steel (much less porous than plastic) instead of plastic to lower the chance of odors being absorbed, along with rubber seals at all the important joints to make sure odors stay inside. 

This pail allows you to use any bags you’d like, standard tall-size kitchen bags will suffice.The lid is the only one that slides open by sliding the lid back, throwing the diaper in, sliding it closed and that’s about it. It’s very sturdy and feels well-constructed. It has a baby-proof knob on the top (to prevent kids from opening it up entirely) and slow-close lid. The slow-closing lid is actually pretty neat feature, so if your baby gets the pail open, they’ll be able to move their arm out of the way before the lid lands on it, which makes it very secure diaper pail.

What’s more?

Emptying the bag is quite easy, lift the lid and the ring, and then simply tie the bag and pull it out. 

Its sleek design and oval shape allows it to fit perfectly well even in smaller spaces and has enough room to contain 20 of the largest pull-up diapers and 55 newborn diapers at a time, and there are 17 amazing colors to choose from!

Note that when you clean this pail and rinse it, you’ll need to dry it completely otherwise the screws will rust.

Overall, this is a great diaper pail, and the only real downfall is that it doesn’t have a foot pedal. 

What To Look For When Buying a Diaper Pail

You may be wondering what exactly it is you should be looking for in a diaper pail given the market is filled with products that have nonsensical features but are cute and tempting. Sometimes, you have to dispose swim diapers as well.

Perhaps the best way to approach it is to think of it as a specialized trash can: durable, made of good material and really not that notable in your nursery.

Here are some key features you should look for yourself, and not only rely on diaper pail reviews.

1. Odor containment

Above all other concerns, a diaper pail should contain odors; this is its primary function and sets it apart from regular trash cans.

2. Single-handed or hands-free operation

Diaper pails that are easy to open one-handed or hands-free are especially convenient, since one hand is usually occupied with the baby.

3. Easy bag changing

The plastic liners that hold the diapers inside the diaper pail should be easy to remove and change, to minimize the unpleasantness of the task as much as possible.

4. Keeps out kids

Lid locks and other deterrents can help keep curious toddlers (and pets) away from the contents.

5. Cost

Do we really need to explain this one?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Diaper Pail?

A diaper pail is a specialized bin designed exclusively to hold the baby’s soiled diapers. Like a dustbin, the diaper pail also comes with a lid, a pedal, and the facility to install a disposable garbage bag or a diaper bag liner inside. Diaper pails have several advantages over conventional dustbins.

How do I choose a diaper pail?

That’s actually a matter of personal preferences, as the same diaper pail won’t work for parents of twins and for parents with one baby. It could be good to select a medium capacity pail. Estimate that your newborn will go through 10 diapers a day in the beginning. Get a diaper pail that can hold 20-30 diapers at a time so that you’re emptying the pail every 2 to 3 days. Parents of twins should opt for a maximum capacity diaper bin.

Is Hands-Free Operation Necessary?

One very important factor to consider when choosing a diaper pail is how it opens up. There are quite a few diaper pail options available that feature a convenient step pedal. A step pedal allows for hands-free operation. This can be more sanitary, but there are some benefits to other means of opening as well. Think about your pros and cons and try to define which mean of opening is most convenient for you.

Can disposable diapers be recycled?

Disposable diapers were not designed for recycling. They contain many different materials (paper, plastic, absorbent material) and are contaminated with human waste.  Attempts to recycle them are few, with limited success. These items are not recycled, nor can they be placed in the organic waste composting system. Disposable diapers are garbage.


There will always be parents that will claim that diaper pails are not a necessary baby product and a total waste of money. Those people must actually take each and every diaper outside to the garbage can outside, every single time which can be up to 10 times a day! I’m not sure how some people get by without them because I definitely consider diaper pails a necessity.

Diaper pails make diaper changes so much more convenient and more importantly – they contain those unpleasant odors so that your whole house doesn’t end up smelling like a dirty diaper. Hopefully with the help of our buying guide, recommendations, and diaper pail reviews, you have been able to choose the best diaper pail for your home!

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