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I Forgot My Last Period Date 

Hey Girl!

Don’t worry, we’ll remember your last period date together.

I’ll walk you through some processes that will help you remember your last period date.

Here are some landmarks that can help you remember your last period date

1. Events around your Last Period

Recalling the itinerary around your last menstrual period can help you remember your last period date.

Get a sheet of paper and a pen and try to write out:

a. places you visited

b. special occasions that took place

c. major occurrences in your life

d. friends you visited

d. any other special activity you can remember.

Write out all of the dates from these events.

If you are able to remember many of these events, then it will be easy to find out the dates around your last period.

If this doesn’t work for you, let’s move on to the next helpline.

2. Phone Calls during your Last Period

  • Did you receive a job interview call during your last period?
  • Did your mom call you?
  • Did you receive an important call?
  • Did you receive a call from an old friend?
  • Did you call someone to tell them you were feeling cramps?
  • Can you remember anyone you called?

Phone logs are usually stored for a long time. If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, then you should be able to trace the call date from your phone.

Once you find out the date, you are close to discovering the date of your last menstrual period.

If this doesn’t work for you, jump to the next.

3. Chats & Messages during your Last Period

If you are someone who engages in online chats daily, your chats might be of help in pointing out your last period date. For example, WhatsApp stores your conversations for a long time.

Scrolling through your conversations might trigger a memory of the date. If you had a significant chat with someone had the last period, it even becomes easier because all the dates are recorded.

This can be tracked also with Facebook messenger, Skype, and other messaging platforms.

In addition to that, your SMS could be a reminder.

Did you send any message you can remember? Did someone send you a spectacular message?

If yes, check through the messages and find out the dates.

4. Internet Browsing History

Nowadays, all your browsing activities are stored on your browsers especially if you use Google Chrome.

Try to remember if there are some specific keywords you searched during your last menstrual period.

If you browse daily, then take time to go through your last month’s browsing history. It can be highly instrumental to remember your last menstrual period.

You should check your Social Media accounts for any clues if the browser doesn’t help you.

5. Friends with Similar Menstrual Cycle

During your college days, you might have met some girls who share similar or close menstrual cycles with you.

You could even have some girls you started your puberty together with whom you share the same menstrual cycle or you both know one another’s period dates.

In fact, it could be your sisters or relatives. If there is anyone like that, you can put a call across to them to ask for their own date. Thiers will help you figure out yours.

Some of them may have a difference of 1, 2, 3, or more days in their menstrual cycle from yours.

6. Your Boyfriend/Partner

Do you have a boyfriend, a fiance, or a husband?

If you’re so close to them that you tell them about your menstrual period often, they may be able to remember the last date.

Some men even keep the date for you.

If they don’t, you can ask them to help in remembering the events that took place during your last period.

7. Shopping History

When last did you buy some Sanitary pads?

Your shopping receipts or card transaction can help with the answer.

I know that sometimes, you don’t buy new sanitary pads because you didn’t exhaust the ones from the last month but there is still a way to get help from your shopping history.

Do you have certain things you eat during your menstrual period?

Find out when you bought the things last from your shopping history.

That should give you an idea.

Do you have things you’re allergic to or don’t eat during your period?

Check your last month’s shopping list, if you noticed a particular week you shopped and avoided those things, then that would point you in the right direction.

Any of these 7 tips would help you remember your last period date.

Once you do, the next step is to retain the date so you never forget it again.

How not to Forget Your Period Date Again

1. Tracking Apps

This has to be your first method because nothing beats it.

Tracking apps don’t just help you to track your last period date. They help you track your menstrual cycle.

When you log in to most apps, you’re required to input all the details of your menstrual cycle.

Details like your average period length, the length of your cycle, and your last period date.

If you’ve forgotten your last period date, you can start counting from the period that comes next. Easy peasy.

Examples of some apps you can use are FitrWoman, Flo, Clue, My Calendar, Glow, Eve, MagicGirl, etc.

2. Your Phone

Send an email to yourself with a subject like ‘My Menstrual Cycle’.

In the mail, include how many days your cycle is.

Include the most recent date you can remember.

This will be a starting point for you to start tracing in case you forget again.

When did I Conceive if I Don’t Remember My Last Period?

You should try remembering your last period through the guideline we gave above. If you’re still not able to remember the date, consider some other options below.

Here are a few methods you can consider to estimate the approximate time of conception:

1. Ultrasound Dating

If you have already confirmed your pregnancy and had an ultrasound, the measurements taken during the scan can help estimate the gestational age and, consequently, provide an approximation of the time of conception.

2. Physical Changes and Symptoms:

Reflecting on any physical changes or symptoms you experienced in the early stages of pregnancy may give you a clue about the timing of conception. For example, if you recall when you started experiencing symptoms like morning sickness or breast tenderness, it could indicate that conception likely occurred a few weeks prior.

3. Counting Backwards

Think back to when you might have had sexual intercourse that could have led to conception. Count back approximately 14 to 16 days from that date, as this is typically when ovulation occurs in a regular 28-day menstrual cycle.

However, it’s important to leave room for the thought that you might not be pregnant if you experience irregular cycles.  Ultimately, it’s best to visit a healthcare provider regarding your specific situation. 

I Forgot My Last Period Date and I’m Pregnant

If you can not remember your last period date, you will have to wait a while for Ultrascan to detect the gestational age of your body. This will be the most accurate way to detect your due date.

Calculate my Next Period

After successfully remembering your last period, you can use the tool below to determine when your next period will be.

Fresh Girl,

I hope I have helped you remember your last period date.

Remember to keep the date safe.

Don’t blame yourself for forgetting, you’re not the first.

If you need help finding out your fertile window, try out this calculator.

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comment box.

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